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  1. I've read all of them, waiting for more
  2. Battle of Ice: Stannis will win through a combination of the Night Lamp Theory and the Manderly forces defecting to his side. Still in the middle of a huge blizzard, so this victory might be short lived, since he still hasn't got many provisions. Battle of Fire: Barristan's attack catches the slavers unawares and he scores a victory albeit a bloody one with heavy casualties. Barristan will probably die in the process, which will make me very sad, but then again it's the death he deserves. Dragons might or might not play a role. Battle of Blood: No idea really, but I like Preston's idea about summoning the krakens and if it's just that they're somewhat of a counter to the WMDs called dragons. Battle of Steel: JonCon and Aegon will take Storm's End through some trickery or another, since it can't be taken by force. So it won't be much of a battle. The Tyrell forces won't defect to Aegon unless the charges against Margaery have been dropped. Can't wait for WoW to find out!
  3. Barri_The_Bold

    WW invasion happens whos your top two generals?

    I see a lot of people choosing Tywin and I get where you're coming from. He won the War of the Five Kings, right? Well, he did (kind of, it's debatable, I know...) but he did so politically, not on the battlefield. In fact, he lost every battle against Robb. So he's a politician. Might be useful if it came to negotiations, but I highly doubt that. The other choice made by many others here is Stannis and I think he's the best choice altogether. He's an abysmal politician but that's not what we need in a WW invasion case. We need a brilliant battlefield commander and strategist and most of all someone who does everything necessary and everything possible to win. I don't know why some people here say he's not a good strategist. He managed to plan and execute a massive attack on KL, which was on land and sea simultaneously and he would have won if it weren't for Tyrions defence measures, which were unpredictable. Stannis just set his faith in the wrong admiral. Additionally, he gathers support of all Northern houses he can get support of before marching on Winterfell, not just running blindly into battle. Anyways, my second choice would be someone who on one hand knows the North, but is also good with people, since Stannis isn't. The obvious choice would be Ned Stark, but Stannis doesn't like him since Ned was always favored by Robert as a brother. So this is a hard choice... Pre-AGOT would mean Robb and Jon are out of the question, since they're too young still and haven't made the experiences, that changed them, yet. Wyman Manderly would be another choice, since he seems jovial and knows the North, additionally he follows the Seven, so he could prove as a link between Northerners and Southerners. His weakness is his mobility though, in the sense that he doesn't have any. He had to send his sons to represent him on the battlefield because he was too fat. Guess I'll have to settle for Ned, since there's no better option that comes to mind. Roose Bolton is in the back of my head but I'm not sure he can be trusted. He would probably turn out to twist things to his favor and I can't say he was actually liked, not even pre-AGOT. So I just have to rely on Stannis to make his peace with Ned, considering the lives of all the people in the realm depend on it. Ned Stark and Stannis Baratheon it is