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  1. The Tower of Joy probably smoked with dust and maybe fire when it was taken down by Ned after the Rebellion. From there Jon was born, who is a Dragon, and the stone could be a metaphor for his un-deadness, ala Lady Stoneheart. And maybe the shadow he breathes is the news of the army of the dead. So, maybe the Lie she slays is that Jon is Ned's bastard.
  2. wiredup

    Why Aegon chose a new capital?

    I like your points, and would add one major one to this strategic thinking: He still has Dragonstone to be a Naval protector for Blackwater Bay. And that makes the idea of attacking from the sea seem even more formidable. Also, the idea to be closer to actual farmland, and to not have depend on boats to feed his main garrison and the Government that he would want to establish could be factored into such a decision. However, my gut reaction is also that a person with a dragon, two sisters with dragons, and an army wouldn't have even entertained the idea that he could be conquered, so his reasoning could easily be sheer whimsy, or more room to grow and maybe create a new Freehold.
  3. I have always thought Wynafryd Manderly would have been a good match. Appease the Northerners and reinforce ties to the most important city in the North, especially considering it has the only real war fleet.
  4. wiredup

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    The show is stupid. I'm a book homer. I enjoy watching the show while I'm watching the show. just wanted to type that out loud. whew.