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  1. Absolutely! The Wildlings very much illustrate the freedom vs comfort conundrum from the opposite side of the scale, Robb/house Frey justice vs. revenge, tradition vs agency: IB-thralls. In Westeros those questions tend to vanish into the background though, whereas in Mereen they are actual questions that Dany grapple with.
  2. Sigella

    Kyle the Cat and Glendon Ball

    Kyle lost his horse and armour so he might be out of the running but Glendon seems too good a character to be thrown overboard. With his gritty backstory, awkward socials and high skill he echoes Brienne or Sandor.
  3. I really like it, there is some great philosophical issues underneath it all, like: - is freedom more important than comfort? (the slave wishing to sell himself to his old master) - does the end justify the means? (Astapors upheavals) - where is the line between justice and revenge? (crucifixes galore) - right to tradition vs right to agency (pit-fighters wanting to re-open the pits) Although they all bleed into one another. Freedom vs comfort most of all.
  4. Sigella

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    This would be a pitfall imo. Sauron made slaves while Dany frees slaves. So exact opposites. This dark overlord trope will certainly work against her in-story but maybe for her as well, grimness is good in the battlefield.
  5. Sigella

    “It should have been you.”

    Perhaps not an infinity but he could have chosen Greywater Watch instead of Castle Black for Jon. Only reason he didn't is GRRM wanted Jon at the Wall, methinks.
  6. Sigella

    Do people actually believe Bolt-on?

    Absolutely. Though chances are we won't get anything more on it, since they have both Stannis, Manderly and maybe unJon against them I don't predict they will survive.
  7. Sigella

    Do people actually believe Bolt-on?

    Does leeches have any interest in dead blood, though? I don't think they could even suck it out considering coagulation and all? edit: Roose being manipulative and uncaring could be explained by a lot of different things.
  8. Sigella

    Do people actually believe Bolt-on?

    I agree that something is wrong/unnatural with Roose. Probably not another Lovecraft-nod since we already have the sistermen and the creepy green lizard people in Essos. Mel kills three kings with leeches so leeches plainly have some magic. I've always assumed its from using them too much is why Roose is drained of emotion and colours. I imagine he has some very dark urges that he needs the leeches to control.
  9. Sigella

    Great lord wards

    Love your thinking here. Now I can't stop thinking of Joff with different wildly unlikely but morally satisfying foster parents. Joff with khal Drogo going down faster than Viserys. Joff with Mance being all bitchy right up until Varamyrs polar bear gives him five across the eyes. Joff in Dorne learning about Vipers the hard way. Joff with Balon Greyjoy, getting called out for being "dressed up like a whore".
  10. Sigella

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    Imo the answer to your topic is neither. GRRM is playing around with our conception of heroism.
  11. Sigella

    An evil girl's dark heart

    I totally agree.
  12. Sigella

    An evil girl's dark heart

    You said they couldn't care, I responded to that. Agreed what they are teaching her, but disagree that they cannot judge since they do judge some sacrifes sufficient while others aren't.
  13. Sigella

    An evil girl's dark heart

    You sure? Arya observes this during a FM-meeting: Ugly little girl, aDwD Not sure I understand what this means, but my take is: a FM must not ever judge because they are murderers and Arya in judging others disqualifies herself, this iyo jeopardises the FM's secrets and reputation. Well, they are hitmen so them killing folk aren't gonna ruin their reputation, so long as its not clumsily done/failed. No-one outside the FM are gonna know nobody payed for it or not. Also we don't know how the business-part works at all, but their prices surely says something of them not accepting all contracts, like someone somewhere does judge "outrageously expensive" from "base rate" affecting whether the hit happens or not. So not true about them absolutely not judging. Which proves my point = small recruitment base. Same answers as those above. Her killing Ralf and Daeron shows the kindly old man’s words aren’t getting through to her-she kills to satisfy herself instead of the many-faced god. That is something that is something the FM make clear is unacceptable. Remember they haven't kicked her out. You make it sound like they have The quote is from a lesson, and I am in no way disputing that this is a lesson they are really trying to teach her. Its just that, we as readers know her thoughts, the FM don't.
  14. Sigella

    An evil girl's dark heart

    We readers knows that but the FM likely don't or might have plans how to deal. Arya's chapters from Braavos are few and far between so maybe I read too much into her learning the finger knife or maybe you too little? Also her hit on the insurance guy and the road leading up to it can't be viewed as anything other than practical notes on how to kill people. Let's not forget Walder Frey