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  1. After a long hiatus from fantasy books, in the last 2 weeks I read the Licanius trilogy. I think that the first two books were nothing special, but the third book was really great, and had an awesome conclusion, where everything suddenly made sense. In general, I found the trilogy being quite creative. There are some things I did not like though: - The books (especially the first two) were not written nicely. Felt a bit like Elantris/Warbreaker from Sanderson, where the plot is good but the writing is quite meh. - Main characters except Tal are generic. Except for the name, they are completely the same. - The books seemed to be very preaching in nature, and the author seems to want to educate the reader on his personal Christian beliefs. - The battles were nowhere as epic as they could have been. However, I think that the strengths outweigh the weaknesses: - Tal is an all-time great character. - The plot is quite complex, but not for the sake of being complex. It also makes sense in the end. - Not a fan of time-travel, but here it was done exceptionally well. - The Venerate were infinitely more interesting than Davian, Ash, and Wirr. I would definitely love to read a book about Alaris and co. - That Tal is actually not the strongest of the Venerate as I was thinking at the beginning. - The two twists were really nice, although I was expecting both of them. - The story of Ghash and Alarius was chilling. Especially after you realize who are them. Something that I would have liked to see: Also, is it only me that found one of the twist a bit disturbing: The epilogue is one of the best epilogues ever. Of course, as a big fan of Wheel of Time, I couldn't miss the analogies:
  2. Thanks for the recap. To be fair, I understood this from the book. Just that my hope was that we might see something more than this. And while I was not a fan of another universe, considering the breaking of the laws of physics, it kinda made sense. Nevertheless, the goths should had just initiated a vacuum decay and destroy our universe, rather than killing some people there Did anyone else feel that the goths not liking the opening of the universe is kinda similar to those ghosts/shadow in His Dark Materials?
  3. Possibly my expectations were different. To be fair, I don't know if I was not paying attention (read books yearly, though no binge-reading), but I didn't see the goths being on another universe, despite that the signs were there. In any case, I was thinking that there will be a bit more of Romans/Goths rather than next to nothing. It does not mean that it wasn't good, the fact that most people liked it, means that they nailed it. Just that I was expecting to know a bit more about those civilizations after a series of 9 books.
  4. Extremely disappointed with the final book. I was expecting a bit more depth in the main conflict with the goths, not the book being about some old woman chasing them over the galaxy. I feel a bit sad that the authors didn't explore more the Romans and the goths, feel that the last two books should have been more about that. The epilogue was really good though, and I was expecting humanity to get divided into separate worlds that cannot communicate with each other. Nevertheless, I enjoyed these years of reading the series.
  5. Karene is actually a book character. However, she appears only in A New Spring sequel, and I believe she briefly meets Moiraine. She was Captain-General of the Green Ajah, and somewhere between the prequel and the first book, she was killed by the Black Ajah. Anyone worried that they might be merging Leadrin with Elaida?
  6. Finished the Widsom of Crowds, the last book of Abercrombie. Spoilers below:
  7. Well, that is what I have read (I was born the same year as Heir to the Empire). Everyone says that Star Wars was becoming a non entity in the nineties after a decade of not having a movie. Then Thrawn happened, and people fall in love back with Star Wars (Thrawn trilogy is the second most sold sci-fi of all time after Dune if I am not mistaken), so Thrawn trilogy played a very big role. There are still a lot of people who consider it as the second most important thing in Star Wars after the original trilogy. And it is definitely the closest thing to it.
  8. Thrawn was awesome, Jedi Knight games were decent, everything else was crap. However, they had no need to decanonize pre-movie novels/games, and should have kept Thrawn trilogy considering that it is awesome and single-handed saved Star Wars in the beginning of nineties.
  9. Third best overall episode IMO, after Rains of Castamere and Winds of Winter.
  10. Considering that the other thread is closed, and I want to talk about Thrawn book. Found it decent read, but nowhere near as good as the original trilogy, which is my favorite sci-fi saga after Hyperion. Still, interesting to see the development of Thrawn from a nobody to Grand Admiral. From whom him and the Chiss were feeling threatened that Thrawn needed the help of the Empire? Was Zahn hinting at something like Yuuzhan Vong? Also, were the Chiss a really important and large group in the Galaxy? Always had the impression that they were some forgotten and irrelevant aliens in the middle of nowhere, but the book gave me the impression that they might actually be a strong and large Republic/Empire-like group. Or at least something comparable with Mandalorians but independent.
  11. Which is his best book after Tigana and Lions? I loved Tigana and found Lions very good. Still somehow, I have read only these two books of him despite that I read Tigana two years ago and usually when I like an author so much, I read more books from him/her. Also, I find his writing as arguably the best in the genre.
  12. Tigana is even better than Lions, IMO. It is probably even more gray-ish, which is always a plus in my book. I think that a lot of people are divided about his writing (similar to Rothfuss' case), but I really find his writing excellent and addictive.
  13. Indeed. And they actually cut the by far the main character on Dorne.
  14. The North story is still brilliant, but every other storyline was awful, with the Sand Snakes being the worst thing ever. They made Doran a craven and a fool, despite that he is one of the most intelligent players in the game. Oberyn's girlfriend seems to have gotten the Arianne story part, but cannot see Arianne killing Doran. Mel's part was the biggest twist, but then it was common knowledge that she is old. I hope that they do not continue this masquerade of Jon being dead dead. We all know that he is going to be revived.
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