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    Thanks! And wow, that's great :) I'll be sure to check those pics out... I've never been to Torres del Paine even if that's on my own country haha
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    Hey, I joined weeks ago but since I'm still fairly new I decided to post here. My name is Raquel and I'm from Santiago of Chile, I'm a student of Graphic Design of 21 years old. I love fantasy and horror the most, both in movies as in books. I also love Japanese culture and cats. I was late with ASOIAF actually, I started watching GoT last year and I read all the books this year. My favorite characters are Brienne, Sansa and Petyr at the moment (they tend to change)
  3. Dany is a strong one on this matter. I was loving her hard rock the first books... but when she arrived to Meereen all went from bad to worse. She's too idealistic and has a lot to learn, but she doesn't listen to Ser Barristan and even though she feels she's doing her duty as queen, she will never be considered a true queen on those lands. Instead of getting ready and planning what to do to get the throne, she's ignoring the help of Dorne... her one true goal she has had all along the first books has been ignored and changed to a dreamlike one... to have peace and end slavery on lands where that's the main income source. I do not hate her though, but I don't love her character as I once did.