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  1. No bran is the chosen one of the lord of light and will end the long night.
  2. Didn't shae testify against him on a crime he didn't commit? I would be pretty ticked off.
  3. In his defense I doubt cersei sent him a letter saying she was going to send men to kill the lord commander.
  4. Yes but as long as he is married to sansa he can rule the north in her name being a dwarf doesn't really change that.
  5. Tyrion wanted a reward and sansa and the north was it. As for the northerners disliking cripples etc lord manderly can't sit on a horse yet his men still obey him. Being a dwarf is minor inconvenience but no more than that.
  6. Vows under the threat of death probably aren't valid marry the girl but kill the boy
  7. I mean it kinda is as the realms of men historically hasn't included the wildlings and the wildlings are considered a threat to the realms of men anyway I won't comment any further as I don't want to hijack the thread.
  8. I am using historical precedence the watch has fought both others and wildlings the wildlings are an enemy of the watch and Jon let them through.
  9. I disagree letting the wildlings through was oath breaking and Jon Shouldn't have done it.
  10. I can't really help marsh now he should've assassinated jon before he let the wildlings through the wall.
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