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    Movie vs Final Season

    After watching the abrupt and uneven pacing of a shortened season 7, I'm starting to think a 3 part movie, with a real Hollywood budget might be the only way to satisfyingly conclude the story in a 6 episode run time. They would have to do it Lord of the Rings style and shoot all three movies at once I think, to not lock up actors for all that time. I really don't see why HBO wouldn't want to go this route, other than D&D just wanting out asap. It would easily be the biggest movie HBO have ever done, plus would strech out the storytelling for at least another 3 years. What does everyone else feel about it? I would just really love a huge budget to do the conclusion justice
  2. Something has to get stirred up with Bran though. We still have the book, "hold the door" scene to get through.
  3. FoyeTwenty Boston

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    By the end of the episode I was in my cups pretty well and thought they said his name was Edgar Targ. A nice Ned name drop Targ hybrid, the type of thing D&D would have thought was so clever. It had me all worked up lol. I suppose having 2 sons named Aegon is, less dumb, I guess
  4. FoyeTwenty Boston

    Let's talk about Cersei !

    Cersei the character is just boring now. Lena Headey does an outstanding job but she has no arc. It doesn't have to be a redemptive arc, I would just like some evolution as a charater. Every time you think Cersei might grow and move along some type of arc she digs in her heals and regresses. I thought she might evolve after the Walk of the Shame but no, she just got zombie Mountain. I thought she might evolve after Tommen. I hoped maybe she was going to get on board with the save the world plan, but nope, typical Lannister backstab city. I just think her shtick of being a bad guy for bad guys sake is boring now. The only time Cersei is remotely interesting is when you get those flickers of emotion from time to time that Headey acts outstanding. I dunno. Cersei is just plain and simply boring.
  5. FoyeTwenty Boston

    Is Egg alive? Summerhall murder mystery.

    Wrong thread
  6. FoyeTwenty Boston

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    That was the most satisfying episode ever!! ‪#‎KingInTheNorth‬!!