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  1. Sigella

    Shade of the evening.

    If we have two different things that people use that stains their mouths they are worth taking a look at together. That said I dont think GRRM is mirroring real life ideologies through mouth colours either but it was the only pattern I found.
  2. Sigella

    Shade of the evening.

    A spin in this theme might be people who drink shade of the evening gets blue lips, whereas people using sourleaf gets a blood-red mouth. Sourleafers are plentiful; Masha Heddle, Yoren, Chett, ser Eammon Frey, Marwyn, Snatch and Bennis. Shaders are fewer; warlocks of Qarth, (Daenerys, Aeron) and Euron Only pattern I can see is a socio-economic one with lowborn favouring red (colour of socialism, only exception is Eammon who comes from a minor and ill viewed house) and highborns more likely shaders (blue is the colour for conservatism and aristocracy, exception would be for warlocks that could come from anywhere, but I have a hunch that they aren't riffraff)
  3. Uller Blackwood Liddle DAYNE
  4. Sigella

    What is the Illyrio Barristan connection?

    Barristan has been at court since he was 23. Having been on campaign or at war doesn't say anything about blending in with the rabble. Nor does life at court prepare you for being robbed while asleep or being set upon by a swarm of gutter rats. Aryas experience with smallfolk far outweigh Barristans (very limited) experience of hardships. I get what you mean but its shooting beside the target here.
  5. Sigella

    What is the Illyrio Barristan connection?

    I know what synonym means, too. And you are still wrong.
  6. Sigella

    What is the Illyrio Barristan connection?

    Lol no you are wrong. ”Gradually in order to obtain information” has nada to do with breaking out a prisoner.
  7. Sigella

    What is the Illyrio Barristan connection?

    Arya has been hanging out with smallfolk all her life. Barri hasnt. Duskendale wasnt infiltrated: Barri snuck in and escaped with the King - so we are talking of different skills entirely.
  8. Sigella

    What is the Illyrio Barristan connection?

    Duskendale was an extraction (quick and easy in and out) which is inherently different from going undercover for weeks among the smallfolk and not being notcied.
  9. Sigella

    What is the Illyrio Barristan connection?

    Yes. Barristan is a hero who fights single combats and have amazing skills. Not someone that flies under the radar like a faceless man.
  10. Sigella

    What is the Illyrio Barristan connection?

    This topic raises a very nice question Like Barri says to Dany in aDwD that he lived rough in KL to save his silver for boat fare and watched Neds execution before leaving. Firstly I really dont see Barri excelling in streetsmarts on any level. He should have been robbed in his sleep or pickpocketed or getting in fights and becoming a Fleabottom-legend if he lived rough for at least a couple of weeks, not just blend in and disappear like a faceless man... Also he would have had to ask around at the harbour for his boat - and a lonesome, well spoken but ragged man looking for a ship to Pentos should not happen without the Spiders knowing. No doubt Varys knows that Barri thinks himself too honourable to consort with spiders and says or does nothing so as to not scare the good knight off. But maybe Varys knew all along and actually made sure rough-Barri wasnt living too rough?
  11. Sigella

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Sansa Sweetrobin fAegon + Arianne Tommen + Myrcella Khal Jhaqo
  12. Sigella

    Doran's shameless manipulation of Arianne

    Sansas mistakes in agot has naught to do with intelligence. It has more to with the fact that marrying Joffrey was her (very immature) dream come true. And she is desperate in keeping her dream alive well beyond the point of sensability. At the end of agot she has sold out everyone she had around her in order to not lose the dream and it is callous. Also it is the way a lot of people work, if they want something bad enough they are prepaired to put morals aside and do some real ugly stuff.
  13. I'd agree there are many parallels between them, but the Rouge Prince is in descending (Red Keep princeling->lord Fleabottom) while Dany is ascending (beggar->Queen). Personality wise I'd say Tyrion fits better with Daemon, as they like to slum it and are hedonistic. Dany (so far) seems more like good king Jaehaerys, ambitious, good hearted rulers trying to do good.
  14. Sigella

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    No. He connects her with Euron so the way he treats her is the way he'd want to treat Euron. Psychopaths doesn't cry whilst honour-killing their wives.