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  1. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Best Fighters/Swordsmen?

    Almost a year has passed, and Prime Robert is still in a class of his own... no asoiaf human knight is going to win agaisnt a warhammer user with legendary prowess and stupidily genetic advantages for armoured duels, and more renowned kills than everyone aside selmy who fought 40+ years more
  2. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Rhaegar managed to injure Robert because it was a horseback duel, and he was a good jouster, that being said it's not "he injured him badly" because robert sent his personal maester to barristan, it wasn´t mortally serious, at least in the canon books... A minor cut is suficient for any person not to be on a horse for a while, everytime the horse galops your cut (small as it can be) will burn, and a trident to KL ride is not a manhattan-new jersey trip... you can list an amount of stuff rhaegar did better but Robert is by far the superior warrior and commander, that's hammered in the books
  3. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    I laughed... then i cried... then i laughed... till i died... PS: at least we have grrm on video saying bob was a good guy, rhaegar i don't know Jack but apparently some folks do
  4. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Who is your favorite villain and why?

    In a realm of greys and surely some beasts of violence and evil, Euron is a villain in every sense, even by ironborn levels he's over the top, there's no grey there as of now so, yeah... Euron the Maddest
  5. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Best Fighters/Swordsmen?

    -agree FNR, we are tiresome but it's true, prime bob is inferior to no one in personal combat - Martin never said who was the top fighter or swordsman in any medium, and that is something folks sometimes get wrong, he was asked "who would win in a duel between prime barristan and prime dayne", he said "either way with equal weapons and dayne with dawn"... that's it... we can compare magic with bird, but jordan is still around... - Yes, Martin said jaime was one of the greatest swordsman ever wich puts him in the highest tier along with Bob, dayne, barri and few others but swordsmanship is one in a handful of aspects of armoured combat - GRRM also said Robert's warhammer prowess was legendary, having into acount a warhammer trumps any sword in armoured combat effectiveness... well... - Ned who fought prime Dayne, said Robert was peerless (in marshal terms) and the fiercest warrior in the realm while saying dayne was the best knight... hardly biased because robert was also a knight, but knights have other aspects like chivalry and honor - Robert has single combat feats only Barristan (a guy who fought for almost 50 years) can equal/surpass in numbers - prime robert has the genetic advantage to arthur, jaime or barri in reach and power (who serves as the attack, defense and armour movement main point in medieval duels) and even has great agility by his boar hunting technique (so unless it's on horseback or just swords, he has the advantage) - a guy the author puts on legendary level is not inferior to any one, not even other legendary fighters (wich barri, dayne and jaime are by the way, the weapons and genetic features make the diference) -between these folks, it's apples and oranges, minute details make the diference, i personaly would not bet against prime bob in 1v1 armoured combat on foot, against any warrior in asoiaf
  6. Laughing Storm Reborn

    If Renly won what would happen to Shireen, Davos and Joffrey's Kingsguard

    Here's what Renly is imo... the guy with the greatest untaped potencial of all characters martin created in asoiaf
  7. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Who is the luckiest character in ASOIAF?

    Nedbert... Man did they die on the right time...
  8. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Best Fighters/Swordsmen?

    gotcha, yeah i forgot at the beginning conan is still a teen so he grew taller just not 6´6 i guess, but yes he surely meant tall for that Age in history... but i see the similarities for sure
  9. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Best Fighters/Swordsmen?

    You mean Robert Howard's Conan? Martin and he are friends so you're not the first confused by it... Yes, Conan while not as tall (6 feet to bob's 6'6) was described by Robert Howard as tall, powerfully build, square animalistic jaw, dark hair and blue eyes with martial love and obsession so... yep, a shorter Robert i agree
  10. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Why the hell doesn't House Baratheon have a Valyrian Steel Sword?

    some blood related folks... for the sake of concepts like awesome and badass and anti-boredom Orys was the swordsman of the family, Aegon and the sisters were the riders... BF or DS should be his at least for added bonus while the war lasted, nontheless he used regular steel because at the end of the day VS isn´t more than a bit sharper and lighter than regular sword and still inferior to hammers or maces in 1v1 with plate... Yeah, Aegon and Visenya should one or the other, give their VS sword to the actual specialist (their father was dead and couldn´t bitch about his bastard) but greed is a $%&#
  11. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Why the hell doesn't House Baratheon have a Valyrian Steel Sword?

    They have a legendary warhammer now
  12. Laughing Storm Reborn

    [Spoilers] EP610

    - being a bobby b fan is hardly a question i'm a fan precisely because the guy is with aegon i the most acomplished individual in history, i don't hate on any fictional characters just the drooling going on being so beyond me, rhaegar to me is just another guy killed 15 years before the start of the series, that's it - jon is still a bastard, and even a secret marriage is impossible to prove unless with some over the top unrealistic photo hologram to all lands - the royal house is house baratheon, and if dany changes it she's not going to hand it to a bastard - i don´t mind the fanboyism of it, just find strange, really Ned did A LOT more and would be a cooler father but, if people like this sort of cinderella stories of running away from a marriage more power to them... but i stand my groung, rhaegar didn't do much aside making 3 kids and getting one-shoted
  13. Laughing Storm Reborn

    [Spoilers] EP610

    The amount of drooling on r+l=j on the net this past months is beyond belief... how is rhaegar being jon's father great? the only feats of renown he had was singing on the streets, tanking a warhammer with his chest, and die... WOW amazing, truly the stuff of legends
  14. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Who could play Rhaegar or Could anyone play him?

    someone with top notch skill in taking a warhammer to the chest
  15. Laughing Storm Reborn

    Best Fighters/Swordsmen?

    Really? The only reason Bob is behind the first 6 is if we NEGATE feats, author quotes or accolades By feats Robert is either 1, or sharing 1 with Selmy, unless we are speaking of swords alone... because he has more kills than the rest, better genetics, better weapon, and confirmed by the author to have legendary prowess with said superior weapon... so he's not behind those 6 that's for sure, equals dayne and barri but still has the advantages