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  1. Of course loyalty has to be earned. But no-one's forcing him to stay with Dany. He's on his own now, he doesn't have to be loyal to anyone. If you run a store, and you've caught your cashier stealing from the till, you'd be pretty gracious if you fired them without calling the police. The thief ought to be thankful if they got off without a criminal record. I think it'd be unreasonable to expect you to keep them as your cashier, no matter how sorry they were. I'd say the part where he was spying on her and passing info on to her enemies. It wasn't by her command.
  2. Betraying a king/queen is tantamount to betraying the state, and therefore is treason, so technically she could have him executed as an example to others, if she thought he deserved it. But I think it's pretty clear that she releases him (and does not execute him) precisely because she doesn't feel that he deserves it, and possibly thinks that Jorah may be feeling remorse. Despite that, she can no longer keep him as an advisor because she no longer is fully confident in him. I really don't know what you expect. She may well personally forgive his betrayal, but that doesn't mean she must continue to place matters of state in his hands. If you're betrayed by someone, you can't force yourself to have confidence in them in future, you either do or you don't. Trust isn't a some sort of right, it's something people must earn. I think it's entirely unreasonable to expect her to continue trusting him. And again - when people betray you, everything they've done in the past comes into question. You say "of course she can trust him" based on what he's done in the past - but a mole/spy will always do things to earn someone's trust. How can she be sure that it wasn't all arranged to dupe her? Or that he didn't risk his neck just to earn her trust and get her guard down? You say he stopped his contact with Varys - but how can she be sure of that now? She can't. Grovelling doesn't come into it, no amount of grovelling is going to earn someone's trust.
  3. But he threatened her life and her child's life! I love my extended family, but if they ever started threatening me or my kids with a weapon I think I'd be cutting them loose. She should have cut him off earlier, anyway, given the way she'd been treated by him. Besides, there was no way Drogo would tolerate being challenged in that way in front of his court, even if she had put a good word in for him. Viserys basically signed his own death warrant, it wasn't Dany's doing. But she simply exiled Jorah, she didn't imprison or execute him. I don't know what you expect her to do. It's not like she can trust him now, and to keep him as an adviser she would have to trust him. You can't force yourself to trust someone, people have to earn their trust. And if she can't trust him... well, he's out. I think she was as merciful as she could be in this instance.
  4. Many characters have an arc of sorts - starting out unlikeable, but learning and growing as people and ending up likeable. Or, further insight into their motivations leads to better understanding and sympathy with the character. Jaime is one, Sansa is another, The Hound yet another. I never thought I'd end up liking The Hound, but there you go. I sort of like Jaime now, and he now appears to have some remorse about what he did to Bran. Let's hope he doesn't relapse into bad child-killer Jaime again. Other characters start out likeable and end the same way, but unfortunately these aren't as complex - e.g. Robb, Catelyn. These guys are "mostly good" and are like that throughout the books.