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  1. TheSovereignGrave

    Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Well it also says that "Harren's father had extended his domains east to Duskendale and Rosby. Harren had devoted most of his long reign, close on forty years, to building a gigantic castle besides the Gods Eye, but with Harrenhal at last nearing completion, the Ironborn were soon free to seek fresh conquests." Which kind of implies that Duskendale and Rosby were the eastern border of the Hoare Kingdom (otherwise I think it would've been mentioned).
  2. TheSovereignGrave

    Atlas of Ice and Fire

    How come Crackclaw Point is coloured in as if it were part of the Riverlands? As far as I know the peninsula was never actually permanently a part of any Kingdom up until the Conquest.
  3. TheSovereignGrave

    Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Aren't we outright told in tWoIaF that the First Men only passed through Dorne without really settling it since it was just a bunch of desert? And according to the Wiki (I don't know how accurate it is) it's believed the Lake of Dorne was separated from the Narrow Sea by a strip of salt marshes, which could've just been difficult for them to make their way through.