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  1. I too believe that Arianne will somehow seduce Aegon. And I believe they will take the Throne, even it be for a short time only. The thing with Aegon "waiting" for Dany, his whole early invasion is to show that he is not dependent on her. Adding to this that Dany is atm still married to Hizdahr if i remember correctly and may find a new suitor (like victarion, ect.) before even arriving in Westeros. There is a big chance that Aegon believes he doesn't need Dany specially if some other power was succesful in stealing a dragon.
  2. I believe if he dies then it is some sort of suicide in the attempt to sacrifice himself to become a higher being of some sort. All his connections to magic, denying of gods and proclaiming himself a god, I can see it in him to try to skinchange a dragon or kraken or become some sort of overlord of the greenseer-hive. Wether he has the abiltity right now (to skinchange / control minds, like his mute crew that can coordinate his fleet) or thinks he can gain the power I dont know. Just have to throw in I just saw the Youtube-Video of Alt Shift X so maybe I go bit overboard with my ideas but I feel like he will escalate the story into a far more magical form.
  3. If I recall right, GRRM said he will not publish any more Sample Chapters from WoW. Im happy for anything we get, but I don't expect anything tbh. Who remembers the "advent calendar" thing in some december where everyday a new picture was posted and everyone hoped the last one would be with a release date. Has to be some years past already, man we were summerchilds! :'D
  4. Agree with above, but I have another question but don't want to open another thread. We know Jorah had money problems and even went so far to sell slaves, for which he got exciled. Was there any chance for him to sell his Valyrian Sword (I imagine the Lannisters would have paid a good price, enough to keep his wife happy for some more years). Or was there the limit to his honors? I got the concept that he was willing to "do everything" for Lynesse at that time.
  5. Last time the City opened its gates to let a peacefull army into the red keep it prob. was the mad King allowing the Lannister Army to enter. Wich ended in plundering and rape and the killing of Danys father. Now it is the Daughter entering the city and the other Daughter and the Kingslayer on the other end of it. I can totally see that going down in the books. With Daenerys stories from her childhood coming back to life ect. In the show it just seemed rushed and out of character.
  6. So how exactly will the fight go now? Last Season Cersei seemed way to weak to fight Dany, then they had Tyrion butcher Dany's armys and she went North to make the armys (surprisingly even). Now it seems Cersei is unstoppable and even Drogon is no real danger. I see only 2 options: 1. Arya will kill Cersei (also: green eyes, also:also: only me or did Danys eyes look green aswell here?) 2. More interesting imo: How does Tyrion know Cersei is pregnant (ofcourse cause she told him before) but from Euron POV he should not be able to know right? So maybe thats a reason for Euron to turn on Cersei, because its not his child and he lied. I actually thought in that scene right there that he would act on Tyrion or Cersei atleast should have tried to stop him because of that.
  7. Very nice! I have the feeling this sets the stage for mind-time-traveling Bran/3EC to have influenced the mad King "Burn them all". As a result of the madness we have now a lot of Wildfire in KL and i can see Cersei trying to bomb the Sparrows away with it.(The explosions in the vision)
  8. " Pink letter!!! Loved it. Now I'm going to get my tinfoil hat on and come out with a crazy theory. Ramsay did not send the Pink Letter. It was SmallJon Umber. " Adding the theory that they didn't actually killed Shaggydog and want to betray the Boltons (they would need a fight to betray them) this would give the Story so much more! I really hope its not just this linear Story line but maybe they think it gets to complex with more background going on.
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