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  1. Laughing Storm Reborn

    All time Top Fighters

    Barristan, Robert, Arthur and Jaime are the Mount Rushmore in my view having into account martial feats, lore, genetics and potential
  2. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    Exactly it's their speciality 20 good men productions present: "we all kinda forget"
  3. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    that's sad news, i like their comedic writting
  4. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    If it's written and produced by Benioff and Weiss i will watch it religiously, never have i watched such a great comedy show. If they don't i'm not wasting my time, i skip right to their star wars galore
  5. Stay tuned for next season as Bronn gets to be lord paramount of westeros with some coin funded brothels as turist bait. MVP of the entire show: Edmure Tully
  6. Laughing Storm Reborn


    I would've listened more from Edmure, he made some points... yeah i would "aye" those
  7. Laughing Storm Reborn

    A failed tragedy

    grrm cares for all his characters and no one must be as sad as him to bring dany to this point in the books, but her objective had a 1% chance of getting a morally good path or no innocent deaths it depends also in what the audience/reader invests emotionally on the character in question, Aegon the Conqueror burned a lot more people during the conquest, including innocents at least in harrenhall, and unlike dany he didn't really do any "good deeds" before, he just wanted westeros and got it with fire and blood, i'm not the biggest dany fan but if we look at the precedents and the world we are given by george she just enters in the camp of most conquerors, hard to be one without genocide
  8. Laughing Storm Reborn

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Maybe she goes mad in the books aswell but it willl be very well explained and with plenty of page time to understand such a fall. Surely the show had to be 12 seasons long but with the directors quality of writing and lack of interest after so much time, it's better this way. Jon being revived just to be the same is something i don't believe grrm is going to do, the character will experience significant change because otherwise his death and revival is just that, pointless
  9. Laughing Storm Reborn

    What will Jon do?

    Find 20 good men and open a campus that teaches scorpion aim and nocturnal charges on zombies...
  10. Laughing Storm Reborn

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    What surprises me is the amount of people who thought these two would do a decent job, i don´t care for the show since the end of season 4, until then it was a decent homage to the books but from 5 to now it's a free for all. I ranted the treatment of Stannis in season 5 considering the book source by D&D not just because i like the character but because of the sheer stupidity, many were "meh it's not my favourite character nor a main one", well stupidity doesn't just leave and coupled with rushness to end the show and take other projects and vacations leads to this mess. It's a great comedic show i give them that, from the "give me 20 good men" to the "scorpion aim 150% in episode 4 to joystick malfunction in 5", i laughed my behind off
  11. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    Regarding the first point: "In his youth Robert Baratheon was a paragon of a man, stronger and larger than most others on the battlefield. His chosen weapon was a war hammer of such immense size his friend Ned Stark could not wield it. The hammer was forged by Donal Noye while he was still the smith at Storm’s End, and Robert’s prowess with it was legendary. In tournaments he was never much for jousting, preferring a melee where he could bludgeon his opponents senseless." GRRM Robert is not just unusual strenght, wich in armoured combat means power and also speed, strenght is needed to move around fast as a knight full of armour weight, he has also legendary prowess with his warhammer per grrm, he is as skilled with his weapon as dayne is with his own. Regardind the second point, i agree with you that some reality is needed and the story respects that many times, Dawn/VS swords are sharper and lighter but can´t break other swords in one hit or cut plate armour like a lightsaber, a spiked warhammer in vastly powerful hands in a duel with heavy clothing is a deadlier weapon, not by a mile but deadlier That being said, yes prime Robert might be the Bob a few years after the Trident so he is slightly below Selmy and Dayne at harrenhall but only just because of experience levels with his weapon. Barristan, Robert, Arthur and agot Jaime are the most skilled with their weapons ever IMO, when skill is elite goat tier it's in the details but i'm not going to give dayne an advantage with prime robert unless he agreed to fight a sword duel or on horseback, 1v1 on foot with their personal equipment if i'm going to bet on one it's Bob, he has the physical advantages armed and especially unarmed and we see how many duels end in the series and in dunk&egg novels. I'm not disputing preferences on these four but anyone else of great renown in history (present time trumps past to me in knowledge and nutrition) i put slightly below. To me personaly prime barristan is the epitome of personal combat (sword, lance, stealth, knife, experience), the solid snake of this world who not only has jaw dropping feats but has no one better than him with sword or lance, but even he can lose to another goat tier. The "greatest knight he ever saw" is as valid a quote as the "peerless warrior" one, a knight can mean a combination of skill chivalry and honour, not just the most skillful, but Dayne was a goat tier only equaled by barristan in sword skill, but swords aren´t the only weapons or means of combat. About Jon Con i can only see in the quote text that he did fight robert and almost died, "he almost slew jon in the steps" is a given they traded blows imo
  12. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    Barristan, Robert and Dayne are tied even at harrenhall, Selmy's experience puts him with the other two despite age... Prime Robert is a genetic freak who was called a peerless warrior by the guy who fought prime dayne, he has the book feats, weapon and genetic advantage while dayne has the experience advantage. No sword, even VS/dawn (who couldn't cut the SK sword in several hits) is deadlier than a warhammer in 1v1 armoured combat, Bob only needs one hit anywhere to disable daynes arms or legs or subdue dayne and break his neck to kill him, and dayne has to find a gap while avoiding all this in armour, so it's a toss up prime barristan is better overall than anyone, being equal in sword skill with dayne as the two most skillfull swordman ever, then being better in every other field of combat than arthur in 4th place i would put teen jaime but with reservantions, he becomes one of the greatest swords ever but not yet
  13. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    In regards to Jaime, Martin said he is one of the best ever, and grrm is the kind of author who would have a couple of goats not just one, then we can dispute between fans who would have the edge... Barristan himself thought jaime a prodigy and what he acomplished as a teen is impressive... so imo he is a hair short of barri/dayne sword skill level but still well above the rest Regardind Dayne i believe he and Selmy are the greatest sword users, arthur has the weapon edge but not the skill one on barristan, give selmy a vs sword nad it's tied, if we go besides sword skill in every fight angle, Barry is superior then again it's Barristan "unreal feats" Selmy... regardless they are the best 2 swords in history imo Prime robert is different, a warhammer is superior to any sword in a 1v1 with armour duel, his genetics are on point for h2h combat of all sorts, and his feats at such a short time as a young man are only on par with Selmy, so potential wise he could have become the god of war Daemon BF or Aemon DK or Cregan Stark are all guys >100 years in the past, and nutrition and knowledge are always evolving, they are still better than 98% of asoiaf timeline guys but not the elites imo, between timeline goats the modern ones are always better because time is the boss of all
  14. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    at the start... - Jaime is in his prime, he's number one... then Barristan/Cleganes/Oberyn/Loras/Garlan/Greatjon/Victarion in no particular order ever, i'm a firm believer that modern elite fighters are better than generation's past so mount rushmore would be... - Barristan (no one better with sword and the rest is in his cv, unreal feats of all sorts, sword/lance/stealth/knife, almost made to be the solid snake of martin's book) - Prime Robert (feats in his twenties that put to shame 99% of people, genetics and a weapon that made him the guy with most potential to be a god of war before he gave up) - Dayne (like Selmy no one better with sword, and with the best sword/skill combo) - Jaime ( 1% below Dayne/Barristan in sword skill imo, prodigy)
  15. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Houses Selmy, Estermont, Dayne, Hightower, Blackwood and Reed