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  1. This was the worst episode of the entire series. It was just illogical and incredibly disjointed, and really rather unbelievable. Look, most of the time I like the show, but this episode was god awful. Why anyone thought that Cersie and her walk deserved to be the centerpiece of the show is the question for me. I did not like it in the book. I thought it was lame and rather stupid in the book. I am not surprised they put in the show, but to make it a 15 minute segment is just idiotic. The obvious grafting of Cersei's head on that body looked ridiculous. Jon Snow's death made zero sense after the way they depicted Hardhome. It' is like they all got together and said there are only 50 brothers left so lets kill our Lord Commander. That way we do not have to wait for the Wight Walkers to kill us. We can just be killed by the wildlings that Jon Snow befriended. Stannis just walks up to Winterfell right out in the open like he is organizing a Boy Scout camp out. "O.K. boys, you all set up some tents over here and you guys start a fire so we can have some s'mores." Then the Boltons come riding out and Stannis just looks at them and says "OK forget the s'mores boys, we are going to work on your sword fighting badge now." For crying out loud the Boltons look like Stannis did when he rode up to fight the wildlings. How do you not notice your whole army leaving with the horses? Thousands of men and horses leave and Stannis hears nothing? Is he on Ambien? Also did Mel have the last horse just hidden in her tent? Evidently there was enough money for a battle at Hardhome, but no budget for a battle of Winterfell. After this battle that we did not actually get to see, Stannis manages to get back to some wooded area and fights two men, who must have worked in the kitchen and had never swung a sword. Then he is confronted by none other than Brienne of all people, who just casually strolls up to kill him. Where is Ramsay? Where is Roose? Did they not notice the 6 foot 4 inch blond Amazon just walking around on the battlefield. Then the red woman shows back up at the wall in record time. Obviously the horse she had hidden in her tent was the Triple Crown Winner, American Pharoah. Davos asks her some questions, but he does not ask details. I would have grabbed her up and shook some answers out of her. Arya's scene was terrible. I had been looking forward to her killing Trant, but I did not think the scene worked. Also at the end when she is confronted by Jaqhen, how is Jaqhen there and another person wearing his face too. I mean was he a twin or a clone? Have I changed the channel and am now watching Orphan Black? Dany's scene did nothing for me. I liked seeing Drogon, but the Dothraki looked like something out of a John Wayne movie. I did like Theon and Sansa's scene. Seeing Miranda fall was fine with me and I really loved the jump. I also like the scene with Tyrion and Varys. For the most part I have liked the show. There have been episodes that I was not crazy about, but after I watch them a second time, I am more accepting of them. I try to just watch the show and not get caught up in all of the minutia and worry about what is in the show or what was left out. However when I tried to watch this a second time, for the first time ever, I thought the episode was much worse than I had thought originally. When the Cersei scene started, I just cut the TV off. There was no way I was watching it again and no it was not the nudity that bothered me. It was the utter stupidity of it that bothered me. Worst episode ever!!!!!!!!
  2. Perhaps she was more concerned with creating her own great rule, rather than worrying about the future. Those civil wars you speak of may have come much earlier if she had had children. As I said an heir creates a figurehead for the discontented to rally around. Even pretenders create that kind of chaos. If you add more heirs than you multiply the potential for plotting. Look at all of the plots that constantly surrounded Mary Queen of Scots while she lived. One of the reasons for the War of the Roses was because Edward the III had all of those children.
  3. I wondering about that too. Was he trying to place who she was or was he interested in her because evidently it turns out he is a perv?
  4. Queen Elizabeth did fine without one. The main problem with an heir is that an heir provides someone to rally around if people are unhappy with their king or queen. Elizabeth understood this. Look at Mary Queen of Scots. The nobles did not need her anymore once they could rally around James VI.
  5. I had a tough time rating this. On one hand, my gut wants me to give it a low number, however I understand that my dislike comes from the fact that something that I did not want to happen has now in fact happened. That makes it difficult. Overall I thought it was a very good episode. I like the Mereen scenes. Drogon was exciting. Jorah killing the Harpy made me cheer. Dario's head between Dany and Hizzy looking like their kid riding in the back seat of their car was hilarious. Tyrion saying his father would have liked him was great. There is really nothing to be said about Stannis now. He sold his soul for a kingdom. Arya in the brothel was rather boring. I want to like this story, but I do not. To be fair, I was the same way with the book. I wanted to like it, but I did not. For once, Dorne was tolerable. Tyene slapping the other sand snake was hilarious. I liked the scene with Ellaria and Jamie. The wall scenes were good. Ser Alliser was very good. The only thing I did not like was that hang dog look on Jon. For crying out loud, he looked like a drowning black sheep with that hair do and the whining made me want to scream. He's is now a man of the Night's Watch and the Lord Commander to boot and yet he is mewling like a new born kitten right in front of the men that he is leading. He needs to man up and live with his decisions. Finally, for Christ's sake can someone find out if Olly has any king's blood, because while normally I do not advocate child abuse, I would love to burn his ass up.
  6. LOL Yes, by all means just because I do not agree with you, please feel free to insult me. I have read the books. I did enjoy books 1 - 3. There are even bits and pieces of 4 and 5 that I like, and unlike a lot of people I like 5 better than 4. Are there things that are left out the I am disappointed to not see? Certainly. Are there things that I wish had been done differently? Of course; however in the long run I think they have done an excellent job. I cannot imagine the sheer amount of time and effort it has taken to bring all of it to the screen. I respect them for having the nerve and heart to even try. By the way, just because I do not agree with you, does not make me unintelligent nor does it mean I have not read the books. It just means I have a different opinion on them, which is perfectly acceptable.
  7. ..... and in contrast Tyrion wondering around with a pig, dog and Penny, Brienne wondering around on some sort of quest, the whole sand snakes plot, and that complete mess of Mereen offered up "continuity, plot logic and good pacing." I never said it was the best ever episode. I did say that I thought the season as a whole has worked when you allow the story arcs to actually develop before criticizing.
  8. Oddly enough I do not think the people that despise books 4 & 5 are doing the complaining. Most of the complaints come from people that think every single ridiculous thing in the book needs to be in the show. I did not care for books 4 & 5, and while I think the show has had some issues this year, I also think most of those issues are the result of those books. I think the show has done an amazing job with this season considering the big meandering mess they were working with.
  9. I gave it a 10. I never give a 10 because I think that should be for something that is absolutely perfect, but I watched it episode again and said what the hell, let's make it a 10. My only question is if water stops the army of the dead, why didn't Bran the Builder build a moat or canal instead of a wall? I did not realize that water stopped them. Maybe their bones separate in the water and float away. Anyway, it was a great episode!!
  10. Now back to the topic at hand. I really enjoyed the episode and it made me look forward to the next 3. I thought it really brought some things around that will set up the rest of the events for this season. By the way, this is for the person that did not like Lady Olenna saying the word shagging. I too, felt that it was jarringly out of place and Austin Powers did come to mind. It just did not fit in the setting or with an older character. It was sort of like when your grandmother tries to say something like totes obvs. it just does not fit.
  11. Well, I do understand what you saying, but your first sentence is in effect the point of what I am saying. You state, If I enjoy a book or a series of books a lot, and it holds up under scrutiny then it is great literature. If you had added just two more words to your statement I would totally agree with you. Those words are ~to me~. Your statement would then be If I enjoy a book or a series of books a lot, and it holds up under scrutiny then it is great literature to me. Just because you enjoy a book or a series does not mean it is great literature. It is simply a book that is great to you. By the same token just because something is not great literature, does not make it a bad book that no one should read. I read lots of books that could not possibly be called great literature, but I love those books and vice versa. I have read some books that are called great literature and I just was not that crazy about them. This also holds true for movies and TV shows. For example the movie The Godfather is always at the top of the lists for greatest movies of all times. However I just am not crazy about that movie. I do not think it is a bad movie, but I am just not crazy about mob stories. I do not know why, but they just do not grab me for some reason. For that same reason, The Sopranos are not at the top of my list either. I like The Sopranos, but for me, once again, the mob story just sort of annoyed me. I know, I know, everyone loves that movie and that show, but for some reason the mob story always stops me from going past simply liking them. All I am saying is that you are allowing your personal feelings for something color your judgment and that is perfectly alright. I like the books and I like the show as well. I do not think the books are as great as you think for several reasons, but that does not mean that I did not enjoy them immensely at times. I also do not think the show is as bad as the book purists think it is. Is it perfect? Well frankly no, but I still like it.
  12. :lmao: I did not think by any stretch of the imagination that Feast would ever be considered a great piece of literature in anybody's mind. Actually I do not think any of this can be considered great literature. The first book is a really good set up book, but after that it is hit and miss. I did like ACoK and I liked ASoS, but I still do not think they could possibly be considered great literature. Obviously I was wrong. There is no shame in reading something that is not great literature. Hey give me a good murder mystery and I am as happy as a clam, even though I do not consider them great literature. I like lots of books. I must like them considering how many I read in a year, but I do not make the mistake of thinking they are great literature, just because I happen to enjoy them. I mean GRRM is a lot of fun at times. He keeps you guessing, and he does lots of surprising things, but the writing is not great literature. Still you did make me smile today.
  13. I give the episode an 8. It think the episode was a good setup for the last 3 episodes. Most things seem to be moving forward. I like that Tyrion and Dany were put together. I like the mix of Jorah and Tyrion. Any episode with Davos is a plus. Aemon mentioning Egg and the I dreamed I was old was fantastic. QoT with the High Sparrow was good. I do not like the communistic crap that he spouted, but it worked to get his point across in the scene. Tommen bellowing about he was the king was priceless. I find it interesting that people claiming to not be watching the show are still on here commenting, especially in the Rate the Episode thread. I hope that they did not vote if they truly did not watch the show. Now if they did actually watch the episode, they are certainly free to give it a 1 if they choose. I hope they will be able to come out of the closet as secret show watchers one day.
  14. :agree: A lot of people have lost their perspective and are now just bashing for the sake of bashing. Several have said they are no longer watching the show, yet they are still here commenting on the show instead of posting on other threads. I find that strange. I assume they are lying about watching the show. If they are not lying, and are simply posting based on other people's reviews or postings, it shows a lack of judgment at the very least.
  15. That is simply your characterization. There are plenty of victims in ASOIAF, both male and female. It seems to me that you are claiming that every woman that is not a victim is a violent bitch. I do not see violent bitches here. I see strong women in a world where physical strength still reigns supreme, so they have to be able to physically show strength in order to get ahead. If they choose to forgo the traditional wife and mother roles, they have no other choices in order to get ahead. It's not like they can go to college and then forge their way into business or professional roles. They have very limited choices. They can use their physical beauty and connive their way to the top and be called a whore, or they can be strong and fight and be labeled a violent bitch. Why is it perfectly acceptable for a man to be strong and fight their way to the top, but a woman is a violent bitch if she reaches for more? What other option is there for a woman? Do you expect her to serve tea and lemoncakes and think that a man is going to say, "oh honey, you did such a good job with those lemoncakes and tea, come over here and help me plan my military attack or run my kingdom."
  16. I know some people like doing that. That is why I suggested a separate thread for it.
  17. They were not speaking of valid criticism. They were speaking of the stupid comments that people feel the need to post while the show is on. Perhaps a another thread should be opened for people wanting to make what they believe is a witty remark during the show. I do not consider someone saying "Oh NO" a valid discussion. They are just posting during the show and the comments are just silly and suck up a lot of room before you get to any real discussion.
  18. I think she will become the girl in pain that she killed earlier in the episode with the water from the fountain. I only say this because in the pictures that were released with Arya's new look she had the same hairstyle with those little whimsical buns on the side. They looked similar enough that they can change the look without changing the actress.
  19. I keep thinking they got they idea from the Michael Jackson trial. I believe one of his accusers could describe a distinguishing birthmark or scar. The Gold Cloaks did make a move to protect her, but Tommen held up his hand to stop them. I missed that the first time watching the scene, but I noticed it the second time. I am curious as to why he stopped them and did not force the issue. I really did expect some sort of uproar from Tommen, but he did not make a move other than to hold up his hand to stop the gold cloaks. Why do you think he did not cause a scene and force the issue? I do not think it would have changed the outcome, but I found it curious as to why he did not at least make an attempt to save his queen. As far arresting the Queen, I assume as long as the King does not stop it, then it is pretty easy. She is not a reigning queen, but merely a queen consort. Just ask Katherine Howard or Anne Boleyn how easy it was to be arrested as a queen consort.
  20. Exactly. GRRM has given us 2000 pages of a meandering mess. He has unfortunately reached that point that a lot of successful writers of today arrive at after obtaining success. They fall into a mindset of believing that everything they think up is somehow gold. They lose their story, because they are just babbling with absolutely no focus. Unfortunately readers invest a lot of time reading all of this and just cannot believe they have spent all of this time and effort on meaningless drivel, so they come up with all sorts of theories making all of it important. The truth is that GRRM laid out his story to D&D, so I assume they know where they are going and have left the filler out. If the show filmed everything George wrote, then the show would be thousands of hours long and boring as hell. Personally I blame the publishing company for a lot of writers derailing. A lot of writers have this problem of believing that everything they write is wonderful. The publishing companies are allowing writers to get away with poor writing. A good editor should have pushed George to be clearer, concise and to get to where he was going without all of the drivel. Creating character after character is not difficult. Anyone can do that. I know George claims to have an editor, but she must be a complete toadie to have allowed him to publish the last 2 books.
  21. This is what I am talking about. GRRM has lost his focus. Maybe he simply lost interest or maybe he is just have a hard time settling down enough to really think about where he truly wants to go with this. I also think that this is partially the editor's and publisher's fault. Maybe he feels that if he writes enough words and puts in all sorts of prophecies and red herrings, no one will notice the problems of the last books.
  22. Once again, I never said that you are kissing George's ass, nor would I say that. LOL I certainly do not kiss D&D's ass. if you read my comments in the Rate the show section you will see that I thought that some of the show was choppy and that some of it was repetitive. All I am pointing out is that some of the problems lie in the fact that the show is an adaptation that has only 10 episodes to try to get all of the story in. I think they do a good job of pulling out the important pieces and telling the story. My point is that a lot of your complaints are the same complaints that I have about the book. IMO a lot of the problems of the show come from a lack of a tight story in the books.
  23. Yeah they are pushing the Missandei / Grey Worm thing a bit too much. i actually do not mind the idea of it, but enough is enough with it.
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