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  1. Adam Targaryen

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Yes, I know that. I just said that they are Valyrians and were dragonriders, which is correct in at least some members of their family when they married with the Targaryens.
  2. Adam Targaryen

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    House Velaryon. It's crazy that they're barely in the story and noone ever talks about them even though they are one of like three Valyrian houses in existence and were once dragonriders!!
  3. Adam Targaryen

    What is your theory on The Others?

    My very first theory, which I developed after watching "Game of Thrones" for the first time and before reading the books, was that they were Targaryens/Valyrians who had been magically transformed or that they were somehow related to the Valyrians. This was because they both had long, white/silvery hair, had special superior magic swords of certain materials, were tall and had special eye colours (I read about the eye colour thing on the Internet). I then developed this theory into them both respectively being descendants of a race of proto-humans who were the "ultimate" humans and superior to other humans - taller, more beautiful etc. The Others were descended from/created by the Great Other - or H'dhor, as I thought he was named in accordance to that theory - and the Valyrians were descended from/created by R'hllor. Thus the two races were each other's antitheses/opposites/contrasts - ice VS fire. And according to this theory, the Valyrians had red eyes from the beginning but they turned purple over the years and they also became more human in other ways due to breeding with the blue-eyed Andals and other normal humans. So according to this theory, the Long Night was H'dhor and the Others' cataclysmic/climactic event, and the Doom of Valyria the Valyrians' cataclysmic/climactic event, several thousand years later, and they will both meet in some way and fight a great battle in the new War for the Dawn - probably with a tied result since it can't really end with either side winning or it would be ridiculous as the symmetry between the two elements is the dynamic basis of ASOIAF's entire world. I think it's a good theory. Also, Jon Snow might be reanimated by both an Other and Melisandre with half of his body lying on either side of the Wall under the gate of the tunnels and thus become the mix of both sides and the one who can bring balance to the world or embody both sides - the son of ice and fire.
  4. Adam Targaryen

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    Yes. [Following the rules of simply answering "yes" or "no"]
  5. Hey everyone, I couldn't find any topic which focuses on this so the traditional "sorry if this has been posted before" message is hereby expressed most swiftly. What's the inspiration behind the Planetos map? I don't think GRRM is very good/creative at drawing/coming up with maps and I think he's said that himself in an interview. I think he's been inspired by/"stolen" various places from real maps of Earth so I thought we could discuss that. It's very interesting. (Although I just have to say first of all that when examining many places and finding this to be the case with many places, not just the basic shape of Westeros, it is actually a bit disappointing as well, that the shapes are mostly not original but... well, of course a great author can't necessarily be great at making maps and so forth) First of all, I'm not sure but I think it's been basically proven that the North is Britain and the South is Ireland turned upside down and mirrored/reversed. I think GRRM has admitted this as well, which is really interesting. I could be wrong - maybe this is not confirmed - but if it's not, it's still really obvious if you look at the map. The Vale is exactly the same shape as south-western Ireland etc. Furthermore, I think the Iron Islands are the Galapagos Islands mirrored/reversed, with Isabela as Great Wyk etc. - maybe he was hoping that noone would notice, I don't know, and I actually didn't until someone else pointed it out on a forum or the Internet in general but once yer' see it... Yeah... Also, Valyria is obviously like Ancient Greece in its culture and significance and the shape of the Valyrian peninsula after the Doom also looks like Greece - or, more clearly, like the Greek peninsula Chalkidiki, which lies to the northeast of the main Greek peninsula and looks like a little version of Greece with its three fingers/"legs". Qarth lies at the straits which separate the Jade Sea from the Summer Sea, and the Jade Sea was originally a big lake or "inland sea" or whatever it's called, just like the Black Sea, which makes the similarity between Qarth and Byzantium (present Istanbul) very clear - and many people say that Qarth is indeed Byzantium's equivalent in Planetos. Several more can probably be found. What do you all think?
  6. Adam Targaryen

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Really random but I've been wondering for a while... Is it possible that GRRM got the name Casterly Rock from the "Castle Rock" production company, the logo of which for example is at the end of "Seinfeldt" episodes? He probably watched "Seinfeldt" like most people when he started writing AGOT in -91 or -92 and came up with the Westerlands, right? Maybe this is just a coincidence but surely it could be like this?
  7. Adam Targaryen

    Least favourite POV character per book

    I'm reading Feast now and honestly, the Brienne chapters are so boring. They're a bit "cozy" in a way, which was the case with Arya's wandering in the Riverlands all through Clash and Storm as well, but it's nowhere near as interesting or nice to read them. I think it could possibly be - at least to a certain degree - that I've been affected by everyone else saying that Feast is "just Brienne wandering around endlessly in the Riverlands" and therefore have a negative starting point but honestly, they aren't that good anyway. I think there are several reasons why Brienne's chapters are considered to be among the most boring: First of all, she's not really involved in any major player action until she meets the Brotherhood without Banners and Lady Stoneheart. She's not an important lord or lady in Westeros, like all the characters from Great Houses are, she's got no ambitions for the throne nor is she close to anyone who does. Her plotline is mostly pointless in the grand scheme of things unless you think that she's really going to find Sansa, and even then it takes her a super long time to do so so it's not necessarily worth it. She has a connection to Catelyn, Jaime and Sansa etc but the thing is that nothing related to that happens for like half the book so it's not interesting. Mostly it's just descriptions of smallfolk and soldier pines and the countryside around the Riverlands over and over again. That's the thing: Brienne's storyline doesn't pay off until the end of Feast, so she should definitely have had at least one or two chapters fewer. Also, while her character is definitely honourable, extremely strong - both physically and mentally - and noble etc, she's not the typical charismatic character. She doesn't have a "wonder child" thing like Bran, Arya or Daenerys, nor is she politically active or anything. Mostly she just thinks about having to do her duty or having been slighted or whatever. She is interesting in being a strong woman in Westeros, of course, and also her relationship to Jaime is interesting, plus her arc gives us a good world-building view of the Riverlands, but she mostly doesn't do or say anything really special, she doesn't have any great aspirations or dreams (except being a knight of course but it almost seems like she's given up on that as she lost Renly and now only has the promise to Catelyn to think about) and no great mysteries or prophecies surrounding her. Unfortunately, she's just much more boring and stiff than the other characters. And unlike Stannis, she doesn't have any gritty, teeth-grinding black humour to make up for it.
  8. Adam Targaryen

    The Vanishing Uncles of Westeros

    The Ice Dragon is not set in Westeros, GRRM has refuted that in Not A Blog (Although of course I understand that it still could be important and the worlds of the stories are very similar). https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/The_Ice_Dragon#cite_note-5 ... Euron was "missing" when he was in exile (obvious but yeah) and there might be others as well
  9. Adam Targaryen

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Thankyou! I'll try to think of some more if I can
  10. Adam Targaryen

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Stannis - Iron Tywin - Gold Euron - Storm Rhaegar - Silver Arthur - Diamond Robert - Steel Renly - Copper Tyrion - Joker Sansa - Lady Arya - Tomboy Bran - Dreamer Littlefinger - Manipulator Sandor - Hardened Gregor - Beast Jeor - Leader Aemon - Wise Sam - Nerd Brienne - Dutiful Daenerys - Conqueror Drogo - Strong Ramsay - Sadist Mance - Noble
  11. Me neither, yet if I'm not wrong it's not allowed to post joke threads that are just nonsense. I might be wrong, but I think that people have had their threads removed for lacking substance or meaning before, so I just want to make sure whether this thread is just a joke/nonsense thread or whether it has some meaning. If it's just a nonsense thread and if there is a rule or guidelines against those, I expect the moderators to do their work.
  12. I know that, but I am wondering what the theory is and what it is based on. What do you mean? Do you mean that the Snarks invented the Common Tongue and then taught it to the humans of Westeros? If so, why do you believe this? Is there any evidence for it, or anything suggesting that it could be true? And why would specifically Damphair and Victarion be speaking another language? Surely, if Damphair and Victarion speak another language, Asha would do that as well (and all the other Ironborn characters). She is also Ironborn, and logically people of the same region would speak the same language. Besides, I have never read anything suggesting that the Ironborn speak a different language than the Common Tongue.
  13. What are you all talking about???
  14. Adam Targaryen

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    "Ahh, I can feel the brisk Northern winds blowing strong at my back. - And now it's off down South, to show them what I'm made of!"
  15. Adam Targaryen

    Wed, Bed, Kill

    Wed Kevan 'cuz he's a reliable, good man and I would be close to Tywin and Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion and see everything that's happening with them Bed Gerion 'cuz he seems cool and adventurous and I see him as handsome when I imagine him (#nohomo) Kill Tygett 'cuz I unfortunately like him the least, don't like his name and mostly just know that he was quite angry and aggressive Cersei Lannister, Melisandre, Asha Greyjoy