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    Fave moment in AFFC?

    "Finish it. Send me back to Dorne, you bloody bitch." - Timeon.   I know a lot of people regard Brienne's chapters as long and dull, but there were some awesome moments in there. Her fight against Shagwell, Timeon and Pyg, as well as against Rorge and Biter were some of the most heart-pumping scenes in the book. It really displayed Brienne's skill as a swordsman.   The introduction of Euron as well. Within the first few pages of his introduction, he already had one of the best speeches in the book (only rivaled by Septon Meribald's speech about broken men).   Anything to do with Victarion as well. Such an awesome character.   Samwell Tarly's final chapter may have been one of the most mysterious, with the glass candles, Marwyn, Alleras, and "Pate". I can't wait to see the future of his chapters, and see where it takes us.   Jaime's transformation throughout the book was also a sight to behold, as well as Cersei's downfall. Oddly enough, Cersei actually became more likable (to me, anyway) after we got a POV of her, and I thought other people would feel the same. But, when I joined the forums, that obviously wasn't the case. I may be one of the only readers who actually like Cersei, which is odd, considering that my favourite character is Tyrion, and they are supposed to be enemies.   A Feast for Crows gets way too much hate. Admittedly, I think the geographical split dulled the books quite a bit, but I wouldn't presume to tell GRRM how to write his own novels. If he thought it was the only way, then it most likely was. Seeing the lives of the new regions (Iron Islands, Dorne) was great, and witnessing the lives of the smallfolk through the eyes of Brienne was also brilliant, as we haven't seen the effects of war on the smallfolk since Arya's POV in ACoK.