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  1. Let's say you're in a position to give a verdict before everyone leaves Winterfell (which means it's before Lady Hornwood gets abducted). What's your decision on the case?
  2. To be fair, Bloodraven's got some kind of magic on his side. Varys doesn't; he hates magic, in fact. Bloodraven's clearly been dabbling in magic even before he became the Three-Eyed Crow.
  3. I re-read the wiki, and yes, you're right, I misunderstood. 6000 was the total number of Roose's army by then, not the number who were casualties. My bad.
  4. That still raises questions, though. It's been determined that more than 6,000 men were killed, captured, or driven away to become broken men, and it's said that the majority of these were men from Houses Burley, Locke, and Norrey, with a scattering of White Harbour knights. That's potentially a number of clansmen dead which equals Jon Snow's guess about their total fighting force. Either Jon is wrong about the number of men to be found in those mountains, he's talking about their numbers AFTER the casualties they've already had (which makes me wonder how Jon knows them), or GRRM screwed up.
  5. In ADWD, Jon Snow speaks of the mountain clans to Stannis Baratheon. He tells Stannis where these clans are, how to win them over, and how many men they might be able to muster. But in ASOS, we know that the mountain clans sent men south with Robb Stark. Lots of them, in fact, to the point that they make up a bulk of men slaughtered at the Ruby Ford by the Mountain. Moreover, a member of House Norrey is in Robb's personal bodyguard and dies at the Red Wedding. Jon has a very good idea of how many fighting men the clans can provide to Stannis, but how does he know that number so well? Did he know how many men left the mountain clans to join Robb, and how many were still behind?
  6. I think your first instinct was right; Theon the Hungry Wolf defended House Stark and secured the North from more threats than any other king we've heard of so far. Enemies from literally all sides, and he emerged victorious almost everywhere. And yes, I know ruling isn't just about conquest or battles, but a defeat from any one of those forces would have put the North in a worse position.
  7. Cley would probably have been encouraged to join the Nights Watch. Eventually, he'd become Lord Commander if he lived long enough.
  8. Personally, I think House Royce will die out and get replaced by the off-branch. Yohn is an honourable uncomplicated man, and as it's been said, Littlefinger's good at getting such men out of the way. He seems utterly determined to resist Littlefinger's seizure of the Vale, and I'm fairly sure that he's going to get himself killed somehow. I doubt Littlefinger will do it himself, but he'll pull a Tywin and tug the right strings so things fall into place.
  9. Tough to say, but the Battle of Green Fork was clearly a case of Roose deliberately throwing away every advantage that the Northern army had, getting almost half of them killed in a massacre. This includes his big rival, Halys Hornwood, with whom Roose was arguing over a piece of overlapping territory. And what a coincidence that in the middle of such a devastating defeat, not a single Bolton soldier seems to have been killed? In fact, House Bolton's troops more or less survive the entire southern campaign intact, even as Roose bled the Northern forces by sending them off to die at Duskendale or stranding them on the wrong side of the Ruby Ford. Green Fork was too similar of a situation for me to think it a coincidence.
  10. Roose was absolutely behind it, beyond question. He was using the chaos of the war to undermine House Stark almost from the very beginning.
  11. Sansa being in King's Landing doesn't reflect badly on Robb. And the Lannisters started it by executing Ned Stark at the Sept of Baelor. Plus, executing Jaime Lannister is one thing, but executing a harmless young woman for her brother's actions? The Lannisters already have bad PR to deal with, killing Sansa will only make them look worse.
  12. Much as I like Jaime's redemption story, I really do agree with you. Jaime's captivity didn't do Robb any favours whatsoever, he was better off killing him and be done with it. I'm sure Robb would have wanted to execute Jaime himself, but maybe he could have used Rickard Karstark's sword while doing it to appease the old man.
  13. She wouldn't marry into another house, though, someone else would marry into hers. And then there'd have been a Lord Cerwyn to put his signature to that message to Asha Greyjoy.
  14. I don't know if any of that matters to the people of Barrowton. I imagine the Dustins would want a Dustin to continue the lordship rather than a Bolton/Ryswell boy. The Ryswells have several heirs who are capable of marrying and having kids, while House Dustin seems to either be completely extinct or else they're just hanging out somewhere totally cool with letting Barbrey rule on her own without any heirs. But I guess GRRM can always clarify that later. In the meantime, though, none of this answers the situation regarding House Cerwyn.
  15. Exactly! And she was the one marrying into House Dustin too. I can understand that Eddard might not have pushed her to remarry out of guilt or something, and Barbrey definitely seems like a woman who doesn't mess around with people taking away her rights or power. But it's baffling to me that she seems to have ruled House Dustin with no heirs to speak of, and seemingly no opposition to her authority.
  16. In fairness, would you prefer another "What if" question?
  17. I've often thought about this topic, admittedly with the gift of hindsight, but all the same here is how Robb should have campaigned: Instead of leaving Helman Tallhart at the Twins, he leaves Daryn Hornwood. He's the heir to his father's lands, and Halys is fighting too, so it makes sense to leave one Hornwood behind doing something important but not life-threatening. It also means that Daryn is close at hand to the North if his father dies and he wants to go consolidate his new title. Instead of having Roose Bolton command the Stark infantry, keep him with the cavalry so he can't deliberately waste thousands of men at the Green Fork (and yes, it was deliberate, nothing can change my mind about that). Instead of Roose, I put Medger Cerwyn in charge. He's soft-spoken, presumably not rash and stupid, and he's also loyal to Robb unlike Roose. This means the Stark infantry actually does what Robb wanted; don't rush into any kind of battle, don't do a forced nights march just to give away your position to the well-rested Lannister host, and don't run down from the high ground at heavy cavalry. Instead of sending Theon Greyjoy to treat with Balon, keep him by Robb's side. The Ironborn can't be trusted, and the North has enough men to repel them if they ever try anything. Also, Robb should have told Edmure the plan to lure Tywin into the Westerlands, even though Edmure did a great job defending his people against Tywin's army.
  18. I've never liked GRRM's inconsistency with succession issues in his stories. Lady Hornwood and Lady Arryn being unmarried are central to the main plot and inspire dozens of suitors, while Barbrey Dustin and Jonelle Cerwyn are allowed to rule without dealing with any of that trouble. And as you say, Jonelle is a non-entity despite being head of House Cerwyn. It was Ramsay's forces that killed her brother, yet GRRM can't be bothered to even show her amongst the other Northern lords? It's weird. Either she got lost in the shuffle or GRRM is keeping her in the wings for some twist or reveal.
  19. Assuming that Daenerys does kill fAegon, I imagine Tyrek would get caught up in the maelstrom and killed. It would be a sign to Tyrion that he's become the monster that people say he is, and it'll either harden him further or make him realise what he's done and repent. But even the idea of Daenerys killing fAegon is making some assumptions there; I could easily see GRRM have Euron do it so we understand just how dangerous he really is.
  20. I feel like that's being set up as a red herring. I think Tyrek is meant to swear allegiance to fAegon in exchange for Casterly Rock. He'd certainly enjoy that much more than becoming the wetnurse - I mean, consort - to Lady Hayford.
  21. I wouldn't be surprised if most of them secretly knew, and don't care. The North is turning savage to survive savage times.
  22. It's not about how the Free Folk will adapt to northern society, it's about how the North will recognise the Free Folk as being themselves. The Free Folk are basically an old version of the North in its heyday. They follow strength, they worship the old gods, they communicate with the giants, they're basically the keepers of the First Men's legacy. And despite everything that's happened, the North remembers. Throughout the fifth book, the North's savage past is explored and explained to Bran, to Davos, to Theon, even Stannis and his southron knights. It's no coincidence that the Free Folk are being allowed into the North during that same book. When they're faced with savagery and hardship, the Northerners will remember their heritage and embrace it. Some of them already have; look at the Boltons, for the most extreme example. The Umbers secretly practice first night, Barbrey Dustin has nothing but contempt for the south and its infiltration of the North. Even Wyman Manderly, a descendant of Andals, has shown himself to be a Northman; he's very clever and devious, but he's also one of the most loyal of House Stark's bannermen, and he will bring them back to power. The wolves will endure and take on the Others once again, and this time, they'll fight alongside the Free Folk, which will symbolise the First Men reuniting against their oldest and most dangerous enemy.
  23. It's debatable how good of a father he was. We never hear much about whether or not he actually raised his kids or just left it to their mothers. Plus he died when they were kids.
  24. Fair point. I guess it'll have to be more obvious, then. Since Daemon refused to swear fealty to my daughter, I'll have him arrested for treason when he's sulking on Dragonstone. And if he resists arrest, then he will die bloodily. And if that means killing Caraxes too, then so be it. This is before he became a great warlord in the Stepstones, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks for the good laugh.
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