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  1. It's somehow Roberts and Brandons fault that two people decided not to tell anyone what they're doing. Do you think Robert would still call for marriage if she simply sent a message that she went with Rhegar cause he's hot? Instead she kept quiet, and kept quiet as her father burned, her brother choked himself to death, as Arryns heir died, as thousands of others died. She didn't give a single f for Elia and how she is a hostage of a crazed king, she didn't care no one told Elia her kids are bastards and she is discarted. No one told Dornishmen that either. Rhegar either: 1: Kidnapped and raped her 2. She went willingly and didn't give a damn 3. She went willingly but changed her mind and he kept raping her.
  2. In a world stuck in medieval period for thousands of years, where dynasties are unbroken and continous from our ice age to modern day stagnation is what's to be expected. And why should she improve society if she wants to be queen. Gunpowder, peasant rights and disolution of nobility will only impact her negatively. Doing small things like better medicine is great, but societal changes are unnecesary.
  3. Imagine if you will Tywin sparing the Reyne children. Do you believe they would not hate him when grown, that his vassals would fear him as much and that his reign would be as secure? There is art - when you are trying to rule long term. If that is her plan then maybe she should stop moaning about her birthright and coming home. Right now as it stands she should see about destroying the besieging slavers, marry Victarion, feed Hizdar to a Dragon, execute every single master, crib or deathbed, take absolutely everything of value and load up on ironborn ships and leave. If Horn works great, Victarion can ride a Dragon and would be a neat consort. If it doesn't - he's dead so who cares. At least you're in Westeros. One hand should give and reward those that are with you, other should utterly crush those who oppose you.
  4. Unless she plans to not conquer Westeros and stay in Essos then she’ll do one or the other. There’s no room for nuance. The biggest mistake with violence is using it in limited quantity. Either injure so harshly that they can never threaten you again or don’t do anything.
  5. I can't host you or support you in your conflicts south, and I can't force you out. We will feed your daughter and queen as befits guests but we can't provide food or lodging for your troops aside from what they themselves can acquire. He doesn't need to attack Stannis, just ignore him and either make him leave or force him to attack the watch. Help Stannis provides means nothing when Neutrality is breached. What will Warden of the North whoever he is in the future think when knowing Watch could host his enemies if Lord Commander doesn't like him. Do you think he won't act and attack it or threaten it if they even think of selecting someone who doesn't like him. What happens to the premise that men go to the watch and forget their previous loyalties and crimes when they act in such a way.
  6. He should have been removed for involving the Nights Watch with non watch issues. Stannis helped us, that's fine, you can stay and we can feed you for a bit as gratitude but you can't base yourself out of the wall and thus violate neutrality that has kept the watch going for Milenia. He's an idiot. And I say that as a Stannis fan. If he's gonna do that then he should have taken Stannis' offer.
  7. Her biggest mistake is inconsistency and her own teenage mind. If you are going to be a conqueror and threaten people into submission then be ready to actually back up your threats with violence and force. If you want to be merciful and king then be fully merciful and kind. Taking hostages and threatening their death then not doing it pisses over both premises. If you are going to marry then marry a Westerosi consort. Martel is not a hot sexy mercenary but banging a hot steaming mercenary is not going to seat you on the throne and it will ruin your marriage prospects. She will probably also not do the smart thing and marry Victarion. But she will marry Hizdar because hey, something something peace in a single city. The biggest mistake is staying in the first place. She should have looted every single city, burned it to the ground and pissed off. She got too attached to the slaves that are nothing to her. All of her mistakes are leading to a culmination where Aegon gets everything she wants and that drives her to kill him and take it, garnering hate once again. Mad Queen
  8. She probably helped in Lyana's escape. She betrayed her friend Elia, thousands died because of her actions, her own brother got killed over it, the Targaryens were gone because of it, Brandon is dead because of her. She has plenty of reasons to feel bad about. Just because she is a more moral person than Lyana doesn't mean it's some conspiracy theory. Although I would love it if she was Jon's mother, to avoid the promised one cliche
  9. But he can break his sword word to marry a woman costing him a war. If he knew Frey bride was beautiful I'm willing to wager he'd not have broken it. He obviously didn't do this either. But I don't see it as a result of honor instead of ability to think of it
  10. He can't get both of them. And if he could he'd need to immediately bethrothe them to Karstarks and Freys. He honestly should have taken the L and let Karstart execute him or order Bolton to do so. It would cement them in his camp if for no other reason than fear from Tywins retaliation
  11. I think the tragedy of Aegon is that he will actually be who he claims he is, he will be able to ride a Dragon though I doubt he ever will be given a chance, he will probably take Iron Throne and be a good ruler for a short period before Daenarys shows up, burns him and the city, spurred on by the mummers dragon part of the prophecy to believe him false. And in the end it will be shown that the dragon itself is a not a mummer, but that it was hidden by a mummer (Ned Stark) and Jon will kill her. There is no reason for Illyrio or Varys to lie about who Aegon is, after the failure that Baratheons and Targaryens were the people would probably welcome Blackfyres at that point. Nor is there a reason for Varys to lie to people he kills, who will never be able to tell the truth anyway.
  12. I will admitedly go trough only the most notable families of seven kingdom. I am sure there are many other eligible ladies for marriage that Stannis could have married but I am simply going after the most prominent names, as well as avoiding some, such as families of the North or Westerlands. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matches or some of them, as well as how you believe they could impact the War of the Five kings. Starting with the most famous or recognizable, Ashara Dayne. She is a bit older or of age with Stannis by the time Roberts rebellion breaks out. There is talk of her Romance with Nedd Stark but how much of it is truth and how much of it is fiction is debatable. Obviously a well known family from Dorne, sister of Arthur, sword of the Morning. Their lands are at the edge of Dorne, close to Hightowers and the reach. A well known beauty, which may make producing heirs a more enjoyable endeavour, from renowned family but otherwise the family doesn't seem either rich or strong to change things drastically to me. The second choice is Leyla or Lynesse Hightower, daughters of Leyton. Obviously the most powerful family in the reach after Tyrells and rulers of the richest city in Westeros - Oldtown, which is also the second most populous after King's Landing. There is also Malora, the mad Maid but I'm not sure if Stannis or Baratheons would be willing to marry her. Leyton gave away Lynesse to Jorah Mormon so I see no reason why he'd refuse a second son of Lord Paramount or King's brother in case of after-rebellion proposal. He's wealthy, has a large fleet, large tracts of land and could distract Tyrells in case of war long enough for Stannis to win a decisive battle. On the other hand Leyton hasn't left the tower for a decade by the time of War of the Five kings, reading magical texts with his mad daughter. Leyla is of age with Stannis, Lynesse would need a few years to come of age after Rebellion is over. They also fulfil the role Florents did, which is giving Royal house a grip on the reach trough a Tyrell rival. And last of those able to marry before the rebellion begins is unnamed daughter of Walter and Shella Whent, Lord and Lady of Harrenhall. I can't find out much more about her except that she is the only daughter of the couple and that she was adult and unwed by the time the rebellion kicked off. I would be very curious to hear your thoughts on this match. Now onto those who would come of age after Robert sits the throne - around the time of Greyjoy rebellion. On top of my list is Ryella, daughter of Bronze Yohn Royce who would be ready to marry around the time Stannis weds Selyse. A renowned family, highly influential in the Vale, her father is well known and respected. They own several ports and used to be Kings in the Vale before Arryns. I can't find any information about their military power. Another interesting match is Asha Greyjoy, who by the time of Greyjoy rebellion was 15 years of age. Greyscale already swept Dragonstone by that time and it is possible that Selyse may have died from it. In case that happened Asha Greyjoy seems like a decent choice to pacify the Iron Isles trough marriage, though I doubt Balon would much respect it. On the other hand he may see seating his Grandson on the Iron throne as ultimate Iron Price so who knows. If her father supports Stannis that may swings things widely in his favor. But that is a big IF. What do you make of these matches, which ones do you favor, do you have any alternatives and what impacts could they have on the war if Stannis were to pursue them.
  13. How many of them are powerful without their dynasty and name? Any non noble strongwomen?
  14. Is it the women or the blood and titles they bear
  15. Ned died because he was a trusting idiot. Robb was killed for breaking his paths. Tyrion is an idiot who never had a good plan work out and always messed up or needed saving.
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