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  1. This is what I told a friend who was upset about the end! I said that it was the most Martinesque episode of the season. The end was very much where the books seem to be headed, the execution of the show was the problem. Things like: -Tyrion not being in the history books and the theme of histories being inaccurate -where the Stark kids end up and the significance of their direwolves names--Sansa/Lady/Queen of the North, Arya/Nymeria/sailed away on a ship, Jon/Ghost/disappeared with the wildlings, Bran/Summer/ushering in an era of peace (although his becoming king was a surprise... but then again, he does work really hard at being a good little Lord of Winterfell) -Prophecy being too vague to know how it will unfold... turns out the PTWP and Azor Ahai weren't the same person. The 3 dragon riders were Dany, Jon, and the Night King (not sure how that will play out in the books) Yeah, this was an issue of execution. The books will almost certainly do a much better job than the show.
  2. MommytoA

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Another possibility I haven't seen mentioned, was he perhaps riding out to retake his vows in front of a weirwood tree? I haven't decided if that's what I believe or if I think he went off to be with the wildlings.
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    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Yes to this! The other books reveal details like the fact that Dany isn't the first Targaryen to give birth to a deformed dragon baby... makes you read the whole episode with Mirri Maz Duur way back in the beginning differently. On another note, anyone else think there is a double meaning behind Bran the "Broken"? Obviously he gets that name because he can't walk, but also, he's kind of broken, as in an rpg character being overpowered.
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    A time for wolves

    Sansa/Lady- Sansa became Queen of the North Arya/Nymeria - Arya sailed away on a ship to discover uncharted territory, like Nymeria and her 10,000 ships Bran/Summer - Bran presumably will usher in a season of peace and stability Ghost/Jon - Jon disappeared north beyond the Wall
  5. MommytoA

    A time for wolves

    Yep, we can see it now. Did you notice the surviving Starks' direwolves' names were their characters' endings? I liked how the story itself ended, even if this season of the show wasn't put together well.