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  1. lwhitehead

    Weapons forbidden in Westos

    Well a Commoner using a Crossbow properly is an elite set of skills, which why in Medieval Warfare Crossbow Men were highly prized in Armies. What about Pole Arms there are types that were made for opening Armored Knights, LW
  2. I was wondering officially are there any Weapons in Westro people are Forbidden to use since this world is ruled by the Knights, in our world they feared Pikes and Crossbows. These weapons allowed a common person to kill a Knight. LW
  3. I was just was wondering if a Hard Fantasy Historical setting based on Tudor timeframe is too close to A Song of Ice and Fire?, I don't want angry Fans at me, or being sued that is. I like the Tudor Timeframe and what to write in that era. LW
  4. lwhitehead

    Coal in ASOIF

    But King's Landing had a Coal Boy refilling Brazers in the Telltale EP Game, So King's Landing has Coal. LW
  5. lwhitehead

    Coal in ASOIF

    I was wondering Officially about Coal in A Song of Ice and Fire, Who controls it in Westeros and how much it worth, now Coal in Middle Ages was the Oil of it's day. In England there was Cartel in Newcastle that controled the output of Coal the Hoistman's. Cartel did much like OPEC does with Oil. I figure that the Newcastle Cartel was the inpersation for Frey House and the Twins. LW