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  1. Sigella

    Elia Martell: Yes, another Septa Lemore speculation

    What sinks this boat for me is the risk. Varlyrio couldn’t have known if Elia would freak out from acute grief and ruin their plans, so would they really look to involve her? Also not likely that she’d leave Rhaenys behind and flee. Elia is dornish and they aren’t as sexist as the rest so her saving Aegon over Rhaenys due to succession rings hollow. Also consider the weird, effed up relationship between ”mother” and son who lives together 24/7 but pretends not to be related, and so successfully that it fools suspicious old Griff for years? Nah.
  2. Sigella

    Why did Aegon allow the former kings so much power?

    If he hadn't given them as much power they'd be less likely to bend the knee. Dragons are the whip and power the carrot.
  3. Sigella

    Why didn't Tyrion consummate his marriage with Sansa?

    I see your point but I disagree with it. Forcing her to undress and exposing himself I count as bedding related activities, so he gave her no time at all imo. I think if the Tysha rape never happened Tyrion wouldnt have hesitated to rape Sansa. None of us can know what the truth to it is, unless gGRRM decides to elaborate on it in the comong books. Still very interesting to see how differently people interpret the story though.
  4. Sigella

    Why didn't Tyrion consummate his marriage with Sansa?

    Ok but your qoute is about the wedding. If he’d only marry her and wait a few years for bedding related activities it’d be a different different conversation.
  5. Sigella

    Why didn't Tyrion consummate his marriage with Sansa?

    Nah, Tyrion isn't snobby like that. I think its more related to Tywin already having made Tyrion rape his wife once before and the trauma from that. If he thought of Sansa's feelings he wouldn't have taken it as far as he did.
  6. Sigella

    Why didn't Tyrion consummate his marriage with Sansa?

    Nah, nr 2 had a spurring effect on him, the slave girls he rapes in Essos are revolted and that doesn't stop him but rather the opposite. Nr 1 doesn't work either, if it were down to Sansas innocence maybe he wouldn't force her to undress and all that. Nr 3 is what I think lies closest to the truth - adding that Tywin already made him rape a wife so I propose; nr 4 he can't do it because it re-enacts the Tysha trauma and Tyrion doesn't want that for himself.
  7. Nah, those grandsons ain't Lannisters. They have value for what they can do for the Lannisters. (Being children of J&C they would lose value even, because makes them Hills or Waters) Might be more spiteful if they got slaughtered though. This is exactly my thinking.
  8. Sigella

    ASOIAF nicknames: The Sinister Truth

    Some punishment, sure. But this is Reek-level torture. Losing a tounge sounds more fair to me.
  9. Sigella

    ASOIAF nicknames: The Sinister Truth

    Pretty glaring: Sweetrobin being poisoned with sweet-sleep.
  10. Sigella

    ASOIAF nicknames: The Sinister Truth

    Damphair: tWoW sample Shitmouth will die in a latrine ditch? The golden twins will get the Viserys-treatment?
  11. Sigella

    The Myth of the Self-made Person

    Its not a very exact term. But to me it implies achieving success by own force at a legitimate trade/career/art. A criminal is just a criminal and rising in power doesnt mean you did it all on your own, even if you put hard work into it. Anyone with parents aren’t truly self made; some parent raise children to diciplined adults, some pass on beautiful looks and some ugly, some pass on athleticism and some not. Courtesans of Braavos would hardly be where they are if they had Florent ears. Being born strong to strong parents, unlike some malnourished slave girl isnt truly a fair playing field. But does the term self made require fairness to apply? I’d say its a paradox. Like, to be truly self made you’d have to be a God who actually created yourself. We don’t know Jaqens motives or true identity, though. For all we know he was also Syrio. Arya is as much self made assassin as Sansa is a self made emboiderer or Bran a self made greenseer. Somehow it comes down to whether anyone can truly meet the criteria or if everyone does?
  12. Sigella

    What if Theon came to Pyke naked?

    The bronze price?
  13. Sigella

    What if Theon came to Pyke naked?

    Wait, Victarions refers to it in regards to food bought in Volantis: Iron Suitor, aDwD
  14. Sigella

    Problematic aspects of Sansa`s education

    Ok so its pure tox