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  1. To be clear, Roose: -forces a night march on his troops -ruins the element of surprise by sounding loud horns -runs downhill from the high ground towards an army which is bigger and has far more cavalry -loses over a quarter of the army (he started with more than 17,000 infantry, and after the battle (plus after the Freys pull out) he's got less than 10,000 left) -deliberately keeps his own men in the vanguard so that they're least impacted by casualties If it wasn't for Robb's great victories, I daresay Roose would have been in big trouble from Robb after a defeat like that. I don't even know if he ever really understood what had happened, either. Roose could have told him anything by raven, and since he was killing off the Northern forces piece by piece, there wouldn't be anyone to tell him otherwise.
  2. Ramsay is absolutely too crazy to consider himself in danger. He does what he pleases, and he's had a lot of luck getting out of well-deserved punishments. As for Roose, he was definitely planning things. It's pretty obvious, given how he was undercutting his rivals from the very first. I'd say he was always hoping to find an opportunity to supplant the Starks. Putting Ramsay in charge was absolutely a strategic decision on his part. He can rely on Ramsay being unpredictable and wild. Of course, he couldn't predict that Daryn Hornwood was going to die, at the same time as his father, but he had to have known that the war would lead to some kind of issue on the home front. And once Ramsay noticed, he'd happily exploit it for his own means. Roose is a lot like Littlefinger in that regard; he doesn't control chaos, nor does he even try to control it. He simply rides the wave as far as he can go until the next wave shows itself.
  3. Dunk would probably have died stupidly in some skirmish or raid, forgotten almost as soon as he's been buried. Egg would still have been driven to run away from Aerion, but it would have ended badly for him. The real issue is that Baelor Breakspear wouldn't have died in that tourney, which means he'd have become king instead of Aerys or Maekar. That probably would have been a better future for Westeros too, given how things turned out.
  4. They already have Karhold, though. It would be really weird if GRRM allows Harrion to return to become Lord Karstark after all.
  5. That does make me wonder, dragons seem to be able to eat a lot of things. It's not like they ever talk about dragons dying of food poisoning in the books, so is there anything which could kill a dragon after ingestion?
  6. Once Joffrey was born, then Cersei has Robert's heir (far as anyone knows). That means Robert is no longer necessary, since Cersei has her hold on the royal house, and Tywin has his grandson to rule the Seven Kingdoms once he comes of age. It would have been so easy to kill Robert, as it is when Cersei needs it to happen. Once she finds out about Ned's plans, she immediately carries out Robert's murder, and nobody suspects her of anything since he died as he lived. So, why didn't she kill him sooner? She would have been queen, and King's Landing was full of Lannisters by that point. She had loyalists among the Kingsguard (and keep in mind, Jaime would have had no problem being the Queenmaker by that point; I could totally see him cutting down Jon Arryn or Robert's brothers if they got in the way. It would be easy to name them all traitors and have them executed for treason or even making them confess to having murdered Robert themselves. Tywin would be the new Hand, Joffrey grows up, and Cersei spends years securing her rule, all while Ned Stark and Hoster Tully are none the wiser.
  7. The Merryweathers are probably Blackfyre sympathizers with the Golden Company, so unless they're playing more than one game at the same time, I doubt it's them. Varys would want Cersei to destabilize the realm as much as she could, and telling Doran about the plot to kill his son would definitely have that desired effect. I'd guess it was him.
  8. I like the Blackwoods except for Bloodraven, whom I loathe. And I dislike the Brackens except for Bittersteel, who I can't help but like purely because he's Bloodraven's bitter enemy.
  9. We still don't know if Jon actually died.
  10. Except that he apparently can't shoot arrows anymore due to his lost fingers. And really, all those other ideas feel like wishful thinking to me. Even if Theon does nullify the previous kingsmoot, that doesn't mean he'll be able to win over the Ironborn to make him their king. He'd never have power for himself, let alone give it to Asha. Asha is more likely to win the throne herself, it won't be Theon who gives it to her. Theon's gone quite the distance in growth, so he won't see Asha as a rival for his seat, he'll see her as the worthy heir. But that's assuming he's getting out of his current situation alive, because I have no idea how that'll happen unless Stannis is utterly defeated just before he can execute Theon, but that also means Ramsay Bolton will have him back, which is worse than death.
  11. I'd say that from what we know of him so far, Theon Greyjoy is a broken man. He has been mutilated beyond recognition (even by his own sister), he's been gelded, and he's lost so many digits that any physical activity seems to be difficult. The only possible use he'd have left is overturning the Kingsmoot, but I doubt anyone would ever take his claim seriously.
  12. That's why I don't want it to be true. I want him to be wrong, or deluded. Just so long as I can still freely hate him for sacrificing untold thousands of lives because he triggered the destruction of House Targaryen. He's almost single-handedly responsible for all the drama which has unfolded in the story.
  13. So glad that someone said it. Tyrion being a secret Targaryen who gets to fly a dragon? Utter doss. I don't know why everyone is so eager to have that happen, it would completely undo everything that's been established about Tyrion and Tywin's relationship. I will say, though, that I am fully okay with Cersei and Jaime being secret Targs. It makes far more sense with them than it ever could with Tyrion. Oh, and I really hope that the prophecies around Jon aren't true either. The idea that Rhaegar and Lyanna's actions are in any way justified in this story would be a huge letdown. I don't want GRRM to justify their selfishness with them saving the world through their progeny or whatever.
  14. To be fair, Lancel is a joke. He is wildly immature, and prone to melodrama. He goes from being a deceitful hypocrite to a religious fanatic in the span of less than a year. And even if you don't consider religious fanaticism to be a negative thing, his redemption is also self-serving, to get him out of a really awful situation.
  15. Agreed. Tyrion is by far the most dangerous one. Especially now, because he has no loyalty to anyone anymore and he has abandoned many of his ethics. He's already sent fAegon to go run amok in the Stormlands, and we still don't actually know whether he did that in good faith, either to fAegon or to King's Landing. He's just doing shit for the hell of it, it seems, and that's terrifying when you realise that Tyrion is in the perfect position; he's smarter than most, while also being constantly underestimated because of his physical appearance and a soiled reputation which he didn't earn. Cersei will do a lot of damage, but Tyrion will be the game-changer, for whichever side he chooses.
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