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  1. The people behind it are the same folks working on the Jewish space lasers. It’s all coming together now.
  2. Octopuses are aliens. Fight me! In all seriousness Sen. Marco Rubio is out these telling people to believe in UFOs.
  3. That creates the same problem as having a Palestinian state that includes both Gaza and the WB. You would still need to enter another country to get to the other side of yours and those areas would be open for further conflicts. And it's also worth noting that if that section of the WB isn't given to Israel, hundreds of thousands of Jews would be forced to move if they want to still be Israeli citizens, and frankly you should want them to move. Having them stay in a new Palestinian state just opens up the potential for a civil war, and hard liners in Israel would happily back them if that were to play out.
  4. Respect the game guy probably also hates participation trophies: The Twins have been an epic fucking disaster this year. First to worst baby!
  5. That's still some major apples and oranges, and again, be careful on this subject when establishing timelines. Both sides will always find a previous point in time you also need to consider, which is why in another post I mentioned the US-Iranian conflict. That one you can pretty easily start in the early 50's and work from there. This conflict, not so much. There is certainly some truth to the last thing you wrote, but the first part assumes everything goes according to plan with the best possible outcome. It could also backfire in a catastrophic way. Say you sent in a blend of a thousand military personal and police, if you assume that was the right number, and they get attacked, killing a fair chunk of them while they in turn indiscriminately open fire in a chaotic situation. What then? I can see something like that leading to the full scale war people have suggested Israel could actually do if they were so inclined. Yes, it's complicated and there is no silver bullet in this scenario to correct the past. That's why I think following a path that doesn't just leave all the old wounds exposed on a daily basis makes the most sense. I take no joy in saying that relocating people from Gaza and the West Bank may be the better path, but it at least eliminates one giant problem that could easily derail any hopes of a long term peace agreement that is sustainable. Which has been my point the entire time, and if you haven't noticed, the willingness to understand the Jewish/Israeli side has been pretty meh so far here. It could well be a good idea if peace wasn't their motive. A freed and independent Palestinian state, that's what. Comparing that to relocating all Jews to Nebraska is not a sincere reply. You would have been better off suggesting the new Jewish state stretches from Boca to West Palm. And yet the scale is nowhere near the same, and that's before you consider that Jews view themselves as the indigenous people of Israel. It's why no other place makes sense for a Jewish state.
  6. Pretty much. Their defensive unit plays pretty well in sync, but on the offensive side it feels like OKC of old except neither Kawhi nor PG are the offensive player KD is/was. Having Rondo helps, but they still feel like last year's team.
  7. Death. Taxes. And that giant person being made of glass.
  8. It's a tattoo of Biden mooning someone on his ass. The meta touch was to put a tattoo of DMC mooning someone on Biden's ass. If you look closely enough it probably turns into a Russian nesting doll situation. What I don't understand is why he decided to wax his ass before getting the tattoo. Surely just shaving it would have been good enough?
  9. It doesn't make any sense because the comparison is ridiculous. And Israel's response every time to this is to tell Hamas to stop being cowards firing from civilian locations. They use their own people as human shields. What do you realistically think would happen if Israel sent in ground soldiers? Sounds like a great way to even further escalate things. And who builds the tunnel? Who regulates it? What happens if there's a terrorist attack in it? The more questions you ask, the more problems you find. The point is to find a solution that leads to sustained peace, not one that just creates more cans of worms that will be opened at some point. Spare me this bad faith comment. We get nowhere with such absurd suggestions.
  10. Israel and its government are not above reproach, but you can't also just handwave away that people attack Israel as a placeholder for Jews. It's very real even if at times some people use it as a deflection. And I would suggest never comparing Israel to the Nazis. There are other regimes you can compare it to if you feel so inclined, but it's completely bad faith to use that specific comparison.
  11. It's not that it can't be done, but each situation is different. By having a non-contiguous Palestinian state you're inviting all kinds of scenarios which could lead to more violence. Just for starters, how do you think most people would travel between the two? Yes, if an actual lasting peace could be achieved it might work, but that level of peace could literally take generations to achieve. In the meantime an isolated Gaza is just inviting more opportunities for violent outbreaks. Realistically it makes more sense to take a path that reduces the breaking of a peace treaty before the fruits of it can really be observed. Both, but they're on different tracks. So to touch on something you asked before, I think the scenario of Gaza as an independent micro-state would most likely happen if Hamas and the PA broke ties. That obviously wouldn't work for Israel because the Hamas issue would still be unresolved. But say the Hamas issue was resolved and it was left on its own. Gaza would need so much sustained funding, possibly for decades, and at some point it may be hard to find people willing to foot that bill. I shouldn't go so far as to say it's impossible, but it would be damn near close to impossible unless everything broke the right way. In a vacuum I am not a fan of relocating people, but in this specific instance it may be the best path moving forward. You just have to make sure the incentives to do it are very generous for the people being asked to pick up their lives and move.
  12. Full stop. Think about this again. You're telling a group of people who were victims of the worst genocide of the 20th century that they should just ignore further threats of genocide simply because those making the threat can't execute it at the moment, and that they should seek a path that makes it easier for the group to commit said genocide? Do you not understand how that reads?
  13. And yet what about the people who pretty loudly say they're all about committing a genocide if they had the means to do so? Should we just ignore that? If your answer amounts to "well it's just a threat," then please apply that logic to all other settings.
  14. I have tried to jump through so many hoops to say people commenting here are not anti-Semitic. What is frustrating is that there doesn't seem to be any interest in kind to understand the Jewish perspective. I have written about how the current Israeli government is terrible and how Netanyahu needs to be ousted (them hopefully held accountable for the crimes he appears to have committed), how the settlements are illegal and should be forfeited, why the Israeli government should foot the bill for a lot of the upheaval this would cost, and why they should also have to invest in schools, hospitals, infrastructure etc. in a new and formally recognized state of Palestine. I'm one to offer almost the whole damn kitchen sink if that's what it takes to have peace outside of one thing, that which is not negotiable, a Jewish state. I don't even care if Jerusalem is fully within its territory. Make it its own country like the Vatican if that's what will bring peace. I just want the violence to stop, and it seems like so many comments, not directing that at anyone here, are making that harder. I just turned 33. When I was 17 I was offered the chance to live in Israel for a summer, but turned it down because it wasn't safe. I want to be able to return to my ancestral homeland, to take my shoes off and feel the sand between my toes and the sun on my face, knowing that others can feel the same and be at peace. I'll do just about whatever it takes to achieve that, and not just for Jews but for all.
  15. And the removal of Jews from the newly established Palestine? No comment? Please stop acting like I'm saying only one side will have to eat it to some degree. You want peace? This seems like the best route to me. We're not making magic here, we're squaring reality. A two state solution is the only option and a non-contagious Palestinian state makes no sense. So you can either connect Gaza with the West Bank, which will never happen, or you have to offer a path that allows for both sides to resettle. Articulate a reasonable outcome which leaves Gaza as is. Hamas governed by the way, who would like to ethnically cleans every Jew in the Middle East. That major issue seems to always get overlooked.
  16. Is it ethnic cleansing to say all Israeli settlement expansions in the West Bank are illegal, that those who did so have forfeited their property and need to leave? Seems like you've ignored that part of my argument, one which I made since the start of the thread. Also, you're aware that the term "ethno-state" refers to Nazis and white supremacists, the literal people who want to kill every Jew alive, right?
  17. Meanwhile the Wolves are trying to be a .500 club over the last third of the season after being the worst team in the league prior to that. We can't even getting the losing part right despite how I detest the mindset.
  18. I used that example to highlight why many Jews feel frustrated when people ignore their concerns. At no point did I say or suggest you're anti-Semitic.
  19. Did you miss this?: I have not shied away from the fact that there are Israelis who think that way. Authoritarianism doesn't know race, religion or creed. Hamas lacks the military power of the Israeli government. No one debates this. The question is, if the shoe were on the other foot, what do you realistically think would happen? That's not an illegitimate concern when thinking about a group that just openly says you should die. No nuance, just death. Regarding Gaza, how is it sustainable as is? My solution has basically been to relocate Jews out of the WB and relocate Palestinians out of Gaza, make the WB a new Palestinian state and ask for the global community to heavily invest in it so it can rapidly develop. Spare no expense whatsoever. So how is that not taking the Palestinian plight into count? I want for them exactly what I want for everyone, peace with mutual prosperity.
  20. I have not called you anti-Semitic in the least, and have tried to turn down the volume on this conversation. And like I said before, I'm not religious and share your views in general on religion, but I am still Jewish. Meyers Leonard is a very mediocre basketball player. He's a tall guy that can shoot threes, but he's not even very good at that. Think of him like you'd think of a guy on your football's national team who only plays as a reserve to the reserve in friendlies, but still makes the team year in and out. A few months back, while live gaming on Twitch, he called someone a "fucking k*ke." The context was clear, he thought the other gamer "Jew'd" him by beating him. The outrage was quick and severe, but he wasn't cut, and he wasn't booted out of the league until he was traded to and then waived from another team. The outrage over his comments went away after a few days, but Jewish commentators were left dumbfounded, saying that if he had said the N word instead he would have been cut within minutes. It's that feeling of pain going unrecognized that upsets so many Jews, and it very much applies to the topic at hand. I have not in one post in this thread defended the current Israeli government. Netanyahu is a piece of shit bigot who is stoking the situation for his own political benefit and damn him for doing so, but at the same time I can sympathize with the macro level situation, which does also include grieving for Palestinians and their current situation. They absolutely deserve better.
  21. Not entirely helpful, and while I personally am not bothered, this does touch on an issue that does offend a lot of Jews. I'm going to give you an example, but before I do, without Googling, does the name Meyers Leonard mean anything to you?
  22. Please don't say that. You may not be aware of how offensive that can be.
  23. Genocide is bad, and we need to work towards stopping what is occurring instead of creating a whole new one without solutions to the former. Gaza is absolutely fair game. Israel's policies towards it are awful. But Hamas, basically acting in the name of Gaza, are pro-genocide of Jews. That's why myself and others have pointed out that you need to consider that. I believe in a two state solution, or maybe a three state one in which Jerusalem exists kind of like the Vatican (which does create a lot of other issues). I just think it's not possible to have Gaza and the WB exist as one state without a shared border. That's why I think in some magical deal you give Gaza to Israel, the WB becomes an independent Palestinian state, people from said areas are relocated to some degree at their choice, and then we build from there. Is that a perfect solution? No, but I want have to try and believe it means peace at the end of the day, and that's all I want. I had to turn down the chance to live in Israel for a summer as a teenager because it was not safe. That was in 2005, and the situation is way worse today. I want harmony in the Holy Land, not war.
  24. I'm saying the world is very complicated and a calm, nuanced approach is what serves everyone best. So just as a starting point, do you believe there should be a Jewish state? Answer nothing else, just that.
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