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  1. I stand corrected regarding his relationship with the widow. Although, one might argue if he had been a slave-trader in Volantis, wouldn't he have had better knowledge of the widow and not gotten the gloves wrong? I have actually wondered about that meeting, why the gloves and why making a deal about bying them on the long bridge? Seems to me there's more there than meets the eye and I'm not certain what. I absolutely agree that Jorah's relationship with/feelings for Dany isn't healthy but I don't know if we should paint him as black as this thread suggests.
  2. Jorah seems to be friendly with the widow of the waterfront, so him having a grand history slavetrading in Volantis doesn’t hold. Same could be said of the entirety of slavers bay - none of the slavers pays Jorah any mind/respect or try to engrationate themselves to Dany through him.
  3. Ok, I see. Don’t know if the drunkard and madmen holds water but the rest certainly do. The black bastard is a very good one.
  4. ”Different roads leads to the same castle” The part about Balerion the cat. Arya hearing about the black bastard on the Wall. ”Jon laugjed ad a madman and his men laughed with him” Maybe I’m being thick
  5. A few of these I don’t get but there really are a lot of hints! Almost to the point of making me wonder if they are clues or herrings Nice compilation!
  6. The ice magic (white walkers and wights) could be air, I suppose. They're certainly not water.
  7. How I have sorted it: Blood magic; Khal Drogo was a blood Wight made by MMD > The Mountain thanks to connection should be considered same. Faceless Men uses blood as we have seen by Arya, which along with it being founded in the blood magic central makes it blood magic as well. Green magic; Greenseers and Undying could be seen as related considering their close relation to trees, or the Undying representing a degraded and much less powerful form of the same green magic. The Undying sees vague symbolic visions more en par with Jojen's dreams rather than the absolute documentary info Bran gets while greenseeing Bloodraven. Water magic; Drowned God, IB, Patchface, Lovecraftian sistermen, Lonely Lights water-wargs. Fire magic; Melisandre, Thoros and Beric. Lady Stoneheart. Fire wyrms, whatever happened to Aerea. Dany surviving the Pyre. Crossovers; dragons and Targs/Valyrians (fire and blood magic) Bloodraven (greenseer now but practiced bloodmagic according to Egg, of Targ decent so fire as well) Euron (green magic from shade of the evening along with blood magic and or water magic in sample chapter sacrifice)
  8. My takeaway from Barry Lyndon was how he kept failing at his social climb, constantly crashing and burning. Granted it's been more than a few years since I saw it last. LF has thus far been far to successful to make a satisfactory parallel.
  9. I know thats what you think but I don’t agree with it; it’s too far fetched and contains a big bunch of unsound leaps of logic imo. That being said, I respect your enthusiasm and how invested you are in this and I enjoy reading your posts and theories
  10. Am I the only onw who wonders if carrying Blackfyre might be a liability? It’s a generational traitors sword. Sure it once belonged to Aegon tC, but now its given its name to five rebellions and at least one big war, so connotations isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I do love this about (f)Aegons armor though, it’d be too awesome if he had one with rubys like Rhaegars! It would also put a nice twist in Danys dream of Rhaegar in armor, lifting his visor and seeing herself, it could be turned into a big psychological drive of doubt or guilt.
  11. Pia. Plenty of things are just as bad, but the prevalence of real life Pias just make my blood run cold.
  12. They clearly enjoy it and if the Maid was an actual rapist Asha might not like him and keep him in her crew. The fact that Asha takes pleasure in it rules out true rape. I’m surprised you’d think this is how a rape would be. Like, her stroking his peachfuzz soft skin afterwards? Finishing together?
  13. I didn't. Its grey for the rapey play, but still probably one of the least problematic sex scenes. They both willing as hell and both gets to finish. If they didn't act so pervy it'd be romance novel-material.
  14. Irri is braver, more confident and the alpha of the two. She’s the one who’s first to talk or act while Jhiqi follows her lead. No wonder she thinks she’s a cow. edit: I get your point though - they aren’t super defined and a bit too similar for comfort.
  15. True, though its true for Danys entire entourage not exclusively dothraki followers. And it true for all the Stark kids, entire house Mormont and all true nights. Are they all cupboard outcuts too?
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