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  1. An 11 yearold can't be quick and quiet. Yes please, lets have a 30 yearold man beat and wail on an 11 yearold girl, that will go great to prove a point. Kids are weak, stupid and clumsy. Arya should have been introduced skull first to a wall at terminal velocity at first opportunity where she tried her BS.
  2. 1. She's stupid and doesn't think things trough. She makes war altering decisions that cripple her sons faction in a war of survival or death based on emotions, with no guarantee of any kind it will be reciprocated. Which it wasn't. Which then led to her son being murdered. 2. I don't hate Sansa. 3. Exactly my reason why I hate her. She's a child. Ever seen an 9/10/11 yearold in real life? Some things are just plain physically not possible. 11 yearolds are clumsy, not because of lack of training but literally their body is clumsy and build like that. They fall all the time. They don't have the strength to murder people trough brute force. She's treated like an olympic weightlifting champion ninja at 11. It's cringy. 4. I don't hate him. 5. I dont have him either.
  3. Targaryens are incestuous madmen that best serve westeros by not existing.
  4. It’s not benign. It’s not fundamentally evil. It is context and treatment dependent.
  5. Historical context is not apologetics. Don't blame me that slavery makes sense in ancient times. Unless the slave is kept 24/7 chained inside an empty room in a way that prevents him from banging his head against the wall or choking himself out in his own shackles then there is no way to prevent suicide. How do you think people become slaves? A servant beam strikes them in the chest and some force takes over their mind while the free man is trapped unable to do anything as his body serves? People most literally would do anything rather than die. They will cut off their own limbs to escape death, they will be raped rather than die, they will walk to execution grounds just for few extra minutes of life than fight early and risk an earlier or more painful death. Your logic of people don't care about dying or pain and are slaves trough magic makes little sense. They can't seek justice against those above them. A peasant seeking justice against Tywin for having his daughter raped by entire garrison of Casterly rock would find a quickly burning hovel with death family members on his way home from seeking said justice. Slaves in history could seek justice and restitution against their peers. Or do you think slaves were allowed to rob, beat, murder or rape other slaves at will? Not to mention actual historical regulation on treatment of slaves. Serfs can't move. Serfs are bound to the land and serve the lord. Historically Serfs that tried to move would be hunted down and murdered as example to the village. They can indeed have children, friends or hobbies. And lord can come rape their daughters, take their sons as cannon fodder or seize their produce hobby or not at will. The lowborn women are free to prostitute themselves, and that is the limit, acording to GRRM's portrayal of lowborn women in westeros. Or they can prostitute themselves to a single man by becoming his lover. Fabulous social mobility. Except that WOTFK isn't a singular occurence of brutality. Blackfyre wars as well as any other Targaryen wars are as brutal. I don't care about Esos. We are talking exclusively about Volantis. I don't care that Slavers bay castrates boys into warrior eunuchs, or that Ironborn drown their slaves to their gods etc.
  6. Yes. Do remind me how a lowborn could tell Tywin or Mountain to suckle on their nuts or refuse to do their bidding and end up fine. No one wants to be slave. But few want to die more than they don’t want to be slaves. It’s how the system works. No one wants to be lowborn either. They could or they couldn’t. Martin didn’t go too far into describing it. We however don’t see such casual purposeless brutalizations in the book. So it is highly likely that is not the case. If mountain or Roose or Tywin or Eddard or Robert wanted to rape a lowborn, kill them for any reason, or torture them they could. And few would care. Without slavery you have genocide. If no one bought slaves the Dothraki wouldn’t turn to farming and tending rose gardens. They’d simply kill the defeated.
  7. What we see in the books is such contempt of lowborn, such massacres and terrors that were non-existent in any medieval conflict, yet is commonplace in Westeros to the point soldiers don't even question it, that it rivals the scale of loss during the 30 year war and general protestant wars in Europe. The loss of life, abuses and disregard is way worse than what could be expected. Meanwhile, in Volantis slaves are beaten, killed and punished when they actually do a wrong, rather than "war" or "lord felt like it". Slaves are assigned jobs based on skills or education. A philosopher will not be showelling dung of the streets of old Volantis, they will live a life of comfort teaching noble children. Skilled craftsmen do the same. The slavery is of Greeko-Roman style rather than American chattel slavery. Slavery exists on the premise that men would rather live than die. It existed on said premise in our world and existed in ASOIAF world as well. And those ravaged in riverlands, raped to death by mountain or burned alive by Vargo would rather spend a lifetime digging ditches than watch their kids, wife and family die then follow them into it. From what I remember, and do take it with a grain of salt, it was 10+ years since I last read the books - Slaves in volantis are egged on by Rhllorites against the minority elite as well as encouraged into dissent by recent success of anti slavery coalition led by Daenarys.
  8. Trough slavery? Who cares. The people live about as well as lowborn in Westeros. They're not dying in pointless wars and idiocies of inbred lunatics with 2% Valyrian blood that think themselves Gods over men. We do know that. Less wars = Good. Volantis is mighty, wealthy and for most part peaceful. They're not pulling a Targaryen conquest every few years, the nobility aren't murdering each other or declaring themselves kings. Jon is a bastard. Polygamy is not allowed. There was no public divorce from Elia. There was no public marriage. A "secret wedding" to a naive idiotic 14 yearold who you wanna lay with has no basis of legitimacy. If it even happened at all, since we're basing it off of the show. Hardly. Show also confirmed Aegon doesn't exist, the Sand Snakes murder Doran, Bron becomes the most important lord of Westeros, Jorah gets greyscale, not Jon Con, some Miranda is lover of Ramsay, Roose gets killed by Ramsay and his wife and baby fed to the dogs, Jon refuses legitimizations, engaging in wars south etc forever then suddenly goes all in on that entire thing once he gets killed just so he can needlesly kneel to Daenarys, Drogon burns the Iron throne as root of all evil rather than Jon who murdered his mom, the Dothraki are massacred by White Walkers but also regenerate like "The Thing" and respawn with full HP afterwards while Unsullied decide to commit a mass suicide by going to Nath to die of butterfly disease. Shows idiotic, R+L=J is a theory that if true would demean and ruin the books unless it was a product of rape.
  9. They can be descended for beggars for all it matters, they preserved the Valyrian blood purity where others have all failed. The fact that they rejected Rhegar, Aerys etc shows their genius. Why tie yourself to madmen who aren't even Valyrian. Conquered and failed. Life is about improving living standards, not conquests. Old bloods have saved more lives than Targaryens ever ruled by not pushing for wars in Essos.
  10. I firmly believe that in 8000 years of history first men would learn what a boat was or how to sail one. Black swords that drink soul can simply be iron. Hence Iron-born. First men used bronze weapons. Valyrian steel scavenged form Valyria, not brought up from some vault on Pyke. And all Valyrian swords the Ironborn have were gained trough pillage or cunning.
  11. Does Hoster treat Mallisters, Whents, Pipers, Vances and others the same way he treats Freys? If he does not how does demanding equal treatment somehow translate into superior treatment?
  12. Does he not have friends because no people were ever nice to him? Or does he not have actual friends because he can't make any. Troughout the books there is absolutely no one - save family that Tyrion can think of as a friend, and as someone who likes him. If a man, however bad, can't make friends it's a huge red flag about his personality. Such experience would shake others out of prostitutes and sex. Instead he jumps full on into it, seeing every woman as a whore who'd spread her legs for coin. He decides to spite his father with ill behavior from then on, then complain when his father is not impressed with him and begging him on knees to take over Casterly rock. He could have been happy with Tysha? Would he tho? Would she look at him if he weren't a Lannister Lord and heir, followed by his handsome dashing brother at every corner. If he was a beggar dwarf garbed in rags? Tysha was a child impressed by chivalry and gold into doing something insane. If Tyrion had half a mind of his own he'd never look at her and spared her the suffering.
  13. He definitely does, but his dismissal of Tyrion as capable administrator definitely comes from Tyrions own actions and inability to function in society. In Tywins eyes the marriage of the common girl to Tyrion was the greatest threat to his entire house since his own father. 800 years of rule and Frey's are still not considered noble enough, marrying a commoner as heir to Westerlands would tarnish the Lannister name forever and ever. It's absolute show of madness and ill suitedness by Tyrion to marry a girl after a week of knowing her. No one made Tyrion use prostitutes, publicly to shame his father. No one made him rape sex slaves when he left. No one made him think himself better than and disgusted by other dwarfs such as Penny. She was nice to him and he brushes her off and is repelled by her efforts. No one made Tyrion waste his handship away on a single ploy - which failed and were it not for Tywin and Tyrels showing up would have caused the death of Tyrion, the King himself, Lancel, Cercei and others, and would have signaled the loss of the war for Lannister cause. No one made Tyrion threaten to rape Tommen for the sake of a prostitute. No one made him believe that a prostitute was with him out of love and not money. No one made him believe that a mercenary whose every second word is "how much will you pay me" will be loyal without payment. Tyrion is unsuited to rule, unsuited to head family, and would bring Lannisters to ruin. Verbal smackdowns of those who can't retaliate by deed or by word don't account for much There is also no hint that Tywin didn't or wouldn't treat his other children the same if Cercei decided to marry a random minstrel or Jaime deciding to shame the family. Everything we see of Tywin is trough Tyrions warped mind and perception of him. The man believes everyone hates him for being a dwarf and not for being an abrasive, spiteful man with a chip on his shoulder.
  14. Except that Tyrion does have control over spending his own money on whores and bedding them so publicly that he has a reputation from Oldtown to the Wall which goes before him. He was also given several chances to prove his worth to Tywin, from being put in charge of water cisterns, which he could have used to actually build better, build a bathhouse or make it more efficient. Instead he hired lowborn workers and had sex with prostitutes. He was given the greatest power in the land, he wasted it on petty arguments with his sister, rivalry and threats born of bringing a whore with him despite being explicitly told not to. Being told to murder all that oppose him on the council and leaving Baelish alive, despite knowing firsthand Baelish was the one to blame for getting him arrested and kidnapped by Catelyn. Instead he brutalizes Pycelle for telling his own sister about his plans for her children. Tyrion is unfit to rule anything. Walder does his duties when treated right. Hoster married a Whent, nobodies who were given Harrenhal for serving Lothstons, but he was too good for Freys. He or his sons. And instilled the same belief into his children
  15. Except that Hoster neither fawned over him nor ignored him, not even given him the basic respect a vassal is due but seemed hellbent on slighting him over and over again, and then demanding unquestioned loyalty in return. If it were any other character being treated as such people wouldn't stand for it.
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