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  1. I’m not so sure. Being walled in and having other defences, KL defenders has a big advantage. Then there’s Tywin with a big army about which might dissuade illoyalty too. Like even if Stannis takes KL his army can’t match Tywins, so selling out to Stannis isn’t smart iin the long run. Slynt might have tried to advise Joff to flee = lost his head or tried to bargain with Stannis get caught by Varys = lost his head.
  2. Stannis has no gold at this point and I doubt Slynt’d sell out the Lannisters for promises. Even if he did - those promises needs to be better than what he’s already gotten (lordship and a huge castle) and I’m struggling to see Stannis make Slynt any sweeter deals. Hell, Stannis might distrust Slynt to the point of not even bothering to try.
  3. Yes, Cersei’s feminism (bitter dead-ended as it is) exists. She’s pissed that she wasn’t given choices and possibilities on account of her gender (being sold off like brood mare, not getting a sword like Jaime etc). It has a lot of big flaws, but it is still feminism. Feminism/feminists can be misogynic. Misogyny is so deeply woven into everything its almost impossible to not ever do/say stuff that isn’t feministically correct. The reasoning you have about Cersei’s exceptionalistic tendencies fits better with Dany’s aspacian piedestal, which is DANY has a right to rule everyone because she is so very special and other women aren’t at all like that, so they deserve being ruled over. Aspasia was a highly intelligent highborn woman in Ancient greece a who won the right to vote but only specifically for HERSELF, other women didn’t matter (maybe it did, to her, but its not recorded to my knowledge).
  4. THIS They could do the conquest but no, they’d rather make a show of rhoynar boating around. Absolutely mindboggling.
  5. Almost everyone. I feel for Cersei's guilt-wrenched brokenness. I feel for child-Ramsay when first Reek gets sent in to raise him. I feel for Ned's stoicism in the black cells. Varys for his messed up childhood. Euron for having to live with himself. LF only gets very little for being really badly brokenhearted. Joffy a little for being spoiled rotten and at times might not actually know any better or not fully realising consequences of his actions. Tywin gets a little because I get tired even thinking about how heavy it must be carrying around that amount of pride. None: Robert Baratheon, the slavers, Walder Frey - I don't even have a molecule for any of them.
  6. As a reader I'm 100% black (because Rhaenyra was made heir and greens are vulgar and screw the stupid patriarchy) - but had I been an in-story character I'd go green because blacks is too dangerous, they kill anyone around them on whim and I wouldn't be up for that.
  7. The headpiece looks widdowish and reachish. Kind of like the blue one Olenna had in the meeting with Sansa in the garden. Silent Sisters has a big weird collar with the seven pointed star sticking up behind their head so she's not that. Septas had an undyed habit, which this is far too garish for.
  8. More like a fancy butler or boss servant. Sansas view of it in aGoT:
  9. I don't know. Cersei thinks he's great and she trusts him. She believe he proved his loyalty by not abandoning her during imprisonment. For her to turn on Qyburn, she'd need someone to tell her and that she'd listen to. Its very impractical news, she might ignore or turn it onto the informant just out of convenience. Varys gone, LF in the Vale, Pycelle and Kevan dead plus Aurane Waters desertion... Like, the only person left is Taena and she might be down the same pocket as Qyburn for all we know. Swyft might be slow enough not realise the risk to himself, maybe? And maybe Cersei'll believe him? I don't really see it.
  10. @Lord Varys this gem from the aFfC prologue illustrates both racism and classism in the story:
  11. Not so, it's still different. It's correct that classism can abuse/discriminate in a similar manner to racism. But this is true of an indefinitive amount of things, like; communism, religion, dialect. Different hands using the same tool aren't necessarily the same. Ramsay does messed up stuff to commoners - does this make him a racist against them? Do we ever think he justifies his deeds with being biologically superior like he's Nietzsche or Viserys? I know I don't. If not for material gain, the bloodline thing in noble marriages was about the prestige and bragging rights rather than biological essence. Medieval royalty claimed to be god-appointed and from god's will they gave out lordships etc so nobles were special because "god" not because they were biologically different from anyone they rule over. The "blue blood" myths (there are a number of those; pale skin/visible veins in the temples, skinny ankles and wrists, small feet and delicate hands were all at some point seen as a hint/proof of nobility) - all turned out to be lifestyle-made rather than biological. Although the expression blue blood was a way for spanish royalty to distinquish themselves to the Moors as well as the general rabble, so there's perhaps a grain of actual racism in there. It's about loss of prestige for Kevan. Maybe some discriminatory pre-concieved notions that with a merchant-class mother the kids might not be raised properly or lack necessary skills. House Westerling was impoverished and refilled with Spicer gold, loosing out on second-tier Lannister matches is the price in prestige for that gold. Davos is a lord since aSoS. He says in Clash that his sons were lowborn like him (at least those sons present at the Blackwater) so he was already married with kids when he was knighted so his kids will not get splendid matches due to being lowborn, but if they assimilate well enough (and marry strategically) their children will be at normal minor lord status. Higher if house Seaworth keeps bringing home the prestige.
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