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  1. Maester Barth

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    Alternate reveal... Bran goes through the weirwood trees and listens to his father confess his sins to the trees and learns the truth about Jon. Or Melisandre saw it in her flames. Who knows.
  2. Maester Barth

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    Kind of like when the Crow is saying KING KING, or YOUR GRACE YOUR GRACE... something like that.
  3. Maester Barth

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    It seems they're trying to create a true "queen's season," and maybe got a little sloppy using stupid Mace, irresponsible Loras, and pussy Tommen, against Margery (I have to contact grandmother) and Cyrsei. It's supposed to show the power of women this season, but Mace is just seriously Disney dumb this episode. Even the 'stache. ridiculous!
  4. Maester Barth

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    Dany is better off without Baristan. Now she can be advised by Tyrion who won't tell her to chop off shaved pate's head... Dany's dragons and Tyrion's political brain.
  5. Maester Barth

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    D&D really did a great job of getting rid of the whole Jeyne Poole story arch. Thank God Sansa is in Winterfell. I don't even feel like she was a part of the story afterward. GRRM says he doesn't have things planned out, he just write and sees where it goes. He's improvising after the first three books and it's leading to a bunch of useless bullshit and an overly long book. I also think he's (1) addicted to the forums and (2) can't bring himself to either validate fan theories or give up the attention. GRRM originally meant the books to be a three book triology, and now his last book was longer than the first two combined. Props to D&D for cutting Jeyne Poole. And forget Aegon, too.