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  1. Headless Wolf

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    1. Pretty much all of the ironborn. Let the isles burn 2. Randyll Tarly 3. Harry Strickland- he's right that they're fucked, but god he's annoying 4. Daario- insufferable little shit who's making Dany less likable just by existing 5. Godry Farring-an arrogant, prejudiced ass 6. Emmon Frey-would be funny to see him get the same treatment as Dagon Codd
  2. Headless Wolf

    Poll: Aurane Waters' Endgame

    He'll provide Aegon with a fleet, unite his forces scattered all over the Stepstones, possibly bring Connington Edric Storm as a hostage, and become Lord Velaryon by the end
  3. Headless Wolf

    Who is going to get poisoned by the mushrooms?

    I would say Victarion, but based on the Forsaken I actually think his burned arm is going to be what kills him, so I'll go with Hizdahr or Daario, to free up Dany to marry Aegon with no romantic rivals so that a unified Targaryen army can win him the Rock, rather than quibbling over whose claim is stronger.
  4. Headless Wolf

    Imaginary swords for swordless characters

    Rickon: Stabbyblade
  5. Headless Wolf

    Skinchanging a dead body

    I would assume it's actually pretty difficult. The magic of the children, such as skinchanging, seems to be incompatible with the magic of the Others, which animates the wights. If a warg could control wights, surely Bloodraven would have taken over the dozens that attacked Bran outside his hollow? He's more than powerful enough to be literally everywhere in the Seven Kingdoms and take over the bodies of ravens, wolves, and any other living creatures, (except humans, since Bran is the only one shown to successfully do this, also being taboo and all), but it seems he couldn't stop the wights from attacking his successor and the best real hope the realms of men have for survival. This seems to indicate a pretty clear limit to his power.
  6. Headless Wolf

    Aegon TWOW

    I’m anticipating a protracted and bloody war between Aegon and Euron. Just like Stannis in ACOK, he won’t be able to move on KL until the south is secure, so he’ll need to take the fight to Euron before he takes the throne. Because of the Forsaken I anticipate Euron will win most of his upcoming battles, strand Garlan on the Shields with no ships, smash the Redwyne fleet, and sack Oldtown. I see Aegon getting the support of Dorne and the Faith, Warrior’s sons and poor fellows out of KL joining him under the command of Ser Theodoan Wells, leaving Cersei more or less free to take back power and murder anyone who opposes her within the city. Since he has to battle Euron before he can take the throne he’ll need ships and men, mostly stormlanders at first, so I anticipate him offering to legitimize and ennoble Aurane Waters to get his three decker dromonds, and possibly court the support of Salladhor Saan, though Euron will probably win him over more easily by offering him gold from the Arbor. Aurane, who’s set up in the Stepstones if I remember correctly, will probably deliver him Edric Storm similar to how Alyn Oakenfist delivered Viserys to Aegon III, and with Robert’s son as a hostage, and possibly a puppet lord of Storm’s End, he will bring more men to his cause. Mace Tyrell will either stay behind in KL for Margaery’s trial or take the field against Connington, and have thousands of his men cut down by Black Balaq in the kingswood before being soundly defeated by Aegon and Harry Strickland’s elephants, after which Randyll Tarly will abandon Mace, causing Randyll Tarly to defect and join him. I can see the Dornishmen in the Prince’s Pass taking Highgarden and taking Olenna hostage, allowing Aegon to move further south to fight ironborn along the Mander. When Dany shows up there will be a big dispute over claims and the second Dance will be on, reducing the Reach to a burned and blackened wasteland, before Dany turns north to fight the Others while Aegon stays behind to fight Euron and gets himself killed.
  7. Headless Wolf

    The War in the South (TWOW spoilers)

    1. My response was to the seemingly quite popular theory that Aegon will save Oldtown from Euron, winning the Hightowers to his side. The idea that he will ride for Oldtown is entirely reasonable. Mace Tyrell does not command respect, his bannermen are threatened, and in order to gain the appearance of legitimacy as the rightful king he needs to defend his kingdoms against threats like Euron. It's the same reason Stannis went north. There were men to be found with a huge power vacuum having opened up and the region was in peril. Casting oneself as a savior is a very good way of bringing men to one's banners. 2. Garlan only has the ships along the Mander to retake the Shields if Redwyne loses his battle against Euron, which we have every reason to believe he will, we all seem to agree. The only ships fit for war to be found along the Mander are the longships of the Shields themselves, which belong to the ironborn now or have been sunk, so Garlan will have to make do with subpar ships to ferry his men to the islands, and having a bigger army means less than nothing if that army is stranded on the islands, while the ironborn are descending on his ragtag fleet. He must take the islands back, or the Tyrells lose face with their bannermen, making it likely they will join Aegon. Brightwater has few defenders, most of the Reach's soldiers are away with Mace and Randyll, outside Storm's End with Rowan, with Paxter Redwyne, assembling under Garlan, or inside Oldtown. There wouldn't be much in the way of organized resistance to a tactic like this, so loyalty of Tyrell's bannermen, which is in question anyway("friends in the Reach" and all that, plus Mace is an idiot, as even his own mother acknowledges) is of little consequence. The ironborn are already raiding up the Mander with impunity. The lords of the Reach are scattered and disorganized, they aren't exactly prepared for a tactic like this, since they anticipate they can easily drive the ironborn back into the sea. We agree, then. Euron will beat Redwyne. As for sacking the Arbor, he's already sacrificing thousands of people to the sea in order to give himself favorable winds, and has sacked castles just off the Arbor. He can easily remain on the island after the sack, and rule from it. Sacking it may even make that easier. Kill the men and boys, give them to the sea, and make the women salt wives for his men, then there is no one left to oppose him, but the ironborn have already tried to infiltrate Oldtown posing as Tyroshi. We know Oldtown contains magical artifacts, and Euron is fascinated with magic. There is a hell of a lot more reason to believe he will go after Oldtown than there is to think he'll just sit on the Arbor doing nothing. There is literally no reason to believe the Hightowers will bend the knee to Euron. They are bulding ships and raising men to oppose him, actively taking the field against him, and have given no indications they would ever submit to Euron. If Hightower bent the knee to a godless raider, he would lose Oldtown anyway since the Faith would rise against him, as would every self respecting Reachman, who despise the ironborn. Euron clearly has plans to attack Oldtown, his men have already tried to get in, and he can't take the Iron Throne without seriously weakening its strongest supporters, the Tyrells and the Hightowers. Taking Oldtown weakens both, and Euron wants to prove himself to be a god, he has no regard for the Faith, nor do any of his men, as followers of the Drowned God. He hasn't been kind to any of his captives thus far, just ask Falia Flowers or any of lord Hewitt's daughters that he let his men rape in front of their father. We have no reason to think he would treat his highborn captives well. Euron believes he will have a dragon, he doesn't need a foothold on land, the threat of dying by dragonflame would bring men to him if he succeeds. Again, it makes little sense to say people currently going to war with one claimant will then submit to said claimant, especially if it weakens their position to do so. Margaery is Tommen's queen, Mace Tyrell is taking the field against Aegon, why would he join him? Willas won't betray his father and turn over Highgarden to Aegon, and the long history of bloodshed between Dorne and the Reach makes it unlikely they will both join Aegon's cause, especially if he marries Arianne. Why would the Tyrells surrender their position, with their own kin set to inherit the Iron Throne once Margaery and Tommen have children, in favor of Aegon taking over with a Dornish wife? The host in the Prince's Pass could potentially take Highgarden while Mace and Garlan are in the field, weakening the Tyrell position, giving Aegon a hostage in the form of Olenna, and convincing their bannermen to jump ship, like Roose did when Theon took Winterfell. As of the end of ADWD, Aegon, Euron and Mace command the most powerful armies in the south. Mace is due for some losses in the field, due to his own incompetence and the Golden Company's allies in the Reach. If Euron were to attack Dorne, whether they've declared for him by that point or not, Aegon will go to war with him, and could likely get ships from Aurane Waters, who is far closer to Storm's End than he is to the Arbor, and the long history between Targaryen and Velaryon makes it more likely he'll join Aegon, in exchange for legitimization and lordship of Driftmark. With Aurane's dromonds, Aegon can take the fight to Euron at sea, supported by ships from Estermont and Tarth, which the Golden Company have already taken. Killing Doran and Trystane and burning the Water Gardens would be considerable atrocities, which you've said Euron is not likely to commit. As to your point about Cersei and slave uprisings in Essos, I can only say that it's very possible things will turn out the way you describe. I don't see Aegon taking King's Landing so soon while he has enemies left in the field like Euron or the Tyrells, and i don't think Cersei would leave the city, I think she'd rather see it burn to the ground before that happens, and it's likely she will.
  8. Headless Wolf

    The War in the South (TWOW spoilers)

    Well, since Euron doesn't care about the Shields, it's unlikely he'd commit ships and men to defending them, allowing Garlan to land basically unopposed and then letting him blood his men retaking each island. The ironborn meanwhile can simply sail out of sight of land, as they did when they took the islands in the first place, and descend on Garlan's ships once he's landed. Moreover, if Redwyne loses in the Straits, he has no choice but to retake the Shields with whatever ships he can find along the Mander, those being mostly fishing boats and pleasure barges. 1. The purpose wouldn't be to fight land battles. It would be to move down the Honeywine, like Harwyn Hardhand did in the riverlands, and to force Leyton Hightower's sons to remain in Oldtown or sail up the Honeywine themselves to drive the ironborn back. 2. I never claimed Euron would try to hold Brightwater. I clearly said he would torch the castle, which would obviously draw Leyton Hightower's attention if Oldtown is seen to be threatened from the north. The castle is lightly held, and not execting ironborn to come down the Honeywine. 3. Oldtown is a large city, and an influx of people fleeing raiders upriver, thousands of people, will cause problems for the Hightowers in terms of keeping order. They will have to deal with a spike in crime, they will have more mouths to feed, since the ironborn would likely take most of the food as they raid along the river. Furthermore, riots aren't essential to taking the city, but a large number of people fleeing to Oldtown will make it more likely the ironborn can disguise themselves as refugees and attempt to attack and open the gates from inside. It was exactly the same in the Dance of the Dragons when Daeron Targaryen and Ormund Hightower took and sacked Tumbleton, they sent men ahead with refugees fleeing the war, who attacked the defenders inside once battle was joined and opened the gates. When Tumbleton fell, it caused mass panic in KL. Similarly, if castles along the Honeywine fall, the people in Oldtown will fear they are next, and with Mace Tyrell so far away, victory is relatively uncertain, and that could cause riots. Euron could take Oldtown the same way Ramsay sacked Winterfell, by pretending to be Paxter Redwyne, possibly by glamoring himself to look like him, or by simply flying Redwyne banners up the Whispering Sound. Once admitted to the city, it doesn't matter that they don't have forces on land. Ironborn would be pouring of the ships and into the city. Let us also not forget that they already tried and nearly succeeded at infiltrating Oldtown, when they posed as Tyroshi traders. Posing as a victorious Redwyne Fleet would be an excellent way to get inside the city, and once inside the city is theirs to sack.
  9. Headless Wolf

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    I don't think Cat would actually mind. It may even give her some comfort to see Robb's will being carried out, she knows how much Robb loved Jon and wanted him to be his heir. She's not mindless, she is now and has always been driven by love for her children, and the pain at seeing them taken away from her. As long as she knows her children are alive I don't think she cares if they become lords or ladies, and when she hears that her favorite son (Bran) is still alive I think she may end her life, but I could very well be mistaken.
  10. I posted a version of this in another forum but thought I'd get more responses here. So with all we know from the Forsaken and Arianne II I've grown pretty skeptical of the idea that Euron is going to be taken down quite so soon, or simply serve as a means for bringing some powerful players to Aegon's cause when he rides in to save the day at Oldtown. To me it seems that Euron has been set up to be a serious antagonist much like Ramsay, and if so this means he's in the market for some serious victories. Take these statements from Sam and JonCon; "If King's Landing loses Oldtown and the Arbor, the realm will fall to pieces." and "Take that (Storm's End) and the realm will shake." Storm's End falling shakes the realm and brings men to Aegon's banners, and Euron taking Oldtown, or at least the Arbor, leaves the Lannisters and Tyrells in utter disarray, and enables Euron to get his hands on magical artifacts housed in the Citadel. It also sets up a pretty damn epic and memorable campaign in the south, with Dornishmen and stormlanders flocking to Aegon and pirates like Salladhor Saan coming to Euron's banners (Stannis never paid him, but we know Euron gives his men most of his plunder to win their loyalty). So the way I see Euron's campaign going in the Reach is: 1. Garlan Tyrell retakes the Shields: Euron gave the Shields to his rivals from the kingsmoot and Victarion's own men, weakening his brother while strengthening his own position. He has no intention of holding them, as he has said himself. When Garlan assembles his ragtag fleet of fishing boats and pleasure barges to land Tyrell men on the Shields, most of the ironborn longships defending them, or raiding up the Mander, will sail west, leaving the islands undefended, only to return to sink Garlan's ships once he's retaken the islands and leave him stranded and blockaded by Ironborn longships on Oakenshield. This would likely leave his host split among all four islands with no way of getting off, making him helpless to defend Oldtown or Highgarden. 2. Brightwater Keep is sacked and torched: Garlan was made Lord of Brightwater after the Battle of the Blackwater, and was going to take the castle from the Florents when Euron started raiding in the Reach. He then abandoned his mission and started raising men and ships to retake the Shields, so Brightwater is defended only by a token Florent garrison, most of their men having died at the Blackwater or gone north with Stannis. As has been noted before, the ironborn will likely carry their longships overland, and sail down the Honeywine, taking Brightwater and putting it to the torch, a nice middle finger to Garlan, stranded on the Shields and unable to defend his keep, and it serves a dual purpose of forcing Leyton Hightower's son to stay in Oldtown to defend against attacks from the Honeywine rather than going to attack Euron himself in the Redwyne Straits. As people living along the banks of the Honeywine flee the ironborn, they will send their own men with those refugees to infiltrate Oldtown and start riots when Euron comes to take the city, or at the very least the influx of more mouths to feed with strain Oldtown's larders and make the Hightowers more likely to go out and give battle to break the siege. 3. The Battle of the Redwyne Straits: Moqorro's vision of a "twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood" seems to be an obvious reference to Euron. His captains mention that they have sacrificed thousands of people to the Drowned God, and all the blood in the water is likely to bring krakens up to harass Redwyne and sink some of his best ships. Euron could also likely use magic to make this happen, we know he has warlocks from Qarth with him. Also, Victarion's thought of "what would the Crow's Eye do?" before giving a command to "sail the straits" is, I believe, foreshadowing that Euron will battle Paxter Redwyne in the Redwyne straits, possibly splitting the ships he has with him into two forces, one sailing right down the Straits and the other sailing around the Arbor to take Redwyne in the rear, just like Stannis did to Victarion at Fair Isle. With Redwyne dealt with, Euron would be free to continue sacking the Arbor. 4. Sacking Oldtown: If Euron wins his battle in the Straits, he'll likely feign defeat, sending ravens to Oldtown and King's Landing telling them Paxter Redwyne defeated him, then use ships taken from Redwyne's fleet to infiltrate Oldtown, as the ironborn have already tried to do, and this time succeed because they fly Redwyne banners when sailing up the Whispering Sound. Oldtown is at least partially sacked, but the Hightower proves too strong for them, though I imagine Euron will taunt Leyton Hightower with the smiling head of his son Baelor. He will also despoil the Starry Sept, bringing the Warrior's Sons and Poor Fellows down from King's Landing to fight these godless raiders. Ultimately they are forced to abandon the city and return to the sea, while the realm falls to pieces and Mace loses the support of his bannermen for failing to defend the Reach, leaving the Tyrells open for tragedy and further losses, such as the Dornish host in the Prince's pass taking Highgarden, or someone like Darkstar sneaking into the castle and murdering Willas, who was a friend of Prince Oberyn, who hated Darkstar and wanted to kill him. Euron likely wants the obsidian candles from the Citadel, he's fascinated with magic and as far as we know those are the mot significant magical artifacts in Oldtown. I also imagine Alleras (Sarella) will join Euron to get close to him, likely offering him the glass candles, and ultimately try to kill him. We know from the example of Maester Kerwin that Euron at least tolerates maesters and finds them useful, so it's possible he'll spare the Citadel if the Sphinx offers him the candles in exchange. I see a protracted war between Aegon and Euron, while Cersei sets about consolidating her power in King's Landing, and Mace Tyrell flounders in the field, and then Dany will land at Dragonstone and the Dance will be on. Thoughts?
  11. Headless Wolf

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    You make a good point, though I would note that if they would choose a son of Ned Stark to follow, it would likely be Jon, a proven commander and warrior, the spitting image of his "father," and Robb's legitimized heir, which will likely come out, or possibly already has "Bear Island knows no other king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK." I love little Rickon, but who would choose a little boy to lead them in wartime, over an older, more experienced son, or an older, smarter daughter, with allies from the Vale to bolster their forces?
  12. Headless Wolf

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Because death is peace, and necessary for life. Without the dead returning to the earth, becoming the wood and all within, the world falls out of balance. Death means an end to pain and suffering, but the immortality given by the Others is eternal suffering.
  13. Headless Wolf

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    Times are a changing in Westeros. We've had a war of five kings, and now it's the three queens turn. Asha had a huge amount of support at the kingsmoot, and only lost because Euron is insane and Victarion is more interested in fighting a war he could never hope to win against the North. The North could very well support a daughter of Ned Stark. Hell, the only reason any northmen support Bolton is because they think he has Arya. Sansa is very much Ned's daughter, and she's actually become quite adept at managing a household and playing politics under the tutelage of LF. Robb won the support and respect of the Greatjon by showing him he was no child, so Sansa only needs to prove herself a capable leader to win their respect, and the influx of free folk could also help change attitudes about women and leadership in the North. It's possible that tradition will hold sway, of course, but I figure the winds of winter are those of change.
  14. Headless Wolf

    Which Castles are the Best at Defending Dragons?

    Winterfell if the snows are falling heavily, dragons can be grounded by rain, and have their flames dampened. It would be even worse for them in a blizzard. In that vein, Storm's End in a hurricane could also possibly survive, the Last Storm wasn't exactly a rout even though Orys Baratheon had Rhaenys and Meraxes. Casterly Rock as well, since the Lannisters would just have to retreat into the tunnels where the dragonflame couldn't reach them, which is why Maegor didn't try to destroy the Rock when the Lannisters harbored Aegon and Rhaena.
  15. Headless Wolf

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    I absolutely adore Rickon. I would love nothing more than for him to be the new Lord Stark, if Bran decides he can't be a lord as a greenseer, but I think the North will change its laws of succession to mirror those of Dorne and Sansa will be the Lady of Winterfell at the end. TWOIAF notes that Dorne and the North have some similarities, relative to the rest of Westeros, which seems to indicate this. All I want at this point is for The Black Wolf to live, and become a great warrior just like his uncle Brynden, learning swordsmanship from Jon and Arya, skinchanging from Bran, courtesy and politics from Sansa, and free folk wisdom from Osha. He may even possibly become Lord of the Dreadfort, and his sister's fiercest supporter and devoted shield.