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  1. Yaya

    Is it time for re-read?

    i also enjoyed the time lapse/frames with each individual pov - it gives a good 'feeling' of the time between events/interactions with other characters. if you are able to, print a chapter out on 8x5 to make notes or whatnot in the margins
  2. Yaya

    Is it time for re-read?

    as Rufus properly stated - always time for a re-read ... i totally recommend it. and if you are looking for a totally awesome re-read - read by character - for example read all of Jaime's chapters first, then move on to Arya. something like that. SEAMS - i would love to join your book group in the library
  3. Yaya

    Has Brienne met The Hound?

    for true? i see in the text Brienne sees Stranger but no Hound. am I missing something from Brienne 6 ?
  4. Yaya


    hey! i almost missed today ... did the thing that was supposed to happen today happen? and if so, who can report on it?
  5. thanks for the thoughts and ideas. another thought (i can't get the quote - it was a Bran chapter) regarding the glass gardens is that they must have been rather large to support a blackberry bush. also, in a Jon chapter he muses about buying glass to make a glass gardens for the watch, and he (again, i can't search it out at this time) - if i remember correctly - indicates he would have to order glass from Myr. ( i will check into that when i can) ... could that be that there isn't any glass making in Westeros?
  6. hi all - just one caveat to this thread - canon only .... please do not reference the &!%@*$# hbo show. i would like to know your thoughts on things about Winterfell, the castle. for example: 1. Winterfell - this is the only place where we 'know' that a 'glass garden' exists (isn't it?) ... why wouldn't other castles (with funds) have a (at least one) greenhouse? 2. why wasn't the broken tower repaired? " also known as the Burned Tower, was once the tallest watchtower in Winterfell. Over one hundred forty years ago a lightning strike set it afire and the top third collapsed inward, but no one bothered to rebuild it. " it would seem that in all the time this would have been fixed. Why wasn't it? 3. the stone tunnel: "Bran knew about that. And he knew you could get inside the inner wall by the south gate, climb three floors and run all the way around Winterfell through a narrow tunnel in the stone, and then come out on ground level at the north gate, with a hundred feet of wall looming over you. "hmmmmm.... was this tunnel something that the CotF would have had a part in, an original Brandon the Builder thing? could this be something that Mance might discover? 4. And where are all the other Starks buried? do you think they are all in the crypt? do you have any other observations about Winterfell, the castle? thanks! i am looking forward to reading your thoughts on these matters.
  7. Yaya


    if this has ANYTHING to do with the &%!$*@# HBO bullcrap i will, seriously, be wroth.
  8. hi whiplash - nice work - i truly like the offerings of all the colours ! i'll click around and such and offer some suggestions ... i do have right off the top: how about the possibility of marking in the roads? the kingsroad at the least? and how about a darker border in the applicable locations to distinguish the seven kingdoms apart? thanks!
  9. Yaya

    Small Questions v. 10106

    that could be the clue: "benches" where i come from a 'bench' has no front or back - you can sit on either side. plus, they are portable, moveable. perhaps the sept conatains a number of benches and people move them about as needed.
  10. Yaya

    Small Questions v. 10106

    LOL - do you know this for a fact? would a triangle be the easiest? regarding the SEPT - i am not certain, it would depend on the size of the building but most recollections i have of character actions in the SEPT involve kneeling.
  11. Yaya

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    fuck you, this is the books forum.
  12. Yaya

    Why did Benjen take the black?

    This is said throughout the books in several different ways. As others have pointed out, Brandon was to marry Catelyn Tully and Lyanna was to marry Robert Baratheon. I didn't think these are controversial claims. Sorry to cause a ruckus - but to me, Riverrun & Storms End are not "Southron ambitions". I'm looking at a map and YES, they are located more south than Winterfall and other places. TRUE. But to me the south area would be Dorne and the Reach and these would be the places that one would go to in order to pursuit "southern ambitions". In my opinion. Just trying to take it literally - in a physical location way of speaking.
  13. Yaya

    The Night's Queen + The Night's King

    sounds fun but where is this said so? can you give me a quote or reference from the books?
  14. Yaya

    Why did Benjen take the black?

    I stopped reading here ... no, we don't know this. where, in the books, is this so said?
  15. Yaya

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    I don't think that Benjen is abandoning the Watch with his leaving, his actions could be similar to like Jon when declared to set off for Winterfell - do you know what I mean? And maybe the similarity of my example is not a parental revenge/rescue but more of a sibling bond. Maybe brotherhood/sisterhood is a closer bond than parental affections for these folks? Or like I mentioned before maybe Eddard's Shade talked to Benjen in a dream or something, that could be pretty strong. I know that if that happened to me - I would probably act on that experience. But as for motive. Yes, the idea of access to or knowledge of a weapon (somewhere south of the Wall) to fight the Others is a good theory. Maybe there is some specific thing that physically has to get somewhere (a horn?) and Benjen is the courier. I speculate Syl of Syl, what about you - what do you think? Is Benjen dead, end of story?