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  1. Kimbono


    If I recall right, GRRM said he will not publish any more Sample Chapters from WoW. Im happy for anything we get, but I don't expect anything tbh. Who remembers the "advent calendar" thing in some december where everyday a new picture was posted and everyone hoped the last one would be with a release date. Has to be some years past already, man we were summerchilds! :'D
  2. Agree with above, but I have another question but don't want to open another thread. We know Jorah had money problems and even went so far to sell slaves, for which he got exciled. Was there any chance for him to sell his Valyrian Sword (I imagine the Lannisters would have paid a good price, enough to keep his wife happy for some more years). Or was there the limit to his honors? I got the concept that he was willing to "do everything" for Lynesse at that time.
  3. Kimbono

    Where are the sweets?

    So after Episode 5 everythigk just went downhill for me. People turn mad, are in a bad situation or dead. It was always clear we don't get a Happyending (or else you haven't paying attention. ~ Ramsey), but claims where that it will be bittersweet. So what are the possibilities to turn this from complete bitterness into something bittersweet? Maybe Jon reuniting with Ghost and Tormund after leaving the capital? Sam/Gilly Story...
  4. I don't think we will get any special mentioning of someone getting the letter personally. I think it ment to show that "the word is out", Varys had some days preparing it so i took it that he had enough time writing letter after letter. So the consequence will be that "everybody" in Westeros will know the truth and other people (Sansa?) can use this to rally people behind Jon without her being the one to openly reveal the secret.
  5. Kimbono

    So what happens to Drogon?

    Hah, no problem! " The lifespan of a dragon is significantly longer than the lifespan of its rider. When the rider of a dragon dies, that dragon can bond with a new rider." from the asoiaf-Wiki. But I can't see anyone bonding with Drogon. (Specially not in one episode and his "mother" just being killed). Really cheese would be a compilation of "what happens to the survivors" from Bran and in the end we get Drogon (who flew off bfore) with 3 new eggs.
  6. Kimbono

    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    I kinda see 3 options: 1. Arya straight up assasinates her without much to it. 2. Arya uses Jons face (the show doesnt really focus on "how" the masks are made and with Arya being close with Jon she may be able to do it?) and we the emotion from Dany of getting killed by Jon even tho the real Jon can still be the "nice guy" 3. We follow Arya trying to get to Dany building up the expectation of her killing the Queen and just before she can strike we get Jon coming in and he does it, giving us yet again a "surprise" moment With the writing style the last Episodes I tend to option 3. (Edit: Also "giving" Arya another "big kill" would be to much, imo)
  7. So first of all i believe Dany has to / will die next Episode, by Arya, Jon or someone. Under this assumption, what will happen with Drogon? I see some options: He gets killed aswell (but why and by whom?) He bonds with someone new but expect Jon, who could it be? He just "flies off" and is one of the open ends we get like Tormund, Sam ect.
  8. Thanks, i kinda hoped Gendry crafting atleast some "light armor" for Drogon to give a payoff for the Lordship and maybe adding a scene where an arrow gets blocked from said armor, giving atleast some reason why the Scorpions were completly useless in comparison to last episode. Also why didnt Arya once told them in the war meeting that she will kill Cersei, you know,... maybe that would have helped. Just fly her down near Kingslanding with the Dragon and give her 1-2 Weeks while the rest marches from Winterfell, either she is succesfull or you go killing everyone anyway. But whatever. Also the fact that we don't see Aryas faceswitching ability anymore feels unreasonable.
  9. Kimbono

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Last time the City opened its gates to let a peacefull army into the red keep it prob. was the mad King allowing the Lannister Army to enter. Wich ended in plundering and rape and the killing of Danys father. Now it is the Daughter entering the city and the other Daughter and the Kingslayer on the other end of it. I can totally see that going down in the books. With Daenerys stories from her childhood coming back to life ect. In the show it just seemed rushed and out of character.
  10. So how exactly will the fight go now? Last Season Cersei seemed way to weak to fight Dany, then they had Tyrion butcher Dany's armys and she went North to make the armys (surprisingly even). Now it seems Cersei is unstoppable and even Drogon is no real danger. I see only 2 options: 1. Arya will kill Cersei (also: green eyes, also:also: only me or did Danys eyes look green aswell here?) 2. More interesting imo: How does Tyrion know Cersei is pregnant (ofcourse cause she told him before) but from Euron POV he should not be able to know right? So maybe thats a reason for Euron to turn on Cersei, because its not his child and he lied. I actually thought in that scene right there that he would act on Tyrion or Cersei atleast should have tried to stop him because of that.
  11. Maybe Qyburn has something up his sleeves. I mean he resurrected the Mountain and designed the Scorpion. Both being crucial for Cersei to have some Power. She should give him even more Freedom to "make new things" whatever that would be. I guess next Episode will be the North having trouble to be motivated to march into another war. But we should get some scenes in Kingslanding and with Melisandre and NK dead Qyburn is one of the most "magic" characters out there after 3-eyed-Raven Bran.
  12. Kimbono

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Do we know if Cersei still produces Wildfire and stores it below Kingslanding? Would fit into D&D writing style, you get attacked by a necromancer -> you hide everyone in the crypts. You get attacked by a Dragon-Queen you hoard Wildfire in your basement. The end maybe that Dany is the actual reason why the Wildfire gets ignited, without her knowing it is there.
  13. Kimbono

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    Since the scorpion is still very prominent in the Intro when we fly throu Kingslanding, I'd be very surprised if we don't get to see it again.
  14. Kimbono

    The scenes of Arya in E3

    In the "Inside the Epsiode" they called about how having them fight for 1 hour straight would fast become "boring" / exhausting. So having a scene in the library was primarily to have a change in speed in the Episode I guess. On the other Hand one could say that the Wights are just "stupid" Zombies who act like "every other" Zombie acts unless the Nightking commands them otherwise: 1. We see the Nightking giving his "Hangsignal" down to his army before they start piling up on the fire to make a bridge, showing us that they don't think on their own. 2. The library scene , we see them walking around killing everything that "lives", probably the manta of the NK. Important here is that Arya makes literally no Sound. Not even her Cape when it rushes over the floor. Showing her "Assasins-Skill" and the Skill to move silent as a shadow. 3. NK with bran, we see the Wights not walking around or running onto the living Theon/Bran, so we can assume they have a order from the NK not to move. (Since we see in 2. how they act when they are not ordered). Therefore Arya "only" has to outsmart the Nightking and maybe the other White Walker.
  15. Obviously the prophecy was generated to distract the Knightking, he thought he had to watch for Dany or Jon and was surprised when Jon started to scream at Viserion. And Bran, also abviously, called every Raven in Westeros to carry Arya and let her fly. Thats the answer how she could jump there, easy.