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    Movie vs Final Season

    After watching the abrupt and uneven pacing of a shortened season 7, I'm starting to think a 3 part movie, with a real Hollywood budget might be the only way to satisfyingly conclude the story in a 6 episode run time. They would have to do it Lord of the Rings style and shoot all three movies at once I think, to not lock up actors for all that time. I really don't see why HBO wouldn't want to go this route, other than D&D just wanting out asap. It would easily be the biggest movie HBO have ever done, plus would strech out the storytelling for at least another 3 years. What does everyone else feel about it? I would just really love a huge budget to do the conclusion justice
  2. FoyeTwenty Boston

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    That was the most satisfying episode ever!! ‪#‎KingInTheNorth‬!!