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  1. I really like this theory, especially considering Ghost is the one who alerted Jon when the wights attack Mormont, giving Jon his first hero moment and setting everything in motion regarding Jon being groomed and eventually being named LC.
  2. I agree that the bridge of skulls is probably too far to get around and back to Winterfell or near enough to it. My guess is that he’d have to have free climbed the wall at one of those points where the ground has built up behind it and walked along the top til he found something to help him down the other side.
  3. Lol for a minute I was wondering what you were on about, like why would the watch not accept the existence of the others? I’m the goose, I meant Gared.
  4. True, it’s Gared not Will. In any case the question remains.... He’d been longer on the wall than Mormont, by all accounts he was a seasoned veteran of the watch I could entertain him being driven mad by the events and going AWOL, but it’s never clarified. Besides, when the Others showed up later no one lost their shit like he supposedly did.
  5. Why didn’t Will go back to the wall instead of deserting after the prologue?
  6. If I ever disagree with Rhaenys_Targaryen, someone be sure to tap me on the shoulder. Small question: Who’s the fattest out of Yezzan zo Qaggaz, Lord Manderly and Illyrio Mopatis?
  7. Really well said. First couple of POVs you can see her going hard on the strong wine before Jamie thinks about it. I love how self assured she is while making her decisions too, and throwing the wine in Kevans dumb face was a real highlight.
  8. She just gets drunk and wants to slap everyone.
  9. Yeah sorry about that, my mistake. I had him mixed up with Edric Dayne. Edric Storm is fine, he’ll live forever.
  10. Agreed. It’s a shame he’s being written out due to the time jump not happening.
  11. Satin is my favourite minor character. He’s got balls, is a loyal guy and I appreciate that he combs perfume into his beard. I don’t like Janos Slynt the man, but I like that he exists and he’s an excellent minor villain.
  12. They had a dad and a sister but they both got Gregor’d edit: grammar
  13. If there’s a repeat of the last hero legend, is it safe to assume Lady Stoneheart is one of the dozen companions?
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