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  1. Any evidence for this? It’s interesting. Could logen also be a bayaz by-blow? He certainly has a lot of the supernatural about him, and Bayaz had obviously been taking an interest in him long before we first met logen
  2. Valandil

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    Quite. That’s surely self deprecation, or is he that oblivious?
  3. Valandil

    The Forgotten Christmas Specials

    A Christmassy Ted /thread closed
  4. Valandil

    Bakker LVII

  5. Valandil

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    If Elros is neldor or beldor and is still around, then it’s very early in the second age, ie first 500 years and millennia away from ar-pharazon, Saurons captivity and the fall. The casting does have a worrying soap opera texture to it. How they are going to handle the passage of time will make or break this. It’s an extremely challenging project.
  6. Valandil

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    https://mobile.twitter.com/jacnienaber/status/1192727138207707136?s=12 tip of the hat to the old club, 4 ex Munster men and William Webb-Ellis
  7. Valandil

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Hats off to South Africa and to rassie Erasmus in particular. Has there ever been a more complete example of the maxim “forwards win matches and backs decide by how much”? Absolutely ground England to mince in the scrums, kept turning the screw with penalties and eventually the tries came. Also great to see the electric pace of mpampi and kolbe finally too. Complete performance. First team to ever win RWC after losing a group game, three finals three wins for boks, first time boks scores a try in a final, a night of records. Never mind England, stiff upper lip and all that, what?
  8. Valandil

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    So do we think they're fabricating entire storylines, i.e plots that are not connected to Tolkien other than they take place in this alternate middle earth? Certainly those character names are new? Oren, Beldor and Tyra? I was looking for aldarion at least or Gil Galad, Elrond etc.
  9. Valandil

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    That’s right, I certainly thought it has felt more competitive than last few. The usual minnows are closing the gap, pity Romania, Spain etc couldn’t get through
  10. Valandil

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Incredibly difficult quarters to call. All teams could beat the others. In some ways South Africa is toughest call for japan. Physically the biggest, will the style Japan used v Ireland and Scotland tire out boks or just break on them like a rock? Think SA England look too strong for Australia but are vulnerable when believing their own press. Cheiks needs a win and will have them fired up to beat the poms. Think England ireland v NZ. I think Ireland based on what I said above. Wales v france, wales drilled well, in form, but I think france to rip up form book with they’re mercurial World Cup form. Great cup team. So, SA, France, Ireland, England semis?
  11. Valandil

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Very much agree with this. We’re getting excited about Saturday here in Ireland though, New Zealand haven’t played a game since sa on the 21st of September, then Canada and Namibia, then two weeks jerking off to tentacle porn in a typhoon? They’ve got to be struggling for focus. We’ve been through the wringer emotionally, and have come together nicely v Samoa. The emotional intensity with sexton leading against NZ... the fear of humiliation coupled with the knowledge we can beat them? Furlong rampaging, murray sexton back in form, starting to believe...bring it on!!!
  12. Valandil

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Wait, which is the tier one nation here again? Japan? SRU regretting their insistence on playing this match! if I was boks I’d be worried and we’ve got New Zealand. Great. Nothing to lose though and we’ve beaten them. Ireland have proved in this tournament so far that they need a challenge to rise to, rather than coming in favorites. Got that now!
  13. Interesting that they’ve gone mixed race for the two rivers look. I guess they were always described as dark, but in the books that was more dark haired and dark eyed Caucasian like “black Irish” as in Rigney’s “Fallon legacy” series. Always had two rivers folk pegged as 17th -18th century Irish culturally/ societally. The important thing is they keep it consistent whatever they go with so Rand stands out etc. there’s obviously a lot of ott criticism gonna happen but once their costumed up and hair etc, it will fade. Rosamund pike looks a lot less like book moiraine than any of these guys/gals!
  14. I really enjoyed empire of grass. All the unver/thrithings stuff was excellent, I really liked Morgan’s odyssey through the Aldheorte and the new things we’re learning about keida’ya and tinukeda’ya. Simon and miriameles pieces were slower. Simon seems to becoming or already is, an alcoholic which is tragic. Don’t agree with the scale of negativity I’ve seen on these two pages. Loved the book, the pacing is very close to the original trilogy/ quadrilogy. If only there were more books in the genre as high quality as this.