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  1. Sigella

    Does Targaryen blood matter anymore?

    Ooooh, the Dayne's displaying valyrian-exclusive purple eyes-mystery is probably what I yearn most for getting an answer to. Even if its just that they intermarried with Targs or Valyrians way back when.
  2. What do you mean "nasty temperament"?
  3. Sigella

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    You are forgetting Littlefinger's weird creepy attachment to Sansa. He is the one who spills the beans when she's going to Highgarden so he is clearly not above doing ugly just to keep her in KL. I'm of a mind that he already told Cersei but that Sansa's betrayal was a more convenient version of events in regards to politics. (I know we have a lot of Cersei gloating over "the sweet gift" of Sansa's betrayal so I know I'm skating rotten ice text-wise. But it feels so right )
  4. To me they are both completely down to nurture and therefore very much unlike each other. But as sons raised by Ned Stark they both have a lot of him in them which makes their values pretty much the same; honour and all that. Biggest difference is self-assuredness. Rob has a lot and Jon has very little - one is a future lord and the other a bastard of the Nights Watch, fates that they are fully set for and in Jon's case really wants. Jon has so little of it he has to continuously question himself and everything else too, which makes him more observant but also suspicious-seeming. Rob on the other hand seems just as naive as a person who hasn't tasted a single set-back ever. I don't think Jon would have slept with Jeyne and so Red Wedding would not have happened (maybe it would but in that case with another excuse). But then again if Jon was Rob he would likely be far more like Rob than he is, so.. One thing I can't see them acting differently is that they'd both legitimise the other. Which really is the sweetest bro-love-moment ever.
  5. Sigella

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    Aegon III will have some semblance to that of Rickon in aGot, I imagine there will be at least three different versions of him; first his normal self, then getting a bit more destroyed for every loss of brothers and finally the mutism-mode after his mother dies. Then him softening a bit to his wife and stepping up to rule when he reaches his majority. Nope, because there is great nuance to the people around them. Like Criston Cole's perfect black knight that turns into spiteful-revengeporn-level green is quite a journey in itself. Helaena shouldn't be made out bad, if they paint her good her fate will be even heavier. All we know is that she made a dry comment about Aegon II shunning her bed so that could be elaborated. Prince Daemon is really dark grey. There's ample opportunity for elaborations on both sides. Anyway, the Hightower-Targs parallels nicely with house Lannister in the Abomination, they worked even though they where pretty bad because they were interesting. Me neither. Its the crescendo-scene, they will have fought a bitter war for years and finally one gets eaten by a dragon. It doesn't need nuance at that point, nobody's gonna need a flute-solo when the cymbals and and piano is having crazy time. Its a pretty grand scene.
  6. Sigella

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    See thats the greatness of Aegon III witnessing it. Its his mother, no matter how messed up she was, letting him see it is where the gold is. To the viewer he'll be the rightful heir after her and wonder how it'll affect him and Westeros. Aegon II and Amon will be viewed as a-holes from the get-go; first time we meet them Aemon says "Is Aegon king or do have to kiss the old whore's cunny?" The Walder fanboys will jump on it and become hardcore Greens, no doubt. Seen just a death scene Dany's was indeed grand. But a death scene is never just a death scene, it needs to bring something into the story as well as taking something out. A wtf-moment isn't worth much on its own. Rhaenyra had a son left alive which makes it less pointless. Dany was the last pretty much everything which should've resonated in some manner and not just be glossed over in five sec. I struggle to see how Jon killing Dany could have played out interesting in terms of bringing something into the story.
  7. Sigella

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    Idk, him disappearing isn't that bad, we still have the rest of the Greens (Aemon first and foremost), plus Blacks searching for Aegon II so it could definitely work. In my mind it does anyway. Maybe some small scenes of Aegon suffering from his burns and broken legs and all but with super small clues as to where he is could do the trick. Rhaenyra might not be entirely sympathetic but she was the heir to the throne and with Aegon III (already a little pale shadow) watching when she gets eaten by a dragon makes is that much more shocking, it will be the unjustness that will carry the biggest shock value. To me Cat isn't entirely sympathetic either so that's not a problem. Just, instead of guest right being defiled, it'll be the kinslaying that gets front seat in the aftermath.
  8. Sigella

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    That thing about unreliable narrators is an interesting point. The uncertainties makes for atmosphere and mentality in the books however, TV as medium can easily make that up with lighting, music or even extras to convey. I can see the Rhaenyra's demise-plot playing out very well, actually. With Aegon III watching it could be the Red Wedding-moment imm. It's a better plot twist than certain other Targ queens ever got... Sorry and not sorry at the same time. Isn't D&D with Star Wars now?
  9. Sigella

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    Hey, I too would rather see the Conquest than the Dance if I can't have both. But I'd love a look at Queen Jaehaera's life or Nettles dragon-taming ways, or little Aegon III's bleak life, or dragon fights or MUSHROOM. One could argue that dysfunctional families makes for better entertainment as well. edit: Dinklage as Mushroom, anyone?
  10. Sigella

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    Isn't a pointless war a much more multi-facetted and perhaps morally intriguing than a good-against-evil ever could be, though?
  11. Sigella

    Dany and child murder

    I muddled it up perhaps: didn't mean Targs were a race, but valyrians are: and those things I quoted are things said about valyrians which is textbook racism. And running with it I said Targs could be a parallel to modern american racism. This is certainly true, "highborn" vs "lowborn" or "born on the wrong side of the blanket", but its not a race thing when they are all caucasian but a sociological hierarchy. Targs as valyrians differ with silver hair and purple eyes found only in valyrians. It does reminisce old european aristocracy's history of "blue blood", "visible veins in the temples", "pale skin" and what have you, but the big diff is whether those traits are objectively racial or not. The notion of "blue blood" was entirely made up, and the other "traits" weren't exclusively aristocratic either. Purple eyes and silver hair is textually established as exclusively valyrian traits. (disregarding the Dayne mystery) Hm! I was sure that Volantis primarily had sellsword companies to do their wars for them but now I can't find anything to support it I pray you're in the right about this.
  12. Sigella

    Dany and child murder

    Looked at plainly, yes. But look closer at the "blood of the dragon must remain pure"-wisdom and the widespread notion that "their purple eyes and silver hair set them apart from common men" and it sure smells like racism. Magically achieved racism but still. Shall we call it magicism? Varamyr is being a magicist when discarding non-warg offspring as "runts"? No, of course not - Varamyr's behaviour is based on what they can do, not what they look like. If individual value is based on racial typical looks its textbook racism. Numerally slaves have the advantage, certainly. Volantis has a lot of sellswords too though. Set them to defend the black wall and we at least get a siege. I'd like very much to get peek behind that wall and if tWotW is my ticket I very much hope she'll do it and tell Dany the tale when they meet. But idk, still have it in the back of my head that tWotW has a bunch of enemies that will use the chaos to off her before it can happen. I know it's dumb. But I have started to suspect the slavers awfulness will be used to turn Dany into something equally awful in time. I've always felt that stomping slavers into the ground is an end that justifies the means but certain events earlier this summer has made me struggle with keeping ill notions at bay.
  13. Sigella

    Dany and child murder

    The roach in the rushes here would be that the slavery in slavers bay (or Dothraki for that matter) isn't racially motivated, like the vikings or the antiquity slavery wasn't about race - but rather about culture: they, like the ghiscari, thought that slavery is their culture. The culture will change as soon as people start to think that this is morally wrong and needs to end. Problematic is that slavers bay doesn't really do anything else very well since slavery has been their only income. American slavery rested on the opinion that african people wasn't as evolved and therefore exempted from human rights, which to me fits better with the slaves in Valyria: if people weren't valyrians they weren't as "close to gods" and therefore not worth as much. Although the Targs intermarried with westerosi nobility they still went to some lengths to keep house Targaryen as pureblooded as possible, so they'd be a pretty good parallel to modern american racism. People are officially worth alike but unofficially white flight etc. Maybe Volantis applies to your line of thinking, if they do it on their own they will earn something more than official rights. But I think the Valyrians behind the black wall will resist it unofficially due to not really thinking other people are worth as much so it might even turn out uglier than Mereen. Overall I think the ghiscari are designed not to prepare Dany for the game of thrones but to corrupt her. Even as a peaceful person I can't wait to read when she smashes them into the dirt after enduring their ugly ass resistance for this many chapters.
  14. Sigella

    Dany and child murder

    Nice, I've never thought about like that. In my eurocentric world view I draw parallels between slavers bay and ancient Greece and Rome (esp gladiator games and "democracy* unlike you barbarians"-mentality) and to the vikings (keeping thralls, having people living in their households but treated like cattle). Quite ironically the antiquity and viking culture were not ended by bloody revolutions but was changed by feudalism and christianity: the same religion that was later totally cool with having african slaves in USA. I have to disagree with your last part. If they rose and won it would either result in their new own country being cut out of Alabama (and made war on because sugar and cotton) or demand equality no one's gonna give to butchers and be made war on. If they demand ships to go back to Africa and gets there there is no place for them, the culture isn't their culture anymore and the place is heavily colonised by the same people that enslaved them in the first place. They couldn't go Gandhi since (free)people demonised them and no one gave a squat if they were mistreated. So their best option would be to do a Nymeria and find a new land which isn't all lemon cakes and would do very little towards ending racism. I can't think of a single scenario where it would. I have said it before: I envy your sunny disposition. * not even close to democracy