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  1. I know GRRM has said the wars of the roses was an inspiration.. but there's so many more characters and stories in the series that had to have come from else where... I looove reading about Eleanor of Aquitaine ( I can't think of characters inspired by her other than maybe bits of pieces for a few different ones) which is crazy to me because she is the most impressive female of the time (yes I'm bias). But I also love Henry II and the other Angevins... I can't seem to think of ASOIAF characters inspired much by any of them... But who are your favorite historical inspirations for characters (outside the obvious)?
  2. I know the wait is making it pretty fn hard to put out a whole lot of fresh ideas or anything... I'm sure the show's season 8 leaks can't help but affect it too (Impatience is not my virtue)... But I know there's very limited info on Jenny of Oldstones and her Prince of Dragonflies( love that story ) first born son of Argon V.. but I love a prophecy... And the ghost of high heart was kinda her bff so anything interesting to read about any of them!?! I'd really appreciate any links. Thanks!
  3. Rachel of Oldstones

    Son's of the Dragon review?

    The only new material we've had from GRRM since TWOIAF is the recently released short story (extra material leftover from TWOIAF) part of collection of other short stories, The Book of Swords. Like everything I've read by GRRM, especially ASOIAF, I'm sure I'll love it. But I really can't think of anything I've ever felt so desperate for as I do for TWOW. I'd settle for a release date at this point. But I don't know if my desperation for book 6 will affect my opinion of The Sons of the Dragon so I checked a few of my go to sites for everything ASOIAF and can't find any reviews. Can anyone direct me toward a review by fan...Like at least a bigger fan than me(I'm not claiming to be a die hard fan but I'd love to get the opinion of someone who's done more than 3 rereads of the main ASOIAF series and at least 1 reread of each of the short stories; Dunk and Egg, Dance of the Dragons, and TWOIAF.. not to be picky or anything). I'm sorry for being such a book snob but its my vice. Sooo, I'd really appreciate a link to a review of "The Sons of The Dragon" (preferably by a real ASOIAF fan) PLEASE!!! And Thank You!!!!
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    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    Still reading and very much enjoying this post, but ditto!
  5. Rachel of Oldstones

    How did Cersei get Jamie in the KG

    Good question! I'm not going to pretend to know since it has never been explicitly answered. There's 2 potential answers as to why, from two different povs.... Maybe we'll find out in a future book!