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  1. What are some of the things that would make you quit reading "The Winds of Winter" if GRRM puts them into the story?
  2. He'd definitely sue for peace. He might even try to spin it that he was only protecting the realm from the Starks, and look at that, he was right to strike at them because they were planning a rebellion against the Iron Throne! And Renly might pull a Robert and believe the lie publicly to avoid a bitter war, or he might pull a Robert and personally lead an army out against Tywin anyway. And to think that Loras was almost killed at the Mummer's Ford, Tywin's head would be on a pike before the war ended.
  3. The only thing I'd complain about is the lack of Dustin heirs. And yet Barbrey was unmarried and childless all this time without issue, yet Lady Hornwood was being propositioned just a short while after Daryn and Halys died.
  4. I don't think the Boltons held back nearly as many of their men as House Dustin clearly did. They're much closer to the Starks and they have a much less savoury reputation than House Dustin, so the Starks would raise more of an eyebrow if Roose didn't show up with the majority of the men he can raise. We do know that House Dustin held back, and we can assume that the Ryswells did the same thing. We also know that House Manderly was ordered by Ned to build boats and keep White Harbour safe, so it makes sense that Wyman only sends a minor percentage of his forces to Moat Cailin (he was also sending both his sons, so that's prestige to make up for numbers). The Umbers and Karstarks sent most of their men, which means the harvest is in trouble. We can assume something similar about House Tallhart if Benfred's Wild Hares are swaggering around making loud noises. Plus the mountain clans sent quite a few of their men with Robb and still had 3000 men for Stannis later. Other than that, it's guesswork, but we can assume that the Flints are either leaderless or struggling with some kind of sickness (Robin being dead and Lyessa being pregnant), the Cerwyns and Glovers are scattered, the Hornwoods are probably the worst off of all the houses, the crannogmen and Skagosi are at full strength (whatever that means), and House Mormont is diminished but still active.
  5. Okay, first of all, Corlys is 44 years older than Marilda, but he's also the third or second most powerful lord in the Seven Kingdoms. If Walder frigging Frey can continually find younger and younger brides, I'm pretty sure that Corlys could have his way with any lowbown woman whom he takes a shine to. It's the sad truth of men in power using it for selfish reasons. Secondly, Laenor could just as easily have been visiting the dockyards to meet men instead of women. Him being at the docks proves nothing except that he was there once in a while. For all we know, he took part in all-male orgies below deck of one ship or another. There was a Lannister king who went down to Lannisport's shipyards dressed as a woman, after all. I don't know what it is about shipyards and docks to have this reputation for being more sexually liberated than other parts of society, but it's clearly a thing in Westeros at least. And thirdly, who says Corlys wasn't ever at Hull's shipyards? He was nicknamed the Sea Snake, and a Targaryen princess complained that he was more interested in sailing than her. Corlys was so gung-ho about the sea that he couldn't have been bothered to make a nice impression to his king's daughter as a possible bride! I refuse to believe that he never once visited Hull's shipyards. Plus, Marilda is a sailor too. Who says they couldn't have met anywhere else? Fourthly, Addam claiming Laenor's dragon proves nothing because Laenor is either his father or his half-brother, and either way they have a close blood connection. Dragon ownership isn't determined by blood, otherwise how did Ulf or Hugh Hammer claim any dragons for themselves?
  6. Laenor didn't have those kids with Marilda. Corlys Velaryon had those kids with Marilda and said it was his son so his wife wouldn't find out.
  7. You said it yourself, Claude. Balon and so many of the Ironborn are utter hypocrites. I have no trouble believing that the Ironborn traded for the wood to build their trees while secretly gnashing their teeth at how they want the old ways back. Balon is especially guilty of that hypocrisy, but what else can you expect from a broken, deluded old man? And Euron is even madder than Balon was, if he's been to Valyria, he can't have acquired their treasures without some cost of some kind. Plus he's drinking that magic brew from Pyatt Pree, so that's also messing with him. It remains to be seen what exactly Euron is doing, but I'll see where it goes. Maybe he's contained in the Reach? Maybe he has some magic which will be just as destructive for him as it is for his enemies? Too early to tell what his level of threat really is.
  8. Even if Tyrion HAD consummated his marriage to Sansa, it wouldn't have mattered. Sansa and Tyrion were both widely believed to have poisoned Joffrey at his own wedding. Given the Red Wedding had just happened, it makes perfect sense to those who don't know Sansa well. Why wouldn't she have killed Joffrey to avenge her family's slaughter? And Tyrion is the perfect kind of monster who would turn on his own family for a power grab and a newfound loyalty to his child bride. Tywin's plans were doomed because he, like everyone else in the story (yeah, even Varys) underestimates Littlefinger.
  9. That wasn't an option for him. He had burned all his bridges by that point. Why do you think he went to face Aemond at Harrenhal after he helped Nettles get away? Why do you think he agreed with Aemond when Aemond said that Daemon had lived too long? Daemon wasn't expecting nor planning to survive his showdown with Aemond. That's what ultimately gives him the edge over Aemond in the fight. He knew that Aemond's dragon was bigger and stronger, and he knew that even if he did kill Aemond and walk away unscathed, he'd have to deal with a furious Rhaenyra for his betrayal of her. Daemon is a shit-stirrer who set fires wherever he went and did whatever he wanted until he'd pissed off every powerful faction in Westeros, and then he chose to die in a heroic and reckless action on his own terms, forever remembered as a result.
  10. 1) And again, they are about to have a dance of dragons. A war which will rock Westeros, and everyone knows how devastating it'll be. Nobody is deluded about that. If you're a rogue like Daemon, you know that you don't win a war with mere warnings. Especially if you have a chance to wipe out the rival king's progeny, his queen, his mother, his strategist grandfather, all of which would emotionally cripple Aegon. Imagine the lives saved if the greens collapsed that early! Daemon could have arranged it, but for some ungodly stupid reason he decides that now he's going to be all "a son for a son." And yes, what I'm suggesting is deeply dishonourable, but Daemon is not Robb Stark. He's not above this kind of deceit, this is his bread and butter, but GRRM decided that the greens needed a fighting chance so the farce with Helaena choosing one of her kids to die happens instead. And if you think about it, it's even more maddening. Daemon would have had to instruct Blood and Cheese to kill the son whom Helaena did not choose to die, when they clearly could have just killed them all. Wasted opportunity to end a devastating war before it even began in earnest. Wipe out Aegon's family and invade King's Landing. War over once the three brothers are dead. I'll cede to your points about Dalton and Rhaenyra making mistakes, but Daemon gets overblown as the reason that the blacks stood a chance against the greens. He did prove effective, but as I've been saying, Daemon is such a wild card that he attracted as many enemies as he drew allies.
  11. 1) Again, just wiping out Aegon's whole family, including his mother and grandfather, Otto, would have mentally crippled Aegon completely. So instead of Helaena going insane, Aegon goes insane. Aemond then makes a power move, Daeron flounders, and the greens are disoriented for the rest of the war. 2) Sure, but he doesn't affect the war at all. The Westerlands remain loyal to the greens, the war continues regardless, and after it's over, when the realm has been consolidated, the Iron Islanders disrupt the peace. Every bit of damage in the Westerlands becomes a problem for the realm's peace following the war. Unwin Peake later uses the threat of the Red Kraken to try and get Alyn Velaryon killed in battle. A second huge war was only averted by the heroic actions of Tess, which nobody could have predicted. 3) Essos DID help Otto. Look at the attack where Viserys was captured, Aegon became dragon-less, and Jacaerys was killed. That attack had profound long-term effects on Westerosi history. Thanks to Daemon alienating the Essosi and causing them to happily join the greens' cause. 4) Rhaenyra would have had Otto executed without Daemon's help. It's not like Daemon's presence during the Sack of King's Landing was the only reason Otto died.
  12. Personally, I think you make Daemon's accomplishments sound way better on paper, because last I checked, almost everything you pointed out ended up backfiring on the Blacks. 1) Blood and Cheese could have done way more damage to the Greens' cause by just wiping out Alicent, Otto, Helaena, and all three of her kids instead of just the oldest boy. Rob Aegon of his entire family, then all you have to deal with are him and his brothers. Plus Aemond was so ambitious already that you'd throw a monkey wrench into the Greens' plans by having Aemond realise he's the heir if his brother dies childless. Plus it means executing Otto later on isn't necessary. 2) Dalton Greyjoy was chaotic evil incarnate. He didn't care about the Black cause, and kept on raiding even after the war was over. True, it was a short-term diversion, but it neither won the war nor did it prove helpful in the long run. 3) Sure, attacking the Stepstones messed with trade, but that also created more enemies for the blacks than it ever hindered the greens. Daemon had so much baggage that Otto could draw on support from multiple Essossi societies to fight the blacks. Truth is, Daemon was useful to the blacks, but he was always a double-edged sword. I'd argue that Daemon drained support for Rhaenyra, based on how the small council rationalized turning against Rhaenyra by revealing how much they hated Daemon. And Daemon's biggest achievement (killing Aemond) came at the cost of his own life, so even his big victory was a loss to the blacks.
  13. Personally, I think it'd be more satisfying if Jaime kills Cersei. She doesn't suspect him, and it would bring his own story full circle. He started things off by pushing a boy off a tower to protect Cersei. He'll end things by killing Cersei to protect the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.
  14. It does explain why he wished he had been involved in the War of the Five Kings, because then Robar would likely have been part of the Vale army coming to Robb's aid instead of joining Renly Baratheon. I don't know if Robar would have actually done that, but Yohn would certainly be stuck wondering if he could have avoided his son's death by keeping him close.
  15. To be fair, Myranda would presumably be celebrating at the news of Loras dying. He slew her cousin Robar in an act of mad passion. He has not suffered any consequences for this murder.
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