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  1. I think you are generalizing a little bit. Not everybody hates Essos, there are plenty of readers who do enjoy it. However most people is more invested in Westeros, but I think the main gripe what is about Meeren. In my case, despite Westeros being my favorite part I enjoyed Dany chapters in the first three books. But I couldn't stand Dany chapters or care abou the politics of Meeren. I didn't enjoy Quentyn's chapters either, but enjoyed Arya in Braavos and likee Tyrion chapters for the most part.
  2. Not really. According with George at one point Dance was almost 1700 pages long, but he edited things back to 1510 pages. His quote can mean anything, he might be hundreds of pages far from finishing or he could surpassed the size limit and be close to fthe end, it is impossible to know for certain.
  3. All the description about Aeron's backstory and how he loved to pee
  4. It would be interesting to know the fate of Egg's sisters, we know they married and had issue but we don't know with who they married with. I saw some speculate one of them inherited (or married into) House Dayne. The good thing about having a House Martell Family Tree is we would finally know the names of Oberyn's parents. I wonder if George plans to publish more family trees in upcoming Westeros works
  5. I am curious about the relation of House Bolton with other Northern houses as well, we know that they didn't marry with the Starks (at least for many generations), something that is quite understandable. I wonder if the same happens with houses that antagonizes their liege lords as well like house Florent and Tyrell and house Yronwood and Martel
  6. Family Trees and genealogies are really important in Westeros, being part important in the plot of Game of Thrones and we had detailed family trees of the Targaryen, the Starks and the Lannisters published in a World of Ice and Fire. But, what houses detailed family trees you would like to see? I would like to see the family trees of the other great houses; House Martell, House Greyjoy, House Tyrell, House Arryn and House Baratheon. From the other noble houses I want to see House Dayne (Elio once said that George keep it secret because of the importance of this house), House Redwyne and House Royce (I want to see their relations with House Stark).
  7. Answering the initial question of the topic, George detailed the process of determining if a book is too long for publishing in a blog post. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2011/05/19/talking-about-the-dance/ To be short, it all depends if the manuscript surpasses the 1600 to 1700 pages threshold, after this it is impossible to physically put together everything in one book. George claimed to had already written hundreds of pages and that he needs to write hundreds more to finish the book properly and Lord knows how many hundreds of pages it means. About the delay, I am frustrated as well. I believe George will finish Winds of Winter even if takes time, I am not so optimistic about A Dream of Spring though, even with George claiming he have everything figure out.
  8. Yes, High Hermitage is closer but not by much and Dornish houses that are closer to the ToJ would know even more and I never heard that members of other noble houses like House Manwoody are "the most dangerous of Dorne". All this only works in the assumption that other people widely know about Jon parentage or that they are suspicious and there is no evidence of this.
  9. I think the "most dangerous man in Dorne" moniker given by Doran is due the fact Darkstar is an unpredictable and shrewish individual and probably a fairly skilled fighter and nothing more. I don't believe he has anything special or know anything special at all, like about what happened in the Tower of Joy or about Arthur Dayne.
  10. Great Vince Gilligan! I remember watching an old video with a interview with Vince Gilligan where he describe all the creative process behind Breaking Bad. To be short, he and his writing team spent two months plotting the story alone and he describes it as a really really important step, because there is when they put everything together and figure out every plot point and the character actions and motivations. Them he and his team begin to write the scripts. And other thing, the work of writing is well divided in between the team, with each writer getting one or two chapters at best, Vince himself only wrote the first and the last episode of each season. https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/Season_4_(Breaking_Bad)#Episodes Now look how D&D did, they spent two months to plot and write everything and they only had one or two other writers that got only one or two chapters while they wrote almost everything else, or six to seven chapters by season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Game_of_Thrones_episodes Mind you, in the screenwriting convention, a minute of screentime equals one page of script; D&D choose to write and rewrite three hundred to three hundred and fifty pages of script all by themselves! It may had been adequate when they were adapting direct from the books, with them picking dialogue as it was wrote in the books. But, when they run out of material and had only an outline to base themselves on, the quality went way down.
  11. I don't think so. Doran send Arianne to gather information and makes the best decision when facing Aegon. So, spreading rumors would sabotage his efforts. If the Iron Throne discovers Arianne was there to negotiate a possible alliance with Aegon, Dorne would be charged by treason, the fact Aegon is true or not would be irrelevant.
  12. And the small island the Ironborn took seems to be the Isle of Pigs. The dialogue the Ironborn that killed the lord seems to indicate this; the "The Tyrells oink, the Redwyne oink, the Highotwers oink".
  13. I enjoyed very much the chapter. It really delivered very good insights and foreshadowing. It is sad we didn't get this sample in AFFC or ADWD, this chapter would be a very good way to finish the Iron Islands arc in this book. It would end as a cliffhanger, but it would be much more satisfactory than end an arc without any climax. The editorial decision in cut this and other chapters in Dance really harmed this book. I liked this one more than the Arianne samples, but I don't blame the folks in the Cons that choose her instead of Aeron. Aeron is annoying and we didn't had a good perspective of what Aeron would do. Trystifer Botley said he was in the Iron Islands making a cup against Euron and it did not seem to promising.. Arianne is more interesting and the coming of Aegon gave us a good expectation. - I find Aeron pain in the ass, but I liked the sample and even sympathized with him. - We found Euron is a killer, rapist, pedophile, kinslayer. He is the pinnacle of the evil, the zenith of the badness, The "Supra Sumo" of the wrongdoing. - I have mixed feelings about Fallia Flowes, for one side I could not help, but laugh of her naivety when she though she and Daenerys would be like sisters and have schadenfreude mixed with pity when she lose the tongue. - I really liked the imagery. The Iron crown with shark teeth, the black Valyrian steel armor. - The visions are interesting and I don't agree totally with the interpretation of many people here. I think may be Euron will not gain the Iron Throne. The prophecies we have the vision of a Euron with kraken's face sit in the Iron Throne, with a woman with white fire in her hands, gods impaled in the throne's blades and two dwarfs, but is the man with kraken's face really Euron? Can this man be Victarion and Aeron interpreted as Euron? Dany drunk the same drink and had the visions, including the corpse with grey lips in the prow. Did Euron had the same vision and tries to make it become reality putting Aeron in the prow? It would be like Melisandre giving "Lightbringer" to Stannis.
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