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  1. My personal theory on this subject is that Egg did not allow BR to take the sword with him but when he went to confiscate the sword it was no where to be found and BR claimed no knowledge of its whereabouts. I think BR glamoured the sword to look like a regular one and was able to smuggle it out with him under Egg's nose.
  2. Belgarad

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Robb's betrothal is easily the biggest diplomatic move at his disposal. Using it at the first obstacle is very short sighted. What is the downside of spending just one more day to come to an agreement that does not involve Robb's betrothal? Riverrun was under seige and in no imminent danger. That seige was definitely going to last another day and the attackers would likely have been caught unaware one day later. I feel like Robb could have asked for one of his bannermen or two to step up and offer themselves or their children in place of Robb. I think Walder would have gone along with this idea because marrying off his progeny seemed to take up a lot of his time and this offer would get rid of more of his offspring. As far as asking Walder to betray his king, I disagree with your assessment. This is a feudal society and that structure matters a lot. Walder Frey owed his direct allegiance to the Tully's of Riverrun not the Iron Throne. Hoster Tully did not rebel against the crown and was under seige by a Lannister army that began terrorizing his domain before King Robert was dead. Walder Frey was honourbound to help his leige lord. Robb was riding to the aid of his grandfather and Walder is that man's direct vassal.
  3. Belgarad

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    For me his biggest mistake was listening to his mother after her negotiations with Walder Frey. He gave up way too much to cross the Twins. He was leading an army to releive the seige at Riverun, to save Walder's leige lord from a Lannister army. I think Robb could have spent at least one more day in negotiations to come to an agreement that did not include his own betrothal.
  4. I really don't think third cousins are close enough relations for anyone to really consider that kin slaying.
  5. You are right, those additional soldiers certainly helped bolster Robb's army. However, a betrothal is the biggest arrow in his quiver when it comes to diplomacy in a feudal society. Bard didn't reach for his black arrow as soon as he saw Smaug coming, he knew when it was the right time to shoot that arrow. Considering they were riding to the aid of Walder's liege lord, Robb should have been able to negotiate a fair deal without having to resort to a betrothal for himself. They were not really under as big of a time crunch as they thought. Sieges tend to be protracted affairs and they would have likely been able to achieve the same level of surprise one or two days later.
  6. I have always thought the deal made was Catelyn's biggest mistake. I know they were in a rush but maybe they could have taken another day or two to hammer out a better deal. Maybe have one of his bannermen or two step up to the plate and agree to marry their heir to a Frey. Robb should have been able to bring much more to his cause than crossing a bridge with his betrothal.
  7. Belgarad

    Bran's next chapter

    This has to be the chapter I'm looking forward to the most. I expect it to be a deep dive into the actual ancient history of Westeros which will properly set up the main conflict is the series. I hope Bloodraven takes Bran through a tour of all the major events in history allowing us to learn the truth of the white walkers, the long night and so much more. Whose first chapter is everyone else looking forward to the most? We've already seen a good chunk of the next book but there are still quite a few characters we know nothing about yet.
  8. Belgarad

    Did Rhaegar have dragon dreams?

    Since Maester Aemon had a correspondence with Rhaegar, there could be a whole trove of his letters at the wall detailing his beliefs on prophecy. Although, at this point, with Sam gone, it seems unlikely that anyone would find those letters now.
  9. Belgarad

    Dark Sister

    I have always believed that Aegon did not let Bloodraven take the sword with him to the wall, but Bloodraven used a glamour on the sword, similar to the glamour Mel uses on "Lightbringer", to disguise it as an ordinary sword. I just can't see Aegon letting the last Targaryen heirloom out of his possession so easily.
  10. While there is not much textual evidence to back up this idea I think it is an interesting idea to consider and it seems to make sense of Rhaegar's actions if you view them with that lens. Rhaegar was always described as a sad, melancholy child which makes you wonder why someone born into the height of privilege would feel that way. One of the few, if not only other, Targaryens who show similar emotions is Daeron the Drunk, oldest brother of Egg. It was Daeron's dragon dreams that caused his depression and alcoholism, maybe those prophetic dreams caused Rhaegar's perpetual sadness. We always assume that it was something he read that caused Rhaegar to take a sudden, unexplained interest in martial combat. What if, instead of reading a prophecy, he had a prophetic dream of himself fighting a great battle and losing. This could have spurred an interest in warfare in an effort to change the future.
  11. I've seen a few of their videos, and in my opinion, they have thoroughly worn out their Jump to Conclusions Mat.
  12. Belgarad

    Who will Sansa marry?

    One of the Jonas brothers
  13. Belgarad

    The future Lord of the Crossing

    Below are all of the living male decendants of Walder Frey in order of inheritance. It will be next to impossible for the BwB to get them all. I assume the Frey's will be stripped of the Twins instead by the end of the story. Edwyn Frey, Ryman's eldest son, and heir to the Twins. A cold man. Walder Frey, Ryman's second son. Called Black Walder. Walton Frey: Ser Stevron's third son. Steffon Frey, Walton's eldest son, called the Sweet Bryan Frey, Walton's second son. A squire. Lord Emmon Frey, Lord of Riverrun. Lord Walder's second son, married Lady Genna Lannister. Tywin Frey: Cleos's eldest son. A young squire. Heir to Riverrun. Willem Frey: Cleos's second son. A page at Ashemark. Ser Lyonel Frey: His second son. Walder Frey: His fourth son. Called Red Walder. A squire at Casterly Rock. Aegon Frey his eldest son. Now an outlaw called Aegon Bloodborn. Robert Frey, Rhaegar's eldest son. A young boy. Walda Frey, Rhaegar's daughter. A young girl called White Walda Jonos Frey, Rhaegar's second son. A young boy. Zachery Frey, Tytos's son. A boy training at the Sept of Oldtown. Septon Luceon: Fifth son of Walder Frey. A septon in service at the Great Sept of Baelor, in King's Landing. Ser Hosteen Frey, the sixth son of Lord Walder Frey. Mocked as Ser Stupid by Stannis Baratheon Arwood Frey, his only son. Alesander Frey, his eldest son. Bradamar Frey, his second son. Danwell Frey, the eighth son of Walder Frey. Married to Wynafrei Whent, without progeny. Sandor Frey, his son. Squire of Ser Donnel Waynwood at the Gates of the Moon. Raymund Frey, the eleventh son of Walder Frey. Robert Frey, his son, training at the Citadel of Oldtown. Malwyn Frey, his son, apprenticed to an alchemist in Lys. Jaime and Tywin Frey, His twin sons, newborn. Lothar Frey, the twelfth son of Lord Walder Frey. Named Lame Lothar due to a twisted leg. Steward of the Twins. Ser Jammos Frey, the thirteenth son of Walder Frey. Walder Frey, Jammos's eldest son. Called Big Walder. Squire to Ramsay Bolton. Dickon and Mathis Frey, Jammos's twin sons. Ser Whalen Frey, the fourteenth son of Walder Frey. Hoster Frey, Whalen's son. Squire to Ser Damon Paege. Ser Perwyn Frey, the fifteenth son of Lord Walder Frey. Osmund Frey, Benfrey's son. Maester Willamen, the seventeenth son of Walder Frey. A maester in service at Longbow Hall Olyvar Frey, the eighteenth son of Walder Frey. Wendel Frey, the nineteenth son of Walder Frey. A page at Seagard. Colmar Frey, the twentieth son of Walder Frey. Promised to the Faith. Waltyr Frey, the twenty-first son of Walder Frey. Elmar Frey, the twenty-second son of Walder Frey. A page to Roose Bolton; formerly betrothed to Arya Stark.
  14. Belgarad

    What will Iron Bank do if NW doesn't pay debts?

    The IB is basing their investment on the NW being able to settle the wildlings on the NW's land (which is a lot) and collecting taxes on them like all other landowners in Westeros. As others have pointed out there will likely be increased trade activities with Braavos. The NW owns the only port in the region and will be able to collect all of the taxes and fees involved in shipping. If everything works out the IB will have established a new source of timber. Which is a pretty big deal considering Braavos is a naval power.
  15. Belgarad

    The Bran-Hodor Conundrum

    Some thoughts on the topic: If Bran has to stay in the cave forever he could use Hodor to communicate with the outside world. If the cave system links with Gorne's way under the wall then Hodor and Meera could be led by one of the Singers to reunite with the rest of humanity. Should they then meet anyone of Jon, Arya, Sansa or Theon they would immediately believe everything Bran/Hodor is saying because they know of Hodor's mental limitations. As far as Bloodraven possesing Dark Sister, if we believe Stannis' sword Lightbringer is a regular sword disguised by a glamour, and that Bloodraven has the knowledge/ability to create glamours then it is not inconceivable to believe that Bloodraven put a glamour on Dark Sister to look like a regular sword that he then took with him to the wall.