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  1. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    NCAA Basketball 2017: Final Four cont.

    Yeah, that’s Tyus’ brother He’s the 10th ranked recruit. Getting four top 10 recruits and the top 3 picks is an insane class. Regarding Zion, what position is he going to play, and can he do anything besides throwing down gravity defying dunks?
  2. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    NCAA Basketball 2017: Final Four cont.

    Yeah he’s 6’6 or 6’7 and listed at 285, which would make him the second heaviest player in the NBA if he was in the league today. I have no idea how his game will translate to the pro level, but he’s going to bully the living hell out of every guy in college. Also doesn’t Duke have the top three freshman prospects?
  3. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    Rich and white, the “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” defense. Works every time.
  4. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

  5. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    The threat of having up to 200 secret recordings has to have the White House nervous as hell. Also, today Trump again tied revoking Brennan’s security clearances with the Russia investigation. This is precisely why his lawyers want nothing to do with Mueller’s interview. They know, regardless of what limitations they set, that Trump will be baited into spilling the beans if he doesn’t just do it independently.
  6. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    NCAA Basketball 2017: Final Four cont.

    Zion Williamson is the most confusing looking basketball player I’ve ever seen. He is going to be box office though.
  7. I haven’t really watched the show in over a decade, so I can’t speak to that. But that doesn’t change the fact that the movie was an all-time great musical and that the early years of the show were fantastic. I remember the first time I saw it at a sleep over when I was in the fifth grade.
  8. JAce is evolving again. You’re only two letters away from your next form. Not a fan of South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut?
  9. It looks like your Humble Narrator is going to be watching a lot on the boobtube this weekend. Disenchanted just dropped on Netflix, and assuming it’s good, I’ll be binging it this weekend. It looks to be the same length as a season of Ricky and Morty. I’ll also be finally getting around to watching Infinity War, which I’ve been looking forward to for a while even though I know a lot of the spoiler points. After that I will be rewatching Murder on the Orient Express. I liked it the first time around, but I was too drunk to pay attention to the nuances of the film. Finally, if there is time, I’ll watch The Blues Brothers, the greatest musical ever made, in honor of the passing of The Queen of Soul. R.I.P. Aretha Franklin!
  10. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    NFL 2018 Preseason: Now With More Jace Meltdowns!

    I was always a Jon Snow guy. I’m still shocked people couldn’t figure out R+L=J. It was pretty obvious after the Tower of Joy chapter in AGoT. A few takeaways from last night’s game: Darnold still doesn’t impress me Teddy looked good The Racial Slurs player that went low on his surgically repaired knee is evil and can burn in hell The Racial Slurs might be decent this year. If Foles’ injury is worse than expected and Wentz can’t play until midseason, the NFC East could get interesting.
  11. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    So? Isn't the point to fight discrimination? This is how she can have standing in court.
  12. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    Trump enjoys playing the role of president, but I'm sure he hates the requirement s of it. And he hates the criticism because he likely suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which differs from being an every day narcissist. I'm not sure why you don't think he'll run. He's already got his reelection campaign un and running, and he's joked before about looking into a third term. The man wants to be a king.
  13. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    NBA Free Agency 2018: Independence day, unless you're in San Antonio

    Wiggins is an overrated volume scorer at this point, but that doesn't justify the hate he gets. When ever I read an article about him, it seems like every author needs to begin by saying he's one of the most polarizing young talents in the game, with his supporters pointing to his upside while detractors point to his advance metrics. And saying that Wiggins has never had a better season than Love is silly. The trade would be a loss if they were the same age, but they aren't. Love is about to turn 30 while Wiggins is just 23. If Wiggins was a bit older I'd say sure, but he still has plenty of time to improve. Furthermore, there are fears that Love's body is breaking down on him. No one can say that about Wiggins. And lastly, looking at Love's stats, he's really only had four All-Star quality seasons. The rest have been average, but he still gets in on name recognition.
  14. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    Football: 3rd Season Meltdown

    First, I want to say I'm not calling soccer players soft. All pro-sports, even baseball, are taxing. I just found it strange while watching the World Cup to hear the announcers talk about how hard it is to play on three days rest. It's also important to note that the basketball played in Europe is nothing like it is here in the states, hence why we destroy you guys with relative ease. A typical basketball game is 48 minutes, with star players playing 35-42 minutes per game. You don't log as many miles as you do in soccer, but the pace of play is much faster and more physical, plus you have to factor in what jumping hundreds of times per game and fighting for rebounds does to you. Yes there are breaks, but there are mini-defacto breaks in soccer too. Often times I see dudes standing around and lightly walking or jogging. You'll almost never see the in American basketball, especially when you get teams you like to run. Also, teams tend to play about four games per week, so the comparable minutes are fairly similar, especially if the guys get pulled from the pitch midway through the second half. Not really. As I said above, the clock might always be running, but the players aren't. In basketball, when the clock is running, so are players. There's very little dead time over the course of the game. The size of the pitch vs. the court is an interesting idea. One the one hand it is larger by a lot, but passing greatly reduces the amount of energy one needs to exhaust to get the ball from point A to B. And the small size of the basketball court forces the game to get very physical, especially in the paint. The game has been cleaned up since the 80's and 90's, where the paint was a straight up brawl, but it's still far more physical than anything I've seen on the soccer pitch with a few rare exceptions. I was a solid football player in high school, and I think it's kind of silly to compare soccer with football. The two sports have nothing in common, hence why I used basketball as an example. I suspect most pro soccer players would quit after playing a game of football in the NFL. Just watch this, for example. I understand the chaos of playing in multiple leagues, but the issues with travel are just as relevant here as they are in Europe. The U.S. is bigger than Europe, and the road trips basketball players take can be brutal. Plus you have to factor in that the larger you are, the more taxing flight is on your body. It's what the NBA players hate most about the game. I hate you! 10k is roughly 6 miles, and at my peak fitness I could have easily run that in under 40 minutes. I don't do as much cardio these days, preferring strength training, but if you gave me six weeks to train I could probably do that in under 50 minutes. And if you made me cycle between walking, jogging and sprinting, I'm pretty sure I could do it in 75 minutes. I get there's a lot more to it than that when it comes to playing a match, but I think a lot of you are vastly underestimating the other aspects of basketball. But again, as I said before, I'm not trying denigrate the difficulties of playing soccer, I just think it's odd the way I hear commentators talk about their match to match fitness.
  15. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    NFL 2018 Preseason: Now With More Jace Meltdowns!

    Jace is good, Jace is great, Jamie is real life Reek!