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  1. Yaya

    Table Setting - The Red Comet

    hmmmm , so much to think on! thanks CF !! the comet 'appeared' in the middle of 298 (right?) for any sort of reference, Aegon was born 281 or 282 (per WIKI) i am deducting the comet's recurrence as being 'regular', this could be an event for every 17/18 or so years ... if indeed it were the same comet. IF. so stating that IF the comet appears every approximate 18 years about then there could be some corresponding events of a previous time that might be fun to think about. i'm going to make a chart of this ... sounds fun! & i can't help but wonder what Tyrion's thoughts on the comet would be. we don't hear anyone's ideas on what the disappearance/unappearance of the comet. what do the characters think about the comet being not seen anymore? what did they wonder about that? wow even more questions!
  2. Yaya

    Skinchanging bonds

    like the discussion going on ! i would quote everyone but Lollygag is the closest to me as i reply ... ... and now, as i type, KBF replies in front of me with stuff i like too ! LAST Greenseer could be a title as in something like the "LAST Greenseer". could be that this is the blockchain keeper of sorts, a vault type of person on the weirwood memory chain. (symbolically, a vault could tie in with the CRYPTS at Winterfell or any barrow or boneyard) OR the LAST Greenseer that was the last of them Greenseers that "saw" all the events that are being remembered or shared or whatnot. OR the LAST Greenseer because maybe there is a Blackseer &/or Redseer and they are waiting on their third? (maybe i have too much tinfoil with all these the holiday leftovers ...)
  3. thanks for typing that out Lollygag & i like your ideas. (i've been saving my 'Cersei' reread for a while as i really do enjoy her character (she has a similar sense of humour like Jaime &Tyrion) i may have to move her chapters up on my list) i like the idea of the blood being needed for a curse ... much like Mel's leech thing in a way. i'm trying to think of any other blood takings/offerings in the text that are unlike entrails on a heart tree but at this time, i can not. more things to think about ! HA! omg - i totally did not fully process that fact - weirds me out now that i do reflect on it!
  4. Yaya

    Skinchanging bonds

    hmmm interesting. it could be that the other men were less strong than Jon or that Jon was lucky to pick the spear that was easier to pull out or even that he had a big adrenalin boost. i'm trying to think of other situations where any of the wargs/skinchanger types exhibited "feats of strength" but i can not. doesn't mean it didn't, doesn't or can't happen. (right now i'm thinking specifically of Varamyr - when he was injured & really couldn't do anything) in my opinion all the warging/skin changing resultant abilities/information is mental - through the senses or dreams. i'll be looking for anything similar as i go through my re-readings. thanks Lady Anna!
  5. Yaya

    How much did Ned care about Lyanna?

    "shit she created" what do you mean frenin? i create shit every day and no one really cares.
  6. hi Fictionisn'tReal - i do know this as i have read the books, yes, she doesn't kill them all personally. consider this: just being on her list almost certainly means you will die, probably with pain; so in a way, she has actually killed everyone on her list just by putting them on her list plus - she isn't going to be away from Westeros forever; she will return once she is able & she will find nymeria, destroy all her enemies & all will be well. but to stay on topic - to me it seems WRONG - how would Maggy "know" about Robert's children? she sucked on Cersei's blood not Robert's. plus, this was well before Robert being king. way way before Cersei even knew of Robert. yeah yeah, prophecy - it's a prediction of the future. sure. right. let's look at the tarot cards. read your horoscope. it just seems to me that a person with the ability to 'see' the future would only be able to deal with the physical information given, Cersei had no knowledge of Robert at that point in her life. she never knew of him or that he was the king she would marry ... to me it seems to be that Maggy mind fucked her. and why not? some little elite little shit kid waking you up and demanding to have her fortune told, AND threatening you? were i Maggy, i would tell all the wicked evil truth i would be able to know with horrible lies. and why not? Maggy didn't even get any coins from those spoiled rich kids for their "fortunes".
  7. TyrionI991, i realize you are hurting. not only are you a hater, but you also believe in R+L=J. i am so sad for you. when you need help, please seek it out. people might be there for you. edit - ok, i am not sad for you. i really don't care.
  8. Yaya

    How much did Ned care about Lyanna?

    i must have missed this part in my re-read - i really don't remember reading this ... please - do you have a quote to support this ?
  9. Yaya

    Martin confirms Dany's coin lands good.

    HA ! this only means that the HBO script is not what the REAL story is. HA ! triple HA!
  10. personally, i think it will be Arya that will end /cause effects to end Cersei's life ... as Arya is, slowly but surely, successfully getting her 'death wish' list completed & also she is a younger sibling so that would fit the ambiguous pronouns of the Vayrian language.
  11. Yaya

    Table Setting - Jamie's First Dream

    CF - you are correct, I am the mixer upper of the dreams. i'm re-reading through now. thanks!
  12. Yaya

    Table Setting - Jamie's First Dream

    great thread CF & all contributors - took me a bit to catch up! my thought on the Rhaegar color thing - when I thought on that part of Jaime's dream - all i could think of was Melisandre's ruby. Most all the descriptions of Melisandre and her ruby are (usually) - either something about darkness, a adjective/adverb of the red of the ruby, and with something light/white and without getting x-rated, it is always described as 'pulsing', 'shimmering'. 'glowing' etc ... maybe there is a Rhaegar and Rholler connection of sort? i can't begin to extrapolate more other than offer the observation that Lannisters use ruby gems in their house emblems and so do the Targaryens - we know Rhaegar had rubies on his battle armor for example. in general regards to Jaime's first dream - he hasn't lost his hand in this dream. he asks for a sword without thinking about how will he ever use it and he picks the sword without even thinking of it and in the description of his actions in the dream, it doesn't seem that he is impaired (or worried about missing his sword hand) in any way. either his fresh injury doesn't/didn't affect his subconscious or this means something else or doesn't mean anything at all. we really don't know much about Casterly Rock do we? ... i really like the grey-scale connection that has been made above (good job Lollygag, totally interesting), that could be a true connection, i think those caverns and such of The Rock have yet to be fully discovered.
  13. Yaya

    Gigantic AsoIaF Family Tree

    hey Tibbie - thanks for this!
  14. Yaya

    The Stannis Plan and why he wrote the Pink Letter 2.0

    hi, i'm reading through the thread catching up ... and i just thought of this (not sidelining the topic, but this could be supporting 'evidence') and did anyone put any thought cycles into: how would Roose or Ramsay even know who Mance was? why would anyone really even think that the Mance would be at Winterfell? who in the castle could even know who Mance is? it is my conjecture that no one knew Mance's face ... it's not like 'wanted' posters were strung up along the forests for all to see. true it could be that Squirrel and the rest of the women were 'sharply' questioned or skinned for the truth, but i think not - it is my opinion they all would die first before admitting any truths of who they really were or their 'mission'. to me this totally adds more 'proof' to the letter being of Stannis's plan. btw 3EM - great analysis of the letter - occam's razor like logic going on.
  15. Yaya

    The untold truth of Robert Strong.

    thanks T-E.M for this posting - your research and analysis on the magic aspects is great, i'll definitely be thinking on this. & also: i sure do like the idea that the skull that went to dorne is old bob baratheon - LOL !