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  1. Manson should do more Johnny Cash covers.
  2. You forgot Bakker references.
  3. Tbh I don't think any of them are really that dumb. Even Trump, what a lot of people take for stupidity I think is really just a combination of nastiness, bigotry, and incompetence in his current position. Like, he's a brilliant con-artist. So was Palin when you look at how successful the Tea Party were in imitating various aspects of her style.
  4. If you don't see the difference in the way people reacted to her than in the way they've reacted to others before and since, idk what to tell you. She wasn't dumber than Bush, she's not anymore evil than Cruz, and I really kind of think McCain being old was just an excuse for people who like to think of themselves as enlightened to shit on a woman they didn't like. And hey, I can admit it, I was a part of that mob.
  5. Jesus how quickly did you jump on that? I swear I edited it out like five seconds after I posted it because I knew I was going to be misunderstood. Like, you saw I wrote some parallels, right? Are you really gonna sit there and tell me there was nothing misogynistic in the way people went after Palin's intelligence, her looks, her family, etc. in comparison with the treatment other Republicans of near identical policy stances and character have gotten?
  6. The Literal Womb of Isis or The Literal Womb of ISIS? My god, it works on multiple levels...
  7. Most Americans are also not encouraged to think of themselves as very rich or as very poor, so often "middle class" is more of a catch-all for people living or attempting to live a certain lifestyle than it really does one's economic standing.
  8. Again, EDIT: In all seriousness, she's not my first pick, but I'd vote for her and I think she'd make a great president.
  9. Through the end of the year I'm going to stick to half-assed superficial judgements about the candidates while eschewing all other news. Pete Buttigege looks like something that was grown in a lab with Ben Shapiro, and the two escaped half way through their gestation periods, one to sow havoc throughout the world and the other to check the influence of its evil twin.
  10. I'm just saying, if she gets together with Elon Musk and that dude with the eye-patch, I'll be worried.
  11. Lex Luthor = All white suit. Hunger Games villain = All white suit. Maze Runner villain = All white suit. Plus she lives on an island, way out in the middle of the ocean. You're not seeing what I'm seeing?
  12. Y'know in a weird way Trump has woken up my patriotism. I never realized how much I cared about being an American until I started experiencing the daily sense of violation that comes with having this dude in the WH. Also is it just me or is Tulsi Gabbard dressing like the villain from every YA dystopian movie from the past decade.
  13. Not done yet, but how does everything this motherfucker writes keep getting better?
  14. I feel like a lot of white American women in my life who are otherwise very much what you could call "woke" or enlightened see this pairing, turn hostile, and immediately start projecting their own racist assumptions about Asian women onto the people that they don't know. I've had two incidents, one with a friend (someone I am still very close with to this day) and something with a girl I actually was dating, but also just something I see people commenting on more and more openly about, even with regards to complete strangers, and it makes me kind of uncomfortable.