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  1. I dont see Sam burning anything down because he gets his hand on a glass candle.

    IMHO, it would be more likely that Sam goes to the library and tries to find ALL the info he can before jumping in the deep end and try's to light a candle.

    p.s. OP, Thank you for a future what if! I really do not like the what if the story is changed posts, e.g. what if Ned goes to the wall vs losing his head.  I think that is fan fiction and should not be part of a book discussion. We should be having a discussion on what our interpretation of how the story will unfold going forward or what we think how a past event may influence others going forward. All via book canon. Just like an "in person" book club would do. (Book clubs discuss the story and its implications, they do not rewrite the story.)

  2. From @mormont

    We understand that developments in the TV show may or may not turn out to be relevant to the plot of future books. Accordingly, they may or may not be spoilers for future books. Our policy on this is precautionary and is an extension of our existing policy on show/book discussion. Discussion of the show should go in the show forums: this includes discussion of plot points from the series, and whether they tell us anything about the future direction of the books.

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