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  1. They defeated the Riverlords in detail. The early raids by Clegane forced the hand of Edmure to spread his forces to protect them from raiding and pillaging. The sudden shift of the conflict into open warfare with prepared Lannister armies caught these anti-raider forces unaware and crushed them before real resistance could be mounted. Escalation of raiding by mountain and free-riders following said defeats combined with siege of Riverrun forced the Riverlords to hole up in their holds or lose their lands to fire and sword while campaigning.
  2. Yeah remember seeing that but it seems as such a letdown for it to be just him clawing or biting her. Sure it's torture and all but not something to be that horrified about. Thanks for confirming it though
  3. How many of them are powerful without their dynasty and name? Any non noble strongwomen?
  4. It’s something that’s never touched upon other than it caused her pain and screams. But surely it wasn’t something as simple as BDSM or whatever the Westeros equivalent of it is. Is there any hints as to what exactly went on behind closed doors?
  5. And how are they viewed? Trough Western lense only? What about the Islamic lense? Or Far Eastern? Budhist lense? How about fundamentalist christian lense of seeing it? There is not a single lense to view things trough, it's subjective and can bring people to greatly different conclusions. In universe is the only objective way to see it and make judgement. I don't have the book on me. Ned Stark betrays his honor for the sake of his daughters. Tywin starts a war over Tyrion he despises because family is all. He then goes on to fight almost every kingdom for his grandson. Family is all. Tyrion gets appointed as hand of the king, to both show himself worthy and because family is all. Kevan is indispensable because family is all. Starks, Tully's make horrible, war loosing decisions because family is all. Kinslaying is the worst crime in Westeros, because family is all. Westerlands invaded the Iron Isles when son of a Lannister woman took the throne and gouged her eyes out for bringing Greenland traditions there. Family is all. What war is there after Riverrun falls? Who to rally to against Lannisters? War is over. I don't have the book on me. In which case the discussion is over.
  6. How they think is all that matters in the context of the story. Capturing a city and then raping and stealing from everyone is a war crime in modern society for which you can and probably would be executed. It was perfectly normal and expected at the time. Threatening your own family. Yes. The child is not related to Jaime in any way whatsoever, it’s a child of his foe and threatening it ends the war. Tyrion is threatening his own nephew. Huge difference. He thinks it’s Shae He threatens in order to keep the focus on Alayaya instead of Shae. Internally he’s relieved it’s Alayaya. Nope. But you can retract the protection given. You can not give them the gold they keep throwing around to make friends. It’s quite easy to hurt Tyrion gravely and cause his death by doing absolutely nothing. He wasn’t mistreated. That would imply he was treated unfairly or more harshly than he deserved. Actions have reactions and he was looking for them. What was yours is a better question. Being human means nothing. Tyrion has ample chance to change minds and win hearts. He never tried. He allowed his public image to be dictated by his sister and commoners. That didn’t stop him however for killing a singer in cold blood, torturing good old Pycelle etc. His actions were unexplained to public and showcased a monster. Tyrion already had a reputation as an imp, a drunkardly, whoring, lecherous and wastrel son of Tywin. It’s not just his looks as much as he internally monologues about it. Tywin is a lord paramount. His life is worth more. In grand scheme of things lives of whores are about as low as they go. To me it’s not and to the world it’s not as much as we may pretend otherwise. Go run at a president to shake his hand or give him a hug and you’ll be filled with more holes than wormwood. And no one will bat an eye. Wife of a diplomat in London killed a man in cold blood with her speeding car, fled the scene and wasn’t even arrested due to diplomatic immunity. It may be unsavory to bring it up but believe me lives are graded in worth even today. Alayaya was a victim of circumstance for which Tyrion was relieved to not be Shae. He threatened to keep focus off of Shae. It changes nothing. Most men don’t build their entire persona about it. Most are discrete or keep it somewhat under wraps. Brothel scenes find many lords in them, some with women and some with men, some with boys and even girls but it’s not public knowledge and it’s always meant as somewhat of a surprise. My view of prostitution is negative however that doesn’t matter. What matters is the story in which blood is the most important thing. Threatening an outsider, be it a prostitute, a butchers son, noble, maester etc does not carry the same value as threatening your own blood. Kinslaying is the greatest crime in Westeros society. Threats are an indication to the public. You can’t be outraged at hate when you go spewing out vile stuff like that. What do my internal thoughts matter if I go around threatening vile things. He internally monologues about doing it or not and how he’d have to do it to not look weak. He’s demented. Baby is not related to him and he does it to stop a war. Legal and moral innocence are two different things. Secondly innocence of Shae or Alayaya doesn’t matter. They could be saints come to life. They are threatened because of Tyrion. Alayaya by mistake since Cersei thought her to be Shae and Tyrion’s prostitute lover. It’s Tyrion’s fault. Shae doesn’t enter into it. Meaning Tyrion puts in jeopardy himself and his position over his sex addiction. He was hand of the king. He had a chance to prove his worth to his father. He jeopardized it and ruined it from the get go by bringing a whore with him. His downfall and arrest for Jeofreys murder come from the threat he made in order to protect the whore who shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Alayaya wouldn’t have even been a thing if it wasn’t known that Tyrion has a prostitute in his permanent employ as a lover. Tyrion is then given Sansa Stark, quite a catch and he wasted it completely. He confirms time and time again why he shouldn’t be heir and why Tywin should despise him.
  7. So was Hitler. What's your point? Actions cause judgement and in society like Westeros doubly so. A butchers son was murdered by the Hound and no one batted an eye. Even honorable Ned Stark. I don't think all lives are as valuable as you think. She didn't help him, she was paid to pretend to be his friend or lover or whatever. It was ridiculous. It's a huge taboo to breach and ultimately railroaded him into self destruction, exile, patricide and more. Jaime was threatening a child over a major fortification and ending of a war. Tyrion was threatening his own sweet child nephew over a whore. Two radically different things. Even if Jaime killed the kid I couldn't care less. Innocent she was not, in any way imaginable. He could have spared her all of that by not bringing her with him. Alas, Tyrion needs to dip his whick. If they treated him like shit he'd be dead. He could quite easily have an accident. Tyrion snarks and insults everyone, not just his own family but others, including enslaved prostitutes he fucks. He's an abusive little creep himself that can't take what he dishes out.
  8. 1. He was still put in positions of power and given chance to prove himself. He failed and dissapointed every time. 2. Taisha may not have been one but was a commoner. Tyrion was an idiot for having anything to do with her. 3. There's a big so. It's not about morals its about the public image and memories of Tywins father. 4. Honor and reputation is all in such a world. Tyrion has none. 5. Doing things in secret and doing them openly are hugely different things in medieval times. 6. Most of his companions with exception of Podrick are with him due to his money. They also toss him downriver when money runs out. 7. It didn't fail due to his father showing up to save him and the rest of the family. Not due to his actions. As I said, left alone Tyrion would have failed. What exactly he could have done I can't postulate since I don't remember the section that well. 8. She's a whore. And he threatened his own flesh and blood over her. In a period where blood ties are all that matters. He's an idiot and that was a perfect showcase why he isn't fit to lead a circus nevermind Lannisters. 9. He deserved it. He himself admits that he does things like that to injure his own father. Mess with the bull, get the horns. 10. In essence no alliance, no swords, no support, and later on princess gets her face mutilated. A perfect scheme. Vale would have been a better choice. Even Iron Islands. Offering money to sellswords that fight for Stannis to defect. Plenty of alternatives.
  9. Yup. Oberyn is unmarried and has no male heirs yet not even he asked for legitimization of his bastards.
  10. His father resents him for killing his mother. His father considers him an unsuitable heir due to being a dwarf, his legacy would be ruined by encouraged vassals. But contempt comes from his behavior. Tywin is not whoring publicly. He is not known kingdom wise as an imp. In fact he is so good at doing it behind the scenes that even Tyrion himself is shocked to find a whore in his fathers bed. In the entire book in fact we never even get a faintest whiff of him doing or being interested in something like that. Tyrion meanwhile has built a reputation as a whoremonger and lecher, a man who will use his fathers coin to get things his way without skill to make said coin. His defense of the city failed. He had no clue his father or anyone would come. He wagered it all on wildfire and it failed to relieve the siege. Stannis kept the attack and would have won. If Tyrion’s plan was part of a greater strategy to delay enough for his father than all power to him. But you can’t claim someone a genius for being lucky. He threatened to whip his own nephew over a whore. He started a feud and put himself into such a situation over a whore. He went against his fathers explicit orders not to bring a whore and brought a whore with him. He believed a whore to love him or be interested in him for anything other than money. What alliance? How many swords has Dorne contributed to Lannister cause? He sent her to Dorne to be a hostage for nothing.
  11. Tyrion is a POV character. Slights both real and imagined are very real to him, amplified by him and shown to us trough his eyes. Is Tyrion really treated poorly for being a dwarf or for being a drunken whoring disgrace to his father? When put into power, real power, the second most powerful position in the kingdom he wasted it on disputes and threats over a common whore, he wagered the defense of the city on a single move, which failed and had it not been for his father and littlefinger he’d have been roasting on a stake. He wasted Myrcella by sending her to Dorne for no benefits whatsoever. There’s plenty of dumb stuff he did but he wasn’t nearly as wronged as he thinks he is.
  12. Lyana was a calous idiot who deserves scorn and hatred for what she did. Rheagar as well. I think the kidnapping and rape make for a better story than some secret romance. I dislike Arya and hope mountain bashes her head in when she goes for "revenge".
  13. I know, which is why I said the show heavily implies will be the case in the book. Which would be idiotic. Legitimizing bastards is a big no-no as Aegon has shown. He has either kidnapped and raped, or seduced and went away with a young teenage girl of the north who was already engaged to a lord Paramount, without her family knowing, into the mountains of Dorne, abandoning his wife and children to his mad father so they can have continuous impregnating sex. He dragged half the Kingsguard with him to guard her. He didn't rush to court when Starks were burned alive to clear things up. If that was even possible. He engaged in a war against half the kingdoms, never trying to explain anything. Even though there's nothing to explain, both him and Lyana are raving mad, but still. Dorne was forced to fight for the crown due to Elia being held hostage. That best shows where their emotions stand. Dornish may be progressive but not progressive enough to swallow all of that
  14. Is it the women or the blood and titles they bear
  15. By marrying Lyana, which show implies and is probably going to be case in the books unless he raped her, he has made his children into bastards. His wife was alive and he never got a divorce from her. Not to mention the more likely case that even if he got married the marriage is invalid and any children of Lyana and him are bastards anyway. Secondly he plunged kingdom into total war due to some rambling prophecy about three headed dragon, he should be put into an insane asylum instead of getting an "oh yeah, right, sorry, we aren't upset then". Elia was mistreated by Rheagar, tortured and held hostage by his father and Dornishmen died in thousands because Rheagar wanted to dip his whick into something colder. That's a far cry from simple whoring or cheating. He went out of feudal bounds, and he is not a Dornishman either. Oberyn rules nothing and is also never married.
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