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  1. I mean, it's the place you'd least expect them to be. If they're trying to hide, Dorne is a daring double bluff.
  2. Hightower - Logically, they should wipe the floor with the Greyjoys. Between their forces and the Redwyne fleet, Euron should have no chance, which means something is going to happen which destroys them and makes Euron the victor. The Faith itself will survive, though, so I think the Hightowers will live, but lose most of their members. Royce - I like them, but Yohn's done for. Littlefinger has proven what a danger he is to everyone else, and Yohn's his bitterest opponent in the Vale. The main branch of Royce will die and the Moon Gate Royces will inherit Runestone, probably through Myranda "Black Widow" Royce Manderly - They're in the best position of any house in the North. They're going to be the new second house in the North following the downfall of House Bolton. Dayne - They're going to play a crucial role, they'll survive (Gerold Dayne will hopefully die though) Harlaw - They're going down, but they'll take Euron down with them Connington - They better die out before this is over, they've been stirring up way too much shit for my liking Piper - Too insignificant either way, so it's a coin toss. Marbrand - Who cares? Addam's probably a dead man, though, he's too good for a Westerman.
  3. You're giving Roose WAY too much benefit of the doubt. He knows what Ramsay is, and how would he know any more than Robb what happened at Winterfell? He's just as far away, and if Ramsay sent him any news of the truth, then they both risk the wrong pair of eyes seeing that news before Roose does. And that wouldn't account for the fact that Roose completely screwed up the Battle of the Green Fork by forcing his army to march all night long, then give away the element of surprise, and then giving up the high ground to charge a well-rested army which out-numbers them and also has a LOT of heavy cavalry. The only way it makes sense at all is if Roose has been planning this ever since he found out about Ned Stark's capture and Robb's summons to Winterfell for a march south. Roose would be able to determine that a teenager leading an army south is probably going to make some mistakes, and so he plots with Ramsay to seize any opportunity that comes his way, giving him 600 crack Bolton troops just in case. He goes south and feigns the role of a dutiful bannerman, and then when Robb gives him command, he proceeds to eliminate such rivals as Halys Hornwood and Medger Cerwyn by putting them on the front lines of a losing battle. From there, he keeps himself safe, content that with Robb far away, he'll never know what Roose is really up to. The Boltons have always wanted to take over the North, and they waited for the perfect moment to strike. And they succeeded.
  4. Did they ever actually tell us what happened to Kyle Condon and Ronnel Stout? There were 600 men from various backgrounds in the North guarding the Ruby Ford, it's hard to imagine that they were all wiped out completely when Gregor seized the ford after the Red Wedding.
  5. You really think that Mace Tyrell would sack King's Landing? The man couldn't even take Storm's End when he was fighting on behalf of the establishment. This isn't Robert Baratheon or Tywin Lannister we're talking about here. Even Randyll Tarly would be too smart to see what a bad move that would be. Besides, Willas and Garlan are still alive and they're the best of the Tyrell kids anyway. Neither of them are rash hotheads either. At most, the Tyrells would simply withdraw their food supplies to King's Landing again, and watch as the city's population turns on their queen.
  6. And they wouldn't have any food. Only reason there was any food at Winterfell was because Roose and the others brought it with them. Plus, why would Stannis march to Winterfell with winter about to hit them and the castle was in complete disarray? Roose wouldn't have gone to Winterfell if the Manderlys were in open rebellion. And hell, the whole reason they went to Winterfell in the first place was because the northmen with Stannis wanted to save Arya. So they'd be forced to travel to White Harbour or wherever she\d be. Maybe Ramsay would have gotten married at the Dreadfort instead for all we know, and they'd fall into the original trap anyway.
  7. If he did that, Roose Bolton would simply rally the loyal northmen to his cause and besiege White Harbour. Wyman's in a really good position, but open war with the Boltons, their Frey allies, and the other northmen would erode that position very quickly. Plus he'd still want to recover Rickon Stark from Skagos, and an open rebellion would draw too many eyes and ears to the city.
  8. Yes, but he wouldn't be able to keep track of everything, and the smallfolk who were loyal to the Boltons were loyal enough that they put their faith in the Boltons rather than their Stark overlords.
  9. Roose Bolton himself said that the lords of the North did things beneath Ned Stark's notice. Ned can't be everywhere all at once, and as good as his intentions are (given how he'd even go into the mountains to sup with the clans, I'd say he was a very dutiful and responsible man) he's bound to miss a few things when he's not in the general vicinity. Think of it this way; if the smallfolk were so confident in the Starks' justice system, why did they follow Lord Bolton into betraying the North without any fuss? They slaughtered their fellow Northmen without any apparent qualms.
  10. Tywin was in complete denial about what a monster he was, so I don't doubt for a second that he refused to even discuss the claims of those letters. He would have just dismissed them as Stannis spreading falsities and dug his head into the sand. The abomination did manage to do that part of Tywin's character well, and that's one of the only good things I can say for it.
  11. Okay... I agree with most of what you said, but come on. Kevan giving Tyrion every opportunity to explain himself was NOT Tywin's bidding. Tywin wanted the excuse to finally get rid of Tyrion once and for all. It's debatable whether he'd have really given Tyrion the chance to go north to the Wall, but I don't believe it, personally. Tywin's treatment of Tyion is textbook abusive in so many ways, with so many examples to verify it. Kevan was way more open to Tyrion's case than Tywin ever was.
  12. Yes and no. Jaime isn't that same man anymore by the time he returns to King's Landing. He's just come home from his long journeys when Cersei insists that he kill Tyrion. He's not in a good headspace, he's having an identity crisis, and he does feel protective of Tyrion despite his sister's claims of murder. And besides, he never loved Joffrey anyway. As for the Kingsguard, remember that at the start of the chapter, he's ruminating over his accomplishments and his reputation. He's also thinking about how quickly Loras was to accuse Brienne of a murder that she didn't commit. There's a lot going on in his head, and he's trying to make some sense of it. So yes, whether Tyrion is guilty or not, Jaime wants to do right by him and avoid making a hasty decision based on how things seem. Again, Jaime only asks Tyrion for the truth after it's clear that Tyrion has no qualms about taking a bloody revenge on his whole family for what happened. And Tyrion decides to become the monster that everyone's always called him.
  13. Sure he does. He asks Tyrion directly if he did it or not. You're mistaking Jaime's guilty conscience for faith in his brother's innocence. Jaime just feels remorseful for his own actions in ruining Tyrion's life, so he wants to make amends. He wasn't giving Tyrion the benefit of the doubt, it didn't matter to him whether Tyrion did it or not, he just wanted to pay his debts. When it didn't work, and when Tyrion swears vengeance on his whole family, he decides to find out whether or not Tyrion was guilty. Tyrion lies, of course, but that's beside the point. Of course, I don't know what kind of response Jaime expected from Tyrion when he told him, but the point is that Jaime wasn't trying to save Tyrion because he thought Tyrion was innocent.
  14. Wasn't Perwyn at Riverrun, though? He's probably going to get caught up in the vengeance that the BWB is planning.
  15. I'd love nothing more than to see Littlefinger killed by Lady Stoneheart (the sheer horror he'd be feeling would be worth reading such a scene), but I don't see how Littlefinger and Stoneheart are ever going to be in the same room. And while I don't want to rely on that abomination for any hints as to what's going to happen, I do have a feeling that Sansa and/or Arya will be Littlefinger's undoing somehow.
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