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    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    The Selaesori Qhoran is carrying dragon peppers and a corpse in brine. Didn't the Cinnamon Wid also carry dragon peppers? And they lay Maester Aemon in a barrel of rum to keep him from rotting when he died, so maybe his is the corpse? So could they both be the same ship or could the Selaesori Qhoran be carrying cargo from the Cinnamon Wind? Sorry but I haven't read the chapter where Sam arrives in Oldtown nor the ones aboard the Selaesori Qhoran yet. I am currently reading Tyrion's chapter when he and Jorah get on the ship first
  2. Adam Targaryen

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Which captain of the Golden Company had filed teeth? One of the skulls has filed teeth. Who is this and why did he have filed teeth?
  3. Obviously AFFC is considered the most boring book of them all and, if in any book, the one in which GRRM possibly "dropped the ball" a little bit. But it's also because Storm was SO MAGNIFICENTLY GOOD!!!! Seriously, "A Storm of Swords" is a true masterpiece. It's got everything, so of course AFFC will be a disappointment in comparison. But I do love Cersei's chapters and I think they are among the best in AFFC. The other chapters are much worse. Who cares about Brienne endlessly wandering through the Riverlands without anything special happening or Jon freezing and fretting at the Wall? And the others as well... I get it if you hate Cersei, but I don't think her chapters are boring at all. They were in fact great to me and contained some of the most creative and fascinating lines I've read in ASOIAF, such as her thinking about how she used to eat Robert's seed, "devouring all of his pale sticky princes" or something similar. Magnificent writing, I think.
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    The Sweet of the Bittersweet

    I still somehow half subconsciously believe in the theory/thing that the ending will be Jon and Arya both dying and warging into Ghost and Nymeria and then meeting and recognising each other as wolves and having a sweet reunion where they either rule Nymeria's pack together as the alpha couple or just live together the two of them, and also falling in love. I think that this is the ending that GRRM had originally planned or something, or otherwise there was this huge thing or aspect that completely showed that this was going to be the ending, at least from the beginning. But now I can't remember or find where I read it and what it was about. But anyway, that could be a sweet ending.
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    Small Questions v. 10106

    Where do Genna Lannister and Emmon Frey live at the start of the series? Do they have their own castle, somewhere in either the Westerlands or the Riverlands, or do they live at Casterly Rock or the Twins, or something else?
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    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    I often think that banal descriptions of food or nature or other small aspects of the book can be metaphors or hidden foreshadowing of things, and for once I found something so elaborate and long that it was worth writing it down: In one of the Jaime chapters in AFFC, when Jaime has just arrived to the siege of Riverrun - maybe Jaime IV or something - Jaime is watching two girls wrestling in the water on the shoulders of two men. "Jaime bet a copper star on the blond girl riding Raff the Sweetling, and lost it when the two of them went down splashing amongst the reeds. Across the river wolves were howling, and the wind was gusting through a stand of willows, making their branches writhe and whisper. Jaime found Ser Ilyn Payne alone outside his tent, honing his greatsword with a whetstone." This is my interpretation of what the text is a metaphor of: The girls represent the Great Houses, sitting on the shoulders of their soldiers in order to win. Jaime bets on the blond girl to win the fight. The blond girl represents House Lannister or maybe even Cersei herself. She is with Raff. Their team loses, just like House Lannister will lose the coming war. (Arya kills Raff in Braavos in the "Mercy" chapter, so Raff will die too). Raff falls first and then the blond woman on top of him, since he is carrying her on his shoulders. So Raff dies at the start of Winds, and Cersei might die at its end, or in ADOS. They fall down "amongst the reeds". This could have something to do with House Reed but I don't necessarily think so. Across the river wolves are howling, which symbolises House Stark winning and prospering - the wolves are probably Nymeria and her pack, of course, making it even clearer that they are of House Stark - and after that the wind is gusting, making the branches of a willow tree writhe and wisper. The wind represents the winter and the Others. First House Stark will win over the Lannisters, and then the Others will come for the Starks. Also, the wind making the branches writhe and whisper could mean that the reemergence of the Others will make the Children of the Forest and the Old Gods move and speak again - in other words, they will once again come into the world of men and make themselves heard, like the trees are whispering. And, finally, Jaime finds Ilyn Payne, who represents death, meaning Jaime will die. And this is after Cersei has already died and House Lannister has lost.
  7. Adam Targaryen

    Small Questions v. 10106

    What does the word "pergent" mean??? In one of Tyrion's chapters, when he's aboard the Shy Maid, he's writing down everything he knows about dragons' mating habits, "on which subject Barth, Munkun and Thomax held markedly pergent views". I googled it and I couldn't find any definition or explanation of it. How is it possible that no online dictionary has this seemingly archaic word and yet GRRM knows it? And what does it mean, and why?
  8. Adam Targaryen

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Is the House of Black and White so small that it only contains two Faceless Men who reside there permanently? Surely there must be a lot of Faceless Men since their organisation is so "grand" and well-known and they have an entire religion and everything. Shouldn't there be at least 20-50, or maybe more than 100 Faceless Men in the world? And surely they can't all constantly be out on missions? And isn't the House of Black and White their only headquarters? But in the "The Blind Little Girl" chapter in ADWD, it says that "Besides her, the House of Black and White was home to two serving men, three acolytes, Umma the cook, and the two priests that she called the waif and the kindly man. Others came and went, sometimes by secret ways, but those were the only ones who lived here". So what's the thing? Why aren't there more priests/faceless men in the House of Black and White?
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    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Regarding Bran II or III or something - I'm not counting the exact chapters all the time - in Dance: Coldhands calls the Others "White walkers". Isn't that word supposed to only be used by the wildlings? Could this say something about Coldhands' identity, even though he has crow's garb? Also, when Bran wargs Hodor in the attack before they reach the cave of the Three Eyed Raven, he screams "HODOR!", but couldn't Bran make Hodor talk like a normal person when he is inside him if he wanted to?
  10. Adam Targaryen

    Delete this

    Just read something which made me understand that the post I wrote was based on a false assumption in a chapter in Dance. Please delete this
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    Fave moment in AFFC?

    Have only read half so far, but: Tywin's funeral (Cersei I) is a magnificent chapter and one of the few which was as good in the show as it was in the books and vice versa. Even better and more grand in the show, actually, which made me happy to read it afterwards in the book (I read it as a sample chapter in my pocket book of Storm first and it was great fun) Alayne Stone - all of the chapters so far are excellently ethereal, and there is a truly beautiful, fair, magic sensation about the Eyrie where I can really feel like I'm there, high up in the Mountains of the Moon with the snow and clouds and clear air (plus obviously the things that happen with Littlefinger and Sansa are super interesting) (Possibly Kingsmoot to a degree, but it wasn't as grand as I had imagined. But of course Euron is still pretty cool and everything) (Arya's arrival in Braavos is relatively cool as well)
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    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Not necessarily related to the series itself but: "Santa Fe" - "Fanta-sy"
  13. Adam Targaryen

    Percentage Poll on various theories

    1. 25 %. Absolutely not something I normally think of but it would certainly be a twist and possible considering all the other twists that have happened so far 2. 25 %. Maybe but it could also just be some other crow 3. 75 % I almost think this is stated in the books, due to Aerys's paranoia, so yes 4. 50 % Maybe. It would be a bit weird for her not to go there after Quaithe's prophecy and so forth but at the same time she probably doesn't have the time to go there before she goes to Westeros and the series ends... But maybe 5. 0 % Have almost not heard about this theory before and Quaithe could be anyone else too 6. 50 % Maybe. She seems to have an important identity and Ashara fits quite well plus I know it's a well-known theory so I trust the forum speculators on this one as I haven't finished Dance yet 7. 25 % Maybe, it would be a fun twist and could include the thing about Tyrion's knowledge with Casterly Rock's sewer systems if they invade via the Westerlands. But at the same time this would probably mean having to reveal all of the lands on the way there and that is not GRRM's thing so I don't think he'll reveal any new landmasses in the story etc etc 8. 25 % Either Khal Drogo's or Rhaego's soul, or no one's at all 9. 75 % Obviously, since they're warging and Jon probably wargs into Ghost at the time of his stabbing 10. 0 % Lol why would he be?
  14. Adam Targaryen

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Tysha is probably dead or living a commoner's life somewhere in Westeros. Possibly otherwise as a whore in one of the Free Cities - most likely Braavos. The only chance of Tyrion meeting her again is if she's a whore in Essos, but I don't think that's the case. 2. Lyanna Stark 3. Some Meereenese noble, I don't know 4. Lyanna Stark 5. A Blackfyre 6. Big Walder Frey 7. No idea XD 8. A random Night's Watch corpse which is being warged by Bloodraven 9. Don't know 10. Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen (or noone at all)
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    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Really interesting, I think it makes sense. It could be the Old Tongue
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    Best place to discuss my future history of Westeros project?

    OMG Are you Vologda Mapping on YouTube?
  17. Adam Targaryen

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  18. Adam Targaryen

    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    I just realised how the show COULD be saved if everything aligned perfectly and still according to the framework which has been set in place, based on things we didn't see. Meaning that it COULD potentially mean that the story continues and becomes good/interesting again in-universe, even if they'll never show it and we would never know about it anyway. There's still a chance that the NK lives on like Sauron's spirit and will come back. I think Bran said so in a deleted scene. And this could mean that Bran could still be the NK himself, which was a super cool theory - OR it could be Jon Snow. Check out that theory as well, "The Night King's name is Jon Snow", it's really cool. But it's even cooler if Bran is somehow the NK and Jon is Azor Ahai and has to kill him. And since Jon killed Daenerys with that random dagger in Nissa Nissa fashion the dagger could possibly be Lightbringer. Seriously, it's possible. I don't think it will happen and it's not at all probable but it's POSSIBLE FROM THE FRAMEWORK WE HAVE. Littlefinger could also have faked his own death and still be alive. Obviously this goes for a lot of characters but Littlefinger has the biggest chance of having faked his own death since he's Littlefinger. So he could still return and be in the Game again. It's possible. Check out the theories on YouTube etc. Drogon, Rhaegal or Viserion COULD have laid eggs or been pregnant without us knowing, so that there will be a breeding population of dragons in the world again. And in general, since Jon Snow is still alive, anything can still happen with him. He COULD still go back to KL, and become King. Or become Azor Ahai, as I said above. Or whatever. Tyrion COULD still find Tysha. etc etc So the point is that everything is NOT NECESSARILY ended and cut so that nothing will ever happen again, and even things which we think are ended might not be.
  19. I actually think Peter Dinklage as Tyrion said that: "Some maesters believe they are more clever than men" in season 6, when he had just met them and was talking either to the dragons in the dungeon or to Varys, Missandei and/or Grey Worm. I'm 80 % sure. And just because they are very intelligent it does not mean that they have perfect eyesight or are 100 % focused all the time. Even a human genius could be caught off-guard while thinking about something else. So I don't think that the dragons failing to notice the scorpions was them being unintelligent; I think it was them being temporarily unfocused, having bad eyesight, or something else.
  20. I do think that the dragons are at least as smart as border collies, the most intelligent breed of dog, in the show. They might be even more clever. Some maesters believe that they are even smarter than men - of course, if they are, it's a different kind of intelligence, and intelligence isn't the same thing as for example understanding human languages and so forth. But yes, I do think that the dragons have a relatively high intelligence, and especially a high intuition and emotional analytical ability, so that they see and analyse and feel and understand most of what is going on with the humans, even if they can't understand what everyone is saying all the time. So yes, I think that Drogon could understand that the Iron Throne was the source for Daenerys' madness and that Jon was sorry for having killed her and so forth... Otherwise I don't think Drogon would have burnt down the Iron Throne. One could of course claim that he did that just because D&D are idiots and nothing made sense but I really do think that he did it for a reason and that it can be explained via Drogon's feelings and thoughts.
  21. Haha thankyou, I'm glad to find someone who thinks alike. It feels good to be on the Forum again after this finale... That saying should be used more, I'm glad you like it too And yes, of course, love Ned and what he said <3
  22. I completely agree. The episode was absolutely absurd. But I can maybe answer ONE of your questions, which I do think makes sense in this episode where almost nothing else does. I think that Drogon let Jon live because - as someone else here on the forum or somewhere else on the Internet said - Drogon realised that Jon was not Daenerys' true enemy, her true enemy was the Iron Throne, which drove her mad with power. So therefore Drogon destroyed the Iron Throne instead. And also I think Drogon understood that Jon was a good man after all and finally Jon is after all the last Targaryen, so Drogon probably didn't want to kill him even despite the fact that he killed Daenerys... But yeah, I understand if you don't accept that as an answer and I will not defend this episode lol.
  24. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK HAVE I JUST SEEN??? THAT WAS THE STRANGEST, MOST UNMOTIVATED EPISODE EVER!!!! Some things were actually good - or even great. The episode started great, although some things were weird, like Daenerys suddenly wanting to take over all of the world, which she actually hasn't talked about before. She really should have been content with Westeros. But whatever, mostly it was good. But exactly the second when I saw Bran and Sansa and everyone else sitting there for that council the entire thing became completely random/mental. WHY BRAN????? Obviously Bran will most likely be a great ruler and he doesn't want power but NEITHER DOES JON, OR SO THEY'VE SAID OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And Jon is a Targaryen, which should mean something. Otherwise, what in SEVEN HELLS was the point of it all??? Just to show that war and all the struggles for the throne is pointless? We already knew that back in season 4 but the show has led us to believe that either Jon or Daenerys can achieve a difference and a better world. Why build both of them up for 8 seasons and then just piss on it? Jon becomes COMPLETELY meaningless. He was not a hero during the Long Night, he doesn't do anything to fulfill a prophecy or do something with his Targaryen heritage. And he doesn't even stay in Winterfell, he returns to the Night's Watch. Sure, the Night's Watch is the place for him in a way but it doesn't even exist anymore nor have a purpose, so it still doesn't make any sense. Jon killing Daenerys and Drogon burning the Iron Throne were the best things in the entire episode - truly great, and executed brilliantly. But if the Iron Throne is burned, and King's Landing completely ruined, House Targaryen no longer exists or matters, and most kingdoms want to be sovereign - which we know they do - then WHY SHOULD THEY STILL HAVE A KING OF WESTEROS??? The Seven Kingdoms should have all become independent again with the burning of the Iron Throne - ESPECIALLY since the North did. That was super random. Obviously the North is the secondary focus of the show with House Stark but Dorne and the Iron Islands have never wanted to be ruled over either and several other kingdoms would probably want independence as well. Bran should be in the North, with the Old Gods. He does NOT belong in the South, and he does NOT belong being a politician, which is basically what a king is. He is the Three Eyed Raven and unless they can 100 % guarantee his safety, he should not be down south. He should be in Winterfell or in the cave beyond the wall, keeping the memories and being with the Old Gods. Arya suddenly deciding to go exploring comes from nowhere at all. But sure, she is adventurous in general and it's probably the most logical thing which happened that I didn't see coming. So fine, whatever, that wasn't too bad. But she is choosing to never see Jon again, which is really sad and strange since their love is basically the core of her heart and all that she is. Why did she talk so much about them being family and why did she choose to leave Braavos and remain Arya Stark if her family and identity doesn't mean anything in the end? And the Council thing was extremely random and I could just see Peter Dinklage suffering both when he declared Bran king and when he realised that this super random scene with Bronn and everyone was to be the end. And basically, they didn't learn anything because the political game has the potential to just start again. They have established a republic of kings, but who should be king after Bran, then? The next Three Eyed Raven is the only good answer I can think of because anyone else would be too biased to be king. And the Three Eyed Raven is something to do with the Old Gods and should not be "down in that rat's nest they call the capital", to quote Ned. In short, there were MANY prophecies and connections and symbolism things which should and could have happened but very few of them did. What happened instead was in most cases EXTREMELY random and completely unexpected, with no logical tie to anything that has happened before. So basically, they could just have ignored the entire story and killed off all the characters from the beginning, as soon as possible, and just have Bran be king as soon as he's done being trained by the Three Eyed Raven. Jon and Daenerys were ultimately both completely pointless for the Realm, except saving it from the White Walkers, which were themselves in turn completely pointless, since they didn't want anything, have a purpose which we found out about or anything. And all of this could make sense if they just meant that all of it was to show that progress from this medieval world was the point. But they ignored that as well by having everyone laugh about the possibility of letting commoners decide in a democratic fashion. Of course this can change over the years and now the idea has sprouted but they should have made it clear that it was feasible if that's what they meant. Also, why the HELL would they include the "A Song of Ice and Fire" meta-perspective of the book if it wasn't even written by Sam, which has been the theory for a super long time? Sam is just the person who gave it a title. They could have at least had him add some chapters to it, but no, apparently this is the work of some super random maester. And also, the book doesn't even feature Tyrion, making it impossible that it is our version of the story. SO WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT OF THAT META PERSPECTIVE??? - So this is the end then... Well, I sure as Seven Hells don't think and hope it will end like this in the books... But yeah, whatever. The Others take D&D. Absolute bollocks. - I've been sitting here for days. Everyone sign the damn "Remake Season 8" petition before I piss myself.
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    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    The fact that Tyrion eats mushrooms when he is at Illyrio's mansion in ADWD and he is the closest he's ever been to being the contemporary version of Mushroom the dwarf fool. Probably completely obvious and an old thing but I just read it 'cuz I've just started ADWD for my first time and felt I had to write something