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  1. Well, that is what I have read (I was born the same year as Heir to the Empire). Everyone says that Star Wars was becoming a non entity in the nineties after a decade of not having a movie. Then Thrawn happened, and people fall in love back with Star Wars (Thrawn trilogy is the second most sold sci-fi of all time after Dune if I am not mistaken), so Thrawn trilogy played a very big role. There are still a lot of people who consider it as the second most important thing in Star Wars after the original trilogy. And it is definitely the closest thing to it.
  2. Thrawn was awesome, Jedi Knight games were decent, everything else was crap. However, they had no need to decanonize pre-movie novels/games, and should have kept Thrawn trilogy considering that it is awesome and single-handed saved Star Wars in the beginning of nineties.
  3. Finished Persepolis Rising. It is the best book after Nemesis Games and probably Caliban's War. The three decade jump was necessary, but I felt that the characters looked exactly the same as they were 3 decades ago, which IMO isn't a sign of good writing. It almost looked that nothing has changed. How is the deal with people's age? They looked physically fit, especially Bobbie and Amos who should be in their sixties. Alex should be eighty or so, but his age didn't seem a problem. Do humans live significantly longer and are far fitter than they are now? If so, how did Frank Johnson died from a heart attack last book? Didn't he had medicine like the rest of people? It would be very interesting to see how will the time jump affect the TV show. I miss Avasarela. She is my favorite character and her role was so small on this. On the other hand, this was the only role she could have had in the book. I like where this is going. Always wanted for this to end with a clash against the destroyers of the proto-molecule masters, and it looks that the final two books will be all about that. The Duarte-Holden epilogue was really great. Talking about Holden, I am hoping that he will have a bigger role in the next book. Duarte doesn't look that bad. We still don't know much of him, but he looks more like a benevolent dictator who is doing all of this to save humanity (of course, the costs on doing that are terrible), rather than a power-hungry tyrant like the antagonist of the last two books. Of course, him actually unleashing/helping Inaros which resulted in a few billion deaths taints his character, but we will see how things go. If this was the only way to save humanity, then it is an interesting moral dilemma. Singh was the typical scared little man who is in a position way higher than he should be, and who does wrong after wrong decision. It is probably the type of characters I despise most, and really overused in fantasy/sci-fi saga. A fit ending for Clarissa.
  4. Third best overall episode IMO, after Rains of Castamere and Winds of Winter.
  5. Considering that the other thread is closed, and I want to talk about Thrawn book. Found it decent read, but nowhere near as good as the original trilogy, which is my favorite sci-fi saga after Hyperion. Still, interesting to see the development of Thrawn from a nobody to Grand Admiral. From whom him and the Chiss were feeling threatened that Thrawn needed the help of the Empire? Was Zahn hinting at something like Yuuzhan Vong? Also, were the Chiss a really important and large group in the Galaxy? Always had the impression that they were some forgotten and irrelevant aliens in the middle of nowhere, but the book gave me the impression that they might actually be a strong and large Republic/Empire-like group. Or at least something comparable with Mandalorians but independent.
  6. It could be. In the games, she is quite selfless and the only 'bad' thing she did was not telling Geralt earlier about Yen. In the books, she practically schemed with the lodge against Yen and Ciri. My interpretation is that she was quite young and naive in the books, and essentially did what Philippa said to him to do. Philippa controlled the Lodge (only Yen and Francesca were independent, with Margharita essentially not caring for anything bar her school) and Triss being the second youngest member, just obeyed her. In the games, she is a bit older and mature and so more independent.
  7. Finally finished it. Enjoyed all the books, with my favorite being the fourth book (second novel). I am also glad that the games continued the story, and they continued it well. And finally, very happy to have chosen Yen in the third game. A much better character than Triss, in addition to being a better person. Triss did feck all to help Geralt and Ciri after the fourth book, and she set the Lodge above them.
  8. King Foltest fucked his sister for a few years, right? And then got that abomination, with Geralt having to fix things. Is that much worse than Emhyr wanting to fuck his daughter (which he didn't do in the end) in order to fulfill a prophecy. Also, the Northern kings were at times fighting each other, and only the unification against Nilfgaards made them stop doing so. Even then, they were still planning to get territories of other kingdoms, and they actually did so when Emhyr invaded those 2 countries and gave them favorable terms (i.e get some part of other's territories). In addition to that, they persecuted non-humans (or allowed people to do so), religious fanatics gained power, etc etc. At the end of the first game, I went with the Nilfgaardian Empire mostly because I thought that Ciri might be the only one who can make the world a better place, and because the North was already either on deep shit (after the death of Foltest and Helsen), or lead by lunatics and religious fanatics. Allowing Emhyr to win the war (with a strong hint that he will abdicate in favor of Ciri later) and Roche getting some type of independence for his country looked to me the least of two evils. I think that both in books and games, the Northern kings are described as bad/evil as Emhyr, but I think that Nilfgaardian Empire is a better run country and so a better country to live with (as long as you don't have problems with Emhyr). ... I think that Sapkowski is really one of the best when it comes to writing politics. Scoi'atel are definitely terrorists, the use of them by Emhyr has many parallels in real world (when some strong state uses some proxy to get their goals, or even making countries fight each other like Iran-Iraq) etc. He doesn't go too much into details like Martin, but I think that it is right there with Martin and Cook when it comes to politics.
  9. @C.T. Phipps Who is the dark Lord? Emhyr? He isn't worse than any of the Northern kings, in fact, it could be argued that he is better and there is more prosperity and less discrimination in the Nilgaardian Empire rather than in northern realms. Also, the elves weren't doing fine before the Nilgaardian attack. They just weren't getting killed that much. To me it looked the typical 'treat people like animals for a long time, and they will eventually start acting like animals'.
  10. I am really liking the fourth book, easily the best book so far.
  11. Now that finished with The White Luck Warrior (Aspect Emperor #2), time to get back to this. Book 4, here I come.
  12. Which is his best book after Tigana and Lions? I loved Tigana and found Lions very good. Still somehow, I have read only these two books of him despite that I read Tigana two years ago and usually when I like an author so much, I read more books from him/her. Also, I find his writing as arguably the best in the genre.
  13. Tigana is even better than Lions, IMO. It is probably even more gray-ish, which is always a plus in my book. I think that a lot of people are divided about his writing (similar to Rothfuss' case), but I really find his writing excellent and addictive.
  14. Indeed. And they actually cut the by far the main character on Dorne.
  15. The North story is still brilliant, but every other storyline was awful, with the Sand Snakes being the worst thing ever. They made Doran a craven and a fool, despite that he is one of the most intelligent players in the game. Oberyn's girlfriend seems to have gotten the Arianne story part, but cannot see Arianne killing Doran. Mel's part was the biggest twist, but then it was common knowledge that she is old. I hope that they do not continue this masquerade of Jon being dead dead. We all know that he is going to be revived.
  16. It has become my e-persona.
  17. Ah, cool! Always go with Revan/TheRevanchist myself. Btw, Cartman is awesome.
  18. You're finally here, welcome! Why not the caf name?
  19. That is the post I was looking for. Definitely going to read it in the future. Kay's writing is really good. Tigana had as perfect writing as it can be.
  20. Read only Tigana and is is wonderful. One of the best fantasy books I've ever read and certainly the best standalone one.
  21. Arya - great Daenrys - okay Jon - okay (extra 1 point for finally not managing to ruin a great quote 'For the Watch'). Cersei - awesome Dorne - awful All in all, a very good episode. 8/10
  22. Snow can't be dead, regardless of what Harington said. It just doesn't make sense at all. Stannis death fits well with his character in the show. D & D surely hated him, so they made him a completely pointless character that doesn't know what he does. Stannis of the books is different to this Stannis. I hope that he wins the battle of Winterfell there, but even if he doesn't (pink letter being true) then surely it would be done far better than here. Did Theon and Sansa made suicide? I guess no, but how on Earth they survived. Bron was paralyzed from falling from a similar height. I guess Myrcella is dead for real. While the implementation was done badly (Doran isn't stupid after all), I guess that both 'Baratheon' kids will be killed in the next book. From all parts of the story, I thought that Dorne was done by far the worst. Arya part was excellently done. I just hope that Daenerys won't spend the next book/season trying to go back to Mereen/trying to make that Khalasaar follow her. She's been there, done that. Time for her to move with the story. With one of the Greyjoy brothers (probably Euron) pretty much confirmed for the next season, I guess that she'll have to meet them. Cersei's walk of shame was done quite brilliantly (although with a double, obviously). Probably the best part of the episode. 'For the Watch' was done alright. Thankfully, they didn't manage to ruin an another epic line from the books ('Only Cat', 'Where do the whores go', 'Stannis, Stannis, Stannis). Olly being 'et tu Brute' was the most predictable thing ever. In overall, a good episode in what was a very underwhelming season.
  23. At worst case, Aegon should be their age (Rob and Jon, probably a few months/one year older than Daenerys). With those three actors being casted in their mid twenties, and Tristane as a teen, it doesn't make sense for him to be Aegon. As cool as it would have been! Saying that, why on Earth he and Myrcella are geting this much time on screne. Every time I think that they binned Aegon and Arienne for these two irrelevant characters, I feel sad. Heck, even, Quentyn was more important than them (though completely pointless in grand scheme of things). With Tristane != Aegon theory, I wonder what people think for Daario == Euron theory. Could that be the reason why they're postponing the Ironborn story?
  24. Boring, like this entire season has been. Cersei scene, Olenna scenes were the only good scenes. Who thought that it was a good idea to bin Aegon, Arianne, Victarion/Euron? That man should be sacked considering that those are by far the best parts in the book. At this point, I don't mind changes, but at-least make good changes. It is pointless removing some good part and replacing them with Brianne and Sand Snakes.
  25. Boring, like this entire season has been. Cersei scene, Olenna scenes were the only good scenes. Who thought that it was a good idea to bin Aegon, Arianne, Victarion/Euron? That man should be sacked considering that those are by far the best parts in the book. At this point, I don't mind changes, but at-least make good changes. It is pointless removing some good part and replacing them with Brianne and Sand Snakes.
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