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  1. While Gorkem kinda forgot Rhaegal, Lady Fevre Dream certainly haven't forgotten...
  2. edit - for some reason my phone sent it two times.
  3. Writing something this bad is an achievement. It is really. Bronn becomes the lord of one of the most important houses and everyone accepts it. Sansa decides that the north should be free and everyone accepts it. Arya suddenly decides that she should be an explorer. They could have done like this. Tyrion says the same things to Jon. Jon goes to Dany as he did but this time he can't kill her. So he tries to leave but Dany tries to stop him. When he says that "he will leave her" or something she tries to kill him but Drogon doesn't obey her so he leaves. Dany sends messengers to throughout the Westeros and demands that everyone should bend the knee. Nearly everyone does except the Starks and the north. Dany decides to attack north, she starts to ready his army. At this point, Arya decides that she should kill her but while trying she dies. Because of this, Jon decides that he should kill Dany. So, Jon goes and kills Dany. Drogon burns the throne and the same things happen. Except for stupid Bran thing. Every kingdom declares its independence. Bran goes to the north to love a tree or something. Or this is even better. Night king destroys the wall and kills everyone. Except for Drogon, Ghost, and Nymeria. Drogon takes them to a safe place. Then they have hundreds of good bois and girls.
  4. Ok this was funny. Where is the real episode?
  5. gorkem

    The Perfect Ending

    My version starts at the beginning of the episode. The camera pans out and continues to pan out for 80 minutes. This version can't be worse then what they are going to give us.
  6. gorkem

    will we see roasted Jon?

    Nope, I don't think this will happen but, I feel like Arya is a possibility. After all, we know that she is going to try to kill Dany. I think this time, she is not going to be successful.
  7. gorkem

    Bran seen it all?

    Bran can only see what plot demands him to see. Other times he is blind as Aemon.
  8. The golden company was waiting for their enemies in front of the walls. Yeah, that's the war strategy we all need. Golden company was just like Doran. Placeholder.
  9. Daenerys Targaryen “Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men Protector of the Realm, Mother of Drogon, Pavlov’s dog”
  10. Daenerys Targaryen “Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men Protector of the Realm, Mother of Drogon, Pavlov’s dog”