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  1. Interesting that they’ve gone mixed race for the two rivers look. I guess they were always described as dark, but in the books that was more dark haired and dark eyed Caucasian like “black Irish” as in Rigney’s “Fallon legacy” series. Always had two rivers folk pegged as 17th -18th century Irish culturally/ societally. The important thing is they keep it consistent whatever they go with so Rand stands out etc. there’s obviously a lot of ott criticism gonna happen but once their costumed up and hair etc, it will fade. Rosamund pike looks a lot less like book moiraine than any of these guys/gals!
  2. I really enjoyed empire of grass. All the unver/thrithings stuff was excellent, I really liked Morgan’s odyssey through the Aldheorte and the new things we’re learning about keida’ya and tinukeda’ya. Simon and miriameles pieces were slower. Simon seems to becoming or already is, an alcoholic which is tragic. Don’t agree with the scale of negativity I’ve seen on these two pages. Loved the book, the pacing is very close to the original trilogy/ quadrilogy. If only there were more books in the genre as high quality as this.
  3. Valandil

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    The last time I remember such fury on the boards was when storm of swords came out and the red wedding happened. Same complaints. “Robb would never have been so stupid, ruined his character, not reading anymore etc etc”. I have no doubt this was GRRM’s twist. 100%
  4. Valandil

    UK Politics: The Edge of Destruction

    But of course you haven’t had Brexit yet. This terrible mess is just your parliament trying to agree what terms to ask for in leaving. Don’t worry, if Brexit ever actually happens, those predictions will materialize, or something close. It’s my view that it won’t happen now though, long delay, followed by more long delay, second referendum and problem solved. “Brexit” doesn’t exist as a coherent concept, it never did, it’s a portmanteau that appeared when the Greeks were having their difficulties and “Grexit” was being floated. Not sure it’s even possible to do everybody means something different when they say it from “Brexit in name only” style customs union, to forcibly building a fence around the island and along the border and tossing out everyone who “sounds foreign”
  5. Valandil

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    When I heard that Miranda had optioned Kingkiller I was relieved. I had not enjoyed Hamilton and couldn’t understand the level of adulation thrown its way. I put it down to cultural differences (I’m Irish originally). The fact that he thought that something as unwieldy, confused, bloated and obviously out of control as the kingkiller chronicles (especially the second book) would make a good tv show confirmed for me that his judgement is not what most think. I also think you are missing the point about rothfuss, I.e. the trolling of fans, etc etc which the other authors you’ve mentioned didn’t indulge in. (unless you believe as some do that bakkers entire series was one giant trolling! Or his AMA) I wouldn’t be surprised if the damage his behaviour has caused to his reputation among the fantasy consuming community is contributing to his current feelings of despondency. Also thanks for reminding me that we haven’t had anything from sussanah Clarke in so long. Loved jonathan strange. So original and well written.
  6. Valandil

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Great win for Ireland. Strangled them. Losing the first one will stand to them as some of those boys were starting to believe their own hype (especially the young leinster lads which is kind of understandable given the season they've had). Furlong was spectacular, and thats the world cup centre pairing, injury permitting. Psyched for last test on Saturday. Murray is now our only irreplaceable player. The gap behind him is too steep. England are a rabble and can't see Jones making the world cup. He appears to have lost the dressing room. Thats 5 on the spin lost right? 6? Ominous signs of life in SA rugby as RWC hoves into view. With Rassie Erasmus at the helm and a real feeling of unity and togetherness coming off them, they are going to be a serious threat
  7. Very much enjoyed it. He slipped back into the Osten Ard style very easily, which I thought might be difficult for him after all this time and the diverse output he has had since last he was there, but he did it convincingly. Some interesting well realised new characters, some great old ones. Perhaps a little disappointed in the character of seoman who seems unchanged and to have had very little maturation or emotional development despite being a veteran ruler and grandfather when we meet him. Perhaps you might say the norn’s have been too “humanised” as it were in more ways than one. They seemed to me in the original series unutterably evil and alien, but given some povs in this book and thowwl they are almost indistinguishable from the human POVs which takes from the mystique a bit. But that’s a quibble as I very much enjoyed these self same POVs. Some great twists in there too that I didn’t see coming. Vastly superior to 95% of what calls itself fantasy today.
  8. This quote perfectly encapsulates what's going on in this forum. Ridiculous, petty stuff. As a book reader since 96 and long time theoriser on this board and its many previous iterations I am delighted to be seeing the resolution of so many story threads. Jon is Aegon Targaryen and legitimate heir, Sansa was on to little finger and has disposed of him, there is an ice dragon, the wall has come down, jaime has left cersei and gone north, and much more. Be in no doubt that George gave them these plot points. This is what he intends to happen. George will never finish these books at current pace. Having the story finished by the most spectacular tv show in history is to be welcomed. Compare it to the vast bulk of rubbish that constitutes most tv! This is a gem! 10! 10!
  9. Great episode. So much payoff on stuff theorised for decades, the hounds importance, ice dragon, Jon and Dany, etc. From a film making point of view, superb. Gripping, thrilling, fantastic effects. Yes the change of pace is likely to jar those used to the glacial pace set by George and seasons 2-5, but these things need to reach a conclusion and we are so clearly heading for one, it's just delicious. And yes, this is a work of fantasy, dragons, others, undead, reborn. Don't forget that and get bogged down in details like speed of travel when there are bloody dragons flying!
  10. Valandil

    Hugo time! Your packet is available! 2018

    Bakker, obviously. There is no other choice.