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  1. BloodRider

    U.S Politics; The Price of Steele

    GenXers too. Boomers shit the bed and blame everyone else.
  2. BloodRider

    U.S. Politics: A Wolff In Sheep's Clothing

    AHHHHH! Finance flashbacks. Make them stop! This was the class that made 80% of my graduate school MBAs become Marketing specialists. Seriously, this is fundamental info that it is really important for people in this market - hell anyone in any market including the labor market - to understand. It is especially important to understand the informational aspect of this equation, It is the ability of those in power to manipulate the flow of information that causes you to incorrectly price an asset - even while you were being completely rational. The other thing to understand in market distortion is kinda related to rational pricing, but not exactly. Coercive market power by one party over another may mean that you can't follow rational pricing.
  3. This sucks. Will we have a board representative at the service who can pass along what he meant for the community here. I think it would mean much to his family.
  4. BloodRider

    THE X-FILES returns, in HD and widescreen

    Super excited!