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  1. Companies/influencers/creatives/politicians buys followers, views and likes all the time. (google "buying followers" and weep for humanity) If you feel like arguing that it might be a clumsy attempt from some small time computerfarm to sell their product, know I will counter by pointing out that if its unwanted trolls tanking the score credability both HBO and imdb would be pretty eager to get rid of it - which hasn't happened. I would understand if HBO bought them around the great downfall to try to keep their good score and not lose money and face. But its soon to be two years since it ended and there's a new one in the making so I doubt they'd stoop so low now. Especially considering the low quality, it's completely glaring, why would they risk getting caught with their pants down for a dead horse? It has been said on here that one of the D's have a big hang-up on the shows imdb-score and has been very invested it's reviews on there, so one can't help but wonder. Also, yeah, the Ivan dude didn't really work for my point, I don't know why he got on my shame-list.
  2. So calling it a ”great movie” seems legit to you I take it?
  3. Full disclosure; sometimes I read the reviews of GoT on www.imdb.com becuase I'm bitter of how it ended. And I find it pretty laughable it still gets ratings like these: Now all I wan't to know is who might be paying for this fraud and why?
  4. I vote dysentery. Totally agree on this. He might get beloved by the smallfolk, but anyone who spends a longer period of time with him will see the Joffy-tendencies. I imagine Aegon will have Varys spread "the truth" and the smallfolk will eat it up (the propaganda-war between Stannis and Cersei is still being felt so he has an advantage over them pr-wise from the get go anyway) while the nobility already seems certain that he's a fraud and they also have alliances and will need to break faith to side with him which isn't very honourable.
  5. I'm convinced her sould kind of rotted from the guilt that came from feeling relieved when her mother died before Joanna told Tywin about the twincest. (which was how it was, her mother was told by servant and told them if you do it again I will tell your father but then she died and they took it back up) Imagine a child grippling with "I felt relieved when my mom died so I must be evil". Abusing a baby brother and pushing someone in a well seems a pretty natural escalation and I don't think would've happened if her mothers death hadn't gotten that guilt-wrench thrown into it.
  6. You rang I read it completely like stockholm syndrome. Yeah, she still thinks nicely of him and how much they loved each other - but she hardly have had the introspective or maturity to reflect properly on what their marriage was. I'm thinking she might reconsider once she hits his age and sees how young a child of 12-13 really is, or has the same revelation as Jason in True Blood has about his sexy teacher after romanticising her for years and years. Falling/feeling in love is a real part of the syndrome. Her having stockholm doesn't mean he didn't love her, or that they didn't both power trip on the stallion that mounts the world - it just means their marriage might not have been so consensual as she might like to remember.
  7. (F)Aegon and Qaithe. I’d rather keep wondering who they really are.
  8. Ned didn't wan't to contribute to the murder of children and refrained from spilling the beans in order to give Cersei some time to get them away before the hunt. After the accident he refrained because he didn't wan't to "soil" Roberts last hours with it. I think Ned in way did play the game because Jon was born into it without a possible chance to ever win and Ned couldn't let him die. I don't think it's a futile question. It's made pretty clear what it takes to play and which character traits serves well in both long and short term. Tywin was utterly ruthless and fully capable of backstabbing and scheming which was good for acquiring power but not so much for pr, and on top of that he sucked so bad at teambuilding that he got killed in-team. Jon and Dany has tried to be honourable and utilitarian to the point of being murdered/having to escape their own subjects oth. Anyway, the game is fascinating and I do not think it's right to reduce it into some supposed lesson. The game is not much younger than the human race, we've almost always had it in all societies. It's universally human; whether its an actual dude sitting on his ancestors throne (won in wars fought hundreds of years ago) or another one spending millions to air commercials defaming their opponent before the election (or just poisoning them), and it has a big impact on what the world is/becomes. It's dramatically thankful because of the knives edge implications different kinds of people will make of it if they against all odds doesn't die trying.
  9. Ned could have beaten Cersei if he had just told Robert what was up before he died.
  10. And here I was thinking it was to be FaB, including the conquest and the Conciliator? Wishful thinking on my part.
  11. Thats a bummer. If they're going to get to king Viserys in season one means there's only material for like three season all in all. This gives me a creepy suspicion we will end up getting a painted pig rehash of the GoT lore-webbisodes... edit: nothing against the actor though, my misgivings is about his character showing up waaaaaay too early in the series.
  12. Me and @Lord Varys discussing which degree of incest is morally acceptable is honestly a topic I’d avoid like the plague in person. Before reading this series I would say its a black and white question but thanks to GRRM its now grey.
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