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  1. Timm

    Episode titles

    Well done! (I had guessed "Father is watching" for similar reasons)
  2. Timm

    The Spider's from Mars!

    Damn - I'd never realised this! I even read a couple of those books when I was a kid - obviously not the right ones. I suppose this makes my theory slightly less outlandish but far less likely... (Though there is also the MapGuy idea that GRRM is referencing / homaging a vast amount of popular culture and that he got a bit too close to some of it, which has needed serious ret-conning. (Specifically that the Star Wars prequels introduced things that meant that Meera can't be Jon's twin, hence the Meeranese Knot.)
  3. Timm

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    There are two scenes early in Season 1 that do not exist at all in the books. First is Cersei's conversation with Cat where she talks about the son that she lost, a "beautiful black haired boy" and second where she is talking to Fat Bob about their first child that they lost. The first could be a lie, but the second would need to be collusion between two people that hate each other. By creating these scenes, D+D have deliberately introduced Gendry as a true born heir. But they seem to have forgotten about it now. Oh and PS: I hope they reference the Ghost Grass in the final scene, or the Dragons of Pern thing.
  4. Timm

    The Spider's from Mars!

    Well, not Mars actually, but space – welcome to the “Varys is a spaceman” thread. Sorry if this has been done before. I have looked, but I can’t find any dedicated threads on the show forums, although there are several on the book boards and plenty of hits on you tube etc. Spoilers for GRRM works other than ASOIAF do follow, but the books are at least twenty years old. ---------------------------------------------------- Before he started ASOIAF, GRRM wrote some Sci-Fi stories. Some of them were set in his “Thousand World” universe – essentially our universe far in the future, where humans have escaped earth and travelled through space finding new worlds to colonise. They took with them seed ships – enormous space craft that they used to terra form / “seed” planets and make them suitable for human occupation. Eons later, man is scattered across a myriad of planets and the seed ships have fallen out of use. The last one is acquired by a space trader called Haviland Tuf. A number of Tuf stories are brought together in the book “Tuf Voyaging” and cover Tuf going to various planets and attempting to help the populations with problems that they are having. These problems are usually self-created, and whilst Tuf generally does solve them, the residents are often unhappy with the solution. His seedship has the power to genetically alter organisms, to the point where he can basically create any creature or plant that he desires. He can also use it to control the weather of the planet below. The seedship is so large that it appears as a star or a comet from the ground. He has psychic cats that he uses as spies. He is described as fat, bald, tall and has an unemotional and stolidly calm disposition. He likes to knit his hands together across his belly and moves remarkably gracefully for one so fat. Various readers of that book have wondered if “Planetos” from ASOIAF is also set in this universe and obeys the same rules. Many have also commented on the similarities between Tuf and Varys, including GRRM, who has suggested that if Tuf Voyaging is ever filmed, then Conleth Hill, who plays Varys, would be ideal for the part. Aside from a similar physical appearance, Tuf also shares some character traits with Varys, including an ethos of social utilitarianism and an attitude that the ends justify the means along with a certain reticence in telling people what the means are going to be. For the avoidance of doubt, and although I think there is some link between the books (other than the author), I think the chances of Varys being revealed as Tuf are miniscule. But the reason for posting this here, and posting it now, is that it would allow D+D to tie up the series with the minimum of fuss, fill a huge amount of plot holes, give explanations of almost everything and create a howling twitter storm, the likes of which only real world politics now appears to be capable of. The following are some rambling examples that I can think of that must have at least tempted them to do it - “because we wanted to”: What is the red comet all about? Its a spaceship. Dragons come out of it. It is known. Easy (lazy) explanation for the dragons and the white walkers: The dragons were created by Tuf to burn off the Ghost Grass, which was threatening to over-run the planet. The white walkers were created to deal with the out of control dragons who were threatening to burn the planet (as we have seen on the show, WW are quite effective against dragons). Side consideration: Humans enslaved the dragons and locked the WW up behind the wall. This has broken the natural equilibrium in the system and allowed the ghost grass to start advancing again. So Tuf makes more dragon eggs and gives them (via Illyrio) to Dany. Talking of which, how did Dani get fireproof heat retardant? Simples - Varys genetically altered her in the Bravos years. And the lemon tree? Yup, genetically altered. What were those patterns the WW made in the snow? They were signals to the spaceship. In fact, the first one looked very much like the symbol Phi, which funnily enough, is the logo on the side of Tuf's spaceship. And also, Dark Sansa's "clasp". How does Varys know everything? As well as his little birds, he has psychic cats roaming the corridors of power. He probably has mechanical drones as well, at least until the dragons owned the sky. Of course, there are problems. Apart from the fact the whole thing is completely mental. Problem: We are likely to see a young Varys next season, so he can’t be from space. Solution: Varys is a clone of Tuf, who removed his ability to father children. The voice in the flames was his own. Problem: The whole theory is stupid. Solution: So? D+D… Problem: Tuf’s seed ship was not red. Solution He is very very rich (he is) and vain (he is) and he fancied a paint job. In fact, near the start of Tuf Voyaging, someone says that a “plague star” should be red, not white. He is also on record as having commissioned vastly expensive works to the ship already. Problem: The red comet does not look like a spaceship. Solution: This is a bit of an issue. Even if I think up a solution, the fact is that D+D did not show a comet that could later be revealed to be a spaceship. This is a clear indication that they are not going to do this. But can you imagine if they did do it? If the biggest Fantasy TV of all time turned out to be Sci-Fi? It would be a genuine WTF moment. Forget the disappointing Hodor and R+L=J reveals. Forget even the death of Ned and the Red Wedding. I would love it, but many would react with fury and rage. Some would feel a sense of bereavement, in that their perception of what the story was had been stolen from them. And yet, there would be a simple logic to it all, that would explain everything in a way that many other stories have failed so miserably to do. LOST anyone? In the end, the whole story would be an essay on the smallness of political ambition in the context of the universe as a whole. And on the pedestal these words appear: 'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings; Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!' Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away. Percy Bysshe Shelley
  5. My attempt to de-Disney: Epilogue A portcullis slowly rises. Behind it a one legged warrior leans on a small sword, next to the legs of a dead horse. The horse begins to walk towards us. As the portcullis lifts, we realise the (barely) standing warrior is Arya and then that it is Sansa on the horse. She has a new dress and blue eyes and is off to be the Night Queen. (It’s all she ever wanted). They exchange a few words of a bittersweet nature and then the camera and the horse exchange positions as Sansa rides into the tunnel beneath the wall. As Arya stands watching her, the portcullis comes down and the camera swings round to show the wall stretching into the distance, under a red comet gleaming in the sky. We see the snow melt and the ghost grass grow, but nobody notices that in the very last frame, before the black screen, the red comet winks out as Varys takes it into hyper drive. No, that’s just mental.
  6. The dragons and the white walkers kill each other. No more ice and fire. Someone rides off into the sunset. Someone else stands stationary and watches them go. As they continue to stand there, the snow starts to melt and on the earth, we see blades of grass appear. And stalk by stalk, and without any fuss, the Ghost Grass grows. #ghostgrasswins
  7. Timm


    I like it! But what about this: I think this is the scene. I believe we will end this story with Queen Sansa visiting her late husband King Jon in the crypts of Winterfell and someone will ask her why did she bury him there, why not build a monument for him, so that he could be on display and that’s how she will reply: He was a Stark of Winterfell, this is where he belongs….
  8. Timm

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    Just one: Varys is a spaceman - the red comet is his spaceship where he bio-engineers dragons and white walkers and physic cats. (From plugging ASOIAF into one of Martins previous books - Tuf Voyaging. I actually would love it if it came true, but it is completely mental.)
  9. Timm

    The Child of Jon Snow & Daenerys

    I've wondered that as well, but not about boatbaby. From something I posted elsewhere: The night king. What does he want? He just wants what was promised. Well, he would rather be rid of all those grubby wildlings who have been despoiling his pristine wilderness, but of more concern is that he is dying. It’s been a long old life, but all men must die, even ice men. Now its all about legacy. He can’t father children, so long ago, an heir was promised to him, so that when the time came, a heir would be provided to him. A prince. The Prince/ess he was promised. But who? It’s all I’ve ever wanted. Well, she wanted to be Queen, and now she will be. She has also learned that having a crown on your head does not stop you living in servitude. Well she won’t be in servitude now, she will be absolute monarch of her own icy kingdom. The ice queen. The night queen. Queen of snow. Or it could be Gendry.
  10. Timm

    What is the role of Gendry?

    One other thing: If Gendry is just a bastard prince why did burning his Blood-Leaches have such a huge impact and burning Shireen little or none? Because Gendry is the true born heir - as yet uncrowned - but King nonetheless. This means that Stannis has no valid claim and Shireen was not a princess. Sadly, that scene was just another clue to Gendry’s true status.
  11. Timm

    What is the role of Gendry?

    In the books, Gendry is unlikely to be Tru-born. But in the show, he is - he just is (even if they don’t bother with the reveal). 1. The conversation with Cat where Cersei states that she had a child – “a beautiful black haired boy” who “was taken from me”. Yes, she might be lying, but: 2. The conversation with Fat Bob where they talk about their first child, who they lost. Unless they made this imaginary child up as a game. These conversations show that Maggie the frog is just wrong and her prediction cannot be used to discount what we know to be true. D+D have gone out of their way to set this up. Season 1 was pretty faithful to the books, and here we have two complete conversations that don’t appear in the books, that, in fact, go against what was in the books. When Season 1 was written, they 100% created a legitimate son for Robert and Cersei, presumably because they had a plan for him. Why? -------------------------------------------------- My tinfoil theory? Gendry will forge Lightbringer, but will not wield it. A King’s blood has power. And so does a magic sword tempered in a King’s breast.
  12. How many children has Cersei had? What did Rhaegar read and will Sam find it? What happened to the ghost grass? Will the final scene end with a cliff-hanger?
  13. Timm

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    Its going to drop some carbon rich ore that they can create more valyrianish (Damascus) steel with.
  14. Timm

    R+L=J&M twins theory

    So, let me get this right. R+L=J+M Merra = Leia Jon = Luke Lyanna = Padme Rhaegar = Anakin = Vader = Big Bad = Night King Well aside from the question of what happened to the previous Night King/s, it would make “it seems I must be a warrior” a bit less hollow if he is still out there, still fighting. But what would he be fighting? The Baratheons? The Realm? No, that does not fit with why (and when) he picked up a sword in the first place. What is he trying to achieve? Something he read in a book? The iron throne (to which he was already heir)? My guess is that it is a metaphor for climate change. Some way that the world on which these people live is threatened by nature. And there is only one thing in the canon I can think of that fits this description. Myriad and vast, and clearly stated as a threat to the world. Yes, Rhaegar became a warrior to fight the existential threat that is Ghost Grass. I suppose what would be good is if he could get his hands on a dragon or two. That would be a hell of a way to carry out a scorched earth policy.
  15. Timm

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    OK, I did this for the show, not the books, so that's why it's hidden.