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  1. Floki of the Ironborn

    Tywin Lannister is Edward Longshanks

    It really is incredible how much historical research went into these books. It makes sense that they take so long to be written, honestly.
  2. Floki of the Ironborn

    Tywin Lannister is Edward Longshanks

    I can't believe it took me so long to realize this, but I've been doing some research into Edward I's life and it's disturbing how much was apparently taken from his life to form Tywin Lannister. Edward was the son and heir of a man known for being generous to a fault. During his father's reign, there were serious issues with the barons and vassals of his rule, even as Edward was at odds with his father's strategy of resolving conflicts. While Henry preferred to conciliate, Edward sided against certain barons and insisted they were wrong and needed to submit. Edward went eastwards on a Crusade against Ninepen- I mean, the Turks and came back when his father died. He was also married to a cousin that he adored who died young, much to his despair. Despite providing England with a very prosperous period, he is villainized for his cruelty towards his enemies, particularly the Welsh in the west (reynes of Castamere anyone?) and the Scots to the north (Red Wedding territory). Moreover, his children either died young or disappointed him, especially his heir, Edward II.
  3. The Baratheon seed is certainly strong, it's just that the Velaryon seed is just as strong, if not stronger. Rhaenys was half Targ, half Baratheon. Her children were therefore just a quarter Baratheon. The rest was made up of the blood of Valyria, but since we know how easily the Targaryen genes recede, we can assume that it's the Velaryon genes which made Laenor and Laena the way they are. Hell, Baratheon even had a bit of Targ in it if we can believe the idea of Orys being Aegon's half-brother.
  4. The better question is: how different would Joffrey be if he was Robert's son? Would he still have been the little monster that he was? Would he have been more of a traditional Baratheon? How much of his negative traits were due to his being a product of incest as well as being partly Targaryen (yes, I consider the Lannister twins to be half-Targaryen)? Was it nature or nurture that made Joffrey the way he was?
  5. Floki of the Ironborn

    Stannis Baratheon becomes King, and needs an heir

    I love how you list three ineligible candidates. Loras is a kingsguard, Bran is a cripple, and Trystane is already taken. A better bunch of candidates would be one of the Hightower sons and... honestly that's about it. Every major noble house in Westeros is down to pretty much their heir and nobody else.
  6. Floki of the Ironborn

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    I wouldn't put Tywin Lannister at the top of this list. Brynden Tully should be on the top of the list, given what he accomplished despite being outnumbered throughout the war. Tywin always has the advantage of numbers and he's still fooled by Robb Stark and defeated by Edmure Tully at different points. Ned, Robert, and Brynden should all be better than Tywin, frankly.
  7. Floki of the Ironborn

    The Stupidity of Everyone during the Regency

    Probably just hoped that the kid would grow up. Clearly that didn't happen though, given how he strolls into the room with armed men, insults the guy who was one of the most loyal followers that his mum ever had, tells him to take a hike, and then cancels a procession that everyone in Westeros has spent weeks and who knows how much money & time preparing, all to help Aegon understand what's expected of him as a leader and to get him out of his psychological rut. Instead, he'll stay in his little shell of comfort and never progress, and leave behind not one but two shithead sons who never got proper parenting from their emo dad. Seriously, how am I the only one on this site who hates Aegon III??! It's his inaction and refusal to deal with his issues that caused the realm to suffer through Daeron the Bloodthirsty, Baelor the Religious Fanatic, and then because neither of them had kids, Westeros has to suffer Aegon IV, the Blackfyre rebellions, Aerys I, the Ninepenny Kings, the Mad King, and every horrible incident which occurs in the main series.
  8. Floki of the Ironborn

    The Stupidity of Everyone during the Regency

    Honestly, I always figured Helaena was just trying to iron one of the curtains and she'd forgotten to take it off the window first.
  9. Floki of the Ironborn

    The Stupidity of Everyone during the Regency

    I'll grant you that Unwin was a bastard who deserved to die, but frankly, Gareth Long was right. Aegon III is clearly unfit to be the ruler of millions of people, nor does he show the slightest interest in learning how to be a good ruler. And what you're saying is you'd basically be happy to watch Aegon take the throne and abuse his power against a guy who used harsh disciplinary measures to help boys survive in a harsh world. The way you talk, you'd be happy to have seen Joffrey become king and carry out all his grudges as he saw fit.
  10. Floki of the Ironborn

    If R+L=J, Rhaegar Targaryen is a parallel of Uther Pendragon

    Well spotted.
  11. Floki of the Ironborn

    Aegon III's dismissal of his Hand and regents: Thoughts?

    Honestly, I initially thought I came off too strong in my early posts, but the more I think about it, no. It's not like with obviously bad kings like Maegor or Aerys I or Aegon IV, where we all nod our heads and go "boy, he was a terrible guy". People are so quick to wave away everything in Aegon III's life as not being his fault. And sure, a lot of it wasn't his fault, but he did nothing at all to change or do anything about it. We know from the history that he isn't remembered well, and I can see why the more we learn about him. Even his supposed shining moment of being with plague victims rings hollow because he really didn't do anything except just sit there in silence. He didn't cry, didn't communicate, he was just there. People took comfort in his presence because of the crown on his head, not because of who he was. He might as well have left the royal crown on the chair and let the superstitious smallfolk touch it like a holy relic. It would have had the same effect. And frankly, if I was Unwin Peake or Alyn Velaryon, I'd have murdered Aegon III, by proxy or by myself, as soon as Viserys was recovered. Then I'd crown Viserys instead. Lord knows he would have been the king that Westeros really needed, based on what we know of him.
  12. Floki of the Ironborn

    Aegon III's dismissal of his Hand and regents: Thoughts?

    We get a few instances where it's established that Aegon clearly doesn't want to talk to people, let alone be around them. Who has time to try and connect with a surly teenager who doesn't bother talking back? He won't take any initiative to do anything on his own, he literally has to have Gaemon Palehair whipped before he bothers to make any kind of effort (people might blame Gareth Long for that, but what else were his options? Let Aegon not train or exercise? It's not Long's fault that he was forced to resort to the whipping boy method). Torrhen Manderly wanted to get Aegon out of the castle. He might not have liked Aegon but he did care that the growing king needed worldly experience and he needed to know more about the people he was about to rule. Torrhen wanted to give the boy some proper experiences and socializing that he'd never willingly seek on his own. And what does Aegon do? Tells Torrhen to get out of his chair and then get out of his castle while also telling all the nobles of Westeros that their time and preparation and expenses were all one big fat waste.
  13. Floki of the Ironborn

    Was there any bloodless way to resolve the succession crisis?

    Visenya and Rhaenys were always subservient to their brother. We don't hear about Queen Rhaenys I or Queen Visenya I, we hear about Aegon I and his wives. To be honest, though, I don't want to argue this point very hard because I always disliked the inherent sexism of Westerosi monarchy. I understand that GRRM was making a point by portraying the medieval world (and let's be honest, our modern world too), but the idea of the Iron Throne turning against Rhaenyra and her father was a plot point that was unpleasant to read.
  14. Floki of the Ironborn

    Was there any bloodless way to resolve the succession crisis?

    Mushroom was on Rhaenyra's side. He sympathized with her cause, and he still told that story. Him spreading lies about Alicent Hightower sleeping with Daemon or Aegon II being a creepy voyeur is one thing, they were his enemies. But he had no reason to make something that crude up about Rhaenyra. Plus, he's characterized as the one who tells the truths that nobody else will tell, even when they're accompanied by salacious gossip. Anyway, I'd sooner believe Mushroom than a hoity-toity septon who is operating for both the Iron Throne and the Faith. But we could argue for years about what Mushroom was lying about and what he was truthful about, but from where I stand, I'm inclined to believe that if he says something vicious about Rhaenyra, it might be true. It does explain why Alicent was so ready to murder a child and have her own grandchild be a murderess in turn. And also, the townsfolk DID talk about it. The narrator of Fire and Blood dismisses it as calumny but he points out that the cityfolk did talk about it. And anyone with the title "Archmaester" has an agenda, plus they're usually snobbish towards the subject of sex. But the people of King's Landing hated Rhaenyra so much that they rose up against her on the word of a one-armed madman. The idea of the Brothel Queens would go a long way to explain that. Plus it would also help justify Helaena's madness and suicide. Rhaenyra didn't go mad when her children died, and neither did Aegon II or Alicent or Alysanne or Alyssa or Catelyn (not until her last one died anyway). The only person I can think of who did was Cersei and she already went mad years before that. I think the only reason why she didn't kill Alicent was because Rhaenyra left in the greatest haste, and she wasn't thinking clearly because of Joffrey's death. Both those things meant that she had no time to deal with Alicent (and if you believe the brothel queen story, she already dealt a savage punishment to her).
  15. Floki of the Ironborn

    Was there any bloodless way to resolve the succession crisis?

    There was one way. Rhaenyra had to die. She was unworthy of the Iron Throne. Viserys cut his hand when he refused to listen to the blatant truth of Rhaenyra's adultery and then the throne "rejects" Rhaenyra every time she sits on it. Aegon III was only taken when literally everyone else was dead. If there is a magic in the Iron Throne, it's a sexist magic which puts men over women. And don't tell me that this was a history written by men so of course they'd say that; it was Rhaenyra's dynasty which endured, they would have had every reason to kiss Rhaenyra's ass in the history books as being the rightful ruler who was wrongfully robbed of her throne. Otto didn't care about Rhaenyra, it was Daemon that scared him, and we can safely assume that Daemon would have abused his position of power like nobody's business. And Otto and Daemon hated each other. Otto was right to fear Daemon getting an inch of any sort of power. Unless you believe that Rhaenyra had Alicent and Helaena sent to a brothel to be used indiscriminately. Not saying I do, but GRRM wouldn't have put it in there for no reason, and frankly, I buy that Rhaenyra would have been cruel enough by the point to do it. Look at how Alicent tries to encourage her eight-year-old granddaughter to murder Aegon III, the princess and the queen were both truly bereft of any humanity thanks to this game of thrones.