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    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    I gave it a 10/10. Any issues I have are minor. I am really impressed with the series, and the final episode gave me chills and made me tear up, which is pretty cool for a TV show. I loved it.
  2. Shepherd6

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    This episode gets my first "ten." I wonder, if, as I think someone mentioned earlier, I am biased because Martin wrote it? I don't think so...I agree it jumped around a lot, and I do wonder if a non-reader would be confused (My better half, a non-reader wasn't here to give me insight into the non-reader mind tonight) Loved Drogo! Loved Robb, and especially loved the Great John/finger biting scene, "Your meat is bloody TOUGH!" came out just as I've always imagined it. Sansa...I don't know. Still undecided about her I guess. Catelyn was good too, and Tyrion as always, although I missed the Tysha story and hope they take the time to do it right. Minor quibble: Was Ghost wearing a collar? And I guess the dog they have playing him cannot be silent, so I will learn to live with that. Loved it anyway. But I've been pretty delighted all along.
  3. An alliance with the Seastone chair could solidify Roose and Ramsay's power in the North, or just Ramsay's own if he means to take Roose out.
  4. First post ever, so please go easy on me. Just a thought about what purpose Ramsey has in mind for Theon; Asha doesn't want him back, but the Damphair DOES. The Damphair thinks of himself in his youth as foolish and stupid, but then he died and rose again, harder and stronger. He also has a tremendous following on the Iron Islands. He might see a parallel between himself and Theon and try to champion him as Balon's rightful heir, and a godly man to sit the Seastone chair, as he hates Euron so much.