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  1. That was awesome and to the point.
  2. I guess that original post starting the thread didn't age well.
  3. I've given a 5. I do understand people perfectly who give it a 1, I assume their vote just refers to the writing/story. I am trying to be fair and give 5 for the cinematography, which I thought was awesome for a TV series, and I believe the people behind that should be acknowledged. And then there's 0 for the writing, storytelling and character development (or should I better say character assassination). I'll be glad when it's over next week, glad I can put a checkmark behind something I've been following since almost 25 years now, since GOT was published. Not knowing if we'll get an ending from Martin, I'll take the one from the TV show, still hoping that Martin will come around with the version we're really wanting.
  4. My first post here in a long, long time, coming out of lurking because this specific episode bothered me due to many reasons most of which have been mentioned here in this thread already. One I did not see - or I may have just overlooked it, if so my apologies. If you dig into the scene where Arya finishes off the Night King, there are a lot of things wrong with how that all comes about etc., but one thing bugged me in particular: If Bran is - in his dream/vision/warging - barely touched by the Night King and it hurts like hell, he barely gets away and is marked for life, how come the Night King can grab Arya by the throat like a chicken and choke the hell out of her - and she lives with no ill consequences for her at all? If Arya kills the NK and would have been killed herself as a consequence of the attack, this scene would have at least made some sense dramaturgically, and essentially followed GRRM's pattern that no one is safe and things you do generally take a toll and have a price. That she walks away unscathed is pretty much very cliched fantasy with the hero always prevailing and riding happily off into the sunset.