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  1. TheRevanchist

    Title of the last episode

    'A Dream of Spring'
  2. TheRevanchist

    Who is Going to Die

    Jaime is going to be the big death, sacrificing himself to save Daenerys. The little brother prophecy will be realized by Arya wearing Jaime's face.Theon dies saving Bran. Lady Mormont dies. Lady/Ser Brienne dies. Gendry dies. Most of the people in the crypts die. Add Gray Worm and Missandei too.
  3. TheRevanchist

    Ep3 Death Odds

    Oh yeah, the theory has been forever that he is actually the narrator of the story and is gonna write 'A Song of Ice and Fire' after everything is done. Also, GRRM has said that he is not a hero like Jon, he is more someone like Sam.
  4. TheRevanchist

    Ep3 Death Odds

    Jaime is going to be the big death, sacrificing himself to save Daenerys. The little brother prophecy will be realized by Arya wearing Jaime's face. Theon dies saving Bran. Lady Mormont dies. Lady/Ser Brienne dies. Gendry dies. Most of the people in the crypts die.
  5. TheRevanchist

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Finished the Unwhern Throne and Riyria Chronicles so far. Both decent, neither great, though both (especially Riyria) had awesome endings.
  6. TheRevanchist

    A thread on the Black prism series

    Kip reminds me a lot of Tavi in Codex Alera. Agree with the OP, very interesting to see protagonists who aren't best at everything. It is also much better than the other series from Weeks (Night Angel). Is the final book coming out really this year? Goodreads put it as September 2019, but they had it for last year too.
  7. TheRevanchist

    Goodkind 55: Back in the Dick Life Again

    A colleague of mind who sits directly opposite to me has Sword of Truth as her favorite fantasy saga. What should I say to her?
  8. Joe has always been sincere and giving regular updates. Next to Sanderson and Abraham, he is one of those author I trust when they say that the book is almost ready and will be released in this time. But Gosh, I miss a book from him. His last book was 2 years ago, and I enjoy his books more than those of any author in the genre.
  9. Genuine remorse in my opinion, but he would have done the same again if it gave him an advantage. He is essentially Bayaz at the beginning of his career. Yes and yes. In fact, I think that he wanted Brand's death in order to fuel Thorn.
  10. TheRevanchist

    Wheel of Time Discussion (Spoilers)

    She was a decently written character at the beginning, but after she became AS, she lost her plot, and became a caricature. Sanderson just continued it.
  11. TheRevanchist

    Star Wars Novels/Graphical Novels 2

    Well, that is what I have read (I was born the same year as Heir to the Empire). Everyone says that Star Wars was becoming a non entity in the nineties after a decade of not having a movie. Then Thrawn happened, and people fall in love back with Star Wars (Thrawn trilogy is the second most sold sci-fi of all time after Dune if I am not mistaken), so Thrawn trilogy played a very big role. There are still a lot of people who consider it as the second most important thing in Star Wars after the original trilogy. And it is definitely the closest thing to it.
  12. TheRevanchist

    Star Wars Novels/Graphical Novels 2

    Thrawn was awesome, Jedi Knight games were decent, everything else was crap. However, they had no need to decanonize pre-movie novels/games, and should have kept Thrawn trilogy considering that it is awesome and single-handed saved Star Wars in the beginning of nineties.
  13. TheRevanchist

    Persepolis Rising (Book 7 of the Expanse) - SPOILERS

    Finished Persepolis Rising. It is the best book after Nemesis Games and probably Caliban's War. The three decade jump was necessary, but I felt that the characters looked exactly the same as they were 3 decades ago, which IMO isn't a sign of good writing. It almost looked that nothing has changed. How is the deal with people's age? They looked physically fit, especially Bobbie and Amos who should be in their sixties. Alex should be eighty or so, but his age didn't seem a problem. Do humans live significantly longer and are far fitter than they are now? If so, how did Frank Johnson died from a heart attack last book? Didn't he had medicine like the rest of people? It would be very interesting to see how will the time jump affect the TV show. I miss Avasarela. She is my favorite character and her role was so small on this. On the other hand, this was the only role she could have had in the book. I like where this is going. Always wanted for this to end with a clash against the destroyers of the proto-molecule masters, and it looks that the final two books will be all about that. The Duarte-Holden epilogue was really great. Talking about Holden, I am hoping that he will have a bigger role in the next book. Duarte doesn't look that bad. We still don't know much of him, but he looks more like a benevolent dictator who is doing all of this to save humanity (of course, the costs on doing that are terrible), rather than a power-hungry tyrant like the antagonist of the last two books. Of course, him actually unleashing/helping Inaros which resulted in a few billion deaths taints his character, but we will see how things go. If this was the only way to save humanity, then it is an interesting moral dilemma. Singh was the typical scared little man who is in a position way higher than he should be, and who does wrong after wrong decision. It is probably the type of characters I despise most, and really overused in fantasy/sci-fi saga. A fit ending for Clarissa.
  14. TheRevanchist

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 704?

    Third best overall episode IMO, after Rains of Castamere and Winds of Winter.
  15. TheRevanchist

    Star Wars Novels/Graphical Novels 2

    Considering that the other thread is closed, and I want to talk about Thrawn book. Found it decent read, but nowhere near as good as the original trilogy, which is my favorite sci-fi saga after Hyperion. Still, interesting to see the development of Thrawn from a nobody to Grand Admiral. From whom him and the Chiss were feeling threatened that Thrawn needed the help of the Empire? Was Zahn hinting at something like Yuuzhan Vong? Also, were the Chiss a really important and large group in the Galaxy? Always had the impression that they were some forgotten and irrelevant aliens in the middle of nowhere, but the book gave me the impression that they might actually be a strong and large Republic/Empire-like group. Or at least something comparable with Mandalorians but independent.