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  1. Valandil

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    When I heard that Miranda had optioned Kingkiller I was relieved. I had not enjoyed Hamilton and couldn’t understand the level of adulation thrown its way. I put it down to cultural differences (I’m Irish originally). The fact that he thought that something as unwieldy, confused, bloated and obviously out of control as the kingkiller chronicles (especially the second book) would make a good tv show confirmed for me that his judgement is not what most think. I also think you are missing the point about rothfuss, I.e. the trolling of fans, etc etc which the other authors you’ve mentioned didn’t indulge in. (unless you believe as some do that bakkers entire series was one giant trolling! Or his AMA) I wouldn’t be surprised if the damage his behaviour has caused to his reputation among the fantasy consuming community is contributing to his current feelings of despondency. Also thanks for reminding me that we haven’t had anything from sussanah Clarke in so long. Loved jonathan strange. So original and well written.
  2. Valandil

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Great win for Ireland. Strangled them. Losing the first one will stand to them as some of those boys were starting to believe their own hype (especially the young leinster lads which is kind of understandable given the season they've had). Furlong was spectacular, and thats the world cup centre pairing, injury permitting. Psyched for last test on Saturday. Murray is now our only irreplaceable player. The gap behind him is too steep. England are a rabble and can't see Jones making the world cup. He appears to have lost the dressing room. Thats 5 on the spin lost right? 6? Ominous signs of life in SA rugby as RWC hoves into view. With Rassie Erasmus at the helm and a real feeling of unity and togetherness coming off them, they are going to be a serious threat
  3. But never by you apparently...
  4. Bakker I’d say. Tad Williams. Stephen Donaldson’s early stuff. Abercrombie’s stuff has a charm that could endure.
  5. Very much enjoyed it. He slipped back into the Osten Ard style very easily, which I thought might be difficult for him after all this time and the diverse output he has had since last he was there, but he did it convincingly. Some interesting well realised new characters, some great old ones. Perhaps a little disappointed in the character of seoman who seems unchanged and to have had very little maturation or emotional development despite being a veteran ruler and grandfather when we meet him. Perhaps you might say the norn’s have been too “humanised” as it were in more ways than one. They seemed to me in the original series unutterably evil and alien, but given some povs in this book and thowwl they are almost indistinguishable from the human POVs which takes from the mystique a bit. But that’s a quibble as I very much enjoyed these self same POVs. Some great twists in there too that I didn’t see coming. Vastly superior to 95% of what calls itself fantasy today.
  6. This quote perfectly encapsulates what's going on in this forum. Ridiculous, petty stuff. As a book reader since 96 and long time theoriser on this board and its many previous iterations I am delighted to be seeing the resolution of so many story threads. Jon is Aegon Targaryen and legitimate heir, Sansa was on to little finger and has disposed of him, there is an ice dragon, the wall has come down, jaime has left cersei and gone north, and much more. Be in no doubt that George gave them these plot points. This is what he intends to happen. George will never finish these books at current pace. Having the story finished by the most spectacular tv show in history is to be welcomed. Compare it to the vast bulk of rubbish that constitutes most tv! This is a gem! 10! 10!
  7. Great episode. So much payoff on stuff theorised for decades, the hounds importance, ice dragon, Jon and Dany, etc. From a film making point of view, superb. Gripping, thrilling, fantastic effects. Yes the change of pace is likely to jar those used to the glacial pace set by George and seasons 2-5, but these things need to reach a conclusion and we are so clearly heading for one, it's just delicious. And yes, this is a work of fantasy, dragons, others, undead, reborn. Don't forget that and get bogged down in details like speed of travel when there are bloody dragons flying!
  8. Valandil

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    Great result for Lions today. Outstanding from Itoje, O' Mahony and O' Brien (particularly Itoje). Murray was excellent as usual, the only irreplaceable player for me. Sexton competent, Te'o very good, Davies good too. Back three poor. Halfpenny offers not much in attack, (great kicker but if farrell fit don't need him) North looks hesitant in contact still and just sluggish in general. Watson, fast feet and clear potential, not really delivering on it on tour. Really worried about back three in all its permutations, weakest area. Front row in all its forms excellent too. Laidlaw would struggle to make J4 sunday morning pick up games in the south munster league. WTF he is on that tour for I don't understand. Well we don't have to worry about him being near the test squad surely... 1st test team 1. Mako 2. George 3.Furlong 4.Kruis 5.Itoje 6. O' Mahony (capt)(should have happened back in april) 7. O' Brien 8. Faletau 9. Murray 10. Farrell (sexton) 11. Earls (there, i said it, Gatland will have north) 12. Te'o 13. Davies 14. watson 15. Mike Brown (Call him up, if farrells out, 1/2p)
  9. Valandil

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    Sweet group for Ireland though, Japan, Scotland and Europe Qualifier. Great opportunity
  10. Valandil

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    I'm not going to belabour it but the Argentina game two years ago is less relevant than the beating of the all blacks last November, to this lions tour. It's clear to any fair minded observer that Ireland and England are underrepresented in this squad, Wales far over, based on form. the players know it too and it's a bad start for squad cohesion, having said that, they'll have my full throated support on the tour. I'm sure that there will be more players joining given the gruelling schedule. How convenient for gatland that the Welsh team will be in NZ on tour
  11. Valandil

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    They have to be consistent. They were supine against England, as were Glasgow, to a lesser extent against Saracens. Which Scots would you add? Russell has bottled it at various moments this season for club and country for example. Same for grays.
  12. Valandil

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    I would say having that amount of Welsh in the squad along with a welsh captain is excessive and not based on form. They play for unsuccessful clubs in the pro 12, make no impact in the ERC, they came 5th in the 6n, England have won the last two 6n, Ireland won the 2 before that. I actually would pick Biggar as sub 10 (although if sexton is injured early it would be Farrell i think with Henshaw at 12), Faletau has been picked on rep not form, wouldn't pick him, would have brought Heaslip instead who was no. 8 when Ireland beat NZ 5 months ago, is in pro12 topping team and ERC semi finals on Sunday. Halfpenny is a busted flush, don't understand how he gets in other than he's welsh, I'd have the in form Launchbury in for Wyn-jones, who's getting on and is injured, or Donnacha Ryan. I'd have haskell in for warburton, who is injured and only regained form for 1.5 games in 6n, Tipuric far superior at 7. Is warburton even going to get in the team? Is he ahead of O' Mahony, stander at 6? Is he even going to be fit? Stander is the form player in ERC and pro12. His stats are insane, first forward to pick up a try hattrick in god knows how long in 6/5nations. These are not tight calls. The welsh players form with exception of Rhys Webb, Tipuric and Liam Williams is cack. Two for Scotland seems about right though.
  13. Valandil

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    Fair play to the scots, they wanted it more. specially in first half. Very frustrated with the sloppy ball at breakdown and scots lazy runners were borderline hilarious, particularly given the penalty he gave scots against Jackson to win the game. Poite had a very, very poor game. But Ireland's attitude was all wrong. Not at the required level of intensity at all in first half. Coach has to take some responsibility for that. Beat all three southern hemisphere teams in a calendar year year, then went in underprepared to a effectively a provincial Glasgow side who Munster have been 3 times in league and ERC on the bounce is not good enough. Even worse to get in the lead after such a crap 1st half then still choke. England France game poor quality. wales v italy worse. Looks like Italy under O shea will be the same as italy under everybody else. Tough to crack for first 60, then supine for last 20.
  14. Valandil

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    Got Ireland France double for 9.5-1. I know its unlikely but only staked €10. Just have a feeling for the French. Brexit and all that. Plenty of emotional stuff Noves can use as well as improved play and lowered tackle rules helping their offload game.
  15. Valandil

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    What about France though? Noves seems to be trying to bring back the old French swashbuckling passing style as opposed to the garbage stuff St. Andre was forcing the last few years. In my view it will bear fruit. Their stats against NZ in November are interesting http://www.espn.co.uk/rugby/matchstats?gameId=289728&league=289234 17 line breaks vs NZ 6 629 ms made vs NZ 412 190 passes vs NZ 123 7 penalties conceded to NZ 14. Obviously they lost, in the end but you can see the attempts made. Their fitness is clearly an issue looking at 2nd half. Expect the Ireland's, England's and Wales's to punish that in last 20 mins, but still, they're going to beat someone they're not supposed to almost certainly.