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  1. Nah LF only cares for one person and that's LF. People like to blame the Tullys for turning him to the dark side but honestly I don't understand what response they could have given him that wouldn't have set him off? The whole point was that Cat had zero romantic interest in him and was ok with marrying one of the Stark sons. He's deluded himself in to thinking that the only reason why she chose Brandon/Ned over him was out of a misguided sense of duty to her family but she just wasn't that in to you my man. Seriously the only thing that was out of line that the Tully patriarch had any control over was the duel; a teenage boy fighting a grown man was a stupid idea to say the least and in hindsight maybe accepting the challenge just to teach the kid a lesson was not one of Brandon's best ideas. But it also clued us in to just how narcissistic, entitled and arrogant Petyr was. He ignored Cat's feelings and actually thought he could beat Brandon in a physical altercation because if he just wanted a thing hard enough, he'd get it. Not to mention the major social faux pas where he was willing to undermine a vital alliance to the family that essentially took him in because he felt that he was owed something. Lysa raping him was terrible but I don't think that half the continent should be burned to the ground to placate him. I've never seen him champion the interests of the oppressed, in fact he uses and abuses them whenever it serves his interests; he has zero qualms about subjecting Jeyne Poole to rape and violence as long as it serves his purpose. He doesn't want to change the power structure, he just wants to replace whoever sits at the top. Believe me if he somehow managed to become the head of one of the paramount houses, he'd enforce feudalism just like any of the current lords to make sure wealth and power are always within his grasp (and by extension in his descendants grasp). His motives are just pure greed and lust for power.
  2. Dear god I hope not. Putting aside the fact that killing an innocent child is pure evil, I was also hoping to see some sort of Arryn (Sweetrobin) - Baratheon (Mya) - Stark (Sansa) alliance 2.0 I mean how cute was this scene??? To be fair to Sansa she often thinks of Robert's development and well being. I get the impression that she genuinely grows to care for him as the story progresses and there are hints of affection for the boy. If she really wanted him dead I doubt she would have put in so much effort to make him look the part of a respectable lord, nor would she have cared if the boy ate his breakfast or had another shaking fit. If anything, another shaking fit is a great excuse to feed him some more dangerous drugs that no one would reproach her for. She's actually gotten quite good at coaxing him out of his comfort zone either by inspiring him with his favorite stories or by actively encouraging him and making him feel capable and strong. This doesn't seem like the sort of behavior you would want to encourage in someone that you are hoping to off one day. Yes she had a couple of thoughts about enforcing some discipline during Robert's occasional hissy fits but honestly who wouldn't? No where did I read that she actively wants him dead. And just the way she refers to him in her private thoughts as either Sweetrobin or her little lord sounds endearing and not at all like how I picture a murderer referring to their victim. I think she's just not catching on to the fact of just how dangerous an addiction to sweetsleep or dreamwine is. And these snippets right here make me optimistic for Robert's future and his relationship with his cousin. I think we'll see Sansa take on a more nurturing role to him in later books. To be frank the whole lets put all our money on Harry and murder Robert plot makes little sense to me. It would seem that it is much easier to control a small child than a grown man (or what's considered to be a grown man in ASOIAF). If anything, the marriage to Harry seems like it could be a backup plan of sorts but I'll never buy the notion that this is the master plan that LF has been hatching all along.
  3. Yeah I read it this way too. I'm not disparaging the possibility of JonSa but I feel like Sandor and Val were written to be their endgame romance. If not endgame then there's at least some unfinished business between them that needs attending to before they can move on to another relationship. That being said, idk how different a resurrected Jon will be from his previous self. A lot is up in the air and anything can happen at this point. Dammit George give us at least something already. :'(
  4. I am of the opinion that all living Stark children will make it back to Winterfell by the end of the series. I always thought that Robb's will would've been the main obstacle to having Sansa inherit Winterfell, but since both of her younger brothers are alive anyways that point seems moot. However, depending on how the will was worded, it might put a chink on her future marriage prospects (assuming she'll find a way to get out of her marriage to Tyrion). I doubt there will be any power squabbles between the siblings, the relief of being reunited will probably mend most (if not all) old wounds. Everyone seems to have marked Rickon for a dead man for some reason, I'm guessing it's because of the show? I think D&D had no idea what to do with his character and since he was an obstacle to their Sansa QitN fetish they just flushed him in the weirdest and most uneventful way possible. I believe Davos will succeed and we'll get to see Wyman's plan unfurl. I don't see Bran staying in that cave forever either, I think Meera's main purpose in the story is to get him back home safely after he's somewhat mastered whatever supernatural talents he has. As far as relationships go, Sansa would probably be a mother figure to Rickon, she has gotten quite good at parenting unruly children. I see her assuming the responsibilities of lady of Winterfell until such a time as one of her brothers is experienced enough to take over, at which point she'll feel comfortable enough to establish her own family/household with whomever she chooses. I agree with everyone else that the two sisters will definitely reconnect and gain a new appreciation for each other. I got nothing against JonSa shippers, fly your flags proud and free my friends, but I always though that what Jon valued in women were characteristics one attributes to Arya and what he disliked were classic traits we associate with Cat and Sansa. The amount of times he thinks about Arya vs the amount of times he thinks about Sansa suggests to me that a Jon-Arya romance is more likely to happen; and if there is a love triangle in the making my money is on Jon-Arya-Gendry. That's just my read though, I am not claiming that JonSa is impossible, we have at least 2 books to go so anything can happen.
  5. I always read it as LF manipulating Joffrey in to executing Ned by reminding him of his father's brash nature.
  6. Except maybe he has no intention of marrying her to Harry and a happy family is exactly what he doesn’t want since it will definitely cost him his lord Protector status?
  7. I’m getting a call back to Lysa’s crazy rambling about that time when lords Bracken and Blackwood visited the Tullys to settle a dispute: ASOS, Sansa VII TWOW, Alayne I It looks like LF wants to encourage Sweetrobin’s animosity towards Harry. Idk who Benjicot is working for (probably LF) but usually adults don’t go around telling small children about any bastards their cousins might have. And SR knowing that Harry stands to gain the most from his death is most definitely going to put a wedge between them. If the parallel between Lysa’s relationship with Cat holds for SR’s relationship with Harry then I think lord Hardyng might indeed fly.
  8. I think the show wanted to make a point that the war over an iron chair was pointless and Sansa wanted to spare her already depleted forces any more blood shed. But all we got was Sansa and Arya going like “you can’t sit with us!”
  9. Just gonna toss Serra’s name in to the mix. We don’t get much info about her, just a picture in a locket of a woman with big blue eyes and pale gold hair; but I’m guessing she had to be quite the beauty in order to go from working in a Lysene pillow house to the wife of Illyrio Mopatis. The man was willing to break ties with the prince of pentos to wed her… and keeps her stone hands in his bedroom (kinda gross and weird but ok).
  10. He could name either Bran or Rickon as his heir and remain childless if he wants to avoid feeling like he swindled Ned Stark’s kids’ inheritance.
  11. My money is on Byron (assuming he’ll be competing) or Wallace Waynwood. Lothor Brune was a decent jouster but idk if he’s competing and if he is she’ll probably abstain from picking him since she totally ships him with Mya. I can’t wait to see who she picks though and what the thought process behind her choice was.
  12. Most would probably have an opinion somewhat similar to Lysa’s; you got a name but not much else and all you bring with you is trouble. I doubt they care about Joff’s murder but harbouring a fugitive wanted for regicide will definitely break what little ties they have to the crown. Last time King’s Landing demanded an Arryn to hand over a Stark that was under his protection, a war broke out. Assuming the Tyrion issue will be resolved by then and that Robb’s will would be rendered void then they might see some merit in marrying her off to Sweetrobin seeing as they could make a move for Winterfell though I’m not sure how or why they would. The castle is a ruin and if they claim those territories they’ll need to share their grain with them. Marching an army northwards during winter is a pain as well. This might be a neat card to have come summertime but overall she brings more problems with her than assets. That being said, Ned was fostered in the Vale and must have made some lasting friendships there, and Sansa is cousin to the current lord so it is expected of them to offer her their protection. Showing her the door would be a bad look and next time they seek to marry outside of their kingdom people will think twice before giving them an answer. GRRM beats us over the head with how honor is the greatest virtue in the Vale and gallantry is sold in bulk there.
  13. Or perhaps she thinks that her influence over Sweetrobin will become so great that he would do absolutely anything she would ask of him and that they'd all get together around a warm fire, join hands and sing 'Kumbaya for the rest of their lives. :dunno:
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