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  1. Karlstad, Skövde and several other cities here in my land Sweden used the Göta Kanal during the 1800's and used the lakes Vänern and Vättern, which strongly resemble and might even have inspired the God's Eye, as a major trade. The perfect example.
  2. I really don't think so. I think the matters would be so tedious and he would mostly be so tired and drunk after the first four or five petitions that he'd just sit there still and wait for the minutes to tick on by... He mostly only becomes like young old roaring Robert when he goes to the North to see his old friend Ned again, I would say. Especially, he'd not be feeling angry or cheerful in the Throne Room, almost only melancholic or bored perhaps.
  3. Ser Rodrik: "If he were alive to see this..." He would look into Theon's eyes, hear his story and his last words as to why he did it (conquer Winterfell I mean, including the thing about the bedding), and then he would reluctantly but dutifully as always possibly take his head with Ice. Maybe.... But if he knew that Bran and Rickon were alive he might have Bran decide the judgement for him or something like that?
  4. Her story about them all living inside the eye of a blue-eyed giant named Macumber... "Maybe we do." It does, as anyone familiar with Norse mythology might certainly know, and I am Swedish and the North RemembersTM, resemble the tale of the giant Ymer, who was killed by the first god, Bore if I don't misremember, and then his head and/or body was made into the world, with his hairs being the trees, his blood becoming the sea and rivers and so forth... Also her stories of the Long Night certainly seem true when we find out about the Others and prophecies later in the story.
  5. Does Daenerys have a Tyroshi accent? Where is this mentioned?
  6. Is there a theme to these three ladies? That they are all from the period of the Dance of the Dragons?
  7. Tom Sturridge is maybe Dalton Greyjoy - "The Red Kraken". Sam Neill
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a thread or category here for sharing ASOIAF/GoT fan videos on for example YouTube? I'm guessing the General Chatter thread might be good, but are there specific threads where people post/link to their fan projects and funny GoT videos that they have made? Or perhaps something similar? (My content is a mix of GoT and ASOIAF, but if I had to choose I might say ASOIAF, but I'm not sure, since it often has references from both the books and the show.)
  9. What was the temporal reference point in Westeros, or in each kingdom, before Aegon's conquest? Like how would they write years? Maybe B.A./A.A. ("Before/After the Andal crossing") or something else?
  10. So you mean that there are long, continous tunnels stretching the ENTIRE LENGTH OF WESTEROS?? Even for a fantasy story like ASOIAF, with seasons lasting for years, that seems a bit extreme. The biggest magical structure that we know of is The Wall, and that is only maybe a tenth or less than the length of Westeros.
  11. Who was most likely better at swordplay and fighting in general: Aegon the Conqueror or Visenya? Or were they super evenly matched? And what was the ranking between Visenya, Aegon, Orys and Rhaenys? Like when they were practicing with their master-at-arms (Quentyn Qoherys, by the way), who would beat who?
  12. Now that is incredible to think about. The three ultimate schemers, except Pycelle I guess haha, in charge of King's Landing.
  13. If one is standing high up at the highest tower on Dragonstone, does one see Driftmark or any other islands in the horizon, or would it be a view of like 98 % water in all directions?
  14. Yes, that is a very good point. I have also thought about that sometimes, but since one half thinks about Westeros as a version of Europe and half thinks about it as a version of Britain, and since it's written from an English-speaking English/American perspective, one doesn't really think about that. It would make sense for at least the North and possibly the Iron Islands to speak the Old Tongue, since they are First Men. I guess that somehow the Andals' language, the Common Tongue, slowly and gradually took over all across Westeros, but yes, precisely, that really doesn't make much sense. There isn't even that much trade between The North and the other kingdoms. But maybe the few great all-Westerosi things such as the Night's Watch and the maesters actually are a decent reason for that. If the maesters all were trained in Oldtown, the center for education of the entire contintent, like some specific universities were in Medieval Europe, then the Common Tongue of the Reach would have spread with the maesters and if the lords relied heavily on their maesters, then over time they would begin to speak more of the common tongue with their maesters, and then with the lower servants and smallfolk of the keep, and so forth... But yes, it's still strange. ------ A reasonable version of the three or four different languages across Westeros, like you mention, based on its history and geography, might look something like this: The North - The Old Tongue/The Northern Tongue. (The "true"/most original version of the Old Tongue, since it has been in isolation the most and retained the culture of the First Men. The Iron Islands - The Iron Tongue. (A slightly different version/accent of the Old Tongue, somewhat influenced by the Andals that came into the Iron Islands, maybe with some few specific loan words from thralls and so forth.) The South (The Vale, The Riverlands, The Westerlands, The Reach, The Stormlands) - The Common Tongue. (The Andals' language, with some distinct accents/dialects for each kingdom, but still similar enough to be considered one single language. This is due to significant trade and the lack of strong geographical boundaries, the center of education around Oldtown in The Reach and so forth.) The Hill Tribes of the Vale - The Mountain/Hill Tongue. (The First Men hill tribes, as the last isolated population of First Men remaining in the South, would probably have their own distinct dialect of the Old Tongue from several thousands and thousands of years ago and retaining it due to their relative isolation.) Blackwater Bay - High Valyrian. (Not necessarily that impactful, due to the very small population of Valyrian noble houses, but still, considering the status of the language it might have spread throughout Dragonstone, Driftmark, Claw Isle and so forth, and especially in King's Landing if at least a few of the Targaryens would speak it to a certain degree at court and it could spread to courtiers, traders, dragonseeds and among the common smallfolk of the Blackwater. Dorne - The Common Tongue & Rhoynish. (Maybe like 70 % of the population, especially the stony and sandy dornishmen speaking The Common Tongue, but many of the salty dornishmen still speaking Rhoynish.) ... (Even within this, there would also be a few further specific languages and dialects within kingdoms and so forth.)
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