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  1. Oof. I enjoyed moments of the show on a superficial, "inspired by Tolkien" level, but most of the criticisms are justified if delivered a little harshly. Absolutely Annatar in the show should have been a two season arc, with him showing up in glory, gaining Celebrimbor's trust, not gaining Gil-Galad, Galadriel and Elrond's trust, and experimenting with ring making, several "essays in the craft" and then the nine, the seven, and not till later, the three. Not pressed into ten minutes at the end of the last ep.
  2. Loved the episode. Gave it a nine. Don't agree at all with those questioning Alicent's motivations. Her BFF lied to her, got her father fired, she now understands the threat to her children were Rhaenyra to take the throne. How could she take it and leave the king's firstborn son, an Aegon Targaryen no less, alive? She also believes if Rhaenyra f**ked Cole, she probably f**ked Daemon too. And yes she is jealous of Rhaenyra. She's also realising what Ned didn't. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die and she's playing for her kids. She's gone from background character to show MVP. I had some sympathy with Otto Hightower as well. You could look at it like he's just a mysoginist who doesn't want Rhaenyra on the throne because sexism, but you could also look at it like he is a man of principle who wants to avoid the war he (rightfully) believes will start if she succeeds Viserys. He also demonstrated significant antipathy to the dangerous and reckless Daemon. Viserys is in the wrong. He's changing the rules that put him on the throne instead of Rhaenys, to put his daughter on the throne, after naming his firstborn son Aegon! The actor portraying Criston Cole did a phenomenal job as did milly alcock. what a pity we will be missing her from now on. Daemon portraying his true colours was a shocking scene too, exceedingly well played. Matt Smith, part he was born to play. He has ready access to those dark depths! A delight from start to finish. Loving it! Not being critical but it is so superior in every way to Game of Thrones its unreal.
  3. Gave it an 8. Really liked it. Far better than I expected. The standard of acting was so far above the original GOT it was really noticeable. Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, Rhys Ifans giving serious masterclasses. Milly Alcock, Eve Best also excellent. Great start. Hyped for the rest.
  4. I'll still buy it though. I'm a sucker for Tolkien based Alan Lee cover hardback. It's a condition.
  5. With hopefully tight timelines around publication? A couple months between volumes! That’d be great!
  6. I really enjoyed empire of grass. All the unver/thrithings stuff was excellent, I really liked Morgan’s odyssey through the Aldheorte and the new things we’re learning about keida’ya and tinukeda’ya. Simon and miriameles pieces were slower. Simon seems to becoming or already is, an alcoholic which is tragic. Don’t agree with the scale of negativity I’ve seen on these two pages. Loved the book, the pacing is very close to the original trilogy/ quadrilogy. If only there were more books in the genre as high quality as this.
  7. The last time I remember such fury on the boards was when storm of swords came out and the red wedding happened. Same complaints. “Robb would never have been so stupid, ruined his character, not reading anymore etc etc”. I have no doubt this was GRRM’s twist. 100%
  8. This quote perfectly encapsulates what's going on in this forum. Ridiculous, petty stuff. As a book reader since 96 and long time theoriser on this board and its many previous iterations I am delighted to be seeing the resolution of so many story threads. Jon is Aegon Targaryen and legitimate heir, Sansa was on to little finger and has disposed of him, there is an ice dragon, the wall has come down, jaime has left cersei and gone north, and much more. Be in no doubt that George gave them these plot points. This is what he intends to happen. George will never finish these books at current pace. Having the story finished by the most spectacular tv show in history is to be welcomed. Compare it to the vast bulk of rubbish that constitutes most tv! This is a gem! 10! 10!
  9. Great episode. So much payoff on stuff theorised for decades, the hounds importance, ice dragon, Jon and Dany, etc. From a film making point of view, superb. Gripping, thrilling, fantastic effects. Yes the change of pace is likely to jar those used to the glacial pace set by George and seasons 2-5, but these things need to reach a conclusion and we are so clearly heading for one, it's just delicious. And yes, this is a work of fantasy, dragons, others, undead, reborn. Don't forget that and get bogged down in details like speed of travel when there are bloody dragons flying!
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