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  1. My bad. But I stand by what I said about Donnel Arryn. He led the vanguard at Redgrass Field, nearly died doing it, and saved the Vale from the Spring Sickness.
  2. It’s going to be Donnel Arryn Also did everyone forget that an Arryn began Robert’s Rebellion??
  3. RBG are also the colours used in the sigils of House Strong, Hoare, and Shawney.
  4. Speaking of low numbers, one that doesn’t make sense is the fact that the Stormlands are not only united for one of the only times in their existence, but they apparently can only muster 6,000 men total.
  5. To be clear, the dragons in that pit were green and black alike. It’s not about one Targaryen faction or the other, it’s both sides that are dangerous and toxic. I too find it inspiring to see the people dispose of those dragons. But they didn’t go far enough. They failed to unite properly. If all the King’s Landing factions had instead been a united front, they could have liberated the city and barred the Targaryen factions and their supporters. You think Borros Baratheon could have defeated the population with just 4,000 men?
  6. I’m looking at the overall Targaryen rule, not just their civil war. Rhaenyra’s descendants were some of the worst kings that their dynasty ever coughed up. And it all resulted in more death, more destruction, more tyranny, even after they lost the Iron Throne.
  7. Rhaenyra was going through a reign of terror. She and her half brother were both terrible and their war led to untold death and misery. If the people had any sense, they would have overthrown the Targaryens once and for all when it was just four dragonless prepubescents left.
  8. Who got more people killed? The Shepherd or the Targaryens? He tried to create a revolution against the real destroyers. A revolution is going to be violent no matter what. It’s the cause which makes it worthwhile or not.
  9. I’d say that they’re products of the world that House Targaryen built. They’re opportunists who desire power and have no problem using death and destruction to get it. All the more easier for them to do it when they’re riding massive dragons.
  10. A writer can love their villains. Bernard Cornwell once talked about how he deeply regretted killing off Obadiah Hakeswill because he was such a good antagonist and so fun to write. I don’t blame GRRM for focusing so much on the Targaryens because (A) many of them are fascinating characters, (B) It helps us understand the villains better, and (C) it makes the audience confused about whether or not they’re heroes or villains when things are written from their perspective.
  11. What constitutes a good person, though? Their actions? Their motivations? Their views? Also, GRRM said “ultimately”, meaning that it’s not going to be very clear. So I don’t doubt that Varys will either do or encourage terrible things to happen, much to his own remorse.
  12. Normally I don’t like religious fanatics, but I think he was right about getting rid of the Targaryens and their dragons. Assuming my theory is correct, the Targaryens will be the last villains of the series. They are fire, which consumes and destroys. Their reign only last three hundred years and it’s been tearing the world apart. The heroes of the story will be the Starks, who will preserve the North from the Others and whoever else threatens it.
  13. I think the abomination handled it very poorly. Why would the mutineers keep prisoners who later escaped? Why would they keep Ghost alive in a cage? How contrived is it that the mutineers captured Bran Stark and Howland Reed’s children without even considering how valuable they were as hostages? GRRM was right to ditch the idea. Even if it’s in character for Jon, he had bigger fish to fry, plus he was still recovering from the arrow in his leg.
  14. The wiki has already been updated to correct this, and Elio has verified that the 2000 number only refers to the blacks’ casualties. The Lannister host is annihilated, which means that the casualty number is well over 10,000 at the very least.
  15. I did always wonder what happened to Glendon, and whether he gained a reputation which was alike to his alleged father.
  16. Hence why I specified that it would have to happen after Viserys returned. Frankly, I do think that would be his best option. Even in a world without therapy or understanding of mental health, he clearly doesn’t have any joy in living. Not that I would blame him, I’d have done the same in his shoes. I suppose he could go join the Nights Watch but he’d have the same issues there. But he was clearly not fit to rule. Assuming that things go the way I suggested (Aegon throws himself off the keep during the secret siege before Viserys points out the bs confession) then Viserys would have had Torrhen Manderly as his Regent for the next few years. And Torrhen was a capable man who could be trusted. I’ll grant you the food to the hungry order, but he also treats Manderly in a truly horrid way which turns him into a bitter enemy. After all he did to help his family during the civil war and then trying to give Aegon a chance to get out of his miserable self-loathing, that’s how Aegon treats him? That’s not bold and decisive, that’s an emotional teenager lashing out. Aegon might have had good intentions but intentions don’t mean anything if he can’t implement positive change. And given that he’s known as the Broken King, I doubt he’ll be successful. And his sons turn out even worse, which makes sense since they clearly didn’t have a great father figure. Viserys was the one holding things together while those three screwed things up. He should have been king from the start.
  17. Male: Aelyx, Maelor, Valarr Female: Viserra, Baela, Daena
  18. As soon as Viserys showed up, it would have been clear that he was the far better candidate to be king. Aegon III is basically a brooding vegetable who occasionally acts out. He might not be the worst Targaryen king ever but he clearly didn’t want the responsibilities of kingship nor deal with his issues, which made him antisocial and inefficient. Plus his sons turned out to be awful as well. One waged a pointless and costly war and the other was a religious zealot who locked his sisters up in a vault. The Seven Kingdoms needed a powerful ruler who could push reform through, like Viserys eventually did. Imagine if he’d been able to do that for all the time wasted on Aegon, Daeron, and Baelor. If Aegon had had any self awareness, he’d have abdicated and let his brother take the crown instead. He would have still had to wait, but he would have actually been preparing to rule instead of moping around. In fact, if Viserys had been a bit smarter, he’d have let Aegon throw himself off the Red Keep during the secret siege before pointing out the inaccuracies of Lord Rowan’s “confession”
  19. If Daenerys had burned alive in that fire, you’d have called her crazy too.
  20. Just because GRRM cast himself as an archmaester doesn’t mean that… shit, that makes too much sense.
  21. How do you misapply a monstrous feast-turned-bloodbath?
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