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  1. OMG the long last JonCon is back, colour me shocked!
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    ARRRGGHHH FFS!! That was a pep talk to a bunch of Dothraki that had lost everything, delivered in order to both increase their morale and their support for her, the Dothraki follow strength and strength alone. She promised to burn Quarth to the ground in revenge for them deliberating over whether to shun and abandon her to the garden of bones outside the city walls when Dany had barely survived the red waste and her horde were in danger of perishing, it was a threat, made out of anger and a desperate will to survive, this gambit of Daenerys, again spoken when she was dehydrated, desperate, delusional and demoralised was nowhere near a wish or longing of hers, and as such is in no way, shape or form a foreshadowing of an inclination to destroy cities or burn innocents . Any claim to the contrary is constructed of arguments and evidence as flimsy as that of d$ds portrayal of a girl that for 7.4 seasons fought with every ounce of her being to protect and dignity human life only to devolve into a maniacal war criminal and mass murderer and serial arsonist upon hearing "Christian church bells" ring that (in this episode alone, and only this episode) were meant to signify her Triumph . It was not subversion , it was farce masquerading as tragedy portrayed as Satire, sadly unintentenionally , and therein lies the real crime!
  3. I will read it. I love rant reviews
  4. excellent summary , as per usual Rockroi.
  5. especially when it appears as though they only wanted Bran, the entire time. The NK does not worry really about anybody or anything but him, and we know not why. if the NK was so envious of Brans "warging" powers to chase him all this way it would be good to see what they meant to the NK. does the NK get this power by killing Bran? is Bran a threat to him in a way we have not yet seen? So far, its been like one big revenge story where Bran has like stolen a mafia bosses secret account book and the ruthless mafia boss has personally led a mission to get to Bran to get his secret book back and bran has had his tough and loyal friends and family harbouring him. As cheesy as it sounds this is basically the essence of the story they are portraying this season, but with 7 seasons of characters we have come to know and care for as Brans security detail. Where is the Fantasy, the political machinations, the wonder, the immersion in this wondrous world, but No, d$d have served us up Get Carter , the Westeros version
  6. Kind of leads one to ask if the NK was only after Bran? would he have been happy to stop at Winterfell after he had got Bran? Is Bran secretly a villain having set all these people up to protect him, and him alone, if the NK was after Bran and only Bran. It may have saved thousands of lives if they had of just dropped bran off up beyond the wall to appease the NK! the thing is, and I actually like Bran, that the way this show has been presented to us then sacrificing Bran makes a lot if sense, but only because we have no idea what the NKs true motivation is and though I am being a little Ironic in suggesting to just give Bran up, but a hell of a lot of people died unnecessarily if the NK just wanted Bran, which is how it was made to look by the NKs actions in this episode. In short, it was bad storytelling, presented impressively with a really feel good climax, that leaves one extremely unfulfilled when all the plot holes and unanswered questions springs to mind. This show, man, it really could have been something spectacular, it started that way, it had the potential, and yet this is what it evolved into . such a damn shame
  7. novels? what novels? is this show based on a book? weird!
  8. oh come on!!! because d$d said so thats why, if the plot demands it, the plot shall receive it, exactly when it needs it, as it should be. deus ex machina is the rule of the land here in weisserhoff!
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    will somebody please tell me exactly why Bran is "too Important"? what does he do, exactly? why did the NK want him? where did he go? if some of these questions were answered it may have had the entire battle make more sense. Yes, I did enjoy Arya killing him, but I still have no idea what any of this is all about. Dothraki were sacrificed, the battle plans were imbecilic, the lighting was terrible and I still have no idea what Bran is supposedly capable of . cest la Vie
  10. Mel should have just had another "shadow baby" take out the NK , the night before the battle , as Mel seemed to slip past them the AOTD easily, and knew that the NK was vulnerable to Valyrian steel to the Gut. Problem Solved!
  11. Neds Secret

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Well spotted, I too noticed that, perhaps some Zombies are scared of or below other Zombies, sort of like a class system based on who their creator is, Night King is way more badass than qyburn and Gregor feels it!
  12. Neds Secret

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    We still have no idea whatsoever what the Nights King actually wants. What are his motivations, it seems he has no free will at all as he seems to see the future and then just act out his part in it. He does not need to feed his army so why does he need to go SOUTH, what is his endgame? I actually pondered for a minute whether Cersei or Tyrion somehow end up being The Knight King, because he is tall I could see Tyrion choosing him and Cersei would love to be him or it, I mean the Night King may actually be the Nights Queen. I am not presenting this as a theory, I'm saying that the show has devolved into such a Jump the Shark Deus eX Machina show that anything is possible. Cersei even having power or being Queen is not plausible because the people of Kings Landing hate her and what BannerMan would reall still support her. Why does her so called Army stay loyal to her when every other Army seems to be duplicitous, but not Cerseis. The bloody Nothern Lords change with the wind, but the Lannister soldiers are always totally solid for her, even after seeing the Dragons, Dothraki and Unsullied in this episode. The show is now a cartoon, with dialogue aimed at prepubescent males!,
  13. You have to wonder what the hell the GoldenCompany are doing in Essos at the moment, who is paying them, what is keeping them together all trained and ready for war FFS. Cersei should not be queen, that Gold from HighGarden should be the only thing Euron wants from her, unless he is really the father of whatever Abomination she is currently carrying! And the Nights King has been waiting for a Viserion all along! Does he see the future and if he does why is he bothering to invade Westeros if he is going to be defeated and if he is going to win then he has certainly been patient waiting all that time just for Viserion. FFS if nobody ever went North of the wall to stop him he would not even have an army, the job of the Nights Watch should have been to bring Wildlings south all along not stop them! The Nights Watch has been aiding and abetting the Nights king all along!
  14. Neds Secret

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I cannot even!!! Bran is letting the team down badly, the Nights King has been waiting for his dragon to be delivered for 7seasons. Perhaps the entire show is from his perspective!
  15. Neds Secret

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    Oh come on Darkstream, if you can manage to not use any of your Critical faculties at all, and like to see more sharks jumped than a Sharknado movie then this episode was awesome. However, If you like characters dialogue and actions to make any sense at all, as well as a coherent plot, then this episode is probably not even worth rating! Ahh, that's what you said, basically.
  16. Neds Secret

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    And??? Video games are also pretty awesome now compared to the 80s! Yeah the action and special effects are outstanding and some people rate that and give high scores. Some people want plot progression and logic and realistic fights and stories, even in a fantasy show so they mark lower, I find this season highly entertaining and visually stunning to watch. I'm relieved or intrigued to see characters converge that I have been waiting for for 6 years but that does not earn it a 10 for me, and so I rate it or score it accordingly.
  17. Neds Secret

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    Goodness me..?? I never thought I'd see the day. The dragon chains were unbelievable, as was the Night King not only having absolutely no fear of dragons, being an absolute demon Javelin thrower, and the fact that the ice Spear was a lot more powerful than dragon blood,scale, fire and magic, but oh well. Viserion dying so easily was just the 58th shark that needed jumping for the episode to conclude. I gave it a 4, but I admit that I watched it and Enjoy some aspects of it enough to keep me watching and somehow enjoying it. I have to suspend my disbelief and forget about the previous seasons, and drop my expectations that it will ever deserve its seasons 1 and 2 quality and standards
  18. Just wondering how you are, have not seen you post or Rant lately?

  19. I actually believe that Randyll Tarly would love it if Sam stood up to him, like the Greatjon with Robb Stark in the show. Sam left for the nights watch and he's returning home with a wife and kids (of a style), Randyll most likely knows that the nights watchmen are not supposed to do this and he still welcomed him home. My take on this is Randlyll was majorly surprised by this rebellious behaviour of Sams and that he wanted to take a measure of what was going on. Randyll might have thought "My cowardly boy has achieved the near impossible and seems to be still held in high esteem by the watch" and imo Randyll would love it if when he talked down to Sam the metamorphosis was complete and Sam stood up and told his dad to back up and pull his head in and watch his mouth about and around Gilly. I believe that if Sam had done this Randyll would have been proud of him and impressed but Sam still failed to man up when he had the chance! Instead he snuck around like a mouse and stole the sword that he could maybe have earned by demonstrating the courage and strength Sam had shown us over the seasons 2-5, but yet again that scene was a waste, it could have been so much better! D$D could have wrote an awesome scene depicting Sam's new spirit and bravery that he has learnt in his journey but yet again characters act like they did 4 years ago. Gilly had to step in which is even more embarrassing because Gillys father makes Sams dad look like father of the century , and yet she has to defend Sam. It's absurd and add to this that he even let his father demean and insult Gilly, who Sam says he would die for, it just gets worse and worse the more I think of it, the Scene had so much potential and it could not have been portrayed worse than it was!
  20. I agree, Sam stole heartsbane, I do not think it brave, because he did it slyly, when nobody was watching, literally a thief in the night. Watching Sam at dinner was terrible, I was disgusted by his lack of courage, with his character regression. Sam was at the fist when the WWs struck and despite this he is still terrified of his father??! I call bullshit!! Man up Sam, stand up for youself and tell your father and the rest that WWs are real and are coming for Westeros, or F--k off! Watching that scene was horrible, Sam was supposed to have changed, to have seen the hiorror and to have found courage, but he acted like a scared little boy, I was so disappointed in him and the scene!