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  1. this is interesting information to think on - thanks! & i checked: in the wiki there are links to information about each of the stories that our Old Nan tells - thank goodness! https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Old_Nan#Tales
  2. you know, this is a good topic, we all quote Old Nan but we don't really know her HAR good one! - and true too. Arya used the name 'Nan' as an alias; i forget where. rightz? or i am hallucinating? i'll look it up after i post this. Nan - short for: Nancy, Nanette, Ann & all variants. i would even say that Danaerys could be shortened up to Nan ... could be anything also. I had a grandmother that I called Nana, maybe that is it? we haven't any knowledge of any other family's "Old Nan" equal either ... we have never had a reminisce from any of the Lannister kids nor the Baratheon brothers about their "Old Nan" have we? or has my memory failed from all the hallucinations? do you think Jojen & Meera had a "Old Nan"? i love the stories of Old Nan - HEY - are they collected? i'll go look in the wiki after i post this. it could be that she is a Stark, that would make sense as to why she wasn't a big deal (by that i mean that she was a normal part of the family & life in general) & totally trusted to be with the children. @Megorova how old do you figure "Old Nan" would be if she is Alyssane Stark? & oh i so hope that Old Nan is still alive! (maybe she will be able to soothe the Lady Stoneheart)
  3. wow sweetsunray - great analysis - true to the canon; thanks for posting this. i'm going to go do that some time today Edited to update: i read the Prologue again, & wow, there is a lot going on in there. we learn more about the Baratheons & Patches & Davos & Pylos & Melisandre what is the deeper meaning on the Cressen's wearing of the bucket horn bell 'crown' of Patchface? there is the reference to Cressen's chain being tight against his throat & he does challenge his thinking in different thoughts throughout the chapter - he's talking about omens, superstition, restless dreams ... we learn of 'the Strangler' poison and how the Citadel knows the sorts of things that the FM & some people from Lys know & more! i got a feeling that old Cressen kind of gave himself up as a sacrifice of sorts at the end ... he tells Davos " ... for the sake of the realm, and the soul of my lord." i don't know what it all means really. i look forward to reading some expert analysis
  4. Meera! how else would we ever have learned about the little crannogman?
  5. i understand your posting now - sorry A-s-R - i thought that you typed that the deaths of Payne & Frey by hanging was a certainty. personally i do not believe that LS let them all hang after Brienne's 'word'. in my opinion they would have been held as hostage prompting Brienne to seek out the Kingslayer.
  6. hello A-s-R ... ummmm, when did these hangings happen? did i miss a chapter?
  7. hi CF !! may i use this fuckin'a sentence as our current work project motto? it just sums everything up tidily-idily-idily
  8. good evening all: i'm looking for the GENIUS that is responsible for "A Timeline of Ice and Fire" ... anyone know? i email the gmail address link on the document every quarter or so; been doing that for a while but i never get an answer! also ... i've been spending time looking up time-line related things & such @Rhaenys_Targaryen this a off topic little shout out to you R_T: thanks for all the work of the past
  9. blue - i just forgot - there is a "white" naked grape wine that is blue. https://www.winerack.com/product/Naked-Grape-Blue
  10. HA! i had originally GIN (with a tonic mixer) in there but the COVID19 response has completely DELETED the tonic supply. i regularly drink G&Ts but i have stopped recommending them because of the consumer demand on tonic. ( i wanted to keep with the "dragon" idea too - tequila is hot & fire-ish but clear & see-through like ice, vodka can be hot yet totally cool too ) indeed - replace the te-kill-ya with GIN & all is truly well with the world.
  11. hi Malgoth - i am 100% behind you on your statement: (personally, i do not subscribe to R+L=anyone at all. these two people did not %$#@ each other, either willingly or unwillingly IMO) but most importantly: thanks for posting these interesting ideas! i have to say that i never thought about the possibility of some of these things: regarding the above - not to be a book spoiler - this sort of agreement lines up with "the letter" thing that the Prince of Dorne confides to his daughter, it's quite a interesting theory & i really like it. i think it is quite possible. i like the above idea regarding how Barristan would respond to such a situation. and below - yes indeed ... why? what would be the reasons why Varys & Illyrio made these decisions of Jorah & Barristan to counsel/aid Daenrys & Connington & Lenore to counsel/aid Aegon? thanks for sharing your thoughts Malgoth, i'll be re-reading & thinking on these!
  12. ahoy! welcome to YAYA's Tavern - featuring LynnS today's special: planet Earth ingredient-ed 3-headed ice dragon: use a highball/ tall glass - first, add ice to about 30% of it. in a shaker unit add a small amount of ice (a couple of cubes,nothing more than a cup) & the following: +0.5 shot vodka +0.5 shot (must be a silver) tequila +1 shot pinot blanc shake gently - do not yet wake the dragon! in that same shaker/vessel you just used add: +0.5 shot of lemon or lime juice +2 shots of grapefruit juice now shake vigorously ... wake the dragon! pour all of it into your glass of ice from above. +1 or 2 shots of any 'sparkly' carbonated beverage (plain flavoured & coloured ideally, otherwise a lemon or lime or grapefruit/citrus flavour) to top that up. & if you don't want the sparkles just add a little more grapefruit juice or wine. give it a swirl ... ahhhh! start sipping for the non-alcoholic version, use vinegar in place of the alcohols ... lol just kidding! substitute a shot of your selected sparking beverage or juice for the wine & add a shot of aloe or lychee or coconut water instead of the tequila/vodka combo. if you enjoy the alcohol, use a full ounce of the tequila & vodka
  13. RIGHT! how about the recipe has to be made from Planetos types of alcohols or ingredients? ie - beers, wines, milk of the poppy LOL! then we have to concoct a Roy Rogers/Shirley Temple version of the drink too
  14. wow ! please, can i have some more? if possible, please type more of these fascinating revelations / similarities from GRRM's other literary treasures. thanks for sharing these ideas LynnS, SweetSun & TFL - much appreciated ! (looks like i should be building a new reading list!)
  15. JeffJeremy - no, according to the records: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Clegane ... there could be some 'bastard' Cleganes somewhere.
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