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  1. Talk about an epic ending. Congrats to Japan.
  2. A minority of a minority who are bad faith actors should in no way shape any aspect of the debate, full stop. We are where we are here in the US in large part because we've allowed a very loud but small faction to have a real seat at the table.
  3. I love the unintentional comedy of Trout and Ohtani being the best players on the final two teams, when as teammates they can't lead the Angels to a .500 record.
  4. This same story seems to pop up every 6-12 months. I'm not seeing anything recent.
  5. Openly attempting to obstruct justice to protect a suspected criminal is pretty low, even for them.
  6. Word to the wise, studios always first release their projects to friendly critics. The initial response is typically a bit of an illusion.
  7. It is until he's removed in five years for some scandal. I just think it's funny they're trying to claim they fired their last coach for cause when what they're accusing him of is a fraction of what old Ricky boi has done, and to the best our knowledge he never fucked someone a table in an Italian restaurant for 15 seconds.
  8. I think step one is allowing the game to be more fun. Baseball looks like more of a party when it's played in other countries.
  9. 1930's SF was just mentioned. A number of works accurately predicted modern technology from face timing on screen tablets to space stations orbiting Earth. Shit, people nearly 1,000 years ago speculated on how man could fly. We don't always have new ideas, just new means to achieve them.
  10. They did, but Denver is also 1-8 in their last two playoff series and 2-12 in three of their last four, only beating a shitty Portland team 4-2 in the first round.
  11. We'll never know, but I believe other Westerns that were made outside of the US tended to follow the rules. I obviously haven't seen every Western from the 60's, but the violence and graphic nature of it in Leone's films always stood apart to me.
  12. Why do we call these events "Great" when "Horrific" would be more accurate? When California slips into the sea will we tell our kids to remember the Great Earthquake? I mean sure, if you own property east of the fault line, but... We're funny creatures.
  13. Like I said before, often times artists that were overlooked in their day tower over their contemporaries in death. It has to be one of the biggest discrepancies between two cuts of a film. Iirc, the American version was over an hour shorter, they made the film linear which it was never intended to be and cut out a ton of the youth scenes.
  14. Exactly. I've held the position for a while that regular season baseball is not very entertaining, but baseball with stakes and small samples, shits electric.
  15. No Ant, no Kat and still bing bonged the Knicks in their house at full strength.
  16. Everything seems to be moving at an accelerated pace. Don't be shocked when fifty year forecasts are realized in less than twenty, perhaps even much faster than that. It would not shock me if that by 2030 most of our worst fears for 2050 are already a reality and I don't see any evidence across a number of areas that suggests were going to be turning this around anytime soon.
  17. You're cute. This is just the beginning. Times will get real interesting when literally hundreds of millions of people are displaced because of the climate crisis while at the same time wars over mineral resources break out all over the world.
  18. The mass grave scene is chilling as hell before the camera pans out and you see rows and rows of them.
  19. It was also at one point called Once Upon a Time in Revolution, or something close to it. I learned like a week or two ago that at the time Eastwood began to make Westerns with Leone that there were so many official and unofficial rules about what you could show in Westerns. Leone apparently didn’t really know that and Eastwood decided not to tell him. Thank god for that decision.
  20. It’s a fun idea, but Idk how the World team would function. Too many of the top players are bigs and the guard play really falls off after Luka and SGA. You’d need to play 3v3 or 21 to make it interesting because their second unit would get wrecked if they were playing a standard game.
  21. This doesn't sound good: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/real-estate/2023/03/19/svb-collapse-new-banks-could-fail/11504269002/
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