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    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    I thought Ahsa is planning to kill Stannis (she gave him a chance to just give Theon up, but well) and free Theon at the Weirwood. She has her two guys (or are there more? ...I'm a one time reader) and her suitor didn't seem so impressed with Stannis either, maybe he'll help. Of course most likely logical outcome is failure, but who cares, he is her little brother and she'll save him or die trying. The knowledge about Ned and the ways of the north are surprising, but I agree she could have it from the Mormont girl. It is even a likely topic for conversation with people getting burned alive in Stannis' camp. People might be motivated to discuss the superior way of excecution in their culture. Of course I hope Bran will get into the action, or already is - like in the raven, but for Asha to just be his sockpuppet with no agency of her own would be very dissapointing.
  2. ftheking

    Renly Gay?

    Well, Renly actually did like dressing up and playing mummer since he's a kid, according to his old maester...
  3. Loyalty also has to be earned and Dany got Jorah's loyalty after she proved to deserve it in his opinion. Before she just had his protection. Where is the part where he did something wrong? (I actually think he did things wrong, like kiss her, but that's a different topic) And again: Telling Varys about the whereabouts and going ons of a little girl in exile, when the girl is Daenerys Tagerean = treason Pouring liquid gold on the next king in Tagarean succession = not treason It makes no sense. Jorah is hardly that hard to work out. You and me and everyone knows that he is an enthusiastic follower and knight for Dany. Whether Dany is or would be a good queen is way harder to predict. So actually for Jorah to trust Dany is much more to ask for than for Dany to trust Jorah.
  4. Oh I perfectly understand why Dany and Drogo acted the way they did. I never held that against them. Just saying with the blind loyalty she expected from Jorah from before she ever met him, (His "betrayal" was seeking Viserys and Dany out as a spy instead of because they're the one true royal family any knight should fight for, was it not?) how was he not honor bound to kill Drogo for murdering his king? How can she allow for Jorah do decide that Viserys is a crazy fool and shouldn't sit on the throne, but she can't allow for Jorah not to feverently trust in her right to rule the world before ever meeting her. So much so, he would never even talk behind her back. It makes no sense. If she thinks her blood entitles her to loyalty, completely independedly from her personality and actions, then would have to count for Viserys as well. But I honestly don't care for characters who feel that way. She can go to hell with Stannis. Unbelievably she even thinks she would have to right to execute him. After he redeemed himself by winning the city, just because he was not groveling enough. That was her problem, that he wasn't groveling enough after going through hell for her. Of course she can trust him. He always looked out for her best interest and even stopped his contact with Varys because he decided on his own to be completely loyal to her. What the hell could be more trustworthy? Someone who was already loyal to her crazy father?
  5. Dany: She was SO in the wrong with Jorah and in such an unsympathetic way. She really believes she is entitled to everyones blind loyalty from their birth (even if that's decades before she was a twinkle in her parents eye) just because of her blood, it's enraging. But of course it's okay to abandon her older brother (and therefore surely rightful king for all Jorah or anyone knows) as soon as she and her man run into trouble with him. But how could anyone not be loyal to her from before meeting her until forever. Euch, She's mad and cruel and entitled and just so freaking full of herself. She's everything that's wrong with royalty. I'd like to change my name to fthequeen. :) Hopefully she'll be a foe and not one of the heroes in the end. Just bring your dragons over, thanks. Jaime: I heard that he was going to win over readers when I was starting the first book (and show) and was kind of outraged. Never will I forgive him pushing Bran EVER! And then this disgusting murder of Ned's men. He was such a c. But of course it worked a little. He is funny, interesting and saving Brienne was pretty damn awesome, what can you do. (Btw I was always on his side about the whole Kingslaying business. Ned and Robert drove me crazy when they were judgemental about that.)