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  1. Yaya

    For the record... and posterity!

    Hi ya'all - I am not able to comment on most of the things put forth I do have a belief that I would like to mark for the record : Jon's parentage: not R+L as R+L didn't even happen! That is all - thanks! Oh and how about this prediction - we will get our next book this year - before summer ! HAR!
  2. Yaya

    About R+L=J and a different point of view

    hi GAT - i like it - great explanation. i can think of other supporting factors (aka my own theories) that fit in with your logic. thanks for the post.
  3. Yaya

    Small Questions v. 10105

    @Ckram THANKS that is the thread I was looking for @Rhaenys_Targaryen THANKS for the reply/info also/again - I will shre any of my analysis here you two are an example of why this is my favourite place on the internet
  4. Yaya

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thanks R_T ! and a question to you - has there been a timeline created (or even drafted) for F&B &/or aKotSK ? (like the google doc ' ASOIAF Timeline' ?)
  5. Yaya

    Small Questions v. 10105

    hi everyone - a while back there was a post "Rheager come out and die" or "Brandon did not shout 'come out and die'" or something along those lines. when i go to search for it i can find nothing or i either clog the search machine up ... can someone remember this posting /or let me know if you remember the proper title? i'm on another re-read and i want to understand the timeline of the beginning of the rebellion action a bit more. thanks!
  6. Yaya

    Quaithe Farman?

    what's the question?
  7. SlyWren - I like some aspects of what I believe you are proposing/supporting but I can't clarify which pieces I am all totally for and or those that I can't iterate my exact feelings about. I have had a few beers and won't make much more sense soon. Thanks for this post I will re-read it agin tomorrow! ... i see Frey family reunion has already replied as I type this ... ARRR!
  8. yes indeed: i've saved some money! i haven't bought any other non-GRRM recreational reading material since starting GOT a bunch of years ago. although i have bought all the paperbacks twice (dance in hardcover) the world book, kotsk, f&b, the kindle box set & a couple of kindles in order to read & read & re-read & re-read thanks GRRM!
  9. Yaya

    GRRM: Some folk got it right.

    sure it do: '... one or two readers ...' the sum total of all the R+L=J theorists is massive and i'm so sorry (not really) that these false believers have to create new fanfic ha!
  10. Yaya

    GRRM: Some folk got it right.

    ha! this means R+L=J is false! haahahahhahaaaha
  11. Yaya

    Magic Swords post Fire and Blood

    hi CF ! I ran through F&B and am now on a re-read - there is much going on. I do have a question off topic but partially related to your post ... "It was a different sort of music that Sandoq the Shadow played at the gates of Maegor’s Holdfast, as Ser Amaury’s guardsmen rushed at him with sword and spear. That night his chosen instruments were a tall black shield of nightwood, boiled hide, and iron, and a great curved sword with a dragonbone hilt whose dark blade shone in the torchlight with the distinctive ripples of Valyrian steel." Which sword was the Shadow using?
  12. Yaya

    sadness ...

    oh my - thank-you @Curled Finger for reminding me - I have pre-ordered my FIRE & BLOOD and it is set to be delivered to my lost device! I'm going to have to get that adjusted ASAP! Luckily the kindle reader app still works on the Windows platform so I can read through that method. I must say - the quality of the world book is such that it is in GREAT shape after all these years. That book is a work of art.
  13. Yaya

    sadness ...

    ARRR - even more reason to be full of sad as winter is difficult in the north ... ? = paperwhite or oasis or stick with the kindle device is the question. CORVO - do you use a Kindle device or other? Hardcore paper fan?
  14. i will disagree. as i re-read i become more sure that jon is a true-born child of the north.