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  1. RGBeyondAsshai

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I would never turn that down. After all they've been through they deserve it lol
  2. RGBeyondAsshai

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I could see the potential of her sacrificing her life for his in the LSH situation, however I think they'll survive it because- Their story is the dark horse of the series imo. A lot of people don't think much of it but I think they're wrong. The symmetry between Brienne and Dunk Jaime's redemptive arc (the most profound in the series) as well as his dreams and visions. Their quests being separate but similar-both traveling with Paynes. Both overcoming obstacles. Both thinking about each other and trying to keep their promise to Cat pre-LSH. So much has been put into that particular story line that I don't see it ending abruptly or with betrayal. And I don't see Brienne killing Jaime for any reason. It is definitely a love story, though that doesn't mean I'm expecting a happy ending. I envision some kind of acknowledgment of their feelings and then a Butch and Sundance style leap into the next battle for the dawn or the fires of KL (that Cersei will probably start). Actually the fire would probably be more likely, since it would be yet another parallel between Brienne and Dunk ie Summerhall. Which will be incredibly sad, but worthy of the characters.
  3. RGBeyondAsshai

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Sam will be a wizard :) Lemon cakes for everyone.
  4. RGBeyondAsshai

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Agreed. I just re-watched all the episodes of season so far and basically you see Olly at Castle Black more than anyone else. Even when the camera pans for an expected Jon reaction, we are looking at the back of Jon's head to see Olly's facial expression of confusion or disapproval. The only takeaway since he just showed up at the end of last season in time to kill Ygritte is that Olly is going to make a very important, probably bad decision and they really wanted to the audience to know his name and his face since there hasn't been enough time to actually endear him as a character. As for Jon, I have to wonder if the letter is going to be a person instead, someone can give him details about certain events happening in Winterfell. It would have to be pretty graphic to get Jon to leave his post after the Night's King stare down.
  5. RGBeyondAsshai

    How would you rate episode 501?

    So this is the first season I've watched since I've read ALL the books (including Dunk and Egg and World book) so I had to separate my "Wait, that didn't happen" reaction with how did I like this episode. I love the Wall and I love Tyrion and Varys...though at the same time these were the two most shocking changes. Just abrupt--Mance is totally dead so he won't be going to Winterfell in disguise...(or is he? *G*) and...Varys is in the Dany Club and planning to put her on the throne, and wants Tyrion to help (aegon? who the heck is aegon?) I hope we'll see more Maggy the Frog. That was really quick for a flashback. Sad we didn't see weird Tywin smile. I'm going to give it an 8 just because I'm so glad it's back on and I can get my fix.