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  1. Admittedly, that is possible. Most of the Great Houses' heirs are conveniently unmarried (Robb Stark, Arianne Martell, Willas Tyrell, Edmure Tully, Asha Greyjoy), even when their younger siblings are either betrothed or wed (Garlan Tyrell, Trystane Martell, Sansa Stark). I do question why Selyse Florent would be chosen by anyone as a bride for anyone, for a variety of reasons, but since I can't ask GRRM myself, I can only shrug.
  2. You do know that Jaime also said that Boros was growing old, right? And I'm not talking about the Jaime before ASOS, I'm talking about the one-handed and humbled Jaime who's rethinking his life. He looks at Boros Blount and sees a "craven" who is "fat, aging, and never more than ordinary" yet he is also someone still capable of beating Jaime in a sword fight. I point all that out to try and establish that Jaime has no reason to be biased in his own favour in that moment, it's a depressing thought that Boros Blount of all people could kill him without much trouble. So no, it wasn't just the word of a teenaged girl that we need to rely on.
  3. I say this without malice: who cares? The Master of Laws position is the least fleshed-out and least relevant position of the Small Council. They deal with justice, supposedly. How? Are they the Chief Justice of a Supreme Court which we haven't seen yet? Do they travel across the Seven Kingdoms dealing with the magistrates? What were Renly's tasks or duties? Seems to me like he just sat on the council and spent the rest of his time doing whatever he felt like. "Master of Laws" feels like that soft cushy job you give someone for the prestige rather than for the importance. Or else maybe Robert just didn't care enough about it to put someone competent in the job, since Renly clearly wasn't doing anything.
  4. Smartass. Robb couldn't just let his mother's family get overthrown and/or captured and/or killed. He had no choice but go south to defend his relatives.
  5. This. And I'm pretty sure they were preoccupied with a Skagosi rebellion, Ironborn raids, and a succession crisis at Winterfell which involved a Targaryen prince and his seven-foot-tall bestie.
  6. I'm pretty sure that if the Starks raised their bannermen against House Bolton, then they would eventually be defeated. House Manderly alone has more troops than House Bolton, with way more financial resources. Now add the Umbers, Karstarks, Glovers, Cerwyns, Tallharts, Hornwoods, Dustins, Ryswells, Flints, mountain clans, Mormonts, etc... And don't tell me that the Dreadfort is impregnable. Every 'impregnable' castle in the story can be taken, including Winterfell.
  7. No, it wouldn't make sense for House Bolton to openly betray the Starks, because then the Starks are even bigger idiots than ever for letting the Boltons continue to exist. It's one thing if all their past fighting was centuries old, but quite another if just a few generations back, they openly tried to bring down House Stark.
  8. We know of other houses that took part. They're listed here: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Greyjoy's_Rebellion#:~:text=Greyjoy's Rebellion or the Greyjoy Rebellion was an,before the beginning of A Game of Thrones.
  9. The Florents never took Robert's side, though. The Florents were likely part of Mace Tyrell's army outside Storm's End, or even at the Trident. They didn't deserve a reward, it was meant to punish the Tyrells.
  10. Well, Claude did emphasise that Jaime killed the Mad King primarily to save the people of King's Landing and his father. In his big confession scene, far as I can remember, he never talks about fearing for his own safety. That doesn't mean much, of course, but it's still worth pointing out. Therefore, the question becomes whether we believe he'd have done the same thing if it was just his own life being threatened rather than so many others. It's not difficult to see the good in what Jaime did by stabbing Aerys in the story, but that goodwill is gone when you learn he was only trying to save his own life.
  11. This is why Mace Tyrell is a mystery to me. He's either a true buffoon, or he's playing Wyman Manderly's game. I could genuinely believe either one of those scenarios, though I think it's too much of a retread of Manderly if it's the latter.
  12. With all the focus on the Stark family, I was most intrigued by the two misfit members; Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy. Both of them had one foot in the Stark camp, but for different reasons, they could never truly belong to that clan. Their individual journeys became more and more compelling as the story continued. People who dismiss the fifth book lose any credibility with me, because I think it's one of the best books in the series purely because of the Theon and Jon plotlines.
  13. Not really, it was just stupid and short-sighted barbarism. The Brave Companions aren't Westerosi, so they don't fear Westerosi justice. They also don't care about social ranks, they're just the lowest kind of criminals trying to keep getting paid for the crimes they commit. They have no honour, no morals, and very little sense. They survive because they're small fry in the middle of a big war, and even then the war comes crashing down upon them one by one. None of them will die of old age.
  14. "Your Honour, it wasn't really murder; the victims were bad people." See how long you last in court with that defence. And as for Tyrion, I actually went easy on him. He sexually assaulted a sex slave because of his own daddy issues, he ordered a singer to be killed and unknowingly fed to the poor people of Flea Bottom (none of whom know that they're committing cannibalism), he strangled a sex worker to death because she was doing her job, and I don't care what the cause was, he still burned over a hundred times more men than Stannis ever did. If you're going to condemn Stannis for war crimes but spare Tyrion from doing the same thing, then you're just being a hypocrite.
  15. No, I'm pointing out an inconsistent moral code. I don't even like Stannis, but I'm tired of people harping on about his flaws while excusing people who do far worse than him. Tyrion is guilty of sexual assault (and I'm not talking about Tysha) and he's guilty of burning a whole fleet of people alive with wildfire. Danaerys and her dragons speak for themselves. But oh my god, Stannis burned a couple of people? Oh the humanity! It's tedious hypocrisy, and I'll call it out even if it's in defence of someone I don't actually support.
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