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  1. Hard to say without more evidence in some cases, but I’ll try: Daeron II Jaehaerys I Viserys II (I’m counting all the time he ruled under three useless kings. Shame that he raised such a monster of a son to succeed him) Aegon V (I want to rank him #1 because he seems like the only king who actually cared about his subjects and wasn’t crazy like Baelor, but he couldn’t follow through and he also really let his kids screw things up) Maekar Aegon I (mixed bag: I hate that he went around conquering just for his own ambition’s sake, but he did put an end to the infighting for a while) Baelor (meant well, but he was also a religious zealot) Aenys Aegon III Aegon II Aerys I Jaehaerys II Daeron I (stupid kid who started a war for his own ego’s sake) Maegor I (for all his faults, he absolutely was right to break the theocracy’s power, Jaehaerys was just lucky he didn’t have to get his hands dirty to finish the job) Viserys I Aegon IV Aerys II
  2. It’s a really weird detail for GRRM to add. My guess is that it was meant for the D&E series. I can only assume that her disappearance has something to do with Dunk.
  3. White Harbour. The smallest but also the cleanest of the five big cities (far as we know anyway). Plus the Manderlys seem like great overlords.
  4. Tywin Lannister is a mix of Pope Alexander Borgia and Edward I of England. GRRM has admitted that Stannis is partly inspired by the Roman Emperor Tiberius, but I also see elements of Richard III in him as well. The Dothraki are a mix of Mongol, Plains Indigenous, and Scythians. It would also be too obvious to point out that the Iron Islands seem to be a loose adaptation of ancient Norse society.
  5. Torrhen Manderly. He was a loyal black for his entire life, in victory and defeat. One of the last men to stand with Rhaenyra, and she rejects his obvious good advice to go North. Then her brat of a son takes out all his resentments on Torrhen when all the man does is try to unite the broken realm and help his isolated king get out of his own miserable self-piteous attitude. And instead that king spits in his face by disrespecting him, firing him and cancelling all his plans in one fell swoop.
  6. All this is one thing that really bugs me about the Nights Watch. It doesn’t make sense to me that they should number more than ten times their current amount during a time when there was no feasible way that anyone should have been able to get to the Wall in the first place. Like, each kingdom was warring with the others on a near constant basis. Sure, you could sail people to Eastwatch by the Sea, but that’s not always an ideal possibility. How did anyone even get to the Wall overland? Did every kingdom respect the NW back then and just let thousands of men be shipped north ? Anyone could have taken advantage of that to invade lands through trickery. If anything, the numbers should have increased AFTER the conquest. Open travel through the regions, anyone could send their criminals away, plus anyone who actually wanted to go.
  7. That’s a good point, I forgot about the Andal invasions. That’s probably what saved the Boltons more than anything. The North had a common enemy and the Boltons stayed loyal until there was an opportunity to finally overthrow House Stark.
  8. I agree, I don’t see how the Boltons survived when so many other houses didn’t. I guess the official reason is that the cost of victory would have been too much, but unless the Boltons had a lot more allies than we’ve seen, I don’t see how that’s the case. Even now, Roose can only seem to rely on the Karstarks: everyone else’s loyalty is uncertain at the very least.
  9. To be fair, Jaime is a Kingsguard, so presumably he could have access to Cersei when he’s acting as her personal guard. Nobody would immediately suspect incest if the siblings wander off out of sight.
  10. A lot of this is speculation. Well put together and well written, but speculation all the same.
  11. Again, I am a Stark fan. I’m not saying it out of disgust. But they practiced human sacrifice just like the Targaryens did. It’s canon. They decorated trees with the entrails of their enemies. They made rows of heads along their shores to warn Andals away. And we’ve seen the North turning back to its savage roots. Manderly has cannibalised his enemies and fed them to their allies, dubious or otherwise. Rickon is ok Skagos and I don’t doubt that he’ll be a mini wildling by the time he reappears. Bran is becoming one with the same heart trees that were fed the blood of humans over centuries of sacrifices. Jon and Rob and Arya all have/had a close bond with their direwolves. I don’t see it as a bad thing, necessarily. They live in a vicious world, and House Stark has suffered serious setbacks for drifting too far from their original purpose.
  12. I love the Starks, but even I have to admit that while they’re not monsters, they’re certainly savages. They have a lot more in common with the Free Folk than they’d ever admit, but that’s also how they survive in such a cold and cruel land. They are the standard bearers for the old gods, the ones who will fight to preserve the legacy of the Pact, the ones who remember what is coming for humankind when the Others awaken. That’s the real meaning of their house words. They are guardians against the Others, just like the Night’s Watch. But that also means that they have survived through very savage means. Make of that what you will, but I find it interesting at least. And the Starks do earn their houses’ intense loyalty in a way that House Lannister, Tully, or Baratheon will never earn.
  13. I would frigging love to get a novella about how the Manderly’s ended up in the North. It is such a fascinating story to me which we know nothing about. Did the Manderlys try going to other regions first? Did they sail straight to the North? What was King Stark’s reaction to learning about this flotilla of refugees off the coast of his kingdom? What did Lord Manderly say to King Stark? Did he have to pay him anything? Did he have to prove himself loyal? If so, then how did he do that? So many questions that I’d love to see answered.
  14. I dunno, if the shoe fits… what else would you imagine that line to be about though? Renly clearly has no time for reading, even though his job should presumably involve being a studied man who knows how the law works. But we never see him actually doing anything that a Master of Laws might feasibly do.
  15. For one thing, House Peake would still be a powerful house that was fully ingratiated to their overlords, so they’re much less likely to court treason so many times. Also House Florent would be more complacent.
  16. I refuse to let that old weasel trademark that expression.
  17. I think this whole board is going insane, heh.
  18. My friend once said that Walder should have gotten all the Northmen drunk, and instead of killing them, he should have captured them instead. Send Robb Stark and his highest born nobles bound and gagged to King‘s Landing to face justice for treason, or be used to force a surrender of the North and Riverlands. I feel like that would have been just as much of a violation of guest right as if they’d murdered the lot, though. Or would it?
  19. Agreed. Walder could have easily turned his back on Robb and watched him get trapped in the Riverlands while Tywin and the Tyrells descended on him. But that wasn’t a sweet enough revenge.
  20. Vaegon could have interacted with her if he wanted, but he doesn’t seem to have ever bothered. He wasn’t looking for someone who matched his energy, he wasn’t interested in anyone. Just a deeply introverted and antisocial little brat who buried himself in the Sept’s library the first chance he got.
  21. “Calling me a “dude”? He dares to call me “dude”?!?!?” *ignores bloody hand*
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