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  1. Adam Targaryen

    The Red Wedding "Omens?"

    I can't answer your question but I just read Arya's chapter with the Hound, when they're travelling toward the Twins, and the chapter ends with the Hound saying something like "maybe we'll even be in time for your uncle's bloody wedding", which is very foreboding in hindsight.
  2. Well yes, you are right in that. My consideration of Ned as the best fighter was mostly based on the fact that he was able to kill Arthur Dayne (and even with the help of Howland, his battle at the Tower of Joy is impressive), and I know that otherwise he was not the second greatest fighter of the rebels
  3. Their friendship seems like the ultimate, perfect friendship combination since they're both the ultimate, perfect men: tall, strong, beautiful, heroic, honourable, highborn with Valyrian descent/features, completely masterful at fighting - the very best in all of Westeros - etc. (Rhaegar defeats Arthur during the tourney at Harrenhal since they are both so alike and equal in skill; they are both basically the only match for each other and way above almost everyone else) They are both basically Demi-Gods and since they both die heroic deaths, their legacies both become further enshrined in mystery and glory to the point of reaching the heights of complete legend after their deaths. The only thing about it is the fact that therefore, it is almost TOO PERFECT to seem normal/realistic/to be at all. They are almost TOO ALIKE EACH OTHER and it feels like every social circle/generation/kingdom/court only ever "deserves"/has one of those men. Maybe GRRM subconsciously invented the same character twice and didn't notice at first. Anyway, I never remember that they were friends in that way since I always imagine them distinctly placed out at different places in my mind-map of Westeros, Arthur Dayne constantly standing vigil at the Tower of Joy since that's his famous moment, and Rhaegar either at home in King's Landing, at the Harrenhal Tourney, the Isle of Faces, or at the Ruby Ford. ... OMG, I LITERALLY JUST REALISED SOMETHING TRULY INCREDIBLE: One was killed by Robert and the other by Ned!!!! The two best friends, best fighters and most important leaders of the loyalist side killed by the two best friends, best fighters and most important leaders of the rebel side! How does that coincidence even happen??? And how come noone has thought about that, commented on that or made a theory about it (at least that I have seen), neither the characters themselves nor the readers? Right???
  4. Adam Targaryen

    Coldhands is secretly...

    Coldhands is secretly the "piece of fluff for an elephant" referenced by Eddie Izzard in his 1999 standup show "Definite Article"
  5. Well yeah, obviously it's just a random smallfolk rumour, like all the others and we all know that it's not true but the smallfolk believe everything. Anyway, I stand by my belief that this woman might have been the woman called Tansy that the maester spoke of, and therefore possibly Hoster's old mistress or bastard daughter or something
  6. Precisely, in the Arya chapter around page 390-400, and she actually has red hair and also speaks about what has happened at Riverrun; It's the rumour that Catelyn, Brienne and Jaime had "spent the night together", and that Catelyn then freed Jaime because she had come to love/lust for him, if I interpret that scene correctly. This could just be some random rumour that everyone knows, but honestly this Tansy could have some connection to Riverrun and maybe that's why she has information about what's going on there. When Catelyn asks the maester or some steward or someone if there was ever a woman named Tansy in service to Riverrun or something, he tells her about this woman a while back that was some serving woman or whatever. I don't remember exactly, but yeah anyway...
  7. Adam Targaryen

    Idle Thoughts: Could Daario Be Euron's Son?

    Seven Hells, I can't believe I haven't thought of that possibility until now!! I think the Euron = Daario theory makes a lot of sense - it's one of my favorite theories - and yes, this is almost even better.
  8. Adam Targaryen

    Would Balon attacking the Westerlands really change anything?

    What do you mean? Surely things would have played out differently if Balon had sided with Robb? Because that's what I mean. What do you mean by "the story would have to right itself to work"? Do you mean that it would have to correct itself to work (and that it in fact would do so); that GRRM would have twisted the story into the same result by inserting some other factor to make Robb lose? Or have you simply misspelt the word "write"?
  9. Adam Targaryen

    Would Balon attacking the Westerlands really change anything?

    I'm afraid you are, Lord Floki. Everything that happened would not necessarily have played out the same way. If The Iron Islands had joined The North, Robb's force would have been truly great. The North, The Riverlands and The Iron Islands against The Westerlands and most of the Crownlands. If the Ironborn had raided The Westerlands, Robb wouldn't have had to and he probably wouldn't have met and fallen in love with Jeyne Westerling - hence he could have married Roslin Frey and the Frey alliance would be intact. And even if Robb had married Jeyne or some other girl and slighted House Frey the same way, the Freys wouldn't neccesarily have made the same choice if they were more sure of Robb's victory. And if the Ironborn had raided The Westerlands, they probably would have gotten it done way before Robb did, which would mean a far greater victory for Robb and a greater pressure on The Westerlands. Who knows, maybe they could even have sacked Lannisport or Casterly Rock? Okay, not super likely, but still. And maybe Stannis and House Tyrell and everyone would have made different choices then as well
  10. Adam Targaryen

    What if Tommen and Myrcella died?

    If you're referring to House Lannister being the heir to House Baratheon through some marriage a couple of generations ago, then I think Tyrek or someone else would be the heir before Cersei
  11. Adam Targaryen

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    I just remembered that "Help You Fly" with Ivan from Eurovision reminds me of R+L=J, it's like Rhaegar singing it to Jon. Almost like the song of ice and fire, lol. The song starts with a wolf's howl - perfect. The lyrics are really good, basically like Rhaegar talking to his son and encouraging him to fly, like a dragon - in other words, embracing his Targaryen heritage. The lyrics really fit in. "If I can fly, then you can fly", "Leave all of the madness behind" etc. etc. Also, the song is heavily wolf-themed, which you can tell if you watch the music video and/or stage show, plus Ivan totally looks like Rhaegar
  12. Adam Targaryen

    [Spoilers?] Bran and the NK

    I have read about the Bran = the Night King theories lately, and they are really interesting and plausible. However, if he is the Night King, I don't think he is yet. I think that the whole thing seeming like bait to lure Jon and the others there was just idiotic writing, like many other things on the show these past three seasons. If it turns out that it was in fact a scheme by the Night King to get his hands on a dragon, then that is just a completely new level of horribly evil genius.
  13. Adam Targaryen

    What is Littlefinger's plan

    Well yeah, I've been thinking about this as well. To me it seems like he hasn't got a chance trying to manipulate the Stark children, the slightest cause for suspicion and they'd be on him. Sansa's already suspicious and doesn't seem thrilled about having him there. It was obvious that he wanted to create a rift between her and Jon at the end of Season 6 but now I don't think that's gonna happen. Unfortunately it almost feels like there's not much time left for him to trick anyone - the political climate in which Littlefinger thrived is as good as gone now. He's betrayed the Lannisters and so he can't go back to them and soon there will only be the "good guys" left. None of them (or at least very few) would trust him and soon there won't even be any scheming left because all of Westeros will have to fight the Others. In a world of honourable people who only care about surviving and who have gotten to know the schemeing villains and their ways over and over again during these last couple of years - and defeated them - there won't be any place for lies. Daenerys will get a glimpse of glory and a hollow title as Queen of the Ashes before everyone has to go North to save humanity, and then the game of thrones is sadly at an end. I'm very sad to have to say this, but realistically, he will try to do something big the next episode or the one thereafter, after which the Stark children (most likely Arya) will kill him. There are going to be a lot of huge deaths near the end of this season, I fear, and Littlefinger will have to go. I love him and I will surely miss him.
  14. Adam Targaryen

    Who would you rather be? Aegon I or Bronn?

    Are you serious??? Aegon The Conqueror is the best character EVER; the one everyone wants to be. A tall, beautiful, mysterious, successful, Valyrian dragonlord and first King of Westeros, father of an entire dynasty, riding Balerion the Black Dread, the coolest dragon ever. He's extremely powerful, intelligent, famous, successful and rich, could have any woman he wants and do whatever he wants. He's literally on top of the world. Even if there were other characters who had even better lives (for example Jaehaerys I got to live longer and had many wonderful years with his wife compared to Rhaenys dying young) everyone wants to be Aegon. He's just completely awesome. Well spoken, mylord.
  15. It does matter of course, but I don't think the Sept of Baelor is the holiest Sept in Westeros, since it's not even 200 years old and largely just a Targaryen thing. The Starry Sept is more religiously significant and holy