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  1. National outlets said the same thing too about her 2020 challenger because it's hard not to be to the right of her on the issue and thus labeled "pro-police" even if your position is mainstream left of center at worst. And national outlets probably aren't properly taking into account the very unique local aspect here, this being the district George Floyd was murdered in just over two years ago. In the aftermath a lot of Democrats here have been running on generic shit like "public safety" because they want to make it very clear they were not with the people calling for the closure of the biggest police department in the state with no real plan going forward.
  2. Where are you seeing that? NYT has her up 3k with 82% reporting. Anyways, looks like she's on pace to have her weakest primary performance in her young career. She's not all that popular here these days and like I said before, she's a total ghost in the district.
  3. I'm not sure he's that pro-police in the way you're framing it compared to your average individual left of center, just when compared to Omar who is about as far left on the issue as one could get. Again, the two examples mentioned where he's pro-police are generally popular here in Minneapolis even among a lot of liberals. Advocating for hiring the bare minimum number of police required by law and saying we need reforms while not wanting to throw the baby out with the bathwater is pretty mainstream. By comparison a lot of what Omar has said ranges from incoherent to completely unworkable.
  4. Goodell has come out advocating for a one year ban. Idk why we have to do this song and dance, but my guess is it's because they plan on suspending him for 12-14 games killing the Browns' season while allowing him to play a few meaningless games so it's not a news story all next offseason again.
  5. If it does there's real diminishing returns at this point, but I don't believe that's the issue here. The money needed to hire more police has already been appropriated and the number cited as being needed is still almost 200 less than were employed here just three years ago. In 2019 there were over 900 officers in MPD. The state SC said the minimum required under law is 731. It's not exactly radical. And keep in mind we'll have to spend a lot more on the overall force if reform is the desired outcome (there would be fewer actual officers, but a lot more employees, many who would command higher salaries than your average copper).
  6. Maybe if something has changed. All the chatter from insiders up to this point has indicated Durant would play if the season started and he's still on the Nets.
  7. I haven't seen any sold polling on the issue, but my guess is his position is more popular than hers even among primary voters and it's certainly better policy. Just going back to the ballot measure, next to nobody I spoke to working in local and state government thought it was a good, workable idea even if they supported the general spirit of what it was trying to do.
  8. Without knowing his entire record I wouldn't exactly compare him to Adams who I believe is far more bullish in this area. The two items mentioned are actually smart politics locally and they're being brough up likely because there isn't a ton of daylight between the two candidates in most other areas.
  9. The ballot question wasn't popular nor was it fully thought out and the city has been ordered by the state SC to hire a minimum number of officers. It's not surprising that a politician from north Minneapolis who came up during the period known as Murderapolis would take the positions he has. As the article says it's a notoriously high crime area a lot of people still avoid.
  10. Wait, @James Arryn is younger than a Millennial? Did I just become old? Oh god...
  11. I know I'm a noob here, but I've been writing in these parts about the totally weird state of affairs at Barcelona for a bit now. Nothing about it for several years makes any sense. It's going to have to fold unless a very rich buyer comes in and just eats all the debt.
  12. MAGA fascist big sad: Can't believe she'd disrespect the flag like that. The horror...
  13. Clown remarks. This is when ownership should hold firm. KD's handpicked coach isn't to blame (even if he's shit): https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/34371607/brooklyn-nets-governor-joe-tsai-voices-support-front-office-coaches-wake-kevin-durant-trade-demands
  14. If sowing fascism while destroying norms and institutions is shaking things up, sure. Just also make sure you sign up to be a frontline victim of all of that and we're good here.
  15. Not sure what you want me to say here. From the article former Police Chief Harteau is a family friend, former Mayor R.T. Rybak is someone I've strongly supported in the past and former Mayor Betsy Hodges was always very good to me whenever I had to work with her. I don't have any experience with Samuels, but he seems like a good guy and I'm not too concerned with a position he took 20 years ago given my hometown(ish) was still called Murderapolis in some areas. I am in no way saying Samuels is perfect (also, he's not pictured above), but I maintain that Omar is a fundamentally bad MoC based off my narrow set of criteria. Like the much hated Sinema here she doesn't do public events, she avoids any media that's even remotely critical and she's 100% the type that when working in a small group if it fails acts like it's not her fault and if it works claims all the credit despite probably not doing very much. She's facing a strong challenge for a reason.
  16. Look into my eyes brother, "We're simpatico." I might watch that later as well. Also, since this is a nostalgia trip, the short Rikki-Tikki-Tavi starring Orson Welles is fire.
  17. Lion King slaps harder than anything else Disney as a kid or an adult. Sleeping Beauty never gets enough love. And The Rescuers Down Under is a strong dark horse. Non-Disney category, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is a gamer changer.
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