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  1. Kimbono

    Way too many side characters?

    I don't see a problem in to many side characters. Actually i loved the crowded Winterfell, as it really felt like a living city. Often enough the places were deserted or just 1-2 extras in the backround trying to give the impression of actual people living there. Thats actually one problem with kingslanding. I know extras cost money and don't serve anything but the athmosphere but right now, the captial is just Cercei/Euron with their 5 Black Knights, it feels odd. Also I'd prefer if they would give them something to do instead of letting them stand in the background. Like Brienne/Pod could be in the background training some recruits for the war to come. Varys could be rushing around / talking with some handmaidens (without any real story, just so we get the feeling he's working at "something").
  2. Kimbono

    Benjen Aemon

    Aemon joined the Nightswatch 233 AC, 16 years later Rhaegar was born (259 AC). So he never had real contact with him. Also i believe that Aemon tried to ignore his family as much as possible seeing what he said to Jon after his escape. He knows that thinking of the family he left behind will only hurt him emotionaly so i guess he blocked it, only on his dying bed he remembers. In general I would think that "political talk" is not fairly common in the Nightswatch. As for Benjen, big questionmark for why he is there in the first place.
  3. Kimbono

    Poll on Greyscale

    I always had somewhat of a Crackpot theory about greyscale... " He was captured in battle, and hung in a cage at Chroyane to see the enslavement of his people. The prince called down a curse upon the conquerors, entreating Mother Rhoyne to avenge her children, and that night the Rhoyne flooded out of season and a thick fog fell upon the river, and the Valyrian conquerors began to die of greyscale. " - So we have a captured prince being "executed" and a magic curse. Comparing this with the wall, i feel like the burning of Shireen will happen, being led by Melisandre and or without Selyse for whatever reason (saving Jon / Stannis / Azor Ahai). So we have a captured princess being executed for the reason of magic. And, as we know, only dead may pay for life, and magic is a sword without a hilt, there will be more then just Shireens death. I feel like afterwards there will be a lot of cases of greyscale at the wall, it won't be clear where it came from "Patchface may go even more crazy and attack people being accused to be the transmitor", the wildings will say "its the curse of Shireen, she should have been killed way earlier" ect. My even more crackpot is: If we look at the people in the cage that Arya sees if i remember correctly they are burned by the sun and have blisters on their skin ect., may well be that Garin the Great had the same problems in his cage, and thereby his contaminated skin led to the infection of the people mocking him. <-> Pretty much the same with Shireen but in a more gruesome way. And to even go further I find the idea interesting, that greyscale will have something to do with the fight against the Others. Like some sort of biological warfare. But since nothing "really" makes sense I never tried to make a Theory out of it, since you asked here is my bit.
  4. Kimbono

    [Spoilers] EP606

    Very nice! I have the feeling this sets the stage for mind-time-traveling Bran/3EC to have influenced the mad King "Burn them all". As a result of the madness we have now a lot of Wildfire in KL and i can see Cersei trying to bomb the Sparrows away with it.(The explosions in the vision)
  5. Kimbono

    [Spoiler] EP604

    " Pink letter!!! Loved it. Now I'm going to get my tinfoil hat on and come out with a crazy theory. Ramsay did not send the Pink Letter. It was SmallJon Umber. " Adding the theory that they didn't actually killed Shaggydog and want to betray the Boltons (they would need a fight to betray them) this would give the Story so much more! I really hope its not just this linear Story line but maybe they think it gets to complex with more background going on.