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  1. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    In regards to Jaime, Martin said he is one of the best ever, and grrm is the kind of author who would have a couple of goats not just one, then we can dispute between fans who would have the edge... Barristan himself thought jaime a prodigy and what he acomplished as a teen is impressive... so imo he is a hair short of barri/dayne sword skill level but still well above the rest Regardind Dayne i believe he and Selmy are the greatest sword users, arthur has the weapon edge but not the skill one on barristan, give selmy a vs sword nad it's tied, if we go besides sword skill in every fight angle, Barry is superior then again it's Barristan "unreal feats" Selmy... regardless they are the best 2 swords in history imo Prime robert is different, a warhammer is superior to any sword in a 1v1 with armour duel, his genetics are on point for h2h combat of all sorts, and his feats at such a short time as a young man are only on par with Selmy, so potential wise he could have become the god of war Daemon BF or Aemon DK or Cregan Stark are all guys >100 years in the past, and nutrition and knowledge are always evolving, they are still better than 98% of asoiaf timeline guys but not the elites imo, between timeline goats the modern ones are always better because time is the boss of all
  2. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    at the start... - Jaime is in his prime, he's number one... then Barristan/Cleganes/Oberyn/Loras/Garlan/Greatjon/Victarion in no particular order ever, i'm a firm believer that modern elite fighters are better than generation's past so mount rushmore would be... - Barristan (no one better with sword and the rest is in his cv, unreal feats of all sorts, sword/lance/stealth/knife, almost made to be the solid snake of martin's book) - Prime Robert (feats in his twenties that put to shame 99% of people, genetics and a weapon that made him the guy with most potential to be a god of war before he gave up) - Dayne (like Selmy no one better with sword, and with the best sword/skill combo) - Jaime ( 1% below Dayne/Barristan in sword skill imo, prodigy)
  3. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Houses Selmy, Estermont, Dayne, Hightower, Blackwood and Reed
  4. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Many, but of those i consider most important currently... - Barristan (a sad day but too many pov's in mereen in no time, and the bold shall die a knight with a personal history worthy of an album of songs) - Greyjoy bros Aeron and Vic (too many krakens close to the end, Theon and Euron seem the ones with chances to be alive in ADOS) - Jon Con (i don't see that angle being important in ADOS, and another isolation in essos is just waste of character arc) - Stannis (very sad day aswell but either in the end of Winds or beginning of Spring but i bet on the former, a badass death though) I bet Varys and Littlefinger are either both dead at the end or just one of them, because i believe ADOS is going to be a "final battle" book with little room for "plots" but it's just a feeling... Benjen Stark's death i'm still on the fence between the end of Winds and Ados.
  5. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Why did Tywin and Aerys stick together for twenty years?

    Well they were friends... Hate-Love relationship with Steffon calming some storms during the years maybe... From Aerys's pov is mental state really opens a lot of doors, he hated tywin in later years but wanted him close because paranoia is a pain in the sides. Tywin is Tywin... friendship or not he wouldn't twist a king's tail unless he knew no danger could step on his door
  6. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    Dear Aegon, It's already hot in here and you bring fire breeding dragons?! You funny... Sincerely, Nymor
  7. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Who would win a war between Tywin and prime Robert Baratheon?

    i'm talking prime Robert a guy who Ned says is peerless as a combatant, the same guy who fought Dayne before said quote, and it wasn't parcial because he said Dayne was the best knight he ever saw and Bob was a knight aswell, but being a knight isn´t just combat prowess. more 1v1 noble kills than most (aside from Barristan, who had double the years as a carreer soldier) including Dayne, Jaime, etc. a specialist in warhammer use, a deadlier weapon for armoured combat than any sword and most other weapons "In his youth Robert Baratheon was a paragon of a man, stronger and larger than most others on the battlefield. His chosen weapon was a war hammer of such immense size his friend Ned Stark could not wield it. The hammer was forged by Donal Noye while he was still the smith at Storm’s End, and Robert’s prowess with it was legendary."georgerrmartin.com "Warhammers always had spikes. It was part of what made them so deadly." Grrm not a blog defeated Jon Connington ( a deadly knight by his own merit chosen ahead of any KG by Aerys II, with textual noble kills) while recovering from injury with a secondary weapon killed rhaegar despite being on horseback (the best chance for the prince who was a much better jouster, a major skill for targeting enemies on horse), a 1v1 on foot would end early again, Grafton, Fell, Mooton, Connington, Rhaegar... noble knights that make a list supporting every comment on Robert's prowess who else can grab the number 1 spot? this character has textual comments, kills, and physical/weapon skills that put to shame the vast majority in the story... martial 1v1 cv's only barristan can match, who had much more years of combat, dayne is mostly compliments from others, the smilling knight, and grrm's words wich put him on the best ever list but in no way superior to Robert aside from sword mastery, jaime is top 5 but a slightly below version of Dayne and that's the major dogs, Daemon BF and Aemon DK are other greats but as sword users are still below barristan/dayne/jaime imo Prime Robert, Dayne and Barristan are top3 ever followed very closely by Jaime, so to me neither Clegane could defeat prime robert in any stage of their lifes, wich doesn´t mean they are not top 10 sorry if this gets off topic, as a battle commander to me he ranks above tywin
  8. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Who would win a war between Tywin and prime Robert Baratheon?

    Obsessive maybe, false belief i don't think so. Maybe there´s more equal cv's but better ones... aside from the Conqueror's? As for the Sandor/Robert comment it's not false by a looooong shot
  9. Brandon does not seem the kind of person to ask much help when he suddenly learns of his sister's situation, he went full speed. Even if he asked for robert's help it would take raven time back and forth, and Jon arynn as lord of the vale would read the letter first and not tell robert to go kill himself aswell i believe.
  10. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Who would win a war between Tywin and prime Robert Baratheon?

    A prime Sandor is STILL below prime Robert who in 1v1 armoured combat is the top of the food chain by skill and weapon speciality, so his height at 12 or 25 is irrelevant. It would take both Cleganes at adult ages to stop him at that time. As a commander it´s in the story, his military CV and success is surpassed only by Aegon with WMD's.
  11. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Why the hell doesn't House Baratheon have a Valyrian Steel Sword?

    some blood related folks... for the sake of concepts like awesome and badass and anti-boredom Orys was the swordsman of the family, Aegon and the sisters were the riders... BF or DS should be his at least for added bonus while the war lasted, nontheless he used regular steel because at the end of the day VS isn´t more than a bit sharper and lighter than regular sword and still inferior to hammers or maces in 1v1 with plate... Yeah, Aegon and Visenya should one or the other, give their VS sword to the actual specialist (their father was dead and couldn´t bitch about his bastard) but greed is a $%&#
  12. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Why the hell doesn't House Baratheon have a Valyrian Steel Sword?

    They have a legendary warhammer now
  13. Laughing Storm Reborn

    [Spoilers] EP610

    - being a bobby b fan is hardly a question i'm a fan precisely because the guy is with aegon i the most acomplished individual in history, i don't hate on any fictional characters just the drooling going on being so beyond me, rhaegar to me is just another guy killed 15 years before the start of the series, that's it - jon is still a bastard, and even a secret marriage is impossible to prove unless with some over the top unrealistic photo hologram to all lands - the royal house is house baratheon, and if dany changes it she's not going to hand it to a bastard - i don´t mind the fanboyism of it, just find strange, really Ned did A LOT more and would be a cooler father but, if people like this sort of cinderella stories of running away from a marriage more power to them... but i stand my groung, rhaegar didn't do much aside making 3 kids and getting one-shoted
  14. Laughing Storm Reborn

    [Spoilers] EP610

    The amount of drooling on r+l=j on the net this past months is beyond belief... how is rhaegar being jon's father great? the only feats of renown he had was singing on the streets, tanking a warhammer with his chest, and die... WOW amazing, truly the stuff of legends
  15. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Board Issues 4

    Duly noted