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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Dany has grown up a bit. She finally realized that the worst thing to happen to her was Tyrion and Varys. So far their ideas got 2 of her dragons killed. And in this episode, once again Tyrion showed us he is an idiot. Sending Cersei and Jamie away with another potential Lannister heir would simply foment future claims and rebellion. So just like the Mongols she slaughtered the entire city to send a message to the rest of Westeros so good on her. Hopefully in E6 she will consolidate her power and test the loyalty of her followers and every city/house in Westeros and eliminate anyone wavering included all the Starks and Tyrion. Burn them all!
  2. hallapino

    Now what? [Spoliers]

    The last scene seemed obvious. I think Arya just added Danaerys to her list. She tried to save that lady and the little girl and both got fried. All that remained was the charred toy (a reference to Shireen).
  3. hallapino

    [SPOILERS] Rhaegal

    Not that it matters but Euron's fleet were aligned abreast in a narrow channel and the scorpions are all on the bow. If Dany had an ounce of brains she would have done a quick sweep behind the islands and fry the whole fleet from behind.
  4. hallapino

    Armies left on both sides

    I'm just going by the words the idiot producers put in Euron's mouth but Dany shouldn't worry. Bran knows exactly how the night's king was created. All he needs to do now is use the magic and shank Brienne in the heart with a dragonglass dagger to make a Nights Queen. She can do some quick time travel and collect a few hundred generations of undead in the South and do some serious Jamie and Cersei revenge woop-ass. Problem solved.
  5. hallapino

    Armies left on both sides

    Ever since the appearance of the magical 1000 ship Iron Fleet the balance of power shifted. The typical large medieval warship had a crew of around 200 and around 300 fighting men. So if Euron strips his 1000 ships down to skeleton crews he should be able to throw around 450,000 iron born into the fray. ( which is part of the reason the Golden Company story line and strength of 20,000) is meaningless. In fact with upwards of 1/2 million Iron born on her side Cersei doesn't need anyone but if she adds the Lannisters, Golden Company, allied houses from the Riverlands, the Freys, the reach etc. she could add another 100,000+ Even figuring that Dorne has 10,000 and somehow a chuck of Dothraki, Unsullied and Northerners were batch resurrected by Melisandre before she died Dany might have 20,000 tops and a Dragon. So the producers are setting us up for a battle of around 550,000 against 20,000... plus a dragon. On the other hand Yara has taken control of the Iron Islands again. What if she one-ups Euron and makes a new Iron Fleet of 2000 or even 3000 ships. Then we're talking.
  6. The stupid crap I notice now is incidental. The episode begins with the huge trench surrounding Winterfell having magically disappeared. The huge hole in the front gates and walls of winterfell have magically been repaired. A hundred thousand zombie corpses magically disappeared. Yohn Royce and the chickenshit knights of the Vale magically reappeared. I don't care. Last week we met the absurd end of Melisandre and the Nights King and that all the buildup, prophesies, threats had been meaningless. That sucked/didn't make sense. But I had always hoped Sam was somehow special. That Old Town would expose secrets relevant to the white walkers and the rebirth of magic... or something. Instead he was just a nobody who is heading off to have a baby. I had always hope that Bran was special but nope, just another nobody who will be able to tell better stories than Old Nan. I had thought the dire wolves were cool but apparently Jon doesn't I had thought Tormund was in it to win it but instead he's heading North with the wildling remnants with no food and no shelter..and no brains in the middle of winter.. I had always loved Bronn, only to find that he's really just the sellsword douchbag that he was never portrayed to be. etc etc The rest of the show was just the same silly slop that began last year. I hope a plague hits kings landing and kills both sides. The best part of the series for me is that I'm paid up with HBO til the end of May so I won't have to pay a June bill since the last episode is in 2 weeks.