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  1. ApostolinO

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Sansa - spoiled Val - gorgeous Joffrey - yikes. Catelyn - mother Sandor/Arya - vengeful Mance - survivor Qhorin - steel
  2. ApostolinO

    Poll: 10 actions of asoiaf

  3. ApostolinO

    Minor characters you wanna see win and why?

    Dolorous Edd dies, I stop reading the books.
  4. ApostolinO

    Small Questions v. 10105

    This is the last paragraph from GOT chapter 21 . (Bran's POV). What exactly did Jojen do to Summer while Bran was warging it?
  5. The last thing you want, when you cross the Red Waste starving withouth any water, is wasting energy. I also doubt Daenerys would ever be able to defend herself against any cutthroat no matter how much she trained. She's a woman after all with no special characteristics (like Brienne, Osha or other warrior maids) Also, Viserys could have gotten some training but he probably was nothing special.
  6. ApostolinO

    Robb Stark is better ruler than Jon and Dany

    Just like his namesake.
  7. ApostolinO

    A Song of Two Diametrically Opposing Things

    A face swam up at him out of the grey mist, shining with light, golden. "The things I do for love," it said - Bran III AGOT Bran even dreams about him being shining with light in his first dream. Jaime was deemed an oathbreaker with shit for honor because he killed the king, but we as readers know he was being a hero and saved thousands. Now Jaime is deemed a monster for trying to kill Bran (even thought he failed).This could be another action that could save thousands, assuming of course that Bran is sided with the Others.
  8. ApostolinO

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    Way off topic, but this could be the sword she promised Jorah back in AGOT.
  9. ApostolinO

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    Long face isn't necessarily ugly and Arya could be actually quite pretty under the tomboy look and attitude.
  10. ApostolinO

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    Yikes. I'm not sure Stannis supports anyone. He's in a kind of desperate situation, he asks allegiance from anyone and he'd accept anyones help.
  11. ApostolinO

    The Regional Cuisine

    Spoiler tag added to minimize the length. Being a man of simple tastes I find most of ASOAIF food too gourmet for me. I mostly agree with the Dornish cuisine. Enviroment: I guess healthy for the enviroment would be any farm vegies and shellfish but since there's no mass-meat-production in westeros I think the enviroment is safe enough. Sustainability: I'm not sure how they preserve foods in the South without refrigeration. Probably canning/fermenting but I'm not sure,
  12. ApostolinO

    What are the ASOIAF characters' boggarts?

    King Robert: Tywin Jorah : Danny's hate Jon : WF's crypts Lysa : Dead Sweetrobin Doran Martell : War Cersei : Tyrion Joffrey : Logic Aerys Targaryen : Everything Greatjon : Nothing
  13. Pycelle admited to Tyrion that he sent away Jon Arryn's maester because he was close to saving him and let him die because he "knew". (They dragged him out the splintered door. "Lannister," he moaned, "all I've done has been for Lannister . . ." ) That's too close to murdering in the name of Lannisters so Stannis and Ned suspecting them wasn't far off. Renly planned to wed Margaery to Robert so he surely had a good reason to cast Cercei aside. And to go back to the threads title if knowing you're king is no good enough reason then what is? Stannis does not need any more proof about the children, he knows the truth (at least in his mind). ps sorry about messing the quoting I'm still trying to figure it out
  14. They're not suspicions at this point. He knows the truth and so do we. Jon Arryn knew, Eddard knew, the whole small council knew (except maybe Barristan). That's good enough reason to think yourself king. The problem is that it's impossible to prove to the realm the truth of it even if he had DNA tests to show, because commoners believe what they will and lords would believe whatever's in their best interest.
  15. ApostolinO

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    They could appear in two places at the same time, now that's clever. A very nice theory! Too bad only one of them took credit and made it into legend :D