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  1. Nope, not ok because its so damn clumsy. I've always felt that there was an element of elegancy to this story but now Im completely proven wrong. Its aspartame's-sweet for everyone except Dany and Drogon. He will nosebump her bones for 200 years all alone. WTF.
  2. Sigella

    the purpose of Dany's arc

    Jon ended up north of the Wall where he admittedly wanted to be (reunited with the pet that he abandoned after it almost died for him). Sansa got her crown, because bitchy mean girls deserve happiness. Arya got the adventure she dreamed of. Unsullied went to Naath to serve a good purpose (Im guessing they will protect the Naathi as Missandei and Grey Worm wanted). Tyrion got his wish as being Hand. Samwell -//- maester. Davos, Bronn and Gendry climbed the ladder. Brienne and Pod got knighted and became a Kingsguard like they wanted.
  3. Sigella

    the purpose of Dany's arc

    I like to think its that one bad deed doesn't undo the good ones you did before just like one good deed doesn't undo the bad. That said I strongly disagree with this ending being "bittersweet". Like, it was sweet for everyone but Dany and the dragons. Wtf. Of corse she turned mad, not like GRRM or D&D was gonna let the greatest person continue being best, subverting expectations and making grey characters outweigh everything and Dany was so white they had to pour tar on it to make it grey. Its clumsy.
  4. Sigella

    Mourning Dany

    I totally agree with all this.
  5. Sigella

    Mourning Dany

    Isn't he like a half-year older though?
  6. Sigella

    Mourning Dany

    I think it totally suck. I really wanted her to actually win and perhaps not lose everything and everyone. Or be clever enough to immediately marry Aejon when learning about R+L. Letting him ride Rhaegal is a bigger share of power than his arse on the IT ever could be. I'm onboard with her snapping and burning KL, because it was the only thing she could do to survive. Bunch of schemers taking their sweet time to surrender must remind her of the soft conquest of Mereen and how all that worked out. Also it was set up by Cersei (provocations of the worst kind and 1 million human shields) in a way that would have broken most people into rage mode and not just about Dany being mad or evil. Leak spoiler:
  7. Sigella

    This is all Jon’s fault

    This is pretty interesting: in season 7 it was Jon who made Dany not burn KL because "wouldn't be different, just more of the same" after her advisors failed convincing her. It's not on him that it happened though: its on Cersei - who decided provoking the enemy and then using human shields - and Dany, who let herself get provoked into firefest mode. Some of it is down to the Sons of the Harpy as well because if not for them Dany wouldn't be as paranoid about guerrilla warfare and what soft conquests might ensue.
  8. Burning Kings Landing is a pretty rational choice given Dany's experiences in Slavers Bay and acute grief. She conquered Mereen "softly"* and her rule there was crumbling up until she actually really defeated them with dragons and dothraki. I suppose how long it took for the defenders to ring the bells reminded her of the Sons of the Harpy and what kind of rule she had to look forward to not actually really defeating them. While watching the moment they finally ring the bells my gut feeling was "its a trap" so its not out of the realm of possibility that Dany thought so as well. It wasn't Dany who tried to hide behind a human shield after aggressively provoking the enemy. Being goaded into cruelty is dumb, but if you think your life is on the line most of us would use brutality out of survival instinct and not by choice. I keep thinking this must be the cruelest act by any Targ ever. Maegor, Aegon tC and Aerys doesn't touch this death toll. But if you take a close look at them their notabie deeds have patterns: -Aegon I; burns thousands of soldiers in the field of fire and war against Dorne (soldiers and civilians) for building his iron throne and revenge for Rhaenys. -Maegor the Cruel; mass-murdered the builders who built the Red Keep and burnt the Sept of Remembrance (hundreds of builders and thousands of pious soldiers) for secrecy and security. -Aerys; torturing people (anyone he could make an excuse to burn; all of Kings Landing included) to enjoy sadism and pyromania. -Dany: burning half** the population of Kings Landing (soldiers and human shield-civilians) to get the iron throne and get revenge for her child and best friends. Its obvious that she pairs with Aegon rather the others. Remember he burned every castle in Dorne at least once after they killed Rhaenys. Their motivations are the exact same. Wants to rule Westeros and avenge death. If Aegon tC wasn't mad she isn't either. Not yet at least. Aerys and Maegor differ markedly by their pettiness. Massmurder over some secret tunnels or torture because you get off on it is both sillyshly petty. Aerys did burn some who plotted against him and Maegor had a strong military opposition in the Sept, but its the petty stuff that really sets them apart. I would agree that pursuing the rule under the given circumstances constitutes a really crazy choice but lust for power doesn't make someone crazy in a real sense. *I'm not saying crucifying people is soft - but that sad story was a Nürnberg trial medieval-style. The people crucified had themselves ordered the crucifixion of a hundred children for crying out loud, it's one of a few rare moral exceptions when a horrible brutal way of justice isn't as bad as doing nothing like. Can't imagine anyone who wants crucifiers of children going unpunished and I can't honestly blame anyone who takes excessive action against such either. **Or by show makers death-logic this season say 5%. Or maybe they will subvert out expectations and make like she killed all of them? Exact number is beside the point anyway, one murdered civilian is bad enough.
  9. Sigella

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    In this season every single thing seems to be either a tie-back or completely out of character. Dany burning a eunuch alive for plotting ticks both boxes, so naturally it will happen.
  10. Or better yet grabbing Cersei and screaming "Dracarys" whilst falling. This almost makes me weep. Like the biggest dragon-impact was Viseryon being wighted and bringing down the Wall? For real? No matter how hard dragons have been to kill up until now; Drogon completely healing after being speared all over in Mereen, stabbed all over by wights or taking 100 arrows in the belly - if Bran can pirate a wheelchair why not a freaking dragon-armor? The only redeeming thing about Rhaegal going down and what book-readers know about dragons and their riders (extremely hard to kill and a warg-like relationship with whomever rides them) Rhaegal might have gone down, but has survived and is heading for Jon. D&D certainly puts GRRM's taste for cliffhanger-not-deaths to use so I'm hoping its not so stupid as it looks. This doesn't bother me actually. Of course it's not true, I think everyone that has been raped wishes for it to never have happened but that wish only leads you downward and inward. Saying "without it I wouldn't be who I am" isn't exactly untrue but more importantly it's a comfort that you might need to tell yourself (and others).
  11. Sigella

    Arya and Gendry, why?

    Also, revolting against the guy whose wife has FM-training, killed the Night King and massacred house Frey singlehandedly, seems a very poor idea to me.
  12. Can't help but despise the dip wads that decided that the last 13 minutes per every episode must consist of two jackasses being smug about and totally ruining the magic of what I just watched. Of course D&D want to get more recognisable and be totally smug about their work in prime time tv but the people who agreed to it really should have been like "hm, maybe instead we make the show 13 minutes longer per episode, that might not piss people off as much" but rather give in to this horn-tooting fest. HBO be like "the episodes will be longer* *because we added 13 minutes documentary of two men mentally masturbating to the end of every episode" Sorry if I'm being venomous but this is really annoying me.
  13. Sigella

    Who is Going to Die