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  1. Lol, I meant that no people isn't made up of individuals.
  2. How do you define "people" as anything other than "individuals"?
  3. To throw him off and ruffle his state even more before the kill. Like a cat with prey.
  4. Yes I like the character and that might rose tint my view to some extent and maybe your dislike towards the character might downgrade your view. Arguing "Dany doesn't have any followers and the few that do follow her doesn't count"... Seems trollish.
  5. You do realise that the conversation between Missandei (a follower who is a freed slave and who is in a relationship with an "automaton"-Unsullied) Davos and Jon throws your argument completely over board?
  6. The Dothraki (her small Khalasaar) follow her because Mother of Dragons and Unburnt. The freemen (former slaves from Astapor, Yunkai and Mereen) follow her because she is Breaker of Chains. The titles are telling her story anew every time someone asks "why is she called that?". She has lots of people following her, I don't understand how you'd miss them.
  7. Nope. Like, I dislike Tyrion because his moral is subpar - but at the same time I love his chapters because he sees, does and knows lots of interesting stuff. The chapters I mislike the most are Brienne and Sam (probably the two most utilitarian characters) because they don't see, do or know anything that interesting. Hopefully their storylines will get better in Winds. Bri with Stoneheart and Sam in the Citadel should mean payoff for the boring/gross/uneventful road they've had so far. Characters character is a very small part of the whole.
  8. Dany has earned her titles and her people loves them - its good awesome pr. Jon should take notes.
  9. Sigella

    Why no stark spies

    omg I'm so slow.... Thought you were talking in-world-on-page ratios edit: #girlsplaining
  10. Sigella

    Why no stark spies

    You forget the traders and the scum though. Traders have influence, money and can marry their daughters into nobility. The scum are those the serfs look down their noses at, like whores and thieves. Any way they exist on page and enjoy more freedom than serf but isn't knights or nobility. Also one might argue that knights (and sellswords) are pretty much serf in the same way maesters or septons are.
  11. 9. Lack of dragon 10. Inbreeding
  12. Yeah they rode them to battle and burned armies and castles, making them warriors. Do our distinctions differ, like you seem to mean "soldier" more than "warrior"? Or is it the "rider is once removed" like Mel ins't a warrior though her magic is super harmful (maybe even during battles) or that a poisoner isn't a warrior because there isn't a battle? I at a loss.
  13. Yeah in my book all dragon riders that battle in wars do count as warriors because they meet the terms even if they don't do actual sword-fighting. Certainly it could be argued that the dragon is the warrior and not the rider - but the dragon doesn't make war without a rider so it doesn't hold up. also: Asha seems plenty cherished among the IB