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  1. Ah, that makes sense, though we haven't seen her burning down any weirwood trees yet for that purpose. But she shot down Orell at the Wall, or at least in the books. If that wasn't just some firework trick. You know what the stereotypical common soldier would be like. I can just imagine a group of them in a circle with frozen beards and moustaches, grumbling about the cold, with some obligatory joke about how Melisandre gets to keep Stannis warm at night, while they are freezing outside trying to light pathetic little campfires with numb fingers. That was quite a random aside!
  2. Overall, much better quality episode in a rather subpar season. I'm prepared to give this episode 8/10. Dorne, again, was represented by two pointless scenes. There is no substance in that "plot" whatsoever. King's Landing is a delight as always. The rest is all interesting as there is some more divergence from the books. Best of all, Jonathan Pryce stole every single scene. The man is a legend.
  3. Stannis' character assassination has resumed. Just when I thought they were doing well with him too I am still as confused as Stannis about how mere leeches work for kingslaying but blood sacrifice is required to navigate a blizzard I guess the Lord of Light has less power over the weather - just ask Axell Florent. Somehow I get the feeling Davos is going to smuggle her away, kidnap her - a sort of hybrid between his rescue of Edric Storm and Sama no Gilly fleeing with the baby to Oldtown. Fingers crossed for that. if I was one of those soldiers in Stannis' army, I'd be wondering why I and my companions are freezing to death, losing horses constantly, when we have a fire witch amongst us. Maybe that's why the Storm Crows left.
  4. Every time Arya lied she clenched her fist and Jaqen noticed that, or did I just dream that up? I'm not sure, I'd have to watch the episode again.
  5. Ironically, it could be argued that Margaery's is in just as much danger as Tommen's wife as she would be as Joffrey's. Joffrey would have delivered the High Septon's head to her on a plate after the stunt he pulled, in fact he probably would have done so well before now, while Tommen doesn't have the spine to stop the FM from taking her. Now where's that strangler poison, Olenna...?
  6. Yeah, I'm getting the feeling that Littlefinger will be the one to get Cersei arrested, by feeding information to Olenna about Lancel. Though it doesn't make any sense, as Littlefinger already reminded Cersei he knew about Lancel, which would place him in crosshairs immediately, and Cersei is going to make him Warden of the North. Then again, little about Littlefinger makes any sense, so anything can happen I guess...
  7. Moving on from Winterfell, we have a big change from the books in KL. So now the grounds for Margaery's arrest actually has some legitimacy although I never expected that punishment for perjury would be so severe. But how does she actually get out of this, as it happened right in front of us plain and clear, whereas in the books there is little evidence for Margaery's alleged crimes. Is this a hint towards Margaery's eventual fate in TWOW, that she will fail her trial? Though to be honest, I'm surprised D&D's minds didn't run wild when they read Cersei repeatedly asking the Kettleblacks whether they had "plucked that rose" yet or however she puts it.
  8. Littlefinger's smirk when Sansa said then Rhaegar kidnapped and raped Lyanna, priceless! Also, I wonder how long it will take him to reach King's Landing? Stannis said he would march on Winterfell in a couple of weeks, my guess is he'll arrive before then. Still I guess it's not as bad as Cersei's raven last episode.
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