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  1. Belgarad

    Alys Qoherys and the Riverlands valyrians

    One could argue, using real-life genetics, that Addam of Hull (later Addam Velaryon) did not have any Targaryen genes. His mother was the daughter of a ship wright and his father was most likely the Sea Snake Corlys Velaryon. Corlys would have given him the Velaryon Y-chromosome and his mother would have given him one of her two X-chromosomes, neither of which would be Targaryen genes. Note: it is the exact same result if Addam's father was Laenor.
  2. Belgarad

    Pick your favourite nickname from GRRM’s writing

    Dickon Manwoody...wait...that's the character's actual name? After further consideration my choice does not change.
  3. Belgarad

    Was the Red Wedding inevitable?

    I like the idea of it being a series of mistakes by Robb that lead to the Red Wedding. For fun, let's make that list, in order. This is just off the top of my head so I will not be offended by any additions. I think Robb did a great job up until he arrived at the Twins, no errors that I can see. 1. Agreeing to the betrothal I know they were in a rush, but I think they could have at least tried one counter offer that did not include Robb. I think Robb could have asked a few of his bannermen to step up with replacement sons and daughters to offer in place of Robb. Walder would have traded quality for quantity when it came to marrying off his children. 2. Accepting a crown While getting a crown sounds awesome it also alienates potential allies. Also, it raised the stakes of the betrothal. Robb went from being the future Lord of Winterfell at the time the deal was made, to being the King of the North and the Trident. 3. Icing Edmure Keeping Edmure, the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, liege Lord to half of your kingdom, inarguably the second most important person in your kingdom out of your war planning is inexcusable. I understand that loose lips sink ships, but Edmure has to be included in your plans to make sure everything goes to plan. How can you expect to lure Tywin back to the Westerlands if you don't tell the man you left in charge that is the plan? 4. Marrying Jeyne We don't know how much of a factor, if at all, any possible "love potion" was in this mistake but obviously this was the biggest one. I really doubt Walder would have cared much if word got back to him that Robb was sleeping with Jeyne while at the Crag. 5. Ignoring Greywind I was thinking about adding both agreeing to a new deal with Walder and agreeing to go to the Twins to the list, but I think those are moves he had to make. He had very few potential allies and Walder would definitely require an apology in person. Since Robb was not a POV character we never really get any idea how extensive his bond is with his direwolf. This makes it tough to really know how much to blame him for ignoring the warning, but I would like to think that after so many battles Robb should have had some inkling that something is up.
  4. Belgarad

    New Zealand

    Considering his usual reluctance to give anything resembling a timeline to when the book will be released, to basically say "it will be out within a year" is a pretty bold move if he doesn't already know it's done, or is in the final editing stages.
  5. Belgarad

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    Dickon Manwoody
  6. Belgarad

    Robert's Kingsguard

    Also, they just had a huge war that killed a lot of potential candidates and left some of the surviving ones in better positions to inherit.
  7. Belgarad

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    The reason I thought it would be Hodor is because, for the characters who knew him at Winterfell, they would know he cant say anything more than Hodor on his own. So if he is suddenly capable of speech it would immediately get their attention. People may just think Theon is lying, but they would have to beleive Hodor.
  8. Belgarad

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    I used to have a crazy theory that Bran would use Hodor as an avatar to communicate with the outside world while staying in the cave. Unfortunately the show's depiction of Hodor's fate has caused me to rethink that idea. Now I would guess that he does make it back down south in the next book.
  9. Who doesn't want to learn more about the man with the best name in the series, Dickon Manwoody?!?
  10. Belgarad

    For the record... and posterity!

    1. Agreed, it seems absurd to believe otherwise at this point. 2. The clues are there that Tyrion could be a Targ, and I think it would be more fun if he was so I'm going to say he is the son of the Mad King. 3. Bran's paste does include Jojen's blood. Jojen may still be alive and he is willingly sacrificing himself for the cause. 4. Ramsay is the one character I am certain did not write that letter. It did not remotely resemble the writing style and appearance of a known example of Ramsay's writing. If I'm picking between Stannis and Mance I'm choosing Mance. A move like that doesn't feel like one Stannis would make. 5. Agreed, I don't think it matters that much though. 6. I'd want to refresh my memory on the timelines and Lanna's age. I can't remember the specifics of the various arguments. 7. Theon will survive the upcoming battle.
  11. Belgarad

    Willis Wode & Blackfish - A Future Appearance

    The Blackfish never left home. He's hiding out in a secret bolthole known only to a few people in the castle.
  12. My personal theory on this subject is that Egg did not allow BR to take the sword with him but when he went to confiscate the sword it was no where to be found and BR claimed no knowledge of its whereabouts. I think BR glamoured the sword to look like a regular one and was able to smuggle it out with him under Egg's nose.
  13. Belgarad

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Robb's betrothal is easily the biggest diplomatic move at his disposal. Using it at the first obstacle is very short sighted. What is the downside of spending just one more day to come to an agreement that does not involve Robb's betrothal? Riverrun was under seige and in no imminent danger. That seige was definitely going to last another day and the attackers would likely have been caught unaware one day later. I feel like Robb could have asked for one of his bannermen or two to step up and offer themselves or their children in place of Robb. I think Walder would have gone along with this idea because marrying off his progeny seemed to take up a lot of his time and this offer would get rid of more of his offspring. As far as asking Walder to betray his king, I disagree with your assessment. This is a feudal society and that structure matters a lot. Walder Frey owed his direct allegiance to the Tully's of Riverrun not the Iron Throne. Hoster Tully did not rebel against the crown and was under seige by a Lannister army that began terrorizing his domain before King Robert was dead. Walder Frey was honourbound to help his leige lord. Robb was riding to the aid of his grandfather and Walder is that man's direct vassal.
  14. Belgarad

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    For me his biggest mistake was listening to his mother after her negotiations with Walder Frey. He gave up way too much to cross the Twins. He was leading an army to releive the seige at Riverun, to save Walder's leige lord from a Lannister army. I think Robb could have spent at least one more day in negotiations to come to an agreement that did not include his own betrothal.
  15. I really don't think third cousins are close enough relations for anyone to really consider that kin slaying.