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  1. Bringing it back to why we're all here, because seriously, the last few weeks have been nuts. Continue.
  2. Currently reading the book after watching the show. I'd suggest a spoilers tag because:
  3. Russia's invasion of Georgia and Crimea for starters. Neither situation was dealt with, we doth protest and then life moved on because it didn't affect people in the West. Comfort ruled the day.
  4. The decade is new and still has a ton of time to define it. Slow your ponies.
  5. If you're unwilling to do anything in the face of an obvious problem, what do you stand for exactly? This isn't about chest bumping. We constantly let things slide for decades because it would be inconvenient to do something about it. That needs to end now and no, that doesn't mean nuclear warfare. Frankly that's Russia's only threat, not the other way around, and they're not actually going to do it. And the purpose is to stop a horrible actor on the global stage from continuing to act horribly.
  6. Really? Do you not get how probing a target works? Russia is very clearly testing what they can get away with, and if everyone in the West follows your approach, maybe this will be the case in a few months, maybe not. However, constantly opting to do nothing will only increase the likelihood that they'll press their chances further. No, I'm saying the West needs to stop reacting from a position of weakness when several countries alone have more strength than Russia. We've seen this cycle for a decade now, and every time we give in. Enough! Russia is not a strong country and we need to stop acting like we're going up against the U.S.S.R. Or do you enjoy them fucking with our democracy without any serious retaliation?
  7. Lol times four. ETA: That missed FG is real now.
  8. I think they want to invade and are testing how the West will respond. And the West's wait and see approach, as you and many others are backing, will only encourage them to push further, hence why I want to blunt their advances right now and push back heavily.
  9. Not so fast, Bills retake the lead and the 2 pointer.
  10. Doesn't that just prove that the threat of sanctions were useless to begin with, which nullifies the argument that we should wait? And if that's the case I go to my European allies and beg them to realize that Russia isn't kidding (and to be clear, imposing sanctions is not in any way a bluff).
  11. What kind of nonsense logic is this? "They haven't invaded the capital, so our means of deterrence are working despite the enemy side strengthening their forces and repositioning to attack. So continue to wait and see what they do." ETA: Sounds a lot like how the US and Europe dealt with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  12. How's that working out? Since the West floated the possibility of severe sanctions has Russia backed off or gotten more aggressive?
  13. No shit Sherlock. Obviously it would negatively impact other countries, but that pain in turn could be eased through various relief efforts. The other option is to let Russia topple the Ukrainian government less you think this is just a giant bluff. I think their goal is to slowly undermine Ukraine and scare other regional actors. They will succeed in that aim if the West does nothing but react to them with half measures, assuming we can even muster that.
  14. You are in the sense that you're allowing them to dictate the terms of engagement to you. That's what a reactionary strategy is and that's what they want. What sanctions might do right now is cause them to back off, and there's some evidence that Putin legitimately fears that. How is sanctioning them after the fact actually going to prevent anything from happening? If the point is to stop them from invading, take the necessary measures beforehand rather than trying to do so after the fact. The latter is just a further signal of weakness.
  15. Dog? Tell that to those of us who picked the Rams to win (ignore yesterday's results)
  16. What they want is for us to sit back and wait to react. And that's what many seem happy to do. We're long past the point of preemptive measures, and their narrative isn't going to be affected by us applying sanctions before or after they invade. Nobody outside of Russia is going to believe any of the garbage they'd be spinning about needing to invade because of sanctions. You're carrying their water for them.
  17. Provoke them? Wtf? They're massing on the border of Ukraine after already having invaded their country previously. They are the aggressors here. Continuing to stand back to wait and see is the height of appeasement.
  18. Wtf happened? I literally walked away for five minutes to take a call and somehow the Bucs scored and are in scoring position again. Dafuq?
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