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    Also in-world-rumours about Aegon the Unworthy having a mistress thats the daughter of another mistress (but not Serenei of Lys @Megorova). It was Jeyne Lothston, daughter of Falena Stokeworth. Aegon had affair with Falena, sent her to Harrenhall but then she returned to court with 14yo Jeyne and Aegon made Falenas husband Hand and slept with mother and daughter, giving Jeyne a pox and finally sent them all away.
  2. Sigella


    Probably because its a story ripe with horrible forms of incest. The Wait... It does something to the imagination. We might not agree with every theory but we’re all here reading them and discussing them. Giggling at some and frowning at some, getting excited by a few because its the next best thing to the real story.
  3. Being re-animated by the Red God, it'd be pretty hard to deny it. Being re-animated might make her less invested in spiritual stuff to the point of not even caring, though. Dondarrion described his experience as making him "less".
  4. Nah the Red Sowing wasn't until after Rhaenys died.
  5. Well the taboo also helps the abusers, with victims preferring suffering in silence than live with shame and stigma. Nobody is arguing for abuse.
  6. I'd say parents should have not let it happen in your example. Also I doubt a situation with consenting adults would ruin lives. Abuse is another ballpark and I suspect you are ignoring the line between the two.
  7. Heh, I think you're dodging here. Using a breeding program to minimize medical issues is eugenics, but its not morally reprehensible. Purposely ruining your children's chances of health/survival/possibilities towards a full life etc, is child abuse. If you need to resort to a eugenics way of avoiding it, I think it'd be morally corrupt not to. Not because you and your sister don't have a right to to what you wan't but because you'd be cruel. If you live in a country that don't have birth control or you are too poor to afford it, it puts things in another light. Scandicentric me was just assuming everyone does which isn't the case. An unplanned inbreed pregnancy throws things into a whole other loop too. I can't call someone an asshole for not wanting to abort their child, so here I give up I wouldn't say ivf pregnancy isn't the result of love or lust, like why else would you want to have children with someone?
  8. The step from "morally reprehensible" to "eugenics" is pretty far and one I'm not taking. I think "nag-rape" is morally reprehensible but I don't think it should/could be illegal, same with most everything else I don't like. There are a lot of varying levels. I'd like to argue that incestous progeny would be the result of eugenics, though. Pretty much the same high-risk-diesease-progeny would be eugenics on part of their parents. But inbreeding takes the cake on all other diseases in terms of how utterly debilitating its effects can be. Like, they can have ivf and all live happily ever after as a biological family, it would be cruel and stupid towards the kids not to. (To a varying degree considering how closely related they are) You know how inbreeding is causing massive health issues in purebred dogs? There are programs trying to correct these issues by infusing fresh dna. In your logic; the programs are bad because they do eugenics - or in my logic; the inbreeding is bad for doing eugenics.
  9. Good strong westboro baptist-vibes there pal
  10. Look, the point being made is that agency, consent and willingness makes for happier couples and I agree with it. If the incestees are consenting adults and they dont breed it isnt morally reprenhensible to do incest. Modern standards fifty years ago viewed sexually active women as insane and gays as criminals. My guess is that eating meat or wearing fur will be re-evaluated in a not to distant future and then people will look back with horror on the meatindusty. Does that make it morally reprenhensible today? Just blindly following ”modern standards” doesn’t make someone/thing morally good by any means.
  11. I get what you mean, Edmure and Roslin was a good match and might have been very happy. But I'm still giggling over calling their horrid history "a successful marriage". Some of us here aren't native english.
  12. I think Cressens account of child-Stannis argues for my point. Of course he isnt a real person, so all we really can do is discuss what we think.
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