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  1. no, i understand what you are putting forward - it's just that not everyone knows of the baby switch and the two children are now going to be treated differently. i find it extremely interesting.
  2. hmmm, interesting ideas MS, thanks for the posting! are the Crastors related to Targaryens ... i don't know... i just don't know. what strikes me is most with your theory is that our "Monster" is now being (directly/indirectly) called "Aemon Battleborn or Aemon Steelsong" due to his circumstances. is that a weird coincidence if he is indeed a Targaryen ancestor? but if he is not a Targaryen - Monster is being "named" when he should not be "named" (per the Wilding People's tradition of not naming infants until their proper "nameday"). the main point of that is: what affect will this naming have upon "Monster" if he is a not a "normal" Wilding Prince? is he doomed to bad luck? (you know, that quote (to Jon) from Gilly about naming her baby before two years old) also to note the other coincidence that "Monster", too, was born during battle; his inadvertent name is just as applicable as Dalla's son's. also also - Gilly is calling the Wilding Prince by the name of "Aemon Bb/Ss" - what does this tell us? wouldn't she not name him if he of the Wilding People? do the 'royals' get some sort of 'don't name him before he's off the breast' naming rule pass? i love the parallels that these two young'uns have going on. they are my favorite new characters. so many questions: will these two boys will be known by the same names in the future? maybe like a Aegon/fAegon kind of confusion? i don't know, i'm just putting it out here, thanks for the post MS. maybe the more experienced symbologists of this board can help analyze this better than me with my questions. maybe they already have! @Seams, @sweetsunray have you each had some thoughts about this before? how about your opinion @Megorova - is it possible that there could be a forgotten Targaryen ancestor that turned into the Crastor family?
  3. i like your noticing skills @Anthony Appleyard - i'm re-reading all the Daenarys chapters now & she has mention of the similarities in the Dothraki gods to the aspects of the Seven ... of course I'm not able to find any quotes at this time. it was along the lines of: 'she prayed to the Smith & Dothraki horse lord for bravery'. maybe i'll be able to find it. it wasn't the only reference. what do you think it means though? are the aspects of the Seven a cumulation of all other 'religions' of Planetos or is it a sort of career training/assessment tool that got too large and out of control?
  4. this observation is another reason why R & L never ever even happened. neither of them cheated. yes, i have no proof.
  5. oh & don't forget my favorite hero: Coldhands ... how would you classify him ?
  6. ARRR! Lady Stoneheart & Beric Dondarrion my friend the levels of death - i love this topic ! edited to add: DOH, i missed your mention in the "fire wights" section, my apologies .... got so exited !
  7. ARR - i have often wondered about the things about "the black" in general. the COMMANDER. it seems he wears a raven. other than that nothing more than knowledge distinguishes him. good question! that leads me to think more on the "uniform" of the Night's Watch. like the OP poses - what about the differences in wearing "the black" / finery: yeah. in my thinking on it - it's like someone getting kitted out for school or going to camp or playing intramural sports ... although; in proper sports & teams, everyone wears the same thing so they are all the "same". TEAM! why isn't it so that everyone in the Night's Watch gets as good as / the same quality of essentials ( personal or ppe like ) as everyone else in the NW? in a general sense simplicity seems the basic/base reason - everyone wears black because all colours can be dyed such that they turn black. & in thinking on that, as the excellent symboligist of our board can expand on better than i, black is either the absence of colour or the totality of all colours. that is a reason why i think that the "black" is meant to either contrast the 'seven' with their rainbow associations OR to complement them. join me in going down my tin-foil lined rabbit hole - maybe the black aligns with the rainbow to thwart the others in the grand scheme of things? or is the rainbow in a constant fight against the black for some reason? hmmm. i don't know, it's late, i like the thoughts this thread brought me thanks @Noble
  8. i read right by the Rainbow Pool & didn't even ever think on it ... what an excellent explainer you have posted for us to ponder upon Walda! my first thought was ' a pool?' and then i thought of the pool in Winterfell's Godswood. then i thought of the pool in the House of Black & White. could it be that there is a common thing for temples to have a water feature? some sort of same reverence to the Drowned God? hmmmmmm - the symbolling experts of our board need to weigh in on this; looking forward to the analysis! added: to me the head in the pool was just as you supposed - to worry Ned; to make him think that there was this elevated level of depravity going on. mind games.
  9. Wow, Lynn, I didn't make any of those connections and dang, that Joramund name sure does seem to fit with Mormont names. My working hypothesis is the Longclaw is actually Ancestral Ice and that the Starks gave it to House Mormont to safekeep from future evil Starks accessing it. I do think there is some wicked power we don't yet understand in this NOT VS sword. It's just an idea fueled by much fire in this topic. This is an interesting avenue for research. Thank you for the tip. I will follow up to see if I can connect anything. here's my $0.02 & disclaimer - i think i've read this entire thread & if someone noted what i am going on about, i will feel really dumb because i obviously missed something. it's been a few days. so if so, let me know the word "Longclaw" suddenly dinged to me in an association similar to "wooden tooth" & "bone tooth" - these were named as the human weapons in the description by Varamyr when he is warging along in his wolves; in the most excellent prologue of DwD. the connection i'm trying to make is that the word combinations of "wooden tooth", "hardskins", "long grey claws" "bone tooth" is totally similar to "Longclaw". to me this seems to be a potential cotf / 'old gods' type of word combination & that leads me to thinking that indeed, there could be way more history & importance in Longclaw.
  10. i think Sam will be a STAR at the Citadel - when else has a member of the Night's Watch joined the Citadel? those Citadel folks were always sending Maesters out to the Wall - this has got to be the first time it flipped the other way round ... does anyone know for sure - when have the dudes from the Wall climbed down south to get some learning at Old Town? oh & as mentioned previous - he's also got a pickled Targaryian in a cask - who wouldn't want to party with Sam?
  11. keep the discussion going everyone, sorry that i can't add to the conversation but i am so enjoying this thread. many times i have tried to piece the past timeline / family lineages together & have just run into weird hundreds/ thousands of years of discrepancies ... i think the historic reported times are likely all disrupted due to the weird seasons that the planet experiences. for example a couple of years of hard winter weather are likely wrongly thought of as lasting for half a decade or something. with no central repository for standardized information, any & all records for any event throughout Planetos could be, timewise, inaccurate. (hence the need for the foundation of the citadel & the maester "industry")
  12. hey thanks for posting to this thread @Warhammer Lord it is super fun to read about people reading for the first time! & also, i didn't know this thread existed. thanks everyone for sharing!
  13. @Uncle-T i would recommend a re-read as there is so much that goes on ... what a great way to celebrate being "L"! Happy L to you! this is my suggestion after you complete the first read through: try reading by characters, for example read all the Jon chapters. this way you get the whole action-line of the character and you especially notice the interactions that happen.
  14. @Melifeather & all the great contributors to this thread - i find the time layering extremely confusing & i have doubts about some of the associations put forward ... but that isn't stopping me from reading about all ya'all's thoughts & ideas because i don't know everything i have a contribution to the thread finally though!: to me the opposite of blood & fire would be more like bones & ice - would that make sense with the theories you all are putting forward? this would also tie in with the implied importance (at least for the north cultures) of having the 'bones brought home' - like Ned's bones, the bones found in weirwood boles, Lady's bones, etc. (edited to add: the theory of bones of dragons in Valaryian steel too?) thanks everyone for putting the ideas & theories forward for all us to consider - even if we aren't actively contributing to the thread(s).
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