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  1. I thank you for using the Old Tongue (AKA Swedish) in your post. As a Swede, it makes me glad to see.
  2. Your explanation of the relationship between dinosaurs and birds is hereby appreciated, mylord. Although I still think that would have been on Essos or Sothoryos, long before Tormund's ancestors - the First Men - migrated over the arm of Dorne. Also: Old Nan once told me that the sky is blue because we all live inside the eye of a giant chicken called MacChicken [Latin name: Megagallus rex]
  3. Yes, I have thought exactly the same and agree wih you to 100 %.
  4. Maybe banking with interest rates or "usury" is considered religiously immoral in Westeros by the Faith of the Seven, in the same way that it was by the Catholic/Protestant church in real-world Medieval Europe, where basically only jews could make a lot of money from banking due to this.
  5. Why would the dinosaurs be created by people instead of simply existing and having evolved naturally?
  6. I hate/don't like the Essos storyline because most things about Essos are super random, chaotic, pointless and/or irrelevant to the story. Even if everything in Essos was as structured and clear as it is in Westeros, the main story is in Westeros, even for most characters that are currently in Essos. Thus Westeros is intrinsically more important for the story than Essos. Essos is mostly a random, somewhat exciting extra/bonus world, with some fun (or in some cases boring) extra material and events. And it is not as structured as in Westeros either way. ... Most importantly: The thing is that Essos largely consists of city states and other political entities instead of kingdoms, and with most city states we don't have a POV of a character belonging to a house/family/political entity in power, and thus the books aren't really that much about who stays in power in Essos. We don't know that much about the royal/lordly/mercantile houses of Essos, and there aren't for example lists of the noble houses, like there is for Westeros. Thus we don't have a good idea of the structure of Essos at all, and just have some random partial glimpses of information from for example Daenerys when she's in Meereen and so forth. So yeah, if there were like 2 or 3 Essosi POV characters from powerful lordly houses or political parties or mercantile families in Essos, it would be more relevant for the story and we would probably care a bit more. As it is now, Essos seems chaotic, more complex in political structure than Westeros, and in general hard to understand due to lack of information and relevance to the main story. And so forth and so forth... (We also know that for example the White walkers most likely won't affect Essos, and since we don't really have any POV characters that are actually Essosi and permanently living in Essos, we don't really care about who has power over which Free City either way, unless it's a huge thing like for example Valyrians taking control over the Valyrian Freehold again or the Dothraki conquering even more territories or something like that. So in general, it's kind of like what happens in Essos doesn't really matter that much, and in general, Essos seems like a sort of exciting playing ground for Westerosi exiles, sellswords and general mysterious characters with secret identities to roam about in, whereas the Essosi people themselves live their ordinary lives and just go on like they always have.) And also: I just realized something very important: We don't have the POV/experience of a normal, somewhat influential Essosi family's life. Almost all the characters in Essos that we encounter are somewhat "sterile" or rootless people: sellswords, whores, random poor people and slaves, political and religious leaders, and so forth. Essos lacks the family life and love which we have in the Stark family from the very beginning of "A Game of Thrones", which makes one care about the story in the first place. Sure, one could care about other things too, but I do think that this is a very important aspect which makes Essos not seem like a real place, and just like either a war zone or a huge market place; not an actual world where families and dynasties grow up and live, like for example with House Stark and the other families in Westeros. ... Thus, if one were to make Essos a greater and more relevant/interesting/emotional part of the story, I would suggest one would for example: Have ca 2 - 3 or more Essosi POV characters that are powerful political leaders and/or lords/princes/princesses/something from powerful Essosi families, just like the Westeros lords and ladies' POVs. Make us see and understand the Essosi politics from the inside, with the traditions and religions and family structure and scheming and everything like that, just like in Westeros. Make some commoner Essosi characters like Yandry and Ysilla POV characters and then show both their simple family life and also the great political events they happen to witness while trying to live their daily lives, more in-depth lore about the land and for example Rhoynish culture and customs and prophecies, which would make one care more about them, and so forth and so forth.
  7. Stark means strong in Swedish as well. And that is the origin for the English word "stark". (I'm Swedish). So Robb Stark and Robert Strong mean the exact same thing.
  8. It's an anagram of "Ranger stack" or something similar, as well, if I'm not mistaken. Or maybe "Ranger cast"? "Ranger" and "Stranger"... And something like that... Hmm...
  9. I'm not sure if "advertisement" like this is allowed, but I have actually written a fan-made "The Winds of Winter" prologue with my own character, Ferestan Spicer, who's a speculative cousin of Jeyne Westerling. Check it out if you want https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13555999/1/The-Winds-of-Winter-Prologue-chapter-and-Arya-III-chapter It mostly takes place in Braavos, with proximity to Arya, but the young lord Spicer also thinks about his family, House Spicer, and specifically Jeyne, and her fate and possible pregnancy and so forth...
  10. Hello,

    This is just a random acknowledgment to myself that as of today I've leveled up from Squire to Hedge Knight!!!! Yes!!!! 250 posts. Feels awesome. I've been a Squire since like 2019 I think, but I'm not sure... Anyway)


    // Adam Targaryen

  11. In general, Sothoryos has dinosaur-like creatures since it's an exotic place similar to Africa in the Medieval European world view. Thus I would say that either people simply think that there are dinosaurs there, because it's a foreign place, or there are dinosaurs there for the same reason that there are other large exotic animals in the tropic continents in our world. Evolutionarily speaking, some scientists believe that there are still megafauna like elephants, rhinos, giraffes and so forth in Africa because they evolved along the early humans and were therefore able to adapt to and survive human hunting strategies, whereas the megafauna in Eurasia, like mammoths, were taken by surprise when humans migrated there with technology like spears and so forth. Thus, one rational evolutionary explanation would be that primitive humans in Westeros and Essos directly or indirectly drove the dinosaurs to extinction several thousands or millions of years ago. Or maybe these particular dinosaurs simply thrived better in warm, exotic environments and thus survived mainly in the warm, tropical and densely forested areas of Sothoryos, and not in the colder areas of Essos and Westeros. Or maybe there was some or several cataclysmic events akin to the Long Night or something else, but way before that, which drove the dinosaurs of Essos and Westeros extinct. That actually seems like the second best explanation to me. (I am an amateur "paleontologist", so I know about how this works in real life. But GRRM isn't, of course, so he could just have whatever other reason for it. But in general, story-wise, it makes sense that there are dinosaurs and similar large creatures in remote, tropical areas with low levels of human habitation. And so forth and so forth...)
  12. Returning to the actual question about a potential name for the ASOIAF fandom (instead of discussing Jar Jar Binks for two pages): Hmm... Maybe Throners or Thronies? Throne Players? Throne Gamers? Fans of Ice and Fire? ...Yeah, "Fans of Ice and Fire" is possibly the best plural name for the fans.
  13. I'm actually starting to think that this theory could possibly be true... The thing which I have thought about that gives it the perfect symbolism or foreshadowing in hindsight is the fact that out of the three hills of King's Landing, Rhaenys's hill is the one which has the Dragonpit, which means that all the dragons were hatched from Rhaenys, as a metaphor/symbol for all the Targaryen children/descendants coming from her. Before I read this theory, that thing seemed decent to me, but obviously wasn't perfect, since Visenya had at least one child/descendant/Targaryen ruler - Maegor - as well, and since Aegon was also parent to the children from Rhaenys. But now, if his theory about Aegon's infertility is true, it makes sense. ... Aegon's hill has the Red Keep, the symbol of the kingship and royal rule itself, but without any dragons (children/descendants). Just like Aegon the Conqueror is the most prominent of the three siblings, Aegon's High Hill and the Red Keep is the most prominent and "official"/authoritative of the three hills/structures, since it has the Iron Throne itself. Visenya's hill has the Great Sept of Baelor, which doesn't have any dragons (children/descendants) either, but will probably at least have a huge explosion of wildfire in TWOW, just like in the TV show, which symbolises the magical birth of Maegor and/or his rule and war against the Faith of the Seven and the kingdom/city in general. Thus, Visenya's hill has no dragons (children/descendants), but instead has wildfire (a secret evil magic clone, Maegor) - a sort of "cheat solution" that does the job almost as well, but disappears quickly afterwards and cannot reproduce itself. A dragon or a normal Targaryen child can live long and reproduce, but wildfire/Maegor can not. In the same way that wildfire will gradually extinguish itself and die after several hours or even perhaps days of its destruction and fire power, Maegor killed himself in an early age after having exerted his energy and violence in the wars/fights against the Faith. The parallell here is actually really stunning. Rhaenys's hill has the Dragonpit, which is the only one that has dragons (children/descendants). ... (This theory/metaphor/symbolism also represents the in-world Dothraki creation myth of the sun and the two moons, wherein the second moon - Rhaenys - got too close to the sun and cracked open to fill the world with dragons, like the hatching of an egg. Sure, this isn't perfect if Aegon, the sun, wasn't the father, but still...) [[Regarding the temporal aspect of the three hills, at the time of the present of ASOIAF, ca 298-300 A.C., the Red Keep is still standing, possibly symbolising Aegon the Conqueror's rule, the Dragonpit is long since gone into ruin, possibly symbolising Rhaenys's death, and yet the Great Sept of Baelor hasn't been destroyed by wildfire yet, but will possibly be so in TWOW or ADOS. Thus, if this theory is correct, that would mean that the present state of the three hills mark the time after Rhaenys's death, and just before Visenya has either given birth to Maegor or just before Maegor has had his war with the Faith.]]
  14. Happy Birthday in hindsight, GRRM!! Hope it was a good one~
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