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  1. Rachel of Oldstones

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    Very possible but why do you think that exactly? I'm not asking to be a smart-ass I'm genuinely curious
  2. Rachel of Oldstones

    Could this be Tyrek? Or do you have another idea?

    Well the purpose of him dying finally at the house of black and white could be that maybe his face will be put to use by The faceless Men and if there's that whole Oldtown conspiracy going on maybe it could play into that I don't know? The one I read that after the second or third time I also considered a could be Tyrek . It's one of my favorite mysteries though!
  3. Rachel of Oldstones

    Rickon's Role

    I think I may have misunderstood the topic so sorry if so... But if we're referring to his use of our real world history.... Prince (s) in the tower babe maybe?
  4. Rachel of Oldstones

    Pick your favourite nickname from GRRM’s writing

    I agree with mad mouse (mostly cuz I like the Howland reed theory, too good to be true but....,) Prince of the City Egg Little bird (Sansa courtesy of Sandor)