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  1. DigUpHerBones

    Where are all of the cadet branches?

    Gulltown Arryn's are very, very formidable. and wealthy.
  2. DigUpHerBones

    Preserved Valyrian head

    i prefer to spank mine...
  3. DigUpHerBones

    WHats up with the lightbringer??

    seemed to be pretty important to end the first long night
  4. DigUpHerBones

    WHats up with the lightbringer??

    Beric makes an obvious gesture towards the bottom of the steel that seems to cause it to ignite when he runs his hand upwards. I had hopes, in the show world, Beric was being used as a vessel to deliver LB to Jon and Jon would then turn Longclaw over to Jorah.
  5. DigUpHerBones

    WHats up with the lightbringer??

    you are confusing Lightbringer with Dawn...
  6. DigUpHerBones

    Beric's Corpse

    Safe to assume it is heading back to Starfall with Edric after the BwB split? surprisingly very little on this topic out there...
  7. DigUpHerBones

    Is Euron too good to be true?

    its kinda like around Feast, GRRM was like, "oh shit, I forgot some characters" then he blended them all into the current version of Euron, and his power and presence increases in each book. he's just so random in the context of the story.
  8. DigUpHerBones


    i always assumed he was a former "little bird"...but maybe i am confusing him with Wex?
  9. DigUpHerBones

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    maybe if half of us on the forum bought his crappy Wild Card series that he pushes and pushes and pushes and pushes, he will finally release Winds? worth a shot!!!
  10. DigUpHerBones

    Bran's vision of Jon in Bran III, GoT

    sure there is, it is currently located outside of The Reach, with a false prophet tied to it's bow. the First, and the Last... its only 7:30AM in Cali
  11. DigUpHerBones

    Aegon TWOW

    - Where will he head after Storms end? Summerhall. - Love interest ? None, he is a man of the people. And will there be some kind of relationship between him and Sansa? Nope. He is still a boy compared to Harry. Sansa has the fire these days. - Will he survive Winds of winter? Nope. JonCon unknowingly kills him in a fit of rage resulting from his greyscale.
  12. DigUpHerBones

    What's your favourite crack! Ship

    Val/Jon/Sansa aka Threeism (Peep Show, folks) : Hey, its the end of days!! A bastard sandwich, and nobody deserves it more...a little creepy with Sansa, but not really if you think about it in the context of the story. Stannis/Lady Dustin : Match made in heaven. He would be King at this point with her at his side. Qyburn/UnCat : Gentlemen start your engines!!!
  13. DigUpHerBones

    Which new sample chapter do you want most?

    Victorian... his eventual scene of treading through Slaver's Bay cutting down everyone in sight is giving me goosebumps just thinking about it...
  14. DigUpHerBones

    Greywind alive?

    i never took that as an actual tally of life and death. i'm probably wrong, but oh well. i always saw it as Ghost could not "sense" Lady, and she was "lost"... just like Sansa was at that point in the story to the rest of the Starks... Lady was around humans more than the other 4 combined, more domesticated if you will, and maybe during that time she was "lost" to Ghost as she was basically a domesticated dog at that point in the story...
  15. DigUpHerBones

    Euron's Plan and Why it has Failed

    you all thinking Euron's plan failed is all the proof we need that it has not and things are right on track for your boy, King Euron.. he is the Storm. the first Storm, and the last.