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  1. my guess is that they are going to tell us that S8 was a masterclass in Brechtian alienation effect, because GOT was never just entertainment, but raised important issues that should be properly considered. And if the viewers don't see that, they must be stupid.
  2. Dirty little secret. I've read the books three times, but I don't think I'll read Winds. I might just spoil myself on the wiki. And yes, it is for that reason.
  3. Timm

    Why the Night King Didn't Fight Jon

    That is exactly what it was. That's why she flew in from out of shot at a high level. D + D actually think they are being clever here by alluding to the original meaning of that phrase: God from the Machine. From Wiki:
  4. Gendrya: Confirmed (and deleted) Varys is a mermaid: Denied (we saw his legs on the beach). R+L-J+M: Ignored. Ghostgrass: Shout out? (The random grass in the snow of the last scene) More?
  5. Timm

    The third twist

    There is a very very old theory that Brandon Stark was the Fisher King from Arthurian legend and would end up on the throne. And Kudos to Kajjo - nailed it!
  6. Timm

    Title of the last episode

    Actually, there is probably a small chance that it might be "Wasteland" or some other TS Elliot / Fisher King reference.
  7. Timm

    Why did the project fail?

    D + D became despots. They didn't listen to their advisors, they wrote their own scrips and where it really fell down, they directed and edited them as well. It is no accident that in both ep3 and ep5, there was nobody there to moderate their rule. The whole thing became, in the end, an accidentally meta commentary on the power of power - to corrupt, to corrode and to ruin.
  8. Timm

    Title of the last episode

  9. Timm

    How will they react to what happened?

    Ice, or fire?
  10. Timm

    This really requires a 7th episode

    He did.
  11. Re watching The Bells also throw up a lot. It is much clearer that Dany is going to go all Burn Them All, and not just to win. And apart from her initial approach to Euron's fleet (when she nearly fucks it all up), it is much clearer how she ovecomes the scorpions - they can't turn fast enough as she flies round them and changes direction.
  12. Timm

    Game of Thrones Appreciation Thread

    The more I re-watch Season 8 (yes, 8), the more I like it.
  13. Timm

    Could HBO consider another extra season?

    The only way it's possible (maybe a 0.00000000000000001% chance) is if they filmed alternative endings, which apparently they did. They could then cut these into the existing season and release them as oh, I don't know, some sort of dance of dreams? Never going to happen, but this is my Last Theory.
  14. Timm

    Dany Marries Gendry?

    I'm on board with that theory*, but I don't think it is why Jaime is heading to King's Landing. He either still loves her, which is why he's going back, or he hates her and is going back to kill her. He might still tell her about Gendry, but it's not why he is going. *actually, I think it has already been addressed. Gendry has been legitimised; so he does not need to be legitimate.
  15. Timm

    Imagine Cersei winning

    I'm still hoping Varys turns out to be Havilland Tuf, the interstellar righter of wrongs.