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  1. He doesn't shame him for it. He holds it against him. As do his future potential vassals. Harsh truth Tyrion and fandom can't handle. When he keeps Thorne waiting till the hand rots away leading to kingdom ignoring mortal danger due to his petty nature as well? Backing with what? All he has to offer is money. Sure he can get ruthless mercenaries around himself for a while, lose further respect with it and ultimately be murdered by some of them. Hiding single whore so your sister doesn't murder her after you ignored your fathers command not to bring her with you is not the regular action Tyrion takes. Imp isn't named that just for his height. It would be greater embarassment to have him destitute or begging.
  2. He only shames Tyrion for actions Tyrion takes that are shameful. He still tries to teach or coax something good out of all 3. Please can you present what behavior he exhibits that elicits respect of others? Tywins fear and money is his own. Tyrion relies on fear of his father, not fear of himself. Tywin isn't feared due to simple cruelty but due to ability to back it up. Tywins father had the money and Lannister rule, didn't help at all. And he was just a jovial man, not a dwarf. Fucking whores in secret is not the same as flaunting your actions for the world to see. From wall to the Dorne everyone knows Tyrion as a lecherous drunkard whoremonger demon monkey.
  3. I don't believe that. Troughout the story Tywins attitude with his children is more akin to a teacher trying to get them to figure out something than pawing down at them for no reason. Being a dwarf, waddling about is a huge problem in Westeros. Tyrion doesn't have the behavior that instills respect to make up for those shortcomings. Or people skills that would help out. He constantly relies on his money and fear of his father to get what he wants. His violence is petty and he craves power for sake of sticking it up to everyone rather than some genuine plans for how to rule or desire to rule. Once Tywin is dead, Tyrion rules, Cersei is a Queen mother, Joffrey hates Tyrion and Jaime is just a kingsguard how does Tyrion get others to obey? Cersei can spend as much as she wants, she's a queen, it's part of her position. She's spending crown's money, not strictly Tywins. Dresses and bribes don't cause as much public disrespect as whoring, drinking and bad company. Ok, who is Tyrion nice to? He has his fathers full authority. He knows Littlefinger set him up. He does nothing. Pycelle has been in his father's pocket for decades. If not half a century by that point. He abused him not because Pycelle is easy to bribe but because he chose Queen Cersei over him. He didn't know his father is coming. He gambled and lost the gamble. Making a war plan and being saved when it failes by Deus Ex Machina isn't a good war plan or leadership skills. Get royal family out would be the biggest one
  4. Punishment for refusing to obey an order should be whipping or beating, not execution. Jon wanted revenge on Janos because of his dad, and not because of what Janos did or didn't do at the wall. I hate Jon
  5. I think GRRM sometimes forgets that kids of 10, 5, 7 or 8 look like.
  6. Tywin didn't rape her. He paid her to be a prostitute. We never hear of her refusing money. Or Tyrion saying she fought back and resisted. It brought about absolutely no benefit. Dornish didn't fight for them before or after Myrcella was sent. Having her as a hostage only encouraged them to be further disloyal. The trick merely killed people. It didn't delay anything. City was set to fall all the same without Tywin and Mace coming along to pull Tyrion out of the fire. Its explicitly on Tyrion. Head - Pikes - Walls. Tyrion knew Littlefinger set him up for Bran's murder attempt and got the war started. Does nothing. He comes with Tywin's full authority - wastes it. His sister is irrelevant and powerless as long as he has backing of his father. He does nothing with it. And? Fucking whores in secret isn't something Tywin opposed from Tyrion. Tyrion made a reputation for himself troughout the seven kingdoms as lecherous imp. That's the problem. The bringing whore over is a problem because Tywin already knows. Yeah he played it great. Then cried when people came forward acusing him of murder. Guess what, I tell someone I'll kill them, they wind up dead - I'm the prime suspect. Tywin never makes threats. He should've ignored cersei. Especially since the entire threat of Cersei was precipitated on Tyrion trying to protect Shae from her. Should I care about Chataya? Should hand of the king and future lord of Westerlands care about a prostitute? What lesson did he learn from Tyrion save to inflict violence and threats of it on those that displease you? His father would've had a plan that goes with it. Tyrion just sends people over and awards them Paramouncies like candy. 1. Yes. That was a great deed that cemented the rule of his house and cowed his vassals into respecting them after decades of ineptitude and weakness. 2. Yes. She was a mistress who donned a dead ladies jewelry and ordered people about. She got what was comming to her and should've counter herself lucky he didn't murder her outright. 3. Wife and rape are questionable. Jaime may as well have lied to make Tyrion feel better. Tyrion never mentions any resistance. 4. Tyrion should've known his place. 5. Who sees his own kids having a good relationship and thinks to himself - yep, they're fucking for sure. 6. Awww poor Cersei's little heart. Tywin aimed high. His only mistake was trying to tie himself to the Dragons out of some mistaken loyalty to a former friend gone mad. 7. Heavily implied mad king forced himself on her. 8. What friend? 9. He did what was best. Everyone is a kid once. Viserys and Daenarys survived and they didn't settle down on a homestead finding true love and growing flowers. They prepared to return and in the end did their best to raise an army to attack. Personally I'd have castrated Aegon and had Rhaenys married to the royal heir but killing them was a decent choice as well. 10. Sucks to be her. That woman's brother was offended by a fart, murdered mean by poison in honor duels after cuckolding them and being caught doing it. 11. Should've kept his word Rob. Sucks how Frey's are prickly. Red Wedding was a stroke of genius. Ended war, Frey's are pissed upon even more. All with no further Lannister dead. 12. Do I care? Blackwater explicitly is his worst moment. It failed. Martells joining Starks or Baratheons? Starks are far, Baratheons blamed for Elia all the same. One of which is dead at that point and another is a fire obsessed lunatic. She could've gotten the Vale trough Littlefinger pressure and further planning. Instead she's disfigured in Dorne. What did Dornish "Alliance" bring from that point to the last books? And Stannis would be besieged by the biggest army in the land, and subsequently extinguished. Instead he kept the king in the city to be captured. She didn't at the start she wouldn't at the end when Starks are being beaten at every corner.
  7. He was a terrible hand of the king. He gave away Myrcella for no gain. There is no Dornish alliance, Dorne still plots with Targaryens, and it was Neutral either way. His entire plan for city defense hedged on one singular trick - chain and wildfyre, which failed. Without Tywin and Reach forces arriving Stannis would have taken the city. He spent his handship on petty power struggles with his sister and making enemies of all Lannister loyalists in the city. He brought a prostitute over, despite explicitly being told not to, then proceeded to threaten his own nephew with rape for her sake and sets stage for his own imprisonment and condemnation for murder of Joffrey with those actions. He thinks money can buy friends and lovers rather than see that people are with him for said money and is shocked when a whore doesn't love him and sacrifice her own life to save him from his own idiocy. Or that a mercenary doesn't throw it all away for his sake. He gave the Vale to littlefinger for no gain. Vale was and has remained neutral. Hardly. His sister is worse off but his father is a great man
  8. Tyrion is a literal rapist, self entitled useless wastrel that gets along his entire life just on his Lannister name, fails every opportunity to prove himself and lives simply to spite his father and ruin Westerlands
  9. I hate him and he's a disgusting human being. Tywin should've thrown him into the sea and spared his family a world of pain
  10. Tyrion is faced with dislike of his father since his early age, primarily due to the fact his mother died delivering him. While we can often judge Tywin for dislike the fact of the matter even today, 21st century, when a child dies parents often blame one another and end in divorce. When a child kills another in play - they hold it against the child even if they never say a thing. On it goes. But primary "Abuse" of Tyrion is Tywin trying to get Tyrion to prove himself worth of Casterly Rock. Tyrion is a dwarf. Westeros is a martial ableist society. Just by his own nature, that of a dwarf, most often employed as jesters, fools and idiots, by his lack of martial ability he loses respect of his vassals. Tyrion can't be just good enough, he needs to go above and beyond if he is ever to rule Westerlands. Tywin knows that. In return for all that Tyrion consistently fails and undermines himself, his father, or both. One of the early examples of Tywin pushing Tyrion hard is when he denies him a tour of the free cities and puts him in charge of cisters and plumbing. Tyrion makes plenty of jokes about it but it's doubtful he performed above and beyond. Then he spends a decade wasting his fathers money, publicly shaming him trough drinking and sexual activities, he is rude and ill mannered to everyone, which he gets away with due to his father and Lannister name. Despite all this Tywin gives him command of men - a chance to prove himself. Tyrion fails. He gives him a handship. For a while Tyrion is a hand for a King in Minority, a de-facto most powerful man in the kingdom. He can do anything and everything that comes to mind. He has his fathers full authority to kill everyone on the little council if he so wishes. He spends his entire handship on petty intrigues and bickering with his sister. Tyrion is fully aware that Baelish is the reason he got arrested, kidnapped and ultimately led to the entire war - and he does absolutely nothing. He threatens to have his own nephew raped to protect a prostitute he was explicitly told not to bring. He abuses Pycele, his father's loyal man and a Lannister loyalist, due to his loyalty to his sister. He divests Janos Slynt of Harrenhal and sends him to the wall on a whim. He knows he's at war, he knows Stannis and Renly are coming. His only preparation for war is wildfire and the chain. Which ultimately failed to prevent fall of the city. If his father did not show up with Tyrels at the given time the city would have fallen, and with it the King, the Queen, he himself and many others. Regardless of failures Tywin awards him essentially all of the North. Gives him a beautiful bride. A chance to rule and prove himself to Lords of Westerlands. He wastes it. He considers himself an amazing man, a man of mercy of not raping a teenage girl. He is then shocked when a prostitute that is with him for money doesn't choose to get herself killed by defending him publicly and instead goes along with the threats. He is shocked that a sellsword, who is with him for the money doesn't just throw his life away for Tyrion. And ultimately his time of making enemies instead of friends from amongst all the important and unimportant people in Kings Landings comes to bite him in the ass. The protection of his father slipped and he was shown his work and worth. After this Tyrion proceeds to rape a sex slave because she dared not to be attracted to noseless, gaping face wound distorted monstrous dwarf. While at the same time considering a dwarf woman unworthy of him and unnatractive for being a dwarf.
  11. These theories are honestly the result of R+L=J and other blood destiny theories spread around. Every character of import now has to have some ultra secret powerful bloodline that no one knows of. Craster is a title, not bloodline.
  12. Richard of York’s is also simple. He simply pushed in a bunch of coat of arms of places he ruled or claimed as his own. That doesn’t make it complex. Dynasties I’m GOT are assumed to always keep the original name and coat of arms despite inheritance considering how long existent they are
  13. ASOIAF is heavily focused on and centered around current western moral sensibilities in terms of how it wants to make us feel and evoke feelings as well as in how protagonists act and what their goals are. As a non westerner I find a lot of protagonists or supposedly sympathetic characters annoying or outright hate them. I hate Lyanna for being irresponsible and leading continent to war I hate Jon for his stupid ideas and bland character. I hate Robb for not holding to honor and agreements. I hate Tyrion and like Tywin. Tyrion is a bad man, a two faced man that is disgusted by idea of being with a dwarf woman, a man who believes whores ought to love him, a man who wasted handship on petty power struggles with his sister, most of them over a whore, he’s a man that was given chances over and over again to prove his worth to his father and he always failed.
  14. He's disinterested in ruling, merely the title and prestige such title brings. He'd at best be absent king, Robert come again in catamite form, after having set the precedent of might makes right. He'd be controlled by Tyrels, his wife would be birthing bastards of someone else to cover for him, his sons would be raised knowing that if they can get enough pull they can also be kings, leading to civil wars every time a king dies. It may also translate into lordships as well with popular second, third or other sons rising up against brothers and claiming lordships by right of might.
  15. She's breaking social norms and putting men into unenviable positions. If they fight her and win - they beat a woman. Congrats. If they fight her and lose - they lost to a woman. If they refuse to fight her they're scared of a woman.
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