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  1. Wik

    Varys' Letters

    Alot of theories people have end up with Tyrion on the throne, that surprises me tbh.
  2. Wik

    Varys' Letters

    It would be the first time we have had episode to episode cohesion this season.....LOL If you care to expound, what do you think the end will be?
  3. Wik

    This is all Jon’s fault

    I'm so tired of this argument. It's so dumb. It sheds personal responsibility. And this is for ANY character, not just Dany. It's not Jon's fault. It's Aerys' fault for being nuts and having children instead of using a Trojan Condom. Shut up.
  4. Wik

    Varys' Letters

    Unless he played "long term" (i.e one episode LOL) and had poisoned something and Dany takes it unaware and drops dead......how hilariously anti-climatic would that be
  5. Wik

    Varys' Letters

    Taking into account human nature, you are probably right, but lets be real, Rhaegar not being in King's Landing wasn't the cause of their death. Betrayal was (Lannisters) and Rhaegar had attempted to win a decisive battle at the Trident to prevent all of that, so it isn't like he just allowed them to be killed and didn't do anything. But your point is well taken, people in Dorne will likely still blame Rhaegar.
  6. Wik

    Mourning Dany

    Holy smokes, you're bat-shit crazy....LOL wow!!!
  7. Wik

    Mourning Dany

    I wont' disagree, the writing is DREADFUL, at best. I actually really liked Dany, so, no, I am not a Dany hater. Still, I think the biggest flaw we see is due to the time constraints of the show and them trying to jam too much shit into a small window of time. They did a poor job. They left obvious plot holes. But I do believe, the over arching point of "Dany goes Targ" on KL is pretty believable. People may not like it, may not want it, but it is 100% in her heritage and I think we will see with the books, the descent is slower and more methodical, incident after incident, affront after affront that builds up and finally she just snaps. They do a PISS POOR job of conveying the gradual transition and so the show makes it seem like she goes on a 3 day bender, but, even with the awful writing, you can see how GRRM could write this to be a more gradual decline that we can recognize as a result from"Targ blood". Everyone that gets so sensitive about her character.....geez there are 2 more books that are supposed to show us (certainly much better than the show!) about the slippery slope of Targ-sanity.
  8. Jaime's death is whatever. I guess I am the fan who anticipates things happening but very rarely expects it done ONE way and then loses my mind if that doesn't happen. I've expected Jaime to die since about 2004ish, the way didn't much matter and I thought this was actually somewhat fitting, because he goes down with Cersei who he (sadly) truly loves. I would have liked Cersei to have a more long, drawn out death but again, back to Jaime, it was fairly fitting, as insuperable as they were. We got Clegane-Bowl. It wasn't epic, but it was nice to see them duke it out. I had held out hope that Sandor would win and return north and serve as a new lord of, say, the Dreadfort (or any of the now seemingly empty houses in the North). But I'm not upset this didn't happen. It was a bit TOO care-bearish to actually think it WOULD happen. Varys dying was lame, but didn't upset me. I just think of all the kings and monarchs he has served, suddenly now he loses it and slips up...meh whatever. The reason I think this whole SEASON has been AWFUL is the accelerated time lines that D&D essentially forced upon themselves and the massive plot holes left because of it. I think the books will show a more indepth and faithful showing of Dany losing her shit. The cinematography from this episode was dreadful....I felt like it was 2 or 3 scenes of Jon, Davos, Varys, Tyrion. Then 30 scenes of a dragon burning a defenseless city and 50 scenes of Arya running through the soot filled streets. They could have done SO much more in these episodes to actually move the plot forward. But instead they have gone for these 80ish minute episodes that have 60ish minutes focused on one thread that just repeats OVER AND OVER instead of actually moving anything forward. It's pretty painful.
  9. Wik

    Mourning Dany

  10. Wik

    Drogon's demise

    Why bother watching after reading this? Plot completed, nice and neat
  11. Wik

    Varys' Letters

    And with how poorly this show is written, we will never find out for sure. As far as the issue in question though, we ABSOLUTELY know that the Targs have allowed polygamy in their dynasty so it is VERY possible that Elia and her children were still legal and recognized and Lyanna and Jon/Aegon were as well.
  12. Wik

    What will Jon do?

    We know, from the books, that when a dragon is kept caged up for long periods they essentially become emaciated, weak and small. So it can take some time. And we HAVE seen Jon fly a dragon. To say he HAS to kill Drogon first I think is false. He could easily use the dragon, they all warmed to him, apparently based on his Targ blood.
  13. If there were 3 more seasons or something, yes I would say you might be right. But this is it. She gone.
  14. Wik

    What will Jon do?

    I just don't think the south matters anymore. I don't think the "North" will be a part of the kingdoms after this. I don't know if KL will be either
  15. Wik

    Mourning Dany

    She should die a horrible death but it won't happen like that. She ought to die a slow, agonizing, terrible death. But instead it will be quick and unexpected and she won't have to suffer like all the people in KL did because she is a psychotic nut job. Definitive enough?