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  1. Yaya

    Why did Benjen take the black?

    This is said throughout the books in several different ways. As others have pointed out, Brandon was to marry Catelyn Tully and Lyanna was to marry Robert Baratheon. I didn't think these are controversial claims. Sorry to cause a ruckus - but to me, Riverrun & Storms End are not "Southron ambitions". I'm looking at a map and YES, they are located more south than Winterfall and other places. TRUE. But to me the south area would be Dorne and the Reach and these would be the places that one would go to in order to pursuit "southern ambitions". In my opinion. Just trying to take it literally - in a physical location way of speaking.
  2. Yaya

    The Night's Queen + The Night's King

    sounds fun but where is this said so? can you give me a quote or reference from the books?
  3. Yaya

    Why did Benjen take the black?

    I stopped reading here ... no, we don't know this. where, in the books, is this so said?
  4. Yaya

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    I don't think that Benjen is abandoning the Watch with his leaving, his actions could be similar to like Jon when declared to set off for Winterfell - do you know what I mean? And maybe the similarity of my example is not a parental revenge/rescue but more of a sibling bond. Maybe brotherhood/sisterhood is a closer bond than parental affections for these folks? Or like I mentioned before maybe Eddard's Shade talked to Benjen in a dream or something, that could be pretty strong. I know that if that happened to me - I would probably act on that experience. But as for motive. Yes, the idea of access to or knowledge of a weapon (somewhere south of the Wall) to fight the Others is a good theory. Maybe there is some specific thing that physically has to get somewhere (a horn?) and Benjen is the courier. I speculate Syl of Syl, what about you - what do you think? Is Benjen dead, end of story?
  5. Yaya

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    Good point. but Eddard's death would be damned important to Benjen. It could even be that the message of Eddard's death was delivered via Howland Reed in the form of some Green Magic. For example - Benjen was talking to a Heart Tree and the leaves (via Howland's Green Magic) whispered 'Benjen, I have to tell you something' or something to that effect. Benjen would know who Howland is being that Howland and Eddard were good friends. And Benjen would know Howland because he is of the Stark's domain, part of the North. Anyhow, I'm really starting to like this idea and it could happen. Benjen would have knowledge of Greywater Watch and all around the area. Go look at a map - the Wall is not far from Deepwood Motte. It could have taken a while for Benjen to walk there undetected. You know what, I really like this idea. I'm going to bet that this is the thing, mystery solved har !
  6. Yaya

    Small Questions v. 10106

    thank-you Ser!
  7. Yaya

    Small Questions v. 10106

    greetings everyone - is a search of ice & fire broken? i have a OLD computer that has browser issues ... is the problem me/it? thanks in advance!
  8. Yaya

    Is GRRM As Complex As You Believe He Is?

    i believe in him. it has been said that he has cast many pages of this marvelous tale aside, complex chapter pieces and other paragraphs undoubtedly full of backstory we will never know. i say you are wrong. he's probably got three books, maybe four up his sleeve for us.
  9. Yaya

    I made a visual timeline of events

    aye aye - i second that motion Aebram, what sort of DB you be typing about?
  10. Yaya

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    - do you all think that Benjen "felt" when Eddard was murdered? like Bran & Rickon - they had a dream experience, could Benjen have had a similar sort of connection to Eddard? they were the last two siblings. i bring this up because maybe Benjen did 'feel' something and this caused him to do something. here's the supposition: Benjen felt Eddard's death. He was out in the north forest/"lost" ranging when the feeling hit him. All he could think of was that he had to get his brother's bones home to to Winterfell. So he just upped and headed south. Currently Benjen has Eddard's bones and is hiding out in Greywater Watch with Howland Reed.
  11. Yaya

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    Benjen is not noted to have been fostered anywhere, in all likelihood he knew how to get all over the Winterfell/North area. What about him going off to the east? Say Skagos? that could be likely as well.
  12. Yaya

    Chance for Benjen to return alive to the wall

    hmmmm all in all, how long do you figure Benjen been "missing" for? would the estimate be (at the maximum) less than three years? i say that because Jon going to the Wall happens sometime 298, and 300 being the year at the end of Dance. (seems like it should be less, like under two years for sure)
  13. Yaya

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    like CF said, thanks for the topic - good on ya LVII I think old Benjen is still alive ... he was the 'first' mystery to me about these books. hmmm though - south? he would have to have new clothes as the black wouldn't do. not that that couldn't happen of course. the "fact" that Benjen joined the Black of his own choosing (supposing) leads me to believe that he is still a Brother of the Watch. i do believe he is of the Old Gods also. if he is still alive, he will be talking to a Tree sooner or later and Bran may "hear" his words. (again, that all is my supposing) it could even be that Benjen knows of the Black Gate &/or other gates. Benjen would know which castles are/were abandonded and being that he grew up at Winterfell (was he fostered off anywhere - we don't hear about that do we? i'll look that up in the wiki to be sure) he would know a lot of the area of the north. he could 'easily' move in/around/through the area as such. thanks Lord Vance II, i'll be thinking on this a bit more now
  14. Yaya

    I made a visual timeline of events

    @alexwebb2 - thanks so much ! is there a chance that you might do the same sort of time line document for other series of events - such as parts of F&B or the Dunk stories? is there anything a interested ordinary person like me could do to help out on such a task?
  15. Yaya

    I made a visual timeline of events

    just in case other people have the trouble i have/had .... the page is not viewable in firefox, i had to use good old ie to see it. and it is a great document! and like thi4f said - please tell us what were the parts that cost the most time?